If you want to know how and where to get “buy now pay later toys”, this article is really going to prove very helpful.

It reveals the very best websites and sources for “buy now pay later toys” and some tips to help you.


Why “Buy Now Pay Later” Toys?

Toys, children, and the holidays are a perfect formula for joy and happiness.

Many families wish to embrace this formula and purchase toys for the children in the family.

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It can bring a smile and provide a loving memory to see the children’s faces light up and squeal in excitement over the gifts that have been presented to them either by Santa or the mother and father.

Unfortunately, many families struggle to provide the special Christmas that they long to bring into the lives of their families.

It is certainly not a lack of willingness but is often a lack of financial resources.

A great way of providing the best Christmas that is financially possible is to purchase toys now and pay for them later or over a specified timeframe.

This will allow the strain that Christmas sometimes places on a family’s budget and lessen that strain by paying the money owed over some time.

In anticipation of a good holiday season, lets us look at ways to buy toys now and pay later.


Personal Story

I had the privilege of working for a not-for-profit that helped families and underserved individuals in our community throughout the year.

However, a very special time was at Christmas.

We would take applications for families who would apply for a Christmas food box, to last over the weeks leading up to Christmas, and if there were children in the family, we made sure that a significantly sized toy was given to them along with stocking stuffers.

Quite frankly, nothing can match the joy of seeing a child’s face light up when those toys were given to the family to present to their children on Christmas day.

As one would understand working for a not-for-profit, the pay was rather minimal.

However, the pricelessness of what we experienced during the holidays made up for any lack of pay especially during this wonderful season of giving.


10 Best Toy Stores to Get “Buy Now Pay Later” Toys


1. Toys R Us

One of the premier toy stores is Toys “R” Us.

In some communities, there still is a Toy R Us physical presence.

Now Toy “R” Us has a presence in other retail stores.

One such larger retailer that Toys “R” Us has a presence in is Macy’s.

It would appear that Toys “R” Us is still offering the option of providing customers to purchase toys with a 20% down payment and then paying off the rest of their balance within 90 days.

There is a $5.00 service charge associated with the service.

In addition, as a buy now and pay later company, Afterpay, is also providing a purchase option in which you can use their company to pay 25% of toy purchases and then pay the remaining balance over six weeks at different increments.

There is no interest charged for taking advantage of this service.

Click here to check out Toys R Us


2. Dreamworld

Dreamworld, an Australian-based toy company, has also a partnership with Afterpay and gives the customer the option of enjoying an interest-free option on balances.

The customer has a month and a half to pay with payments being provided every two weeks.

Click here to check out Dreamworld


3. Games World

Games World is a retail company that is a favorite for individuals who love to play games on electronic consoles as well as other electronically based games.

Games World does not offer a buy now or pay later program, but it does offer the customer the opportunity to work with Afterpay or Zip.

With Zip a $40 payment is made each month until the outstanding balance has been satisfied.

Zip also charges a $7.95 fee assessed monthly for any balances that have not been satisfied after 60 days.

Click here to check out Games World


4. Catch

Catch has an online presence and carries toys ranging from doll accessories to electronics to the latest electronic gadgetry.

Offering the option of buy now and pay later is made through Afterpay with Afterpay following the same processes of paying a portion of the amount owed on the day of purchase and then spread out over four payments in two months.

No interest is charged.

Click here to check out Catch


5. The Toy Shop

To meet the toy buying needs of its customers, this toy retailer is offering its customers a buy now and pay later option that is powered by Klarna.

With Klarna, the customer’s payment is automatically collected from a checking account or credit card and will be satisfied after one month.

There is no interest associated with the use of Klarna.

Like the other buy now and pay leader sites, Klarna requires that the customer make an initial payment upon the purchase of the items.

Click here to check out The Toy Shop


6. Stoneberry

Is a retail online website that offers a variety of products for sale.

One of those categories is toys and a vast selection and variety of toys are available for children ranging anywhere from zero months on up to 11 years of age.

Stoneberry has a buy now and pay later program which allows the customer the freedom of deferring their payments into the future.

The buy now pay later the program requires no annual membership fee, has no over-limit fees, and no fees associated with the customer paying their bill online.

To qualify for this program cut and paste this address – https//www.stoneberry.com/credit-limit-prequalification.

Click here to check out Stoneberry


7. Walmart

Walmart has partnered with Affirm to help customers buy now and pay later.

Categories that are eligible for this deferred payment process include electronics, toys, video games, homewares, etc.

Items that are not eligible include alcohol, beauty consumables, groceries, food, and other categories.

To be eligible for this program the individual makes an application with Affirm who will run a soft credit check on the individual and then provide a credit limit as to how much the individual can use with their Affirm account.

Easy monthly payments can range anywhere from 3 to 6 to 12 months and the individual just simply at check out, uses their Affirm app.

The total of the purchase is entered into the app and then the barcode is scanned at checkout.

The app will then do the rest electronically.

Click here to check out Walmart


8. Target

If purchasing your toys at target, you have the option to use Affirm which operates a buy now and pay later business model.

Through the Affirm app, the customer is given the option at checkout to utilize their Affirm app and pay their balance over some time and be charged with no interest.

Click here to check out Target


Buy Now Pay Later Toys


9. Home Shopping Network 

Home Shopping Network offers a flex pay plan which allows for the consumer to buy now and pay later.

They have a broad range of items including toys.

To utilize this flex plan involves no interest charges or fees.

To learn more about their buy now and pay later plan click here.

Click here to check out HSN


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10. QVC

QVC can often be viewed on various cable channels and provides the viewer the option to purchase toys along with other assorted items.

QVC has a program that the customer can utilize that defers payments and involves no interest being charged.

The name of the program is easy to pay and is subject to QVC approval.

When the individual buys a product, they can click on easy pay or pay the full amount.

The first installment is billed when the items are shipped, and the remainder of the balance is billed automatically every 30 days and this continues until there is a zero balance.

There are no extra charges or hidden fees.

On their website, there is a toy category, and the shopper can browse through the selections by choosing either the department or by age.

The age of the toys is broken down from birth to 12 months, 1 to 2 years, 2 to 4 years, 5 to 7 years, and 8 to 11 years.

Click here to check out QVC


10 Best Tips to Help You Buy Toys Now and Pay Later


1. Budget 

When it comes to buying toys and paying later and getting caught up in the holiday spirit, financial constraints must be exercised.

Therefore, a budget is just as important in January as it is in December.

It is important to have a budget line item that expressly is designed to utilize household money to buy gifts, decorations, throwing parties, etc.

The unfortunate reality is for 11 months you can adhere to a budget and do well but in one month of throwing caution to the wind and not staying within budgetary boundaries, the whole financial year can be affected by overspending.


2. Timing 

Whether it’s buying a car, a television set, or barbecues, timing is everything.

Often, retailers will set their prices higher or lower depending upon the season as it relates to special events or holidays that are being celebrated.

Christmas is no different.

Therefore, in regards to timing, it is important to buy early if at all possible or wait until after a certain timeframe well within the Christmas season to make your purchases.

Often, a better deal and discount can be realized and therefore help increase your purchasing power.


3. Shop Around 

Another great way of getting the most bang for one’s dollar is to make sure that you shop around.

This means that the parents or customers should shop online, look at the various advertisements or circulars that are provided, etc.

Often, the holiday season is a very competitive time as several retailers earned significant amounts of money that will carry them well into the next year.

Therefore, they wish to make the best and greatest amount of sales that they can.

It is critical to shop around for the best deal and discounts.


4. Quality Over Quantity 

When it comes to the holidays and our families and especially our children, we want to be extravagant as it relates to giving them a great and memorable Christmas.

However, perhaps to cut back on Christmas expenses, it may be best to go with quality rather than quantity.

A significant way that this can be accomplished is by buying one or two quality gifts as opposed to buying a great number of gifts for a child.

The reality is that a child can only play with so many toys at the same time.


5. Secret Santa 

If looking cut back on your gift-giving this year a great idea is to utilize the secret Santa giving option.

This means that rather than buying presents or gifts for one’s entire family or extended family, names are chosen from Santa’s hat and the individual choosing the name in that hat buys a gift for that person.

This also can extend over to larger families and rather than buying for each of the children in those extended families, simply draw out a family’s name from the hat and just buy for that particular family.


7. Know Your Full Cost 

Many individuals buy on time as it relates to their Christmas shopping.

They may pride themselves on taking advantage of a great sale and to purchase the item they will use their credit card.

In reality, if they don’t pay off the balance within the next two or three months, they may be paying more for the item before the discount because of the interest that is charged by the company that is extending them credit and charging them a higher APR.

When purchasing Christmas gifts, it is important to know the full value of what you are paying and not just the discounted retail cost.


8. Perhaps Cut Back 

Around the world, this year has been incredibly difficult and has taken its toll on the citizens of the world both on their health as well as their pocketbook.

Perhaps this is the year to reboot or reset our thinking as it relates to spending for the holidays.

Perhaps, just this year, the decision is made to cut back.

If deciding to do so, it is important not to feel guilty and to trust that everyone will understand that it is beneficial to all.


9. Repayments 

If going with a buy now and pay later option in purchasing toys, it is important to understand what the repayment amounts are going to be.

In this way, you will fully realize what the expectations are of the company that is offering this payment process.

This process should be done in light of your budget to make sure that the financial resources are available even if the payments are delayed.

The reality is payments still need to be made whether they are paid now or paid later.


10. Is This The Best Purchasing Option? 

Being the analytical person that you are, you are involved in comparison shopping to get the best deals.

You also want to do comparative payment options to make sure that you are utilizing your money to the best advantage.

It is important to weigh all of your options on how you wish to pay for the Christmas toys this year.

Perhaps the buy now and pay later option is the best as there will be no interest charged on those payments that will be due in six weeks.

On the other hand, if you use a credit card, perhaps it would be more advantageous in that you might be receiving rewards, or the interest rate may be satisfactory if you are unable to pay the balance off in the appropriate timeframe.

It is also important that you determine that you have sufficient monies to make the payments when they become due with the buy now and pay later plan.

If you are unable to meet these payment requirements you may be assessed a higher interest rate and charged fees.


How Would I Pay if Not an Option?

The other appropriate question to ask yourself is if you did not have this buy now and pay later option how would you be able to do your holiday shopping and pay off any amounts charged on a credit card.

Other payment options could include the use of savings, cutting back on expenses, borrowing money, etc.

This process is just a good opportunity for you to think through the expensing of any money and determine what the best course of action is as it relates to honoring your life’s work and spreading Christmas joy.

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Buy Now Pay Later Toys FAQs


What Is the Major Danger of Consumers “Buying Now and Paying Later?” 

The major danger of consumers utilizing the buy now and pay later purchasing option is the possibility of missing payments.

Although, for the most part, these buy now and pay later sites don’t charge interest, they do make money.

A study conducted in July 2020 revealed that there was a 197% usage increase from the 2nd Quarter of 2019 to the 2nd Quarter of 2020.

Revenue estimates indicated that this is a $100 Billion industry.


How Many Consumers Use to Buy Now and Pay Later Services?

In July 2020, a survey was conducted asking 2,000 Americans about their buy now and pay later habits.

A subsequent survey in March 2021 showed an increase in popularity of this purchasing process as reflected in a 50% growth in less than a year.

It is estimated that 55.8% of consumers have at least used the service once in their purchasing.

Interestingly, the largest growth was in that age group of 55 years of age and older between July 2020 and March 2021.

Within that age category, there was a 98% growth.



There is a lot of pressure placed on families during the holidays.

This pressure comes from all directions.

It comes through social media, advertisers, our neighbors, but most of all the pressure comes from within us because the expectation is to buy toys and other items for family members and loved ones.

Whatever is decided, it will be your best decision because you have thoughtfully considered each aspect of purchasing gifts for Christmas and you will make the right choice for your family and yourself.

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