Yes, doing business without social media is definitely possible.

This article reveals 25 ways/tips to help with this and SECRETS that can help make business without social media possible.


Is Business Without Social Media Possible?

As the old saying goes build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.

The trouble is if you have built a better mouse trap how will the world beat a path to your door if they don’t know where your door is let alone how to get the mousetrap.

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There are many important aspects to running a successful business.

Some of those aspects include the vision of leadership, the product that is being sold or service provided, the engagement of the staff, etc.

However, you can have everything in place, and have the table set for the customers to come and dine but if they have not been sent an invitation and do not know that it is dinner time, it will be difficult for a business to succeed.

Therefore, a critical component of operating a business is a marketing strategy.

If you have chosen not to engage social media it is critical to supplement your marketing strategy with other ways to engage individuals to know about your product so that they can consider purchasing.

Let us set the marketing strategy table.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help With Business Without Social Media


1. Marketing

By definition, marketing is the process or strategy of connecting with customers and potential customers through a variety of methods and outreach strategies.

It can also be defined as the process of creating, investigating, and delivering value to promote the company’s product or service to a particular section of the community or a designated and targeted audience.


2. Importance

The purpose or the importance of marketing is to increase awareness of that targeted community with the goal being to increase business services and increase profitability.

With marketing, as the business owner, you want to position yourself as the product or service of choice when the customer requires that item.

For example, if you have a craving for a hamburger from a restaurant, your thoughts may be triggered by a commercial that you saw of a delicious-looking hamburger that appeared to be juicy, and was being provided at a reasonable price, perhaps a special offer associated with the purchase of that meal, etc.

The marketing for that hamburger at a particular restaurant has paid dividends if the customer was prompted and persuaded to eat that particular hamburger.


3. Website

Although you may have opted to not be involved in social media platforms or minimize your involvement it is important to consider the creation of a website.

The website is the most likely place that a customer searching for your service or product can find you by searching online.

Your website should be visually appealing and provide a glance for the visitor to take in your site and what is involved in a window of opportunity which equates to about six seconds.

Therefore, the website should be concise and easy to navigate and in essence be very user-friendly.

Headings on the website should include the services or products that you offer, reaching out to you through email, offering a payment option, learning more about your service and your history through an “about us” link, testimonials, frequently asked questions, and possibly more.

Also, in addition to the opportunity to reach out to you through email, there should be contact information that is easily accessible and found.


4. Market Research

Before implementing a strategy it is important to know what the marketing strategy is going to be.

The marketing strategy is driven by the goals that you have set for your company.

The optimum way to formulate a strategy is through a group effort which brings the entire team together so that everyone is on the same page.

The importance of the strategy should be shared and should be a session with leadership and team members so that the strategy is formulated by all involved to have ownership by everyone.

The components of a strategy should include:

  • What is the goal?
  • What are the objectives?
  • What will be the methods utilized?
  • How will we measure success?
  • Who is responsible or accountable?

Also, it is important to reconvene at specific intervals to assess the actions through a reporting process and to modify the plan of action as needed then continue.


5. Budget

An important aspect of following through on a marketing strategy to realize your goal is to invest in assets.

The investment of assets can be with money but also can be the utilization of individuals and their time to reach out to the community.

The investment of resources could also include the offering of premiums or incentives to customers who are loyal and continue their support and use of your product and services.

Action Items


6. Reward Customers

A powerful way to connect with your customers is to offer a loyalty program or offer rewards.

A loyalty program is not a bribe but a token of appreciation.

A loyalty program can include cash incentives, free items such as a meal or appetizer, discounts, etc.

Another marketing strategy to express your appreciation to your customers is that if they engage a friend and tell them about your product or service and that friend becomes a customer then both individuals are rewarded.


7. Monitor

Another way that you can show your appreciation to your customers is to ask their opinion.

A survey can be sent out asking the customers about their recent visit to your retail operation, the product that they utilized, or the service that they took advantage of.

They can rate the visit, and the customer service, and respond to a variety of other questions.

To encourage the participation of your customers in the survey, a discount or incentive can be offered.


8. Video

On your website, you can utilize quick and easy-to-view videos.

The video can be a personal message to your customers as recorded by you as well as other videos which could include

  • Tutorials on your product or service
  • Helpful information about what your company offers
  • Helpful interviews with clients or other guests
  • And more


9. Blogging

Another option as part of your marketing strategy is to create a blogging site.

Through such websites as, you can set up a blog for your company.

The blog can contain helpful information about the product and service that you offer, provide helpful information to the benefit of your followers, etc.

You want the blog not to be a sales pitch but helpful information that will resonate with the customers and give the impression of your appreciation of them.


10. SEO

To drive web traffic to your site, it is important to use search engine optimization words and phrases.

These are specific words or phrases as they relate to your company so that when an individual takes to a search engine and is looking for your service or product and uses those phrases, your company website will populate their screen.

An example would be is if you are in the landscaping business and you are particularly adept at xeriscaping.

As a customer does a word search on xeriscaping in your particular geographical area and is looking for a company that will provide estimates and reasonable prices, they may use phrases such as free estimates on xeriscaping at such and such a ZIP Code or such and such a community.

Your website will mention these facts about specializing in xeriscaping and offering free estimates.

The search by the potential customer will then match with your Internet site and the customer will then have displayed on their screen your company’s website.


11. E-mail

Another way of communicating with your customers is to capture their email and gain permission to provide various emails to them designed to keep them informed of special sales, discounts being offered, or other activities that would be of interest to them as your customer.

It is important to follow the guidelines as it relates to gaining their permission and putting in verbiage that allows them to bow out of any future emails.

You can capture a customer’s or potential customer’s email by offering a premium, e-book, or another type of incentive which will require them to give their email address.


12. Webinar

Through your website, you can also offer as a service a webinar.

A webinar is an online seminar in which a presentation is made and can happen in real-time where a conversation or a dialogue can occur while the presentation of the particular subject is being presented to those who have signed up for this activity.

Examples of a webinar could include

  • Cooking
  • Planting a garden
  • Fixing a common plumbing leak
  • Etc.


13. Volunteer

Another way to make people in your community acquainted with your company is to volunteer for a service-oriented organization or a not-for-profit.

If the service that you offer can be utilized by a not-for-profit you can donate some of your services in helping the not-for-profit and enable them to save money so that it can be utilized in helping others.

Many of these not-for-profits or helping organizations have volunteer governing boards or advisory boards who will take note of your involvement and help to promote your services or possibly even use your services.

The story of your service may be a human interest story that could be picked up by the local newspaper or a magazine which will provide marketing exposure.


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14. Join Associations 

In all likelihood, there are several service organizations within your community.

Some of those local organizations could include:

  • Kiwanis
  • Rotary
  • Soroptimist
  • Lions

These service clubs are designed to give back to their community but also meet every week and are comprised of local business leaders.

This will be a great opportunity to network and have the opportunity to share with your peers what your company does in the community with the possibility of them utilizing your product or service.


15. Competition

Another important component of your marketing plan and strategy is to be aware of your competitors.

If there is a change in service with your competitors, reduction in prices, promotions they are offering, etc. it is important to know about this activity so that you can adjust and respond as necessary.


16. Word of Mouth

One of the most powerful ways that you can market your company is when satisfied customers provide a word-of-mouth testimonial on their interaction with you and your company’s employees.

The word-of-mouth testimonial is also powerful as it relates to their satisfaction with the product or service that they purchased.

To encourage this type of marketing done by your customers, incentives can be discounts, complimentary service or products are given, etc.


17. Partnerships

Another way that you can market the service or product that you offer is to team up with other businesses in the area.

For example, if a customer purchases a meal at your restaurant then they can be given a 10% off coupon that is redeemable when they use a food delivery service.

This would be a marketing strategy that would be a win for the food delivery service, you, and the customer.


18. Events

Another tried and proven method of marketing and meeting potential new customers is by attending events.

In your community, there are probably many community events that are held.

You could attend these events and meet and greet others or if the opportunity is provided you can set up a booth to advertise your services.

This would provide a good opportunity to be around a significant number of people and other businesses and allow others to become familiar with what your company offers.


19. Podcast

A podcast is like a talk radio show with the only difference being that a podcast can be downloaded onto an individual’s mobile technology device and can be listened to at their convenience.

Your podcast can consist of sharing a particular aspect of your company’s service or product or having a conversation with another individual who may bring a different perspective or idea as it relates to your company’s service.

For example, if you provide a computer service you could bring in an IT specialist or possibly someone from the local community college and talk about the latest trends or new technological devices that are on the horizon.


20. Event Partnerships

Another way that you can get your company recognized and in front of individuals is by being

involved in various events in the community.

These event partnerships could include the sponsoring of a not-for-profit golf event, combining resources to bring entertainment to the community, etc.

Often, when you participate in these partnerships you are provided a sponsorship package that is based on your sponsorship amount, and in return, you are presented several advertising perks or benefits.


21. Personal Touches

Understanding that part of your marketing strategy is to connect personally with your customers, a good marketing strategy item is to reach out to customers during special times in their lives.

Perhaps, as part of your data collection on your customers, you can know when their birthday is.

A nice personal touch is to send out a birthday greeting during their birthday week which will resonate with them and demonstrate your connection with your customers on a more personal level rather than commercial interaction.


22. Giveaway

For the sake of discussion, let us say that there is a special event that is occurring in your community.

As a way to connect with individuals and as part of a marketing strategy you could indicate that for the first five individuals that take advantage of your service or purchase a particular amount of your product within a few days of that event that those individuals, perhaps the first 5 to 10, will receive a ticket to that event.

This may cost your company money but certainly would gain some loyalty points from those who received the ticket and provide visibility for your company through this promotion.


23. Charitable Giving

As a company owner, you want to be perceived as a company that has a social conscience and is involved with the care and well-being of all community members.

To promote the genuineness of your company and give back to your community, you could hold a special promotion in conjunction with a festive holiday where the needs of others take precedence over other things.

For example, you could advertise that for every sale of an item that is made in December, your company will donate a certain amount of money to a not-for-profit or to the United Way of the area in which you conduct business.

This would resonate with some people because of their philanthropic emphasis in their personal lives and see this as a way of utilizing your service and giving back to the community.


24. Telemarketing

A marketing strategy that may not appear to be too popular is telemarketing.

Typically, when you think of the telemarketer you think of an individual who is calling a household at an inopportune time to pitch or try to sell something.

Rather than the motivation being to sell something, why not call your customers and thank them for their loyalty as a customer.

Or ask if there’s any way that your company can improve on the service that is provided.

The focus or the emphasis of this telemarketing campaign would be more on the customer rather than the customer’s money.


25. Direct Mail

Another old-school method of reaching out to people and sharing with them the services that your company offers is through direct mail.

You can hire a direct mail firm.

An example would be and which will handle all of the mailings, take advantage of bulk mail rates, provide mailing lists, etc.

Of course, this comes at a price, and therefore it is best to do comparison shopping if you decide to utilize a professional direct-mail firm.

You can also mail out your letter or flyer by renting or buying a list from a variety of companies.


Personal Story

I enjoy my gadgets.

While searching online for a Bluetooth keyboard for my old PalmPilot, I came across a keyboard to which you can connect three devices.

The keyboard is smaller than the standard computer keyboard and has all the functionality of a regular keyboard.

On the top left-hand side, there is a circular switch that has the numbers 123.

The beauty of this keyboard is that you can turn that switch and connect to whatever technology device you want to input the data using the keyboard.

I have chosen to connect to my laptop, phone, and tablet.

Each of these devices is connected to this keyboard which is Bluetooth enabled.

I started taking it to work to utilize it with my technology at my place of business.

On one occasion, an individual who is also enthralled with technology asked about the device and I told him what it could do, where I got it, how much it cost, and what it was capable of doing.

He too got excited and went out and purchased the same type of keyboard.

All that to say is that the best items that are available and can enhance our lifestyle, will not be very effective if we don’t know anything about them.

In this case, the best marketing tool that allowed others to purchase this item was a word of mouth and my endorsement.




Does a Business Need a Social Media Presence?

By itself, social media is not enough of a marketing emphasis or strategy to foster business growth.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with your customers but also needs other marketing strategies coupled with it to maximize profitability.


In What Instances Would Social Media Not Be a Good Use of Resources to Utilize for a Company?

According to Forbes Magazine, social media can be deemed as a waste of time if the company is run by a single individual.

The argument is that being a sole proprietorship the return on the resources that need to be invested in social media is not a good actionable step in maximizing those resources.


You Can Do It

Whether social media is part of your marketing plan or not, the important driver to ensure the success of your business is marketing.

Your potential customers will have difficulty knowing about and buying your product if it is a best-kept secret.



A marketing strategy is several methods and activities to promote your product so that potential customers can decide whether it is something they need and would like to purchase.

A business without a social media presence can effectively tell its story in other ways.

However, a business without a social media presence and a business without an active marketing plan will have difficulty surviving as an enterprise.

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