This article reveals exactly how and where to get buy now pay later furniture as well as some very powerful tips to help you get great deals.


Why Look for Buy Now Pay Later Furniture?

It is time to move.

This move from one residence to another may have been caused by an increase in rent or perhaps that dream house has finally hit the market and you are ready to take the plunge into homeownership.

You have saved up for this day to provide the first and last month’s rent for the apartment or are making a considerable down payment on your home to reduce your interest rate.

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However, little cash is available to furnish your soon-to-be new home.

It is difficult to enjoy the safety and comfort of one’s home when the furniture is no longer comfortable or there is no furniture at all.

This coupled with limited financial resources can make for a difficult situation.

Fortunately, however, there are options for an individual who needs the furniture now but is unable to pay until a later date.

Let us, therefore, find the most comfortable piece of furniture that we have, settle in, and look at ten sources to help us and some tips that may prove to be beneficial in buying new furniture.


Personal Story

We had just moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and signed a lease for an unfurnished apartment.

Our focus was on shopping around for some furniture for our new residence.

The challenge was that my credit was less than sterling and I felt obligated not to involve my wife to adversely affect her credit score.

Subsequently, we went into a furniture store found some furniture, and endeavored to seal the deal by taking out a payment plan utilizing their in-house credit process.

Fortunately, everything went through and we were able to get the furniture and buy it on time.

The added blessing or benefit was that it helped to increase my credit score by applying for this credit and making sure that the payments were paid on time.

A comfortable situation not only as we sat on our newly purchased furniture but comfortable as it related to helping repair my poor credit.


10 Best Companies That Offer In-House Buy Now and Pay Later Furniture Options


1. Poly& Bark 

This online furniture resale store offers financing through their financing partner by the name of Bread.

Also, they offer a financing option called Splitit.

This option requires that the shopper be charged only for the first payment through a credit card.

The remaining balance is held on the credit card until the final payment is made.

Monthly payments are required and split out over the agreed-upon number of months.

The transaction is defined as a pending transaction on your credit card statement

Click here to check out Poly & Bark


2. Hanks Fine Furniture 

This online furniture website indicates that they have easy credit available for customers.

This online website accepts all major credit cards and also offers an option for the customer that if they clear their debt by 2022 that no interest will be charged.


3. Value City Furniture 

With this online furniture website, there are several options available to the customer to finance their purchase.

Some of those options include twelve months special financing, six months special financing, sixty months, and special financing options.

Depending upon which option the customer chooses, they may be able to pay equal monthly payments, accrue no interest as well as be provided a lease-to-own option.

The lease own option requires a minimum purchase and a down payment as low as a dollar.

Also, the customer has the opportunity to make low monthly payments that meet their budget requirements.

Click here to check out Value City Furniture


4. Sofa Club 

This online furniture website has a variety of sofas to meet the needs of the customers.

The sofas are available in all types of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles.

This particular website is United Kingdom-based and offers a ten-year warranty.

This company also of a liberal refund and return policy as they ship anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

Their finance policies include a 10% deposit to start the purchase process as well as allowing the customer to pay over one year with no interest charged.

Also eligible is a 9.9 APR finance plan for customers that can extend for two to four years.


5. LaterGator 

This is an Australian-based online department store that also has furniture for sale.

They allow customers to buy now and pay later on a majority of their products and offer repayment plans that don’t assess any interest to the customer.

Click here to check out LaterGator


6. Pier 1 Imports 

This particular online furniture store has several perks involved with customers wishing to finance the purchase of their furniture.

When making an application for credit to purchase furniture, the turnaround rate for approval or decision being made is fairly quick.

The downside is that the APR hovers around 29%.

Paying the full purchase of the furniture within twenty-five days would negate this APR rate being assessed to the individual.

Click here to check out Pier 1 Imports


7. Rooms to Go

Rooms To Go has a bricks-and-mortar presence in a variety of communities across the United States of America.

They offer their credit card and financing for furniture purchases that be 0% APR.

Also, for the customers, there is no annual fee charged for the use of their card.

In some instances, a finance deal can be negotiated with the purchase of the furniture on time and is interest-free for up to five years.

The current APR rate for Rooms To Go is set at 27.74%

Generally, when furniture is purchased from this location, there is no down payment required


8. City Furniture

This furniture online website offers furniture at financial terms for those with good credit and those with not-so-good credit.

Credit can be applied through this website and if approved, with good credit, most likely a zero interest rate will be provided over the terms of the loan.

This of course provided that the individual pays their monthly installments on time.

For those who have bad credit, the store provides the option of making an application for their credit card which provides one year of deferred interest.

Click here to check out City Furniture


9. Ethan Allen 

Ethan Allen is most likely a recognizable furniture store.

They have a local presence in some communities as well as providing you the ability to purchase furniture utilizing their online website.

The furniture found in the showroom of Ethan Allen is generally quality furniture.

The customer can use their credit card to purchase furniture, or they can make an application for an Ethan Allen credit card.

If the customer opts to go with the Ethan Allen card, the approval process happens quickly and if approved, the individual will be the proud owner of Ethan Allen furniture.

To apply for an Ethan Allen credit card, you can click here.


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10. Big Lots 

Available in most communities is Big Lots.

Big Lots has an extensive furniture department within their locations.

Big lots offer to finance furniture purchases to their customers.

Big lots is gaining a reputation for providing quality, durable and comfortable furniture.

They’re buying on time options include a six months payment plan and no interest is charged if the customer pays their balance within six months.

This option is available for individuals who utilize their Big Lots credit card and purchase $250 or more.

Another option is a twelve-month no-interest plan if the customer pays their balance in full within a year.

To be eligible for the twelve months no-interest plan, the customer needs to purchase $750 or more with their card.

To learn more about these credit cards click here.


10 Best Tips for Getting Buy Now Pay Later Furniture


1. Guarantees 

As with the purchase of anything, it is always important to understand what guarantees or warranties may be offered with the purchase.

This holds for the purchasing of furniture as well especially, if one chooses to purchase furniture through an online website.

Therefore, before the deal is sealed it is important to understand what the guarantees are on the furniture and return policies.

Possible returns of furniture could include any damage to the items during the shipping process, the wrong item was shipped, or the customer is just not satisfied with the purchase.


2. Insurance

Another important tip when buying furniture now and paying later is to make sure that you have your purchases insured.

The best way to ensure items within a home or an apartment is to have homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance.

This way, if there is any damage to the item, such as water or fire damage, the items are insured, and one can use the insurance monies to replace these pieces of furniture.


3. Deposits 

If buying an item and paying later, sometimes the terms of the agreement still require a down payment of some sort.

This down payment could be conducted either by using a credit card or a cash deposit.

Before getting to this point in the sale, it is important to check the reputation of the company that you are conducting business with.

This company should be checked out by researching various reviews that may be posted regarding their customer service.

If there seems to be a large proportion of negative reviews, it is probably best to stay away from conducting business with that company or Internet site.



4. Delivery Dates 

As part of the process of buying now and paying later, there must be an understanding as to when the delivery of the purchased furniture will occur.

Also, as part of the delivery process, it is prudent to understand upfront as to what may be any shipping or delivery charges.

Before signing on the dotted line make sure you are comfortable with these disclosed fees associated with the purchase of the furniture.

Also, the purchased furniture must be delivered within the time frame agreed upon.


5. Timing 

When shopping for furniture it is wise to consider the timing of when you will be making this purchase.

Often, throughout the year, some days or holidays are associated with discounts and “blowout” sales offered by furniture stores.

These sales may fall around the holiday season or special holidays such as Labor Day or Memorial Day.

Often, individuals move from one location to another location during the summer months or the beginning of the fall season and are in the furniture market.

Therefore, furniture companies offer these sales in hopes of enticing a customer to purchase furniture.


6. You Get What You Pay for 

The old axiom of you “get what you pay for” is true as it relates to the purchase of furniture as well.

The cost or expense of your furniture purchase is certainly dependent upon your budget.

However, buying inexpensive furniture needs to be balanced with what is cost-effective versus what will be comfortable and provide years of comfort and service.

Therefore, if an individual buys inexpensive furniture, they are probably purchasing furniture that will need to be replaced sooner than later.


7. Take Your Time 

It is important to remember that when it comes to making expensive purchases that time can be a powerful component for the consumer.

By taking time, the customer will be able to do their homework and conduct research to know more about furniture and what type of furniture that they wish to purchase.

Also, with the customer taking their time, they can take advantage of any sales that may present themselves during that timeframe that they set aside in conducting their research.


8. Budget 

As with all financial management matters, it is important to have a budget.

When budgeting for the purchase of furniture, it is important to know what you can afford even if the payments will be made over time as you buy now and pay later.

These payments will need to be part of your budget on the expense side and if additional revenue needs to be generated, then action steps need to be taken to generate that additional revenue.

Of course, setting up the budget means that you should endeavor to stay within that budget.

If $900 is set aside to purchase a chair or couch, that one does their utmost in purchasing that item within the budgeted amount.


9. APR 

An important factor when buying now and paying later is the annualized percentage rate.

This APR is what is charged to the customer when they purchase an item on time.

This fee or percentage is charged or calculated by using three numbers.

Those numbers include the amount borrowed, the fixed fee, and the term of the loan.


10. Shop Around 

A savvy consumer is a consumer that shops all around for the best deal at the best price.

When purchasing furniture, shopping around can include going to various bricks and mortar stores furniture stores within your community, or shopping online.

It is important to compare apples to apples as it relates to the total cost.

In other words, the total cost of the local furniture store may be this amount of money, and the shopper may find that same item cheaper on the Internet.

However, if looking at the Internet option, it is important to consider any shipping costs and other fees associated with the purchase.

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Buy Now Pay Later Furniture FAQs


Is It Wise to Buy Furniture Online?

It is not necessarily a bad idea to buy online.

Of course, the downside is that you don’t have the opportunity to feel the fabric or sit on the furniture to gauge comfort and firmness.

The important consideration is to understand the online’s return policy and whether the furniture can be returned if not satisfied.


Is It a Good Idea to Buy Furniture on Time?

If a customer needs to buy furniture, then obviously it needs to be done; however, if you can broker a no-interest purchase that would be optimal.



If you need furniture, there are a variety of options available to you to secure the furniture that will accent the beauty of your home.

These furniture purchases can be made through local retail stores within your community or by going online.

Additionally, if you have a cash flow challenge, there are a variety of buying furniture now and paying later that will be able to suit your particular financial needs.

These buy now and pay later options are offered by the retailer.

Therefore, you can settle down in your new recliner or stretch out on your new sofa while stretching out your payments.

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