When it comes to how and where to buy a Used Vending machine, this article reveals a lot of tips and sources that can really help you make the right decisions.



It has been a long day and a glance at your smartwatch reveals the time of 300 p.m.

Translated, this means another two hours on the job.

Your energy is running low and is on reserves.

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You need a pick me up and so you head on over to the staff lounge.

Digging into your wallet or purse you walk over to the vending machine, insert your money, and select J6. You are rewarded with an energy bar that will help get you through those last two hours of work.

This same scene has been repeated time and time during all hours of the day as a vending machine has come to the rescue.

Since the late 1880’s vending machines have not only dispensed a product (snacks, drinks, cigarettes, fruit, etc.) but convenience.

If wishing to look at investing in vending machines and specifically used vending machines there may be a good process to follow.

Let us dispense a few helpful suggestions for this process.

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25 Best Tips & Sources for Buying a Used Vending Machine


1. Online

If in the market for a used vending machine one of the most effective ways to start the process is by going online.

Using your favorite search engine, you can type in the words such as used vending machine.

Your computer screen will be populated with several potential websites that you can explore.


2. Used Versus New

One of the important questions you need to address in your purchase of a vending machine is whether to buy new or used?

There are pros and cons associated with both options which can include:

  • Your budget
  • Warranties (new has a greater warranty)
  • Appearance
  • Extra service calls?
  • Etc.


3. Cost

Another important factor when considering the purchase of a used vending machine is the cost.

The cost of the machine will be determined by its age, its functionality (what products can be dispensed), energy-efficient, appearance, equipped technology, refrigeration available, etc.

It would be a good idea to obtain information about the machine and do comparative shopping.


4. Terms

When working with a company or seller of a vending machine it is important to understand the terms of the purchase.

Some of those terms could include:

  • Payment plan?
  • The number of years if leased?
  • Is service separate?
  • Will they deliver and if so a fee?
  • Technical support?


5. Types of Machines

When looking to buy a used vending machine you should determine beforehand what you will be vending.

When dispensing beverages then you will need the machine to have refrigeration capabilities.

If a coffee machine, then the vending machine will need to have access to water and need frequent cleaning.

Other types of vending machines could include:

  • Dispensing frozen products
  • Smart vending machines
  • Gumball or novelty machines


6. Research

When you are at the point of moving forward it is also important to conduct research on the company or individual selling the machine.

Factors to consider with your research would include:

  • The refurbishing process
  • Warranties
  • Their process involved checking the working order
  • Cleaning of the machine


7. Reviews

Another valuable consideration when looking to buy a used vending machine is customer satisfaction associated with the company.

Questions would be:

  • Any concerns expressed by customers
  • Customer ratings
  • Customer service
  • Pros and cons
  • Checking with Better Business Bureau for any unresolved issues


8. Use eBay 

eBay has a significant listing of pre-owned vending machines that range in price from anywhere from $495 up to $3,700.

The machines are snack machines, beverage machines, candy machines as well as countertop compact machines.

With this website, you can pay the listed price or you can submit a bid if that option is available with the highest bid obtaining the product.


9. Use A&M vending machine

A&M Vending sells used vending machines that range from dispensing snacks, coffee, and sodas.

This particular site prides itself on its refurbishing process and indicates on its web page that it is taken years of development to accomplish this fine art of refurbishing.

Also, on their website, they indicate that they only utilize equipment and replacement parts that are manufactured in the United States.


10. Go Local

When looking for used vending machines, it is also a good idea to look locally.

This can be accomplished by looking at websites such as Craigslist or doing an online search for used local vending machines.


11. Use Global Vending Group

Global Vending Group offers vending machines that are used and dispense the typical products such as soda, snacks, candy, etc.

However, on their website, they have a bookworm vending machine that dispenses books.

The company’s website says that this product is a one-of-a-kind product dispensed.


12. Use Vending.com

At Vending.com there are a variety of used vending machines available.

There are standard snack dispensing vending machines that carry up to 40 products as well as a 30-product vending machine.

Also, they display combination machines that dispense snacks as well as ice-cold beverages.

On their website, they indicate that there is a one-year warranty on the machines with a 90-day parts warranty.


13. Use Alibaba

Alibaba has a broad range of used vending machines available.

The price tag of the used vending machines is anywhere from $500 up to as high as $8,000.

The vending machines dispense products from coffee, toys, and pizza.


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14. Use Westway Vending

At Westway Vending there are a variety of vending machines that range from dispensing beverages, to snacks to ice cream.

The commitment of this company is that all the machines have been refurbished and have not only been repaired and tested but the focus of the work has been on providing machines that look new and well-kept.


15. Use Vendweb 

One additional vending machine company that is found online and sells used vending machines that offer standard products by these machines is Vendweb.

Added to the mix of traditional vending machines is the uniqueness of machines that dispenses beer and cannabis.

Of course, with these types of machines, one would need to look at the legalities as it relates to their state of residency.

A cannabis vending machine is typically allowed near dispensaries that sell medicinal and recreational cannabis and may be legal in the states of Colorado, Oregon, California, Florida, and Massachusetts.


16. Warranties

When buying a second-hand or used machine, the potential nagging thought about the purchase might be what is wrong with the machine.

Therefore, before you sign on the dotted line and make the purchase it is important to know what the warranty is.

In other words, if the machine doesn’t function properly what options do you have in returning the machine, having it fixed, refund options, return fees, timeframe, etc.


17. Buy Existing Business

An option is the possibility of buying a current vending machine business that is in operation.

By accessing this website you can search for existing businesses advertised for sale.

When considering buying an existing business, it is important to do your due diligence as it relates to the success of the business.

That would include looking at their profit and loss statements, budget, outstanding debt, accounts receivable, condition of their assets, etc.


18. Approvals

As part of the buying process and inspections made as it relates to the selling of the machine what standards of inspection are adhered to?

For example, is the vending machine company a member of NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association)? Therefore, certain standards of operation needed to be met.

Another certification, as it relates to an electrical machine, is any electrical work done on the machine UL approved?


19. Maintenance

As with all machines, there may be the occasional need for repair work.

Before this possibility, it is important to research your business area of activity to determine if there are businesses that can meet your maintenance needs.

You can work with these businesses and make a business arrangement to utilize their service if repair work is necessary and, if your wish, have this service provide preventative maintenance as well to keep the machines running at peak performance.


20. Location

An important step before purchasing a used vending machine is to secure a location to place the machine.

Prime areas to place a vending machine would include:

  • High traffic area
  • Motels
  • Office
  • Auto Shops
  • Manufacturing


21. Contract

When contacting owners or managers of potential businesses to place the vending machine it is advisable to enter into a contract and discuss the percentage of the sales, expectations, notices of ending the contract, etc.


22. Delivery

Before purchase, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is fully disclosed.

As part of this full disclosure is the cost, if any, associated with delivery.

Will the company or individual pay for all, part, or any of the shipping costs.

Also, are there any hidden fees such as added destination fees, handling fees, or other add-ons?


23. Ease of Use

If at all possible, it would be a good idea to “try” out the machine before purchase.

As part of the process, you can take samples of the product that you plan on dispensing and placing them into the machine.

Then go through the process of dispensing the product as if you were a customer to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


24. Licensing

It is important to remember that most, if not all, states require vending machine licenses to place a machine in a location.

The need for a license varies from state to state depending upon what product is being offered.

The cost for the license also varies and the frequency of renewal.


25. Energy Efficient

A big draw for the partner that you work with in placing the machine and for your profitability it is important to consider an energy-efficient machine.

Especially, if the machine is considered for purchase is a refrigerated machine the savings may be as high as 40% and an annual savings of kWh usage.


Personal Story

Those that work the late-night shift perhaps can testify to the importance of vending machines.

Working at a hospital, often my job required the working of different shifts.

The late-night shift had its moments which included the emergencies of life that needed to be treated.

Another emergency for me, was dealing with hunger.

The cafeteria was closed but I could always count on fresh food in the vending machines.

During my break, I would take the elevator up to the third floor and on the way dig for money so that I could grab a quick bite to eat.

Entering the vending machine area, I would always hungrily peer through the large plexiglass panel to see if my personal favorite was waiting for me in its compartment.

Somehow that egg salad sandwich seemed so satisfying coming from that vending machine.


Buying a Used Vending Machine FAQs


Do Vending Machines Provide the Opportunity for a Customer to Pay With a Credit Card?

In today’s day and age the use of a credit or debit card is significant when it comes to sales.

A vending machine, to be credit card compatible, should have a 6-pin (MDB) connector associated with the area to receive cash.


What Are Some Solid Questions to Ask About a Used Vending Machine?

Some of those questions would include:

  • How old is the machine
  • The capacity
  • Cash denominations accepted by the machine
  • Repairs done


You Can Do It

Owning a vending machine is a good strategy for earning passive income.

For the most part, your involvement is minimal and the convenience that a vending machine offers will be utilized by thirsty and hungry people or who simply just crave a snack.



Vending machines have been around since the 1890s and have dispensed a variety of products.

They are a great source of passive income for the owner and provide satisfaction for the customer.

One could say that the best product that the vending machine provides is the product of convenience.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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