Yes, there are indeed businesses to start with $5,000 that can be profitable.

This article looks at 25 such businesses and most are easy to start.



For the sake of argument let’s say you had $5000, and you wanted to buy as many hamburgers as possible.

We would say that with the purchase of these hamburgers you are going to feed as many homeless individuals as possible.

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To make things easy let us say that the hamburger, with fries, is five dollars.

When you do the math, you will realize that you could buy 1000 hamburgers and you would feel good that you provided a meal for 1000 individuals who would have gone hungry that afternoon.

What if then I told you that with the $5000 you could only buy one hamburger.

Most likely you would respond and say that it would be ridiculous, and you would be right.

However, did you know that there is such a hamburger that costs $5000 and is the most expensive burger in the world?

The hamburger can be found at FleurBurger in Las Vegas and is made from Wagyu beef, foie gras, black truffles, and sauce.

However, to be fair to the makers of this expensive hamburger the meal includes a 2500 bottle of wine with fries.

The point is if you had $5000 would you buy 1000 hamburgers or would you buy one hamburger?

The same question can be posed with a bit of a caveat.

That question would be if you had $5000 would you spend it on a luxury item, extravagant vacation, or something that you wanted, or would use that $5000 to invest, pay off debt, or start a company?


25 Best Business to Start With 5k to Make Money


1. Pet Sitting

American households have an extreme appreciation and love for their pets.

The popular pets found in a household include dogs, cats, birds, and more.

This love that families have for their pets equates to a multi-billion-dollar industry with the spending of money on food, treats, veterinarian care, and so forth.

All of this combined makes the starting of a pet sitting company a potentially worthwhile endeavor.

The company that you create can care for the pets when the family is away, provide the needed daily exercise, and possibly take the animal to receive their ongoing medical care at the local veterinarian.


2. Personal Fitness Training

If you are passionate about physical fitness and have demonstrated this passion practically in your own life, then the possibility of engaging in a physical fitness company is a strong possibility that may resonate with you.

As a trainer, you will engage your customers and clients and help them with their various physical fitness goals.

Some of those goals could include weight loss, weight gain, routine exercises, training for a marathon, etc.

As a physical fitness trainer, you will help the individual to stay focused and disciplined and help them towards the achievement of their goals.


3. Event Planning

An event planning company can be operated by an individual or group of individuals to plan out special events.

The special events could include the planning of a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special activity.

As an event planner, you will work with your client and listen to what they want to have created as an experience.

From that point forward as an event planner, you will engage the entertainers needed, book the appropriate venue, ensure that the venue facility is properly decorated, send out the guest list, etc.

Everything that goes on behind the scenes and in front of the stage will be your responsibility to ensure that it flows smoothly and without any needless hitches.


4. Computer Repair

If you are tech-savvy a good business to start for under $5000 would be a computer repair business.

Operating a computer repair business may include the repairing of cracked screens, replacement of various computer boards within the computer, data recovery if the hard drive crashes, etc.

This can be an extremely effective way of generating business revenue as individuals have a love-hate relationship with their technology and depend on the use of these items both personally and for business.


5. Cleaning

Another business that is in great demand today due to the hecticness of people’s schedules is the cleaning of homes and businesses.

As the owner of this type of business, the major expenditure would be cleaning equipment such as buffers, various cleaning tools, possible rental of the vehicle, etc.

Customers can be reached through your social media platforms and your website and by referrals from satisfied customers.


6. Catering

If you have a flair for cooking and enjoy the preparation of meals for a significant number of people, then the catering business may be an opportunity for you to start with less than $5000.

Upfront costs would include the need for adequate cooking utensils, investment in various types of seasonings, rental of a truck to transport the food, etc.

Once your business is up and running then a lot of these associated costs can be recouped through your charge per individual involved with the receiving of the food catered.

For example, if you cooked a full course chicken meal, the cost could be anywhere from $20-$25 per meal which would capture not only the ingredients, your overhead but also your time and effort.

Also built into the cost per meal would be your profit.


7. Freelance Writing

A company or profession that is still in great demand is an individual who can communicate through writing.

By starting a writing company, you can meet the writing needs of other companies or individuals.

Examples of writing jobs that may be indicated include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • E-book writing
  • Essays
  • Technical writing
  • And more


8. Drone

A fun and exciting business and one that is very marketable is a business that utilizes drones.

By investing in a drone and a remote control unit, you would have the capability of providing the perspective that only a drone can bring.

Examples of business that a drone company can be involved with would be search and rescue missions, utilizing a drone over a construction site to evaluate progress and inventory, used at a marriage ceremony to capture a unique perspective of the ceremony, and also used as a marketing tool when a company wishes to showcase their services and provide aerial coverage.

The cost of a drone runs the gamut, but you could use your $5000 startup money to get the best drone available and as business increases, increase your fleet and quality of your drone as well.

With the operation of a drone, it is important to remember that licensing is required as per the FAA.


9. Babysitting

A great company to offer would be babysitting.

Often, adult members in the household wish to have a night out and leave the children in the capable hands of a mature individual who will be dedicated to caring for the children.

By offering a quality babysitting service, you can schedule individuals that can meet the needs of the parents as it pertains to babysitting.

As part of your attention to detail and your commitment to caring for the children by providing quality sitters, you can set up a scheduling process, allow the babysitter to be interviewed by the parents, and also as an added dimension, provide infant and children’s CPR and first aid training.


10. Auto Detailing 

A personalized service that many people would utilize is the personal attention that your auto detailing company can bring to an individual’s vehicle.

The company can provide mobile detailing and can be done at a person’s home or place of business while they are working or engaged in errands.

A full-service cleaning can be scheduled and the individual, upon their return, will be welcomed by a clean car inside and out.

There are portable washers that can be either rented or purchased and this would be the most significant expenditure as it relates to the starting of your mobile auto detailing company.


11. Cake Decorating

If you like to bake and also decorate your baked goods, a great business to start would be a cake decorating business.

You can post pictures of your creations on your webpage, and social media platforms and rely on satisfied customers to get the word out about your quality decorated cakes.

Also, you can advertise your baking as gluten-free or only using natural ingredients if that is the chosen way that you bake.


12. Proofreading

Although an individual may have a flair for writing and can pen a wonderful story or complete a writing job, any errors or improper sentence structure can detract from the overall quality of what is being written.

Therefore, proofreading would be a great company to start as a service rendered to freelance writers, authors, e-book writers, etc.

The document or manuscript can be submitted to you and with your proofreading skills and attention to detail, you can make the needed adjustments and provide a quality writing piece that is both interesting or informational or entertaining.


13. Teaching Music

An idea for a business would be to tutor students in the area of music.

The tutoring lessons could be accomplished in groups settings or on a one-to-one basis.

The money available could be used to purchase sheet music, guitar, electronic keyboard, etc.

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You could then advertise on your social media platforms, through your website, and by word of mouth that you would be offering private and group sessions to teach music to individuals who were at various learning stages.

In addition to charging an individual for a music lesson by the hour, you could also charge for the rental of the musical instruments that you had purchased.

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14. Tutoring

Another possibility that presents itself as a business opportunity would be to tutor individuals in various subjects.

Some of those subjects could include math, science, learning a language, etc.

You could do this on your own through social media platform advertising or you could go through a website such as


15. E-commerce

When considering the starting of a business, it is important not to overlook the power of e-commerce.

There are a variety of e-commerce websites such as or or that allow an individual to sell items on these websites to interested customers.

In some instances, the website will allow for the individual to open up a virtual store in which items that they may own or have handcrafted can be displayed in the stores to potential customers.

Examples of items could include the creation of jewelry, graphic designs, leatherwork, etc.

Additionally, these sites will fulfill the entire purchasing process for the customer, taking out a percentage of the payment for their service with the remaining amount coming back to you.


16. Graphic Design

If you have a flair for creating designs, producing logos, or other graphics, a business that you can begin would be a graphic design business.

Many companies need brochures, logos, marketing pieces, etc. that are creative and eye-catching in nature and will resonate with their customers.

Even if you do not have a natural talent for creating designs, there are software programs available online that will help you with your process.

One of those designed Internet sites can be found at


17. Virtual Assistant

Because of the need for companies to outsource and the technological convenience of working remotely, a business that you may wish to consider is providing virtual assistants.

If opting to begin this type of business, you can gather together a pool of individuals that would qualify to be virtual assistants and providers of these services rendered by an individual to interested companies.

Or, you can simply be the individual who is operating the business and provides the fulfillment of this job description solely by yourself.

A virtual assistant is an individual that meets some of the administrative needs of the company by performing various functions.

Some of those functions include customer service, answering the phone, writing letters, sending out emails, keeping people’s calendars, and possibly being involved in data entry or bookkeeping.


18. House Painting

If you have an eye for detail, take pride in your work, and understand the nuances of the commercial painting you can start your own painting company.

Startup costs would include the investment in ladders, painting brushes, rulers, possibly a paint sprayer powered by compressed air, etc.

Marketing your service could be through your website, word-of-mouth, social media platform, etc.

Another great way to earn business is to volunteer for a not-for-profit and do some painting.

This may return dividends to you as many not-for-profits are supported by engaged leaders within the community which may lead to contractual work with them or their companies.


19. Lawn Mowing

With the purchase of a lawnmower and other gardening tools and supplies, you can begin the business of lawn mowing.

As your workload increases, so will the possibility of increasing your customer base and eventually investing your profits back into the business and upgrading your equipment.

Marketing can be done through social media, word-of-mouth, and by placing signs around the neighborhood offering your services.


20. Tax Preparation

If you have a basic understanding of tax laws and through the investment of tax software, you could provide this tax preparation service to individuals in your community.

To be a tax preparer you do not need to be a CPA nor have a college degree or have a significant acumen as it relates to accounting or math.

There are a variety of online sites that provide the needed training.

Upon successful completion, you can obtain a PTI or a preparer tax identification number,

It is important to check your local state tax requirements as it relates to this field of interest.

The major cost associated with being a tax preparer would be the training plus, in some states, the purchase of a $5000 tax preparer bond from an insurance agent.


21. Handyman

Many homeowners and apartment buildings have a variety of small items that need to be fixed or repaired within these homes.

Items such as a leaky faucet, broken toilet, small painting repairs, repair of drywall, etc.

These small repairs can be expensive if the owner calls upon a professional to accomplish these smaller items.

Therefore, a need that is in great demand would be an individual who is running a handyman business.

The startup costs would be a variety of tools that you may need to purchase if not already owned and any licensing or permits required by your local government.


22. Running Errands

During the recent pandemic, many individuals relied on a variety of companies to provide delivery services for them when they were restricted to their homes or unavailable to get out to run errands.

Seeing the value of this service, you could provide an errand service that accomplishes the same service but perhaps can be done at a lesser cost to the customer.


23. Interior Decorating

If you have a talent for creativity and a significant sense of design, flow, and a blending of colors then perhaps you could start an interior decorating service.

Your company would work with individuals who want to maximize the use of their various rooms in their home or business and create a theme, perhaps, captured in each of the rooms.

You can advertise your service through social media platforms, your webpage, etc.

To provide the greatest impact on what you and your company can do, several photographs can be posted displaying before and after photos as to how a room can be enhanced with a change in furniture, color schemes, accessorizing the home, etc.

As an interior decorator, you could also incorporate or provide the uniqueness of feng shui as a possibility for your customers to capture the power of and attract positive energy.


24. Making Jewelry

Another opportunity or the possibility of a business start-up would be the creation of jewelry products.

The jewelry can be made from a variety of materials such as silver, beads, crystals, semi-precious stones, etc.

Items such as earrings, necklaces, amulets, bracelets, etc. can be created in your unique style and sold through various websites as well as at craft fairs or farmer’s markets, etc.

Marketing can be done through your website, various social media platforms, glowing customer satisfaction testimonials, and when given as gifts, the aspect of word-of-mouth.


25. Personal Shopping 

Many corporations and businesses often, to express their appreciation to their clients or potential clients, present the individual with a modest gift or in celebration of a significant event in their company or upon an anniversary or other special occasion.

To accomplish the purchasing of this gift, many companies look to the service of a company or individual that is a personal shopper.

The personal shopper will briefly talk with a member of the team to get an idea about the gift, and who the gift is being given to, and staying within budget, do shopping for that person in the light of the occasion being celebrated.


Personal Story

The largest chunk of money that I ever held onto, in check form that was earned quickly, was $9,800.

I was overwhelmed and thoughts raced across my mind on what could be done with $9800 that had no strings attached to it or needed for payment of any outstanding bills.

In essence, the money was unencumbered, and I could have used it in any way that I chose.

Going against every fiber of my being and desiring to spend some of it foolishly, a cooler and more logical decision was made and one that I have no idea where it came from because it was not in my nature.

I deposited the check and then proceeded to open up a SEP IRA and deposited the entire amount into that account.

At first, it was difficult to process but once it was accomplished I, quite frankly, never felt better about the decision that I made in working towards securing the future for my wife and me.


Businesses to Start with $5,000 FAQs


What Are the Greatest Advantages of Starting Your Own Business?

The greatest advantages of starting your own business are:

  • Being independent
  • Lifestyle advantages
  • Financial rewards
  • Opportunities to learn
  • Personal satisfaction


What Are the Possible Disadvantages of Starting Your Own Business?

The possible disadvantages of starting your business include:

  • Financial risk
  • Possible stress
  • Time commitment
  • Taking on duties not considered


You Can Do It

You are to be congratulated that you are looking at starting your own business.

There are many advantages to owning your own business.

Some of those advantages not only include the setting of your schedule, fully utilizing your talents and skills, and working for yourself but you will be joining the important ranks of the small business world that makes up the heart and backbone of America’s economy.



Rather than buying one hamburger for $5000, you are considering investing your start-up money to not only buy a hamburger but open a “hamburger business.”

This is the better use of your money and purchasing a hamburger for $5000 pales in comparison, even though a bottle of wine and fries are included, to the excitement and satisfaction that operating your own business can bring.

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