Yes, cans for cash is a thing and you can make money recycling cans for cash.

Many people do this and you can join the bandwagon as well.

The beauty is that you not only make money from the process but also help the environment.

Win Win, right?

If you are excited, then keep reading to learn how this works and how you can start really making money recycling cans for cash.


What is Can Recycling?

Recycling is simply the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products.

There are lots of products out there which can be recycled. Cans which are used as sealed container to store food, coffee, drinks, paint, etc., are among the materials that can effectively be recycled.

If you have a lot of cans you should consider recycling them and get paid to do so.

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Types of Cans to Recycle

There are different types of cans out there. However, the common types of cans that can be recycled for cash are those made from Aluminum.

The popular types you may want to collect to make money include:

  • Aluminum Food Cans
  • Beer cans
  • Juice Cans
  • Seltzer Cans
  • Soda Cans

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Why Can Recycling?

The major benefits of recycling are to help prevent those dangerous materials or wastes getting disposed to landfill. If this is done, the environment would be the better for it!

So, it is important to save the environment and the human race by recycling waste materials like used cans.

cans for cash

Another major reason for recycling cans is of course for cash. Yes, you can actually make money by recycling cans that you have collected.


Recycling Cans for Cash – How it works

Steps to make money recycling cans include the following:

1. Find aluminum cans

The first step to recycling cans is by finding the cans to recycle. You can collect cans from many sources.

The common places to collect aluminium cans include your homes, offices, schools, public parks, beaches, and other places where aluminum cans are used.

You can also make arrangements with hotels and restaurant staff to collect used cans on their waste bins.

2. Crush the cans 

After you have collected these cans, then you should crush them to become sizeable during storage. The importance of crushing these cans is that more can would easily be stored into any storage bag or box, and you will make more money this way.

3. Store the cans

The next thing you do is store these cans in garbage bins or plastic bags so you can easily transport them to a recycling center.

4. Deliver and get paid

Take the stored cans to recycle and scrap metal centers and get paid some cash. The amount you would be paid for the cans you submit vary by merchants and locations.

As you can see, it’s not complicated at all to start getting involved in the process of getting paid for the cans you deliver.

Of course you may want to compare what different recycling centers are offering for the cans, to ensure you get the best deal.

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7 Best Companies that Pay to Submit Cans for Cash

There are lots of places you can check out to submit cans for recycling.

Here are some websites that would be of value to you.

These websites provide details on the best ways you can adopt to recycle different types of products including aluminum cans.


This is a website where visitors can use to search for recycling centers across the United States. You can enter your ZIP code into the “Search by Zip” bar to find the recycling center near you. is a vital resource that also shares different types of information about recycling, what to recycle, and the necessary tools for recycling.

According to the website, “ exists to provide a resource for communities to find places to recycle a wide variety of products in their neighborhood.”

Click here to check out

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recycling cans for cash

2. iScrap App

iScrap App is another online resource you can check out to recycle cans for cash. This site provides you with helpful information on where to find aluminum cans for scrap.

You can use this platform to compare prices and find the best place to sell your cans for recycling.

IScrap App basically helps you to find the best place to send your cans for recycling.

Click here to check out the iScrap App and start making money recycling your cans

Talking about apps like these that can make you money, there are lots of awesome apps out there nowadays that can make you money, such as online buying & selling apps, cashback reward apps, money saving & budgeting apps, and money making and earning apps.

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3. Earth 911

This is another helpful online resource that you can explore to find where to recycle your cans for cash.

Earth911 is a community that helps people find their own shade of green, match their values to their purchase behaviors.

You can get a comprehensive idea of how and where to recycle aluminum cans for cash.

Click here to check out more details about


Other helpful resources you can check out to recycle cans for cash include:

4. TerraCycle


6. CalRecycle

7. Bryson Recycling


Other Ways of Making Extra Money

As for some of the really awesome ways to make extra money, check out all the following completely FREE articles right here on

The beauty with every single method above is that you don’t have to pay any money to get started.

It’s completely free to join many of the programs that really help you make extra money.



As you have seen from this quick article, it’s indeed possible and easy to make money from recycling aluminum cans.

Just submit collect cans and submit them to the nearest scrap metal center.

You can also compare prices so you can cash in from the highest bidder. The websites mentioned above are useful to help you cash in on aluminum cans.