There are indeed business ideas with a van that can make you money.

This article reveals 25 of the very best such Van business ideas for making money.



There are distinctions in life.

These distinctions can be seen in both the animal world and the world of human beings.

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For example, in the animal world, there are horses and these horses can be distinctive and how they are bred and what they are used for.

A thoroughbred may be built for speed and therefore will become a racehorse while some horses are bred and trained to work as ranch horses while other horses our plow horses and are big and sturdy.

In the vehicular world, there are distinctions as well,

You have sleek and sporty sports cars, luxury cars, minivans, sedans, etc.

All are built for a specific purpose in mind and to accommodate the various tastes that people have in cars.

Another type of vehicle is a van and the van could be compared to the workhorse on a farm.

Let us climb aboard this “workhorse” of vehicles and look at the van and see the various ways that a van can be utilized and help to earn money for the owner.


25 Best Business Ideas With a Van


1. Moving

A business idea to make money with a van is to provide the service of moving items for customers from one location to another.

The customers could be a private residents or could be business clients.

The ample space in the back of the van would allow for quite many items to be transported and could be done in a way that would protect from the elements as well as a large/small enough space to provide individual attention and care.


2. Coffee Shop

You could invest in some coffee-making machines along with an espresso machine, get the needed coffee supplies such as the flavorings, and provide a coffee store on wheels.

This convenient service provided by your van be driven to various companies in your area and provide favorable coffee drinks when the customers are on their coffee breaks.


3. Bike Repair

With the rising price of gas and the environmentally dedicated individuals, The bicycle is returning to popularity.

Specifically, employees are looking to bicycles to be a way of going to work and getting exercise in the process.

With a van, you could offer a mobile bike repair shop and if an individual had a problem on their way to or from work, they could call your number and you could travel to them to repair their bikes.


4. Plumbing

A trade that could be efficiently run by utilizing a van would be in the area of plumbing.

In the back of the van could be the various power equipment needed to unclog drains, drawers, and shelving set up on the side of the vehicle for various plumbing parts, etc.

Additionally, the side of the van or the panels would be a great advertising space to put your company’s name, logo, or memorable graphic so that when people needed a plumber they would think of you.



If you are running an HVAC company (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) a multi-purpose van would be a great work vehicle to transport all the needed equipment, tools, supplies, etc.

Your business could be both for residential and business systems.


6. Maintenance

The custodial business is a great entrepreneurial opportunity for a hard-working individual who doesn’t mind working alone and during odd hours of the day and night.

The van could transport all of the various cleaning supplies including mop buckets, buffers, etc.


7. Pet Grooming

If you are a pet lover and have the skills needed to groom animals, then you could utilize a van as a traveling hair salon for pets.

As part of your service, you could shampoo the dog, clip their nails and provide other treatments.

The van could have a system of baskets to hold all of the grooming accessories needed to successfully groom the dog.

Also, the van can be converted and have an examination-type table available along with a multi-cabinet drawer along with running water.


8. Delivery

With space available in a van, this would be the perfect vehicle to make deliveries.

The deliveries could be anywhere from furniture deliveries, packages, large items that wouldn’t fit in a regular automobile, etc.

You could work with local retailers and let them know of your availability and if they or any other customers needed help in moving any larger objects, you could provide that service through the use of your van.


9. Catering

A van would be an excellent vehicle to utilize to transport prepared food for catered events.

Some of those events could include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

The back of the van would be conducive to moving in and out of large thermal containers that hold the food and keep the temperature of the food at a safety level.


10. Photographer

A van would be a good vehicle for a photographer.

The size of the back area of the van could hold the various photographic pieces of equipment that are needed by a professional photographer.

Some of those equipment needs would include photography stands and even a ladder if the event called for a unique shot looking downwards at, for example, a wedding party.


11. Junk Removal

A van would be the perfect vehicle to utilize when people need to have junk hauled away to the landfill.

With the length and height of the open space of the back of the van, a significant amount of unwanted items could be transported.


12. Handyman

If owning a handyman business, the van would be the right vehicle to utilize to provide all of the needed services to your customers.

In addition, the added security of having an enclosed van would accommodate all of your tools and equipment that are part of properly performing the job at hand.


13. Ice Cream

A welcome van that travels the neighborhood is an ice cream van.

The outside of the van gives a significant amount of space to brightly paint or decorate the van to make it more appealing.

You could also install a sound system or speaker system to play the music inviting all for ice cream.

The van could be modified so that the height allows for the server of the ice cream to stand comfortably as well as the side of the van being converted so that a sliding service window is provided.

At Karpatia Trucks you can learn more about ice cream van conversions.


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14. Shuttle

By purchasing a 12-passenger van you can use this vehicle to transport individuals as a shuttle service.

The van would be conducive to this service because it has room for the passengers to sit as well as an area in the back for the luggage of your passengers.


15. Landscaper

Another great use of a van for a hard-working occupation would be for a landscaper.

The landscaper would be able to place all of the needed gardening tools in the back of the van including the lawn mowers, edger, various power tools, transport vegetation, mulch, etc.

With the van, the items would be enclosed in the paneled area and would be protected from the elements as well as provide a level of security.


16. Musician

Musicians, in the performance of their artistry, utilize a significant amount of musical instruments.

Often these musical instruments are in large cases and therefore a large area for transporting the instruments would be required.

A paneled van would be an appropriate vehicle to transport these items not only because of the space that is required but also because the van is enclosed and will help protect the expensive instruments from the elements.


17. DJ

A disc jockey has a significant number of sound system pieces that are encased in sturdy receptacles to protect the sound system from damage.

It would seem that a van would be the perfect vehicle for the disc jockey to use to transport the items that he needs to play the music at various parties and get-togethers.

The sound system would include large speakers and amplifiers and transportation via van would protect these items from inclement weather.

Again the panels on either side of the van would be a perfect canvas to portray and market your service along with your business phone number.


18. Florist

The use of a van by a florist would be a good decision as it relates to what vehicle to use to transport flowers.

Flowers are delicate creations and therefore need to be protected while being transported from different types of scenarios that could affect the delivery of the flowers in all of their beauty.


19. Painter

An appropriate vehicle for a painter to use would be a van.

The van would be large enough to accommodate all of the paints and accessories needed by the painter including the need for space to transport tarps and ladders.


20. Detailing

An individual could provide the service of mobile detailing.

They could invest in a waterless washing service that could be transported in the van and could serve the customers no matter where they are at and keep with their schedule.

As part of the detailing service, the owner may also wish to do a thorough cleaning on the inside of the vehicle.

The van would accommodate the needed equipment for that to occur.


21. Deliveries

Because of the ease of access to a van, this makes this vehicle natural when it comes to making deliveries.

The deliveries could include food deliveries, deliveries of packages, etc.

Using a van for deliveries can sometimes be a quicker process and often, the van is even able to navigate city streets and tighter areas than would a larger vehicle or truck.


22. Food Truck

The popularity of food trucks is a phenomenon in America.

A variety of food trucks are available in just about every community and can include:

  • Donuts
  • Tacos
  • Cupcakes
  • Sandwiches
  • And more

If you have an enjoyment of cooking food and don’t mind hard work, great use of a van would be a traveling restaurant or food truck.

You could carve out your food niche and join the rest of the food trucks and successfully ride the popularity of food trucks as a service in the community.

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23. Carpet

A good business match for a van would be the business of selling and laying carpet.

The standard length of a carpet roll is 12 ft in width by 15 ft in length.

The standard length of a van is roughly 19ft to 21.99ft.

Therefore, by putting a roll of carpet in the van, it would stick out the end of the van by a few feet but this would make the transportation of the carpet as well as removing the carpet a good match.


24. Electrical

Being an electrician requires the use of many tools and a variety of parts that are needed for several electrical jobs in a home or business.

The use of a van would be a good vehicle for the transportation of those tools and available parts if needed to the various electrical troubleshooting jobs that the electrician would be involved with.


25. Locksmith

As long as there is a need for security and people still get locked out of their cars and houses, there will be the need for a locksmith.

In providing this service the use of a vehicle would be the perfect match to provide and transport the tools and supplies of the trade.

The back of the van would be a perfect place to build storage areas to contain all of the blank keys and provide a work area as well.


Personal Story

When working for a church/social services organization one of the most important vehicles in our fleet was a van.

Our 15-passenger van was our “go-to” vehicle for all that we did during the week and on the weekend.

For our social services, we would use the van to transport food, pick up items that were donated, etc.

On Sundays, we would utilize the van to do Sunday service pickups as it related to picking up the children from their homes and taking them to Sunday school.

The practicality of the utility van was that it was built so that the four rows of seats could be easily removed and give us the wide-open space and then when the seats were needed they could be easily put back in for the transportation of people.


Van Business Ideas FAQs


What is the Motor Size of a Cargo Van?

The motor size of a cargo van is usually a 4 cylinder but some have a v6 while a large cargo van can be equipped with a v8.


What Fuel is Utilized by a Van?

The regular vans run on gasoline while the larger ones may be diesel driven.


You Can Do It

You own a van.

A van is the distinctive workhorse of vehicles.

The hardworking van coupled with your work ethic is the perfect combination of getting work done and work done effectively.



There are not many work jobs that require the use of a sports car, sedan, or even minivan.

A van is called a utility van for a reason and that is because it is generally used for more involved and harder work.

If you own a van, that can be a good thing because there are so many things and jobs that you can do to earn money as a regular business or job or just doing part-time work.

Owning a van is a great asset.

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