Running a business with heart is definitely possible.

This article shows some of the best ways and tips for anyone who wants to know about how to run a business with heart.



There are many different types of business models.

A business model is how a business interacts with its customers in the promotion of its products.

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Some of the business models could include:

  • Business-to-business
  • Business to consumer
  • Subscription-based
  • On-demand

Each of these models is unique and is dependent upon the owner of the business on how they wish to interact with the customers and promote the product or service that is being offered.

It would seem that the world is changing, and people and businesses are becoming more conscientious as it relates to interaction not only with the environment but how they interact with their customers.

It would seem that a new business model is emerging, and that business model is conducting business with heart.

Let us take out the business stethoscope and listen to the rhythms of this new business model and feel the pulse of what it entails and how it interacts with its customers.


25 Best Ways and Tips to Help You Run a Business With Heart


1. Know What a Heart-Based Business is

A heart-based business is an alternative to the traditional or typical way that business is and has been conducted.

With a heart-based business, the business owner is transparent, and open and gives the impression of being vulnerable to their customer.

Also, a heart-based business does not use high-pressure sales tactics but allows the customer to purchase or not purchase based on their time frame and current set of circumstances.


2. Research

When considering the starting and running of a heart-based business you must do your research and investigate thoroughly the process involved.

Also, when running the business, it is important to take into consideration the product and service that you will be provided with as well as whether it is a good fit for your personality and skill set.


3. Passion

Many heart-based businesses and their owners are thoroughly engaged with a product or service that they are passionate about.

To be anything less than passionate and fully aboard with the service or merchandise available will not bring into full focus the concept of this structure and therefore will fall short of the intention and power of the practical dynamics.


4. Vision

The vision statement for your company is a selection of carefully chosen words that capture what your purpose is for starting the company.

The vision statement is meant to inspire but also practical and therefore should be actionable.

The vision is the guiding star for your company.

For your business heart company, it can include words or directions that could include the impact that you wish to have on the environment, the interaction with your customers or clients, giving back to the community, etc.


5. Mission

In beginning the process of running a business with a heart it is important to have a clear mission.

The mission statement should flow naturally from the vision that you have established for your company.

The mission statement captures the purpose of your company or why it exists and indicates how this mission will be carried out, your focus on your customers, and reflects a statement on why your business will exist.


6. About You

A major component in running a business with heart is to connect with those around you.

The connection can be with your vendors but especially with your customers.

In connecting with your customers, they need to know who you are, what is motivating you, and how this business with heart had its genesis.

This can be accomplished through your website when you explain the company and yourself.


7. Build Your Customer Base

As with any business, it is important to focus on those individuals that you will identify as your customer base.

Your customer base can be identified by individuals being drawn to your website, inviting them to participate in interactions, and also extending the invitation to provide them with newsletters when they freely give their email addresses.

Also, your connection with customers can be made through your social media platforms, inviting people to follow, and respond to what you are trying to accomplish with your business.

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8. Customer Relationships

With your business devoted to connecting with the hearts of people, customer relationships are paramount.

It is important to respond to inquiries, be engaged in people’s lives, and go beyond just the superficial customer-business relationship.


9. Listen

An important part of the communication process is not only to share with people about your product and your focus but also to listen.

When individuals respond with potential ideas, suggestions, etc. it is important to acknowledge their ideas and authentically and sincerely indicate your consideration of their thoughts.


10. Focus

With a heart business, it is not only about providing a quality product and engaging the customer but making the focus of your business dealings strictly about the customer.

They should be priority number one.


11. Business Plan

An important component that sets the structure of your business heart company is the formulation of a business plan.

The business plan should include all of the important components such as your:

  • Mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Marketing Plan
  • Budget
  • Analysis of competition
  • etc.

Also, you would need to establish how your business will be legally set up as to whether it will be a sole proprietorship, LLC, registering of a name for your company, and so forth.


12. Social Media

An important component of marketing your business heart company is through social media.

Social media personalizes your engagement with your customer and provides a more intimate and engaging interaction which is something that you wish to develop and build.

You would need to fully utilize all of the social media platforms which would include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, etc.


13. Not Pushy 

As a heart-to-heart business with your customers, you want to ensure that no high-pressure sales techniques are being utilized.

Your sale strategy should be giving your customers space to decide on any purchases and not “lean on them” but simply present your product and allow the natural progression of a possible sale to play out.


14. Authentic

Another important aspect of your business heart company is to be authentic.

Authenticity means that there are no hidden agendas, you are transparent, what the product offers and what they see is what the customer will receive.

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15. Transparent

An important commitment of this type of business is to be completely transparent.

Rather than an individual needing to fill out a form, answer questions, send an email, etc. the transparency of the transaction should be opened and communicated clearly.

In other words, the price of the product or service should be completely disclosed without the customer having to go through several alliterations to get the price and not worry about any other added fees or hidden charges.


16. Website

Often, when a customer goes to a website to find out about a product it is difficult to get answers and find out ultimately what the product will cost.

The website is designed for further engagement of the customer to find out the answer to the cost question along with other questions raised.

With your website, it is important to be direct and completely forthcoming as to what is involved and especially the cost of the product.

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17. Appropriate Client

The reality is not all potential clients understand this concept nor will they necessarily respond to this business model.

In addition to you being a good fit for them, the reverse is true.

Your potential clients/customers will wish to be comfortable with this unique involvement.


18. Extension of Yourself

As the owner of a heart business, it is important to understand that everything concerning the business is a direct reflection or extension of who you are as the business owner.

Building on this knowledge it is critical that what you believe and what you are trying to accomplish through your business is a natural extension of your interaction with the customer be it through the website, social media platforms, conversations, and so forth.


19. Product

With a heart-based business, it is important to provide a product that will bring added value to the customers’ lives.

The focus should be on bringing quality to one’s life and not about chasing the various fads that are available.

Also, with the product, it is important to show your customer how that product can be meaningful in their lives and the lives of others.


20. Service

So many companies require an individual or customer to provide their contact information by signing up for a free item, pamphlet, or some type of freebie in exchange for giving their contact information rather.

The purpose behind this is not to give something to an individual but to want something in exchange for something that is provided.

Rather than requiring something to be provided why not just give the item to the individual and let the process flow from there?


21. Profit 

Of course, you’re in business to earn a profit and everyone certainly understands that.

However, it is important that even your pricing is authentic and reflects a price that is fair and not inflated.


22. Benefits to You

As you immerse yourself in your heart business it is also important to remember that there are many benefits provided to you as well.

Some of those benefits include the opportunity of providing a business product that is heartfelt and beneficial to individuals.

Another benefit is the monetary rewards that you receive when individuals purchase your product.

Maybe one of the more powerful benefits to you as the owner is in knowing that you are making a significant difference in the business world by conducting business differently.

That difference in a way that is more authentic and meaningful to others rather than it being pushed on people.


23. Donate Profits

As a heart-based business one of your core values, most likely, is giving back not only to the customer but to others.

This can be accomplished by attaching a cause or a purpose to the profits in which a portion or a percentage of what is earned is given to something heart-based or providing a service to others.

Possibilities could include helping the homeless, supporting a battered women’s shelter, caring for children, etc.


24. Be Generous

Another surprising attribute that you can bring to a heart business that will distinguish your business above others is surprising them with generosity.

A business that embraces this concept of being generous gives more back to the customer than what the customer expects.

This generosity to your customers will create loyalty, appreciation, and ultimately a side benefit will be the addition of more customers.


25. Celebrate

With a heart-based business part of the process and being involved in the providing of the quality product to others and being successful is to celebrate.

Therefore, as part of your running a heart-based business, it is important to be grateful or express your gratitude to all involved in the success of the operation as well as part of any belief systems that you may embrace.


Personal Story

I enjoy writing and try to pay attention to my penmanship.

About five years ago my wife’s daughters, knowing of my affinity for writing, decided to purchase three fountain pens for me.

Additionally, I ordered three different colored inks.

They were red, black and gray.

The gray ink is my favorite.

When ordering from the company, to my surprise, I received a free sample of a different color which was blue-black, a lollipop and an added nice touch was an included thank you card that was included in the order.

To my knowledge, this was the first time that I ever received this type of attention and care from a company when I had ordered a product.

It was refreshing and I think it speaks to a business that interacts with the customer by not only providing products for sale but the nice personal touch that was involved.




What is an Example of a Service That is Utilizing This Business Model?

Recently an individual was compelled to provide a new meal for the homeless in the community purchased.

The individual purchased 300 hamburgers from a fast-food restaurant and went the distance in this charitable giving.

Not only did they pay for the hamburgers, and pick them up, but also she and her family members arrived at the lunch line on that particular day and served the homeless their hamburgers as part of the noonday meal.

This is a prime example of a not-for-profit that utilizes the business heart process and not only works with its owners to provide a service but allows the donors to be involved in the delivery of the service.


What Are the Advantages to Your Business in Offering This Business Concept?

The advantage to the business in offering this heart business concept is not only the sale or the service being purchased but with the engagement of the customer there is a level of satisfaction from the customer as well as loyalty to the company.


You Can Do It

A shift in the marketplace is occurring and involves more than just supplying a product or a service.

The shift is not only from the mind to the heart but also from the pocketbook to the heart and offers the business today an opportunity to be more involved with a heart business.



The customers of today and even the donors to not-for-profits want to be more involved in the use of their money and the purchase of items or the donation of money and support of organizations.

Subsequently, the evolving business model of running a business with a heart is evolving and becoming more predominant in today’s marketplace.

This does not mean that businesses do not run at a profit but what it does mean is a paradigm shift in thinking and involvement of the customers to incorporate them more as a partner rather than a customer.

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