You can definitely start a business with just $1,000!

This article shows up to 25 businesses to start with 1k and some tips to help you.



What can you do with one thousand dollars?

Possibilities include:

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  • Spend the money
  • Pay off a credit card
  • Invest
  • Applied toward your student debt
  • Buy the latest in technology
  • Spend it on something frivolous
  • And more

$1000 can be considered a considerable “chunk” of money and a number of possibilities are available in which that money can be spent.

Another possibility is starting a business.

The impact and power of utilizing, in this case, $1000, to start a business would incorporate a number of those other possible suggestions.

For example, starting a business could be considered an investment, an opportunity to pay off bills as your company will earn you additional money, perhaps investing in technology as part of your investment startup, etc.

Therefore, with all of this in mind and the idea of starting a business incorporating other ideas on how to utilize $1000 perhaps it is a good idea to look at businesses that one can start with this invested amount.



25 Businesses to Start With 1k to Make Money

As a disclaimer, it is important to check with your local governments as it relates to having the proper certifications, licensing, and permits to be involved with these potential businesses.


1. Personal Trainer 

Many individuals today want to eat right and exercise properly in order to make themselves look and feel better.

Often, there are those individuals that don’t know where to start or how to begin.

In addition, there are those individuals who have been eating properly and exercising regularly but maybe have hit a plateau and don’t see any progress being made.

Often these individuals will look to others for help and are in need of a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, you can build on your own personal success and physical fitness education and help these individuals to start a regimen that is based on their goals and where they are currently at.


2. Coffee Kiosk

Coffee has become an enjoyable beverage to drink in a leisurely moment or even on the go.

With less than a $1000 investment, you could operate a coffee bar or kiosk in a local mall with the only investment requiring the renting or purchasing of the machinery, supplies, quality coffee, various flavorings, etc.

An espresso machine can be purchased for as little as $100 whereas a commercial machine may range anywhere from $1000 on up.


3. Antique Dealer 

If you enjoy going to estate sales or taking in garage sales within your community, a good opportunity that, at a modest investment, may earn you money is by dealing in antiques.

Often, at these events, an item can be purchased at a reduced cost and could be classified as an antique due to its age and uniqueness.

To advertise or market these items that you have, you can utilize a website such as and post pictures of the items after you have registered your account.

The items can be sold at a set amount or can be through a bidding process.


4. Jewelry 

Another business opportunity that can be developed for a minimal amount of money is the making of jewelry.

The jewelry can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Once you have a sampling of these jewelry items that you have made, you can register on a website such as and post pictures of these items through the virtual store that they offer.


5. Photographer 

For less than $1000 you can buy a quality digital camera and begin your business venture as a photographer.

A good strategy would be to begin practicing using your camera and taking unique photographs of landscapes, birds, people (with their permission), etc.

You can post these pictures on your social media platforms and indicate to the followers of your availability as a photographer to photograph various important events in their lives.


6. Hairstylist 

Perhaps you have been to cosmetology school or not but have a certain flair as it relates to styling hair and bringing out the unique features of those who have taken advantage of your hairstyling service.

You could ask those that you have provided this service for their permission to utilize pictures of their hairstyle and then post these pictures on your social media platforms.

As part of your business, you could offer to go to people’s homes to do the hairstyling within the comfort of their own residences.

The only out-of-pocket expenses would be a variety of hair products, combs, brushes, styling equipment, etc.


7. Makeup Artist 

Perhaps you have a certain flair when it comes to the world of beauty products.

Specifically, applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, blush, etc.

As part of your service as a makeup artist, you could also learn how to perform eyebrow threading and make that part of your service.


8. Handyman 

A service in demand for homeowners and owners of apartment buildings is access to a quality handyman.

As a handyman, you would be able to perform a number of minor repairs and alterations around the home and building.

For example, you could repair minor plumbing leaks, change the flushing mechanisms within a toilet, repair drywall, touchup painting, etc.

To advertise your service as a handyman you can utilize your social media platform or you can register on a site such as


9. Removal of Junk 

If you have a multipurpose vehicle such as a paneled van or truck, a great service that you can render to your community is the hauling away of junk.

Often, individuals will rid their home of unwanted items during the course of the year or if are moving will want to de-clutter their home as much as possible.

As a business that is involved with the hauling of junk, you can accommodate their need to have these items removed.

The items can be loaded into your vehicle and hauled away to the landfill or some items may be possibly sold or recycled and earn some additional money.


10. Pool Cleaning 

Many homeowners have invested in their place of residency by installing a pool or purchasing a home that already is equipped with a pool.

The reality is that oftentimes there’s not enough time in the day for an individual to do the daily or weekly cleaning of the pool.

As an individual who is acquainted with the maintenance of pools, you can provide this pool cleaning service by skimming the water, brushing the sides of the pool, cleaning the stairs or ladder, cleaning out the pool filter, etc.

If registered and qualified, you may also be able to maintain the proper pH level of the pool through the use of the needed chemicals.


11. Landscaper 

A landscaper is an individual that tends to the property that is adjacent to the buildings of a business or home.

A landscaper does more than just weed and cut the grass.

Often, a landscaper will plant the appropriate vegetation in the area that is conducive to the environment, soil, and climate.

A landscaper also may be called upon to trim low-hanging branches, hedges, and other shrubberies.

Also, a landscaper will have the ability to design the area by utilizing stones, mulch, flowers, etc.

The basic equipment for a startup landscaper would include a lawnmower, gardening tools, power edger, weed trimmer, hedge clipper, etc.


12. Consulting 

If an individual has the education and experience they can go into the consulting business.

A consultant can demonstrate proficiency in a variety of areas including business, personnel management, IT technology, etc.

As a consultant, you will advertise your services, and individuals and businesses will reach out to you and invite you to be an observer in the processes that need to be improved.

After your observation coupled with your knowledge and experience, you can make recommendations to the individual or business contracted with, report your findings, and offer to provide services to improve those processes.


13. Writing 

A business that can utilize your skills as a writer is the through a writing company.

This business will provide all sorts of needs for writing which could include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • E-books
  • Essays
  • Etc.

The individual starting this business will have minimum overhead which basically requires a computer, Internet service, webpage, social media platforms, etc.

The writing business can advertise the ability to meet the writing needs of its customers or also gain employment opportunities through freelancing websites such as or


14. Life Coach 

A life coach is an individual who comes alongside another and utilizes their skills and energy to help focus the client’s life on achieving their goals and success in other life experiences.

As a life coach, you will offer sound advice, inspirational support, recommend a path to achieve personal goals, advice on relationships, etc.

As a life coach, you will help the individual filter out the noise of life and concentrate on themselves and their own particular growth.

The life coach may also bring another added dimension which could include an element of religion or another spiritual discipline.

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15. Cleaning Services 

Many individuals today are busy with their lives either rearing a family or pursuing their careers.

Often in the household, both adults will be working with little or minimal time available at the end of the day to devote to the cleaning of the home.

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By offering a cleaning service you will provide the basic cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of the home.

In addition to the costs associated with the cleaning supplies and equipment, you may wish to look into the process of being bonded which is essentially insurance coverage.

This added feature of your cleaning service will help to alleviate any concerns of the homeowner as it relates to your service being involved in the home.


16. Pet Care 

The pet care business is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The costs of loving and owning and pet include feeding, grooming, veterinarian visits, purchase of various accessories, etc.

If you are a pet lover, a business opportunity that would present itself to you is the care of pets.

That care could include feeding and watering the animals during the day or while families are away, routinely walking the animals, etc.


17. Home Care 

The reality for each of us is that we grow older.

The largest explosion of babies brought into this world is represented by the Baby Boomer generation.

The Baby Boom generation is now in their 70s and 80s and some, at this point of their life, require advanced or involved nursing care within their home.

If you have experience or certification as it relates to the care of patients, you can start a home care business in which you go to individual homes and care for the elderly.

The care could include being a companion, helping with any bathing needs, preparation of meals, etc.

This cannot only be a rewarding business in interacting with people but also payment in doing so.


18. Blogger 

A business that is fairly inexpensive to be involved with is the business of blogging.

The overhead costs would be the use of a technology device, host website, and the Internet.

A blogger is an individual who writes on a variety of subjects and utilizes different techniques and formats.

For example, an individual can choose to conduct product reviews.

The product review can be on technology devices and you will write about how the device performs, whether it lives up to expectations, the value of the item as it relates to cost and usefulness, etc.

Another example of a blog could be writing about the entertainment industry.

The blogger can talk about the latest gossip, news coming out of the entertaining world, etc.

Payment or revenue can be realized by the blogger or company through support from followers, affiliate advertising, and possible sponsorships.


19. Virtual Assistant 

A business opportunity that presents itself in which you can work remotely is by being a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can be called upon to perform many roles and job functions.

Some of those responsibilities would include keeping calendars for your client, interacting with customers, doing light bookkeeping, data entry, etc.

The bottom line as it relates to a description of a virtual assistant is that everything that a receptionist or secretary might do is done virtually by you or your company in this role.


20. Freelancer 

A freelancer is an individual that works for other people but is not considered an employee.

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who is responsible for their own personal or business taxes, health insurance, etc.

The business of being a freelancer can involve the acceptance of a number of employment opportunities that can include graphic design, writing, virtual assistant, etc.

Opportunities to work can be found through a number of job posting websites such as or through a freelance website such as


21. Computer Systems 

Many individuals want to take full advantage of technology and therefore set up systems within their homes.

By providing a computer system set up business, you can go into an individual’s home and recommend a variety of technological devices that can be part of that system.

Also, as part of your service, you can set up the system to interconnect with each of the devices either through hard wiring or through Bluetooth technology.

Also, some individuals wish to utilize technology to interact with family members who are living in other cities and states.

You can provide instruction for these individuals on how to use a variety of telecommunication programs and software to interact with relatives that are at a distance.

Also, you can provide the service of troubleshooting as it relates to systems not communicating properly with each other, etc.


22. Event Planning 

A business that can be created with less than $1000 is the business of event planning.

An event planner is an individual who is detail-oriented and plans from start to finish various important events in the lives of people.

Some of those events could include a birthday celebration, anniversary, wedding, quinceanera, etc.

You would work along with your company and the customer on the theme of the event.

The company’s role would be to secure a venue, utilize caterers, book entertainment, use a disc jockey, engage a photographer, etc.

The entire event would be planned and carried out by the event planner so that all involved can enjoy the festivities and not worry about details and whether everything will run smoothly.


23. Tutoring 

You could start a tutoring business in which you help others to learn a variety of skills and build on various talents that your customers may have.

For example, you can tutor students in the areas of math, English, learning a second language, etc.

Also, if you have the talent and skills of artistic ability, you can tutor others possibly in the area of learning piano, playing guitar, dance instruction, etc.


24. Bookkeeping 

If you have an interest in accounting and enjoy crunching numbers and generating reports, a great company to start would be providing for the bookkeeping needs of businesses through the outsourcing process.

The startup costs would include the need for a quality Internet provider and computer.

You would work with businesses, most likely small and intermediary sizes, and input their various financial transactions into bookkeeping software.

The software that is utilized by the company may need to be downloaded onto your computer or the company will provide you with access if the software is cloud-based.


25. Graphic Designer

A business opportunity would be the creation of graphic designs.

A graphic designer is an individual that takes ideas and creates visual concepts.

The concepts can be done by hand or using computer software.

A graphic designer is in great demand for such products as advertisements for companies, creation of brochures, entertainment, or clothing designs.

You can advertise this company as a graphic design provider through your website, social media platforms, etc.

Also, you can use a variety of websites in which you can upload your design so that customers when they search on your virtual store can look at the designs that you have created and if interested, they can purchase these designs and have them printed on various types of clothing, coffee mugs, purses, etc.

A good website to learn how to be a graphic design artist can be found at


Personal Story

In 1995 I found myself in a very peculiar position and one that I had never experienced before.

My mother used to say to me that money would always burn a hole in my pocket.

Up until this point in time, I never handled money well, I had credit card debt and as soon as money or extra money came into my possession, I tried to think of ways to spend that money on things that I needed or didn’t need.

However, all of this changed with the bringing of a woman into my life who was practical, down-to-earth, and very frugal when it came to money.

So, this year, I found myself having excess money in the amount of $2000.

As the story goes, “The Lady or the Tiger.”

I was faced with a decision.

Should I continue my spending ways or should I select the lady in my life and use this money to start a traditional IRA.?

Well, of course, I chose the lady and ended up sending this $2000 into an investment company to seed my IRA.

To this day, regardless of my motivation, that was the best money spending option that I ever made.


Business You Can Start with $1,000 FAQs


How Much Profit or Return Can I Expect From Investing in a Business With $1,000?

The reality is that most businesses don’t make a profit in the first year of business.

According to Forbes Magazine, it takes anywhere from a year and a half to two years for a company to realize profitability.


As It Relates to Taxes, as the Owner of the Business, What is the Minimum Amount of Money That Can Be Earned Without Having to Pay Taxes?

According to Fresh Books the minimum amount that a company can earn is $400 without having to pay taxes.


You Can Do It

Basically, in having $1,000 you have two general options.

You can spend the money, or you can invest the money.

The choice is yours and in either case, it is important to remember that money is simply a commodity and whether you spend or invest it should bring you joy and pleasure.



One of the advantages of having money is that it can create opportunities and provide options.

In having $1,000 a number of opportunities are made available to you.

The $1,000 ball is in your court, and it is up to you how you wish to proceed.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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