If you want to know some of the best business ideas related with water, this article will come very handy.

It reveals a lot of these business with water ideas, as many as 25 and tips to help.


Importance of Businesses With Water

The basics of life are food, shelter, clothes, and, of course, water.

The human body can survive without food for an extended period of time but being deprived of water for more than 3 to 4 days would jeopardize the health of the individual.

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We cannot live without water.

In addition to water maintaining life, there are a variety of other uses of water that we derive pleasure and satisfaction from as well as moneymaking opportunities.

The gentle sound of a summer’s rain can relax us, being pulled by a boat while wearing water skis on our feet can be fun, and a cruise aboard a luxury liner can be entertaining, and sometimes even romantic.

On and on the list goes as it relates to the importance of water in our lives.

Water can also be an integral part of business ventures to help us earn a living and provide valuable services to others.

Let us look at ways that water can be commercialized and how we can earn money without taking a soaking.


Personal Story

One of the enjoyable activities, while stationed in Hawaii, was going body surfing.

There was no equipment involved.

All one had to do was wade out into the water and when a wave came throw yourself onto the wave with your body and the strength of the wave would carry you towards the shore.

It was fun, good exercise, and an enjoyable way to spend the day.

On one particular occasion in January the waves were stronger than usual but we decided to utilize the conditions to have a more exhilarating body surfing experience.

I received my wish when this one wave came and I underestimated its strength rather than me catching the wave caught me carried me for a while and then literally flung me onto the sandy beach.

I was stunned and while trying to get my bearings the water began pulling my 210 body back toward the ocean.

I panicked and began scraping and clawing the sand but to no avail as even the ebb of the water was strong enough to pull me back towards the ocean.

I learned my lesson that day and had greater respect for water and in particular the power of the ocean.


25 Best Business Ideas Related With Water


1. Plumbing

One of the modern conveniences of life is to turn on a faucet in our home or place of business with the expectation of having water flow from that faucet.

To continue to enjoy this convenience and not have major issues as it relates to leaky faucets, broken water pipes, etc. the job position or business that one can be involved with to ensure the uneventful flow of water is the plumbing industry.

This is a quality water-related business to be involved with as, most likely, one will need a plumber at some point and the pay based upon your training and experience is good.


2. Solar Water Heater

There are many water heaters available on the market today.

There is the standard water heater that is powered by gas and electric and stores heated water in a tank.

A more modern way of having heated water for the home is through the installation of solar water heaters.

This energy conservation way of heating water minimizes the use of electricity and relies on solar power to heat the water for the home.

This is an emerging business that one can be involved with as it relates to water.


3. Irrigation

There are many aspects of the water irrigation business.

Irrigation is needed for agriculture and the production of food, as well as irrigation systems for businesses and homes.

A much-needed business than to ensure that vegetation is evenly and efficiently watered is the business of providing irrigation.


4. Water Purification

One of the more profitable businesses today, as it relates to water, is the provision of water purification services.

Many individuals today are concerned about water systems that may have hazardous chemicals even through public water systems.

Individuals today are more aware of the need of drinking chemical-free water and rely on a business that provides water purification.

A water purification system provides water to the entire home without having to worry about any of those chemicals or other impurities that may be flowing into the home.


5. Water Softener

Many areas of the country are experiencing a decrease in their water tables in their geographical areas.

With this decreased level of water tables comes the challenge of dealing with hard water.

To mitigate hard water flowing into the home and creating mineral buildup in the plumbing system as well as water-related appliances a water softening system is installed.

This may be a prime opportunity for you to be involved in a water softening production business or the selling of these systems to homeowners.


6. Boring Well

Many individuals and farmers who do not wish to rely upon their water being provided by public water supplies will opt to have a well dug or bored on their property.

Boring wells can be a significant business as it relates to profitability and providing a service and, of course, would require specialized training as well as equipment.

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7. Mineral Water Production

Mineral water is specialized water that is obtained from a mineral spring.

Mineral water is composed of various different types of minerals that include salts and sulfur components.

Many individuals who enjoy mineral water also believe that there are significant added health benefits to drinking this type of water.

Therefore an opportunity that may provide business revenue is the operation of mineral water.


8. Wholesaler Of Mineral Water 

Another aspect of the mineral water market that brings this product to customers would be the dispersing of the mineral water or being a wholesaler.

This aspect of the mineral water business would not require a significant investment of capital resources but just require the retail distribution of mineral water from a mineral water production business.


9. Installation of Gutters

In some areas of the country, there is a significant amount of yearly average rainfall.

One of the systems to mitigate rain that an area experiences and its possible adverse effect on homes are the insulation of gutters.

The reality is that sometimes these gutters get clogged by leaves and other debris which can create a possibility of the water damaging the wood and other components of the home.

A business to help mitigate this clog edge of gutters is the business of installing a system over the gutters that filters out the leaves and other debris that can clog up the rain gutter system.


10. Commercial Fishing

A business that is popular amongst fishermen is the chartering of a boat to go out on the water for a day to do some fishing.

The business of being a commercial fishing operation would require a seaworthy boat that would be able to take customers out onto the water and provide a fishing experience for the individual.


11. Ice Manufacturing

A business that is still in demand today is a company that creates ice.

The production of ice can be in mass quantities and can either be in the form of cubes or huge blocks of ice.

To be involved in this business would require investment in an ice-producing plant with the customers being restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc.


12. Water Delivery

Not only do individuals and companies enjoy the drinking of filtered or purified water but look to companies to deliver these large containers of water for their water units that dispense this precious commodity.

Therefore, a business that may be worth your attention would be a water delivery service to residential homes as well as businesses.

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13. Car Wash

Vehicles that are driven will get dirty.

A business opportunity to help keep clean cars on the outside and on the inside of our roads is through the business opportunity of a carwash.

Ways that this can be accomplished include purchasing an existing carwash, owning your own carwash franchise, or creating a mobile carwash business where you go to the customer.

To find carwash franchises you can research online through a search engine.

Examples of carwash franchises include:


14. Vending Machines

With people being on the go a good way for them to stay hydrated and enjoy their purified water is through vending machines.

You could operate a vending machine business that has your machine in a number of high-traffic areas.

The machine(s) can consist of a variety of snacks as well as dispensing beverages including water.

You could find used vending machines on eBay or you could take advantage of a company that works with entrepreneurs in setting up their own franchise businesses.


15. Jet Ski Rental

Recreation on the water is a fun activity for individuals who are fond of going to areas that have a waterfront and enjoy the thrill and excitement of speed.

This adventure for those individuals can be realized through a jet ski rental.

You can start a jet ski rental business.

The purchase of a jet ski can range from $5000-$20,000.


16. Surfing

Surfing is another sports activity that individuals enjoy on the water.

The surfing can be through the standardized surfboard or also wind or kite surfing.

If this is a business opportunity you would want to take advantage of you could also receive added income by teaching individuals how to utilize these water boards and even expand your marketing opportunities by sponsoring competitions.


17. Paddle Board

Paddle boards are a relaxing way of exploring waters that are a little bit calmer such as found in a bay or lagoon area.

A paddle board can be utilized with the individual standing on the board and using a paddle to move around on the surface of the water or they can lay on the paddle and leisurely use their arms and legs to go about the various areas of water exploration.


18. Scuba Diving

Many individuals enjoy water activities beneath the surface of the water.

Through scuba diving, they put on various pieces of equipment, goggles, swim fins, oxygen tanks, etc., and set out into deeper waters to explore the wonders of life underseas.

A business that can facilitate this love and passion of others for scuba diving would be to have diving business.

As part of having the various pieces of equipment available for rent, you can be involved with diving courses and schools so that people can be properly trained in the sport of scuba diving.

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19. Fishing

Many people enjoy the sport of fishing which can be done on a lazy river or can be done off the coast in deeper waters.

The fishing trips can be organized by your company which would include the use of a boat to take the excited fishermen out to the area where they can cast their fishing line.

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20. Power Washing

A business that can be offered to customers is a power washing business.

By utilizing your power washer you would go to various homes and power wash their driveways, patios, deck areas, etc.

Also, you can incorporate your power washers with the cleaning of vehicles and make this a service to customers by taking your mobile equipment to them rather than the drivers taking their vehicles to the car wash.

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21. Handyman

A possibility of a business that provides services related to water is by being a handyman.

Often, a drip from the faucet or underneath the sink can be annoying and cause damage to the cabinet area.

By being a handyman you can change out any valves, gaskets, etc., and help to minimize the expenses for your customer when a small adjustment is needed rather than the use of a professional plumber.


22. Carpet Cleaning

Within many homes, people still utilize carpets to cover their various floors within their homes or at their places of business.

You could offer a mobile carpet cleaning service in which you invest in a van that has all of the self-contained equipment needed to provide the carpet cleaning.

This is a good start-up business and one that is needed by individuals in a number of homes that require the carpets to be cleaned on a regular basis.

You could also look into a franchise if you opted to go with the support of an established company.

Some of those franchises include:


23. Water Safety Business 

For people to enjoy being out on the water there are certain safety rules and regulations that should be adhered to so as to prevent any dangerous events from occurring.

Some of those areas of water safety training that you as a business could provide could include:

  • Boating safety
  • Importance of life preservers
  • Actions to take if being caught in a rip tide
  • First aid/CPR
  • Even shark safety
  • Etc.

The classes could possibly be taught in a community college setting, or in conjunction with other water safety experts.


24. Restoration Business

Uncontrolled water can prove to be hazardous especially if a home is involved.

There could be a busted water pipe, leaking roof, flooding, etc.

These emergency and damaging water scenarios would require the services of a professional restoration company that understands the proper protocols involved in addressing water damage within the home.

Some of that water damage could include suctioning up of water off of the floor or carpet, drying out damaged baseboards or drywall, etc.

You could start your own business or be involved in a franchise.

Two such franchises would include


25. Water Vacations

Often people want to have a specialized vacation experience.

One of those specific vacationing packages could include a water vacation adventure.

Some of those adventures could include:

  • White water rafting
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • A condominium on the beach

You could set up a specialized travel agent business to help facilitate these vacation packages for individuals who want the water to be a significant part of their vacation experience.


Businesses with Water FAQs


What Are the Three Ways That Water Can Be Purified?

The three ways that water can be purified are:

  • By using a filter
  • Treating with chemicals
  • Boiling


What is the Percentage of Fresh Water Available on the Planet?

70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

However, only 2.5% of that area of water is defined as freshwater.


You Can Do It

If looking to start a business there are basic foundational considerations that need to be addressed.

Those considerations would be what kind of business to go into, will there be a demand for your product, and will it provide a return on your investment?

It would appear that the answer to all of these questions and more when considering a water business would be a resounding yes.

Therefore, if a water-related business is something that you can immerse yourself into and keep your head above the water in order to make a profit consider diving in.



Water is a precious commodity and is required by all living things for growth and is a basic component of life.

It would then appear that any business related to water can be a potentially profitable business as the demand for water not only in the area of consumption but entertainment, health benefits, mental relaxation, etc. will be in demand.

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