If you want to know some of the best business with God ideas to make money, this article will come very handy.

It reveals a lot of these business with God ideas, as many as 25 and tips to help.


Importance of Businesses with God

First, consider the importance of foundations in our lives.

As it relates to our education learning our ABCs and basic math is foundational to our ongoing education.

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Or any ideas that we may have that we wish to implement begin with a foundational concept.

The obvious importance of foundations is seen in the construction industry

Even in the application of cosmetics, a foundation can be applied to provide a smooth look and act as a base for the other cosmetics that may be applied.

Having a strong foundation is paramount as it relates to most things in our lives.

Another important foundation that should be considered, especially for an individual who has a strong faith, is the foundational ground for the operation of their business.

Many businesses strive to be successful, and their foundation is money, the sale of a product, making a name for themselves in the business world, etc.

However, for the individual who has a strong faith the basic foundation of their business should be based on their faith and utilizing that faith in God as their foundation for their business activities.

With this solid foundation in mind let us, therefore, think of business ideas that can be cultivated and in keeping with one’s relationship with God.


Personal Story

Seven years ago, my son resigned from the church that had ordained him and where he served and worked as a pastor.

He and his family relocated to the Southwest part of the country, and he found a teaching position at a university.

Despite all of this he felt unfulfilled.

He decided to start a business consulting company and with his faith, the foundational basis was his relationship with God.

As with all businesses it was slow going at first.

He then began to pick up clients and build momentum but then the pandemic hit and since then it has been slow going.

Some of his phone calls voiced his frustration at the ebb and flow of the business.

All that to say I believe he thought that because his business was going to be based on his faith in God that everything was going to be smooth sailing.

The reality he is finding is that even though the business may be faith-based and honoring to God, business is still business and only hard work and perseverance plus one’s faith will bring about success.

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25 Best Businesses With God


1. Book Store

A popular business that resonates with people of faith is having books available so that they can read to increase their walk of faith.

The bookstore can be an actual physical location within your community or can be offered through your website.

If choosing to have a location one of the unique aspects of attracting people to your bookstore to purchase your product would be to periodically hold Bible studies led by an individual who is qualified.

Another option would be to provide a book review on a highlight book of the month.


2. Dating

You can provide a religious dating service where you can be a matchmaker in that you collect profiles of individuals, voluntarily, and facilitate any opportunities that might present themselves for people to build a faith-based relationship.

The dating service could be for people of all faiths.

The important aspect of the service is for people to indicate their belief, likes, and dislike and perhaps begin a relationship built on their common ground of faith.


3. Tutor 

A service or business that you could provide to others could be through tutoring.

The tutoring could be the presentation and teaching of a variety of subjects that could be faith-based.

For example, you could offer to do Bible studies, have guest speakers involved, teach music that is faith-related, offer singing lessons, or provide Bible or other spiritual courses that you have developed.


4. Music

A faith-based store that could be focused on the relationship with God would be the provision of music through a virtual music store.

The music could be vinyl albums or CDs by faith-based artists or you could also provide accompaniment tapes for individuals who choose to minister in their place of worship and use these instrumental background tapes as their accompaniment.

Also, you could provide musical scores for soloists, choirs, etc.


5. Personal Trainer

A business opportunity that you could provide that would be related to God would be to conduct personal training for individuals or groups.

You could lead the group in aerobic exercises and the musical background could be spiritually appropriate music to motivate individuals during their workup and then when the workout is completed slow down by using meditative God-honoring music.


6. Life Coach

Many people are looking for direction in their lives.

Some of the focus or goals of their lives could include being successful in careers, earning exorbitant amounts of money, taking their place on the stage of being renowned, relationships, etc.

A business that you can create that can have its roots in faith and belief in God can be helping these individuals by providing the service of a life coach.

You would be clear from the start through your marketing and advertising that your focus is faith-based and that the foundation of one’s life should be their relationship with their Creator.

You can help people, based on this foundation to help achieve some of these peripheral goals but with the basic foundation cultivated being their relationship with God.


7. Wedding Planner

A faith-based business that you can be involved with is a wedding planner that has an emphasis on a marriage based on the foundational spiritual principles of belief in God.

As a wedding planner, everything would have a faith-based theme and could be a memorable celebration of two individuals wishing to honor God with their matrimonial vows and their life of love in matrimony.

Examples of the faith-based wedding planner could include wedding invitations that utilize a Scripture verse, the use of various symbols in the marriage ceremony such as a Unity candle, Christian marriage songs in the ceremony, the symbolism of the wedding rings, being God-centered, etc.


8. Writing

Writing is an excellent way of being involved in a God-centered business.

The writing can be creative and include fictional and non-fictional narratives.

Also by offering the service of writing you could be a ghostwriter for an individual who wishes to present their biography or write an e-course on faith.

One additional component that you could bring as a writing business centered on faith would be the writing of grants for not-for-profits that have a charitable and religious focus.

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9. Blogging

A faith-centered business that you can monetize and gain financial support from your followers along with the possibility of church groups and other faith-related associations is the creation of a blog site.

Your blog site could be everything about faith.

Examples could include:

  • Devotionals
  • Personal encounters daily
  • Explanation of certain biblical passages
  • Etc.


10. Christian Clothing

Christian clothing and other apparel are a way for individuals to express their faith and love for God.

You can facilitate this desire of people by starting a faith-based clothing business.

The business can be a bricks-and-mortar store or can be online.

Another potential way of getting the clothing to people would be to operate a virtual online store through www.etsy.com  or https//www.printful.com/.


11. Podcast 

Creating podcasts would be a great way to be involved in a business idea related to God.

The contents of the topics of discussion could be everything related to one’s faith and trying to find answers as it pertains to the different events that are occurring in the world.

The podcast could provide a daily devotional thought, possibly springboard off of that message and have conversations with guest speakers about how to navigate the world today as it relates to one’s belief in a higher power.

You could work with www.spotify.com to be part of their platform and money could be realized through your followers, support with affiliate advertising, and potential other sponsors.

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12. YouTuber

Another media option to start a business related to one’s walk with God is YouTube.

You can create a YouTube channel that provides daily devotionals, interviews with inspirational leaders, reviews of Christian books or spiritual books, etc.

The possibility of monetizing your platform could come through support from your followers, offering special content through a subscription process, selling merchandise, affiliate advertising, and so forth.

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13. Candle Making

An option for starting a business that can have a spiritual emphasis is the creation of candles.

The candle business could be entitled with something from the Scriptures that references light and the candles can be created in your home.

The business can start small by gifting various candles to your friends and family.

Then through word-of-mouth, the business will grow based on the popularity of the aromas and the reality that this is a God-honoring business.

You could also affix labels that have Scripture verses or inspirational sayings that match the effect of the candle.


14. Soap

Another business-related opportunity associated with God could be a soap-making business.

There are a variety of kits that you can purchase online to start your process and then you can experiment with different ingredients to come up with the various soaps that you wish to sell.

The name of the company could be something related to Scriptures such as “Create in me a clean heart.”

Each of the bars of soap could have different Scriptures enclosed with them and perhaps the fragrance or the effect of the soap that you’re trying to create (peace, joy, inspiration, etc.) could be enclosed with an appropriate Scripture verse.


15. Jewelry

Another way to honor God through a business is the creation of faith jewelry or accessories.

You could create earrings that have a religious symbol along with bracelets, necklaces, etc.

The bracelets could have on them an inspirational message and encourage one’s faith.

The jewelry can be sold through your website or your virtual online store found on websites such as www.etsy.com.


16. Restaurant

Another business opportunity that may present itself if you are into the food industry is the opening of a restaurant.

The name of the restaurant could be our daily bread or something to that effect.

The restaurant could be designed with several spiritual pictures, symbols, etc.

Also, framed inspirational quotes or verses from your favorite faith-based book could be framed and hung around the various parts of the dining area.


17. Landscaping

A business idea that may resonate with customers in need of landscaping service is the start of a landscaping business that is focused on God.

A potential name of the company could be Garden of Eden or something to that effect.

Your company would provide quality landscaping services and could distinguish itself from the rest of the landscapers by providing unique inspirational or spiritual messages on the invoice, or shirts worn by your employees that display a spiritual message, etc.


18. Public Speaking

If you have a unique message that you wish to share with others that is uplifting, inspirational, and motivational you could become a public speaker.

This business could be low-key but certainly could incorporate spiritual principles and faith in a higher power for life to be meaningful and for an individual to be successful.

The definition of being successful is not as it relates to an individual’s business or earning money but to be caring and committed members of society.

Your money for the business could be earned through the selling of tickets to attend the speaking engagement and to put your money where your mouth is you could offer special discounts for individuals that are unable to pay the full price.


19. Consultant

A business idea that would bring in a relationship with God would be through the role of being a consultant.

As an individual with experience and education, you could go into various organizations to help them assess their businesses and provide insight and solutions to help increase their visibility in the communication in the community, increase the dynamics of the operation and ultimately translate the consultation service into profitability.


20. Catering

If you are adept at being in the kitchen and can provide large quantities of food for people, you could consider going into the catering business.

The name of your catering company could be something to the effect of “His Vineyard” and you could bring the added dimension of specializing in the napkins so that they contained a meaningful Scripture verse.

The business could start at a slow pace by just providing catering services for small gatherings but as your business grows you can be far more engaging to larger gatherings.


21. Used Clothing

There are many used clothing retail stores already in operation.

You could add your business to the mix by making it more unique.

An idea for that uniqueness could be the clothes categorized according to Scripture verses found in spiritual books.

For example, on the clothing for children, the display could read something to the effect of “Let the little children come unto me.”

Or the clothing for women could utilize a verse from Proverbs the 31st chapter where it talks about the beauty of a woman and so on.


22. Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, a business that would be related to God would be the creation of designs that have spiritual meaning.

The designs that you create could be Bible verses, symbolism representing inspirational words, etc.

For example, you could use a Scripture verse from the Bible that talks about the power of prayer.

Your graphic design, that could be placed on a T-shirt, could incorporate on the front of the shirt praying hands and a stick of dynamite and on the back, you could put the Scripture verse referencing prayer.

These graphic designs could be displayed on such sites as www.etsy.com or www.printify.com.


23. Marriage Enrichment

If you have the training and education you can start a business that deals with marriage enrichment.

You can, through this business, organize retreats for couples with the purpose being of strengthening their relationship and their family by providing courses and exercises to help with communication and interaction with each other.


24. Photography

If you enjoy the world of photography an opportunity to start a God-related business would be through photography.

You could utilize your smartphone or your digital camera and take pictures of inspirational scenes within nature.

You then could print motivational words or quotations from spiritual books beneath the photos.

They could be sold on sites such as www.eBay.com  or www.shopify.com.


25. eCourse

An idea for a motivation or inspiration course or study regarding personal insight could be self-published and sold through Kindle.

To learn more about this process you can go to https//KDP.amazon.com/en_US.


Businesses With God FAQs


Do God-centered Customers Focus on God-centered Businesses?

Typically, yes, because customers who have a faith in God want to support like-minded people and businesses and help them in their efforts to promote their services.


What Are Some Top Faith-based Companies?

Five well-known companies that are driven by God-centered values include:

  • Forever 21
  • Tyson Chicken
  • Chick-fil-A
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Alaska Air


You Can Do It

You desire to start a business that revolves or is centered on God.

There is no guarantee that this will be successful as like with any other business the ebbs and flows of commerce occur.

However, if your business commitment is an extension of your belief the major part of succeeding has already been accomplished.



Foundations are critical for the building of anything that will endure.

The importance of foundations can be seen in the area of physical buildings, relationships with the foundational basis of trust, education with the foundation of the basics of reading and writing, and the foundational basics of creating a business.

To be successful in any business one must have more than just the desire to earn money but should be the starting of a business that is a reflection of who the business owner is.

A God-centered business with a foundation in faith will resonate and attract other individuals who have the same foundational commitment in their lives.

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