This article reveals a lot of tips and sources for buying used Hertz cars.

You will learn a lot that can really help you make the right decisions when it comes to buying second-hand Hertz cars.



What do houses, furniture, computers, education, household appliances, etc. all have in common?

One of the answers can be that each of these items can cost an individual quite a bit of money.

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In the American vocabulary, these items are known as big-ticket expenses.

Another big-ticket item for the average American family is the purchase of a car.

Although, an individual can get away with not having to purchase a car often the reality is that Americans love their vehicles and in fact, some families may own more than one vehicle.

To reduce the financial impact on the purchases of these items, sometimes our budgetary strategy is to buy used.

We buy a home that may have been occupied by someone previously, we buy refurbished computers, we shop at thrift stores for used furniture, etc.

The same is true as it relates to purchasing a car and looking at the option of buying a used one.

Unfortunately for Hertz but fortunately for us, this large car rental agency ran into financial difficulty and has had to liquidate its fleet.

Let us take a test drive and see if there are good ideas and tips on how and where to buy used Hertz vehicles.


25 Best Tips & Sources to Buy Used Hertz Car


1. Use Calculator

One of the first significant steps to take when thinking about buying a used car from Hertz is to determine how much money you can afford each month for a car payment.

You can do this by analyzing your budget and seeing where extra money can be made or where expenses can become out or if you already have enough money left over each month that will cover a car payment.

In addition, when looking over your budget, it is important to remember that with a newer/used car the premiums for insurance might increase as well as the possibility of an increase or a decrease in gas mileage.

Also, you can use an auto loan calculator which can be found by clicking here.


2. Window Shop

As part of getting the best car at the best price, it is also important to do comparison shopping.

Just because the car is on sale at Hertz does not necessarily mean that Hertz is offering the best sale price.

Therefore, if you have a particular make and model and year of the car in mind, the comparative shopping to see what other car dealerships might offer a better price.


3. Preapproval

When it comes to financing the interest rate on a car loan can vary from a low percentage to a moderately high percentage of interest on the car loan depending upon your credit score.

A good idea in anticipation of going to a dealership and making a deal for a car is to have a pre-approved loan in your “pocket.”

If the loan that the dealership offers is at a higher rate, you can fall back on that preapproval.


4. Hertz Financing

Hertz is not in the business of being an auto lender, but they can broker a loan.

This means that Hertz will help you to find a loan but does not offer upfront money.

This is good customer service.

Hertz works with a number of lenders such as Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, and more.

If Hertz is able to find a better loan, with less interest, you can accept that offer.

Also, you can apply to a number of lenders without it affecting your credit score as long as you stay within a two-week window.


5. Rent 2 Buy

If unsure about your purchase for your decision on which vehicle is the right choice, Hertz offers a rent-to-buy program.

With this program, you can rent the vehicle for three days and put the car through its paces to see if it is what you’re looking for.

The program does not allow you to purchase that exact vehicle but gives you an idea as to how that make, and model performs.

You would be required to pay the rental fee rather than a $200 return fee if the decision is made not to purchase the car.

If you do decide to purchase the car, then any rental fees are waived for that period of time.


6. Buy Back Guarantee

Hertz offers a buyback guarantee with the terms being within the seven days or 250 miles or less, Hertz will buy back the vehicle that you purchased.

During this time, it would be a good opportunity to work with a trusted mechanic to ensure that the vehicle is in good mechanical condition.


7. Bankruptcy

Even though Hertz prides itself on offering a 115-point check-up on the vehicle, due to their bankruptcy, they have had to downsize their staff members.

It is important therefore to remember that despite their guarantees and boasting of the 115 point checkup if the staff has been minimal, quite possibly, there may have been some lapses in achieving those commitments.


8. Use Hertz

At Hertz, you are offered the Hertz car sales website.

On this platform, you can search for used cars, check out financing options, and discover any trade-in value your present car may have.

The search for your next vehicle is fairly extensive.

Options of searching include body type, cars under a certain amount of money, SUVs, fuel-efficient cars, and luxury cars.


9. Use Carvana

In late 2021, an exclusive agreement was made between Hertz, the once giant rental car agency, with Carvana.

The business relationship was a first in the industry.

The relationship calls for Hertz to provide customers with thousands of vehicles available for sale through Carvana.


10. Use Dealerships

One other way that the inventory of cars was getting out to the public was through a dealership in various communities.

At dealerships were able to reach out to Hertz to pursue the purchase of vehicles for sale.

If interested in the purchase of a Hertz rental vehicle, you could reach out to your local dealerships and see if any of them received any of the liquidated inventory of rental vehicles from this company.


11. Go Local

When looking to buy a used car from Hertz, you can check first with your local Hertz dealership. by logging on to


12. Warranty

As part of your investigation into purchasing a car from Hertz, it is important to check out any existing warranties.

Sometimes the vehicle is still new enough that there is a manufacturer’s warranty that is still in place and can still be part of the coverage of the vehicle.

In addition, rental car companies also offer their own warranties and various special add-ons.

Hertz indicates that there is a twelve-month 12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and that warranty will cover any repairs or replacement of any mechanical parts as it relates to the transmission or drive axle.

Before signing on the dotted line, it is important to ask about those added warranties and see what your purchase may qualify you to be covered under.


13. Independent Mechanic

A good strategy when looking to buy a vehicle from Hertz is during that 3-day test drive to make arrangements for a trusted mechanic to take a look at the vehicle to see if there are any mechanical issues.

The mechanic should be asked to look at the motor, conduct a diagnostic check, drive the vehicle, check the transmission, etc.


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14. Negotiate

Most car dealerships allow for the opportunity for the buyer to negotiate with the dealership.

This is not the case with Hertz.

The amount listed as the selling price is non-negotiable and therefore, the potential buyer should be aware of that reality.


15. Credit Score

When going to make a major purchase, in this case, a vehicle, it is best to maximize your credit score.

Therefore, any payments that you can make prior to going to Hertz with the intent of engaging in a vehicle transaction is a good strategy.

It should be roughly a month before so that payments can be reflected in the various credit reporting agencies such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Any payments that you make or additional amounts of money paid may raise your credit score up enough points to get a better interest rate.


16. Vehicle History Report

When purchasing a vehicle from Hertz or any other car dealership, for that matter, it is important to have the vehicle history report pulled.

In the report, the potential new buyer would be able to discover any recalls on the automobile, existing warranties, market value, and much more as it relates to the vehicle’s history.

This is an art that will relate to the potential buyer any issues that the vehicle may have had including any accidents.


17. Family

When picking up the vehicle to test out that it is important to determine whether it fits the needs of the entire family.

Concerns would be legroom, space, the comfort of the ride, etc.

Involving the family in the vehicle purchase decision is a good process because different perspectives will be gained.


18. Test Drive

As with anything that we purchase, it is good to have a feel of the item before making the commitment to buy.

Samples include trying on the clothes before buying, engaging the computer to determine if it is the right technology for your use, and even sampling wine or food before we order is a good strategy.

So it is with buying an automobile or truck.

While test driving it is important to listen for any strange noises, the way the vehicle accelerates, and shifts, any unnatural vibrations in the steering column, the comfort of the ride, easy access to all of the safety features and accessories, etc.


19. Trade-In

If you have a trade-in you can do one of two things.

You can sell the vehicle to a private citizen or dealership and use that sales money however you wish including applying for that money as a down payment.

Another option is that you can use your trade-in as part of the deal with Hertz.

It appears that on the Hertz Car Sales website at that there is a link that says value your trade.

When you click on that link it takes you to a website outside of the Hertz website in which you can put in your vehicle’s information and obtain a trade-in quote.


20. 115 Point Inspection

The promise and commitment of Hertz whenever they sell a rental vehicle is defined as “Hertz certified.”

This is an intense 115-point inspection in which the vehicle is inspected from bumper-to-bumper.

Therefore, one can anticipate that a vehicle that is purchased from Hertz is in good working order and mechanically sound.


21. Cheaper

When considering the purchase of a Hertz rental car, a major consideration is the price.

If the price is below the vehicle’s market value, then this may be good value in selecting your vehicle of choice.

You can find out the value of a vehicle by checking with the Kelly Blue Book website.


22. Know What You’re Looking For

When in the market for a used vehicle to buy from Hertz, it is important to have an idea of what type of vehicle or style or model of automobile or truck that you are looking at.

Examples could be a sedan, SUV,


23. High Mileage

If the vehicle that you’re looking at has high mileage this may be an indicator of a number of things.

One of those indicators is that it has been used significantly and that may or may not be an issue.

Also, a vehicle with high mileage indicates that the warranty has expired because it has exceeded the maximum mileage limitations covered by the warranty.


24. Online Buying

One of the advantages of purchasing a rental car from Hertz or any other rental agency is the ease of purchase.

Whereas with the dealership, you go to the dealership car lot and seal the deal in the presence of a sales individual.

With Hertz, the process is done online, and in order to do any test drives or provide the filling out of any paperwork, you may need to go to a rental office.

Also, it is important to note that in order for your vehicle to be delivered to your destination there may be a delivery charge.


25. Reliability

A good piece of advice to follow as it relates to your selection of a vehicle is to purchase a car that has a proven track record as it relates to reliability rather than in the mechanic’s garage.

Consumer Reports is a good resource to investigate vehicle reliability.


Personal Story

I found myself shopping for a replacement vehicle when I was involved in a car accident and the insurance company totaled my car.

I was never one for buying used cars as I was always instructed that you were buying somebody else’s problems.

Anyway, I decided to look at a used car because to buy a new one for the amount of driving that we did would have been a bad decision, and having a new car parked in our garage and not being utilized fully.

Doing my research, I concentrated on a used car dealership that was also used by a friend of mine and came up with a strong recommendation.

Going online I identified two vehicles that looked like they would meet our needs and so hailing a taxi we went to the dealership and test drove the two vehicles.

We focused on the one and $11,000 later, we had purchased a newer used vehicle that has served us well over those three years.

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Buying Used Hertz Car FAQs


Where Do Hertz Car Sales Get Its Cars?

Hertz car rental gets its vehicles from a number of sources.

Some of those sources include dealerships, private sellers, and auctions.

The commitment of Hertz was always one of utilizing late models that were carefully selected so as to provide a quality experience for their customers.


Do Hertz-certified Vehicles Come With Two Sets of Keys?

Interestingly, an individual that buys a rental vehicle from Hertz is only given one set of keys.

It is up to the new owner to have another set made if that is their desire.


You Can Do It

Buying a rental vehicle from Hertz is a fairly straightforward process.

Often, the negative experience by car buyers is the interaction over the price.

That is not an option with Hertz and therefore that negative option is taken out of the car buying equation.



Buying a rental car from a major rental company can prove to be a good deal if in the market for a vehicle.

Typically, the cars are newer models, have moderate mileage, are in good working condition, and are often cheaper than their counterparts that may be found on a dealership’s lot.

This is all due to the reality that if a vehicle is not well maintained while owned by a rental agency and needs continual repair, it is not earning money for the rental company.

Therefore, their commitment to properly maintaining the vehicle makes good business sense.

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