If you want to know how and where to get “buy now pay later phones”, this article is really going to prove very helpful.

It reveals the very best websites and sources for “buy now pay later phones” and some tips to help you.


Why “Buy Now Pay Later” Phones?

We have our world in our hands.

Most likely within the first half-hour of your waking up from your night’s sleep, you grabbed your smartphone to check to see if there were any messages, any social posts, or perhaps what was happening in the world.

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You may have even checked your finances and breathed a sigh of relief knowing that your direct deposit was credited properly.

Through our smartphones, we can communicate with friends, family, business associates, etc.

Through our smartphones, we can accomplish our grocery shopping, order from a restaurant, and shopping for other needs.

Through our smartphones, we can stay connected to the world and be aware of current events.

And, through our smartphones we are entertained through a variety of streaming services, watching videos, listening to music, etc.

No doubt, smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives.

Imagine, being without your smartphone for a day or more, and how you would be reacting without the important piece of technology available to you?

So, perhaps your connection to the world has been disrupted and you need a new cell phone but this tether to your world does not come cheap.

Let us, therefore, look at ways that an individual can buy now and pay later as it relates to re-establishing your world.


Personal Story

I would define myself as old-school in the sense that technology is a new thing for me and has not been a part of my life until the last five years.

I would look down my nose at people who depended so much upon their technological devices.

I’m on my son’s cellular plan which is a good and bad thing.

A good thing in that it minimizes my expenses but a bad thing in that if something goes wrong I need to go through him to get the matter corrected.

A case in point recently was when my phone would not boot up to the main screen to allow me to access all of my phone features.

I panicked and ended up contacting my son who eventually was able to get me a new phone.

However, it took several days for all of this to happen, and in the interim; I admit with a red face, that I have become very dependent upon this technology.

Suffice it to say that the level of my nose has been extremely readjusted.


10 Best Companies to Get Buy Now Pay Later Phone


1. Affirm

Affirm is a buy now pay later platform that allows the customer to make their purchases at a small down payment and then for the remaining cost of the item or items overextended installments.

Affirm helps an individual to finance their smartphones and partners with Visible to allow that customer to purchase their cell phone over a two-year period of time.

Visible is a wireless provider.

Click here to check out Affirm


2. Sezzle

Sezzle is a buy now and pay later purchasing option in which the customer can over a period of six weeks make non-interest-bearing repayments.

The ability to buy the latest cell phones is available and one of the primary retailers that they work with is Target.

Click here to check out Sezzle


3. Afterpay

Another buy now and pay later company is Afterpay.

The payment process with Afterpay is that once the customer is approved a credit line is set up with them.

Afterpay allows the customer to pay over a six-week timeframe and never have to pay interest on any outstanding balances.

To sign up for Afterpay requires an individual to provide their personal information as well as providing the account numbers of their debit card or a credit card.

The retailers that Afterpay works with for an individual to purchase a new cell phone on this buy now and pay later process includes KoganTargetThe Good Guys, and more.

Click here to check out Afterpay



4. PayPal

PayPal offers the purchasing option of buy now and pay later.

It is an interest-free financial action, and the completion of the purchase is made in four payments.

To apply, simply log into your PayPal account and make an application.

There is no adverse effect on your credit score and approval occurs fairly quickly.

To purchase a cell phone, shop on an online website that will honor PayPal buy now and pay later and make your purchase.

At checkout, tap Pay Later before selecting Pay in 4.

A decision will be made and if approved, the first payment is made, and the remaining three payments are made every two weeks either within the app or by going online and accessing your PayPal account.

Click here to check out Paypal


5. Rent-A-Center

A pay later option is available through Rent-A-Center.

The requirements to lease or buy a phone through this company require that the individual have proof of income, a payment source such as checking, debit, or a credit card, and a valid ID.

The individual wishing to rent or purchase a cell phone through this company needs to apply online or go to a bricks-and-mortar store within their community.

Upon acceptance, the first payment is due and then weekly payments are set up until the entire lease is paid off.

As part of their service, this company allows for early buyout terms.

Click here to checkout Rent A Center


6. Best Buy

Best Buy offers customers an opportunity to purchase a new cell phone if the sale price is $649 or more and the customer uses a My Best Buy credit card.

There is no interest charged to the customer for up to two years with this buy now and pay later option.

Click here to check out Best Buy

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7. SmartPay Lease

Smart pay requires that the individual wishing to obtain a cell phone have proof of income, be in possession of a valid Social Security number, and have in their possession an active credit or debit card.

The individual applies online at the smart pay website and then is able to shop at various retail outlets that have partnered with Smartpay.

A variety of models and makes of cell phones are available including iPhones, Samsung’s, Blackberries, Motorolas, etc.

Click here to check out Smartpay Lease


8. Jitterbug

Jitterbug does not perform a credit check on the customer looking for a cell phone nor is any down payment required.

Jitterbug offers a variety of cell phones including the top brands and no deposit is needed.

This service is a good blend of the buy now and pay later process for obtaining a cell phone because the monthly installments are set up to match the affordability based on the client’s financial situation.

Click here to check out Jitterbug

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9. FlexShopper

Flex shopper is a buy now pay later site that offers cellular phones to individuals with a broad variety of credit scores and levels.

To qualify to purchase or rent a cell phone through this site requires that the individual have a checking account and one that has been in service for a minimum of three months.

They also must demonstrate that they have a minimum income of at least $1000 a month.

The individual simply applies for credit at the FlexShopper website and once approved can move forward and shop on their online retail website for the phone that they wish to lease to own.

Payments are required on a weekly basis and are automatically deducted from the customer’s checking account.

Click here to check out FlexShopper


10. Gazelle

Gazelle is a company that works with particular customers.

Those customers generally have a poor credit rating.

This website offers to their customers a variety of refurbished cell phones and works with Affirm to work out the payment structure.

Once approved and everything has been set up, payments will be automatically deducted from the individual’s credit card or debit card on file.

Click here to check out Gazelle

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Tips & What to Consider With Buy Now Pay Later Phones


1. What Is Buy Now Pay Later? 

Buy now and pay later is a purchasing opportunity for a consumer to buy a product over several installment periods and not be charged any interest or fees for that privilege.

There are several companies that work with retailers to make this ease of purchasing a product or products an easier process.

A buy now pay later company may or may not access an individual’s credit report, gather all of the personal required information, and link their account to either a credit card or a checking account.

The customer, when they purchased the product will typically pay one-quarter of the cost with the remaining three payments debited from the individual’s account according to the terms of their agreement.

In essence, it is buying a product now and delaying the payments over a set period of time without any interest being charged for those purchases.

If the individual faults on the agreement there may be fees attached as a result of nonpayment.


2. Pros of Buy Now Pay Later Phones

The advantage of buying now and paying later is that the individual only pays a fraction of their purchase or purchases at the time of at that at the time the transaction is made.

This is an advantage because the customer does not need to wait to make use of the product that they have purchased.

Another benefit is that often, these companies do not pull an individual’s credit report and therefore do not adversely affect the individual’s credit score.

Sometimes, a company will do what is called a soft pull to get an idea of the individual’s credit history but this does not impact the individual’s credit score.

Another advantage is that in getting the product or products now, there is no interest charged on the outstanding balance that is still owed.


3. Cons of Buy Now Pay Later Phones

The downside of buying now and paying later is that this has a tendency to contribute to compulsive spending which may negatively impact an individual’s budget and require that other budgetary items be put on hold as far as it relates to payment.

Another negative aspect that can be demonstrated with this purchasing process is that if the individual does not meet their payment obligation, there can be excessive charges imposed upon the individual’s personal financial account.


4. Credit Check

As indicated, some companies will do a hard pull on an individual’s credit report and this will show up on the credit report as an inquiry which is a negative component of the person’s financial score.

It may lower their credit score as reported by the three credit agencies.

The three credit agencies are Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.


5. Know the Payment Terms 

When entering into a buy now and pay later purchase of a cell phone, it is important to understand what the payment terms are in regards to transacting the deal.

Some of those questions should include whether there is any down payment needed to buy the cell phone.

Sometimes a down payment is required and maybe a certain percentage of the total cost on the phone or a smaller amount to ensure that the customer is committed to not only buying the phone but financially as well.

In regards to the terms, it is important to know what the payments will actually be.

This is important because it will be needed when the individual is budgeting for this item to ensure that the monthly payments are made.

For example, if the phone that is being purchased is $1,000 and the payment of the phone needs to be accomplished in four payments, the first payment, on the day of the purchase would be $250 and the remaining three equal payments would be $250 as well.

As part of the payment plan, it is also important to ask the question as to whether early payments can be made without any penalties being incurred.

Therefore, for an individual who wants to pay off their phone earlier than what is required, it is important to make sure that there are no penalties associated with that decision.


6. Personal Requirements 

When purchasing a phone, there are a number of personal requirements that need to be met.

Some of those requirements include the individual being 18 years of age or older, having a valid Social Security number, and presenting a picture ID.


7. Financial Requirements

Sometimes a company that allows for the customer to buy a cellular phone now and pays later requires proof of income.

In other words, they want to make sure that you have the financial resources to meet the payment terms.

Also, you may need to provide your routing number and bank account number so that the company can tie your account to your banking institution to debit your payment amounts.

Or they may require that you provide your credit card number, expiration date, and security code so that your amount to be paid each month or installment option can be debited against your credit card.


8. Phone Requirements 

As it relates to buying now and paying later for a cellular phone, it is important to know what is going to be your minimum cost each month.

In addition to buying the phone, who will be your cellular phone service provider and how much will that cost you per month.

It is important to understand the number of phones that may be provided with the plan as it relates to buying now and paying later for a cellular phone.


9. Contracts

As part of the financial deal, it is important to read the fine print.

Some of the terms of the fine print can include what the responsibilities are of both you and the company that you are entering into the contract with.


10. Understand Terms 

If you have chosen to rent the phone, is there a definitive start and end date to the contract?

Also, are there options available to break the contract, or are you in a fixed amount of time, and if you choose to dissolve the contract what if any fees or penalties are required?

If you thoroughly enjoy your phone and want to purchase that phone, is that an option that is available to you, and if so what are the associated costs?

Finally, if the phone is being purchased or rented during that specific timeframe of payment and there is damage to the phone, what is the responsibility of all parties involved?


Buy Now Pay Later Phones FAQs


What Is Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

Prepaid cellular phone service entails the use of a phone that the customer purchases from a cell phone service provider.

The provider offers the customer a variety of payment options that includes adding minutes and use of the phone service.


What Are the Statistics Surrounding the Use of Prepaid Phones?

It is estimated that 10% of cell phone users in America utilize prepaid plans or phones.

Of that 10% of cell phone users, 60% of those individuals are women and 7% are young people ranging from the ages of 18 to 24 years old.

Additionally, 55% of prepaid phone users earn $44,000 a year or less.



Need a cell phone or looking to purchase a new one?

You have a variety of options including paying the full amount right away, leasing, buy now or pay later, etc.

Your world awaits and can be restored and revitalized with a new or newer cell phone.

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