It’s indeed possible to buy and sell hair online.

In fact, you can make money from selling your hair online.

This article shows you how it works and 11 of the genuine ways and wig companies that buy hair online.

If you are a female (or even male) with long and healthy hair, you can indeed make money selling your hair.

And thankfully you can do it online, thanks to the genuine wig companies that buy hair online.

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Back to the topic of this actual article though, let’s first talk about your hair and how much a good hair of head can make you some cool bucks.

Your hair provides a covering to your head and also gives a uniqueness to your personality.

You can cut, shave, or style your hair to provide enhancement to your looks.

And of course you can also sell your hair, thanks to wig companies that buy human hair online.

This article shows you all about how it works and some of the exact wig companies and even salons that are genuine and really pay.



Why Would Wig Companies or Salons Buy Your Hair?

If you are wondering why salons or wig companies would buy your hair, it’s simply because the best wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces are made from actual human hair. And to get the human hair, the salons or wig companies are always on the look out for long and healthy human hair to buy.

They are ready to spend good money to get good and healthy hair, because they make much more money using the hair to make good quality wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces for sale.

So, if you are one of those people who takes good care of your hair and you need money right away, you can sell it to the right wig companies or salons that pay for human hair!

I am talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars to sell your hair to the right wig company or salon!

Apart from selling to wig companies, you can sell directly to individuals looking to buy hair online.

Yes, there are places where you can sell directly to such people and some of them are included in this article.

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Wig Companies Are Looking For Healthy Hair

By healthy hair, this means your hair should be thick “virgin” hair, usually from 10 inches or even longer than 10 inches.

If your hair has been thoroughly bleached, dyed, permed or always subjected to hair dryers, hot irons, hair straighteners, you won’t be an ideal candidate for wig companies that want to buy hair.

So, if you want to pursue this in future, perhaps it’s time to start taking better care of your hair for a while, before thinking of selling.


The following are more details on how to sell your hair and 11 wig companies that actually buy hair.

Wig Company That Buys Hair Online #1Bloomsbury Wigs

Bloomsbury Wigs is a UK based wig company but can buy hair from any location in the world.

They are one of the very genuine wig manufacturers out there that also buys human hair.

They buy human hair and use some for wigs and extensions.

Bloomsbury Wigs  can pay very good amount for your hair. You can receive up to £200 if your hair is 19 inches and above.

For your hair to be accepted by this company though, it must meet the following requirement:

  • Your hair must be at least 14 inches long
  • Your hair must not be too dry or too many layers
  • Your hair must be securely tied in a ponytail
  • Your hair must not be heavily wet
  • Your should must not be curly
  • Your hair must not be processed
  • Your hair must not be plaited nor braided

The weight of your hair is also important.

If you accept the price quote for the hair, you will be paid via PayPal or check.

Click here to check out Bloomsbury Wigs.

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Buy and Sell Hair Online Wig Company That Buys Hair #2Banbury Postiche

Banbury Postiche is another UK based company that buys human hair.

This company has been around since 1920 as the oldest wig maker in the UK.

That’s a big deal that they have been around for all these years, as it goes to show they can be trusted and are genuine.

This company uses the hair to make wigs, extensions and test swatches used by cosmetic research laboratories.

You can sell your hair to Banbury Postiche at a good price if it meets the following specifications:

  • It must be at least 10 inches or 25cm long
  • It must be in good health condition and not chemically treated
  • It must be tied at the nape of the neck prior to cutting to keep the roots and points together

What Banbury Postiche pays for your hair is in the range £3.00 – £7.00 per 25 grams of hair.

Click here to check out Banbury Postiche.


Sell Your Hair Wig Company That Buys Human Hair

WorldOfWigs is a wig and hairpieces manufacturer that buys human hair from people all the time. You can sell your hair to this company and make money.

Your hair must pass the industry standard qualifications as demanded by the company.

For each OZ of hair you send to World of Wigs, you may be paid between $3 and $5.

That might sound like a little, but it can add up, especially if you have long hair.

This company accepts quality hair that is at least 12 inches long.

More so, the hair must be banded into tight ponytails and bagged before shipping.

Click here to check out

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Website For Selling Human Hair  

Online Hair Affair is a listing site where you can buy and sell human hair.

You can advertise your hair and get the opportunity to sell just about any type and color.

Unlike some places that buy human hair OnlineHairAffair allows you to sell hair of any length.

You can list hairs based on color, length, and price range.

Listing fee for hair as demanded by this website and starts from $8 per two weeks or $10 per month.

However, if you are listing for two months at once, you will pay a discounted fee of $15.

Sales made on this website attract a commission of 8%.

Click here to check out


Website For Selling Your Hair Online #5Hairsellon

Hairsellon is a website where you can list your hair and sell for cash.

The listing fees varies and you can choose to list for two months or for a lifetime.

The listing fees range from $15 to $50.

With this website, you will receive all the sales made as no commission is charged on the final price agreed by customers.

Before you can sell hair on this site, be sure its length is at least 6 inches long.

Click here to check out Hairsellon.

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Site That Buys Human Hair Online #6Buy and Sell Hair  

Buy and Sell Hair is a website that connects sellers and buyers on the web. You can sign up with this platform if you want to sell your hair and make money.

You will have your hair sold fast and for good prices on this platform.

You can list your hair at least averagely between $200 and $500.

Listing fee on this website is around $14.50 for 3 months. In other words, the listing per month is around $5.

Click here to check out Buy and Sell Hair.


7 –

This is a website where the human hair can be bought and sold. It also trades jewelry and artwork made with human hair.

To make money by selling your hair on this website, you need to post an ad on it. It will cost you at least $20 to make the ads posting that will run for three months.

What you sell and how much you make with will depend on the color, length, and quality of your hair at the moment. It has been reported that some people has sold their hair for up to $4000 on this website.

Click here to check out


8 – Gumtree

Apart from selling your hair directly to wig companies, you can also sell through online marketplaces like Gumtree.

Such marketplaces usually have sections where several wig makers converge to buy hair.

You can sell both kids and adults hair using platforms like Gumtree.

The buyers here are open to negotiations. This allows you to sell even higher than you would normally. So, it depends on your power of negotiations here, to get a good price.

You can upload images and post detailed descriptions about your hair’s length and condition to attract buyers.

Talking about images, you can also get paid to take and sell pictures online, if that’s your thing.

Click here to check out Gumtree.


9 – eBay

eBay is a another marketplace or platform that you can use to sell your hair online.

Unlike selling directly to wig manufacturers or companies that directly buy hair online, with ebay you offer your hair for sale to different people who might be interested.

To find buyers for your hair fast:

  • You need to have a good rating
  • Make a good listing of your sale
  • Upload clear images of your hair
  • Add detailed and convincing descriptions on your listings
  • Etc

The good thing with using eBay is that you can get a lot of people to bid directly for your hair, and can end up selling much more to the highest bidder.

This can work better and get you more money than selling to a wig company or salon.

One important tip to help you when trying to sell your hair on eBay is to include the right keywords in your listing title and description.

This is because you are more likely to get people to your listing who are searching to buy hair using certain relevant keywords.

Using such keywords in your listing title and description helps it to appear when people search.

One of such keywords is Virgin hair which hasn’t been dyed or bleached.

Click here to check out eBay.


10 – Craigslist  

Craigslist is another online marketplace where you can sell your hair.

The good thing with this marketplace, unlike others is that you don’t need to pay a listing fee on this website.

You get to set your own price and you don’t worry about any specification on the type or condition of hair you are selling.

Click here to check out Craigslist.


11 – is a large independent hair selling company. You can post your listing for free at this platform.

This website is ideal for those who want to sell their exceptionally long hair.

This platform is renowned and has been reviewed by top media houses.

It has been reported that a recent seller set a record at $3,600 for 27 inches of “thick, gorgeously long, thick body filled brown hair.”

If you have such long hair, who knows – you could also get such record sale for your hair. But of course, you can’t  know exactly how much you can get for your hair if you don’t try, right?

Click here to check out



These are how to sell your hair and some wig companies that actually buy hair.  You can access any of the above websites to make money with your hair.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    This is a very interesting and revealing article.

    I didn’t know one could make money from selling hair online. This is definitely a new knowledge for me.

    And reading this it makes sense that this how many of the wig companies get the hair they use for their wigs.

    I really like how you listed the wig companies and their websites, making it easy for anyone to check out any of them.

    Thanks for a very informative article.

  2. Hi Sinen,

    The beauty business is a $160 billion dollar per year industry. Selling and buying hair is not a new endeavor.

    You may remember the old Christmas story where a man sacrificed to buy his wife a beautiful comb for her hair. In turn, the woman sold her hair to buy her husband a present.

    You’re correct. Human hair wigs are made from hair that have been bought from people who are willing to sell their hair.

    Thank you for reading my article, and thank for your kind words.