Wondering what business ideas for the future you can come up with, to make money?

Wonder no more as this article has lots of helpful answers for you – as many as 25 sure-fire business ideas for the future!


Why Business Ideas of the Future?

Even if you never followed the game of professional ice hockey, you may have heard of the famous hockey player who wore the number 99 and revolutionized the game with his hockey prowess and ability to make fantastic plays and score goals.

One of the famous quotes that were often attributed to him was that he, “Always skated to where the puck was going not where it had been.”

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He didn’t coin that phrase, but his father did but all in the Gretzky family, right?

This same phrase and outlook in the sport of hockey should be the same perspective that businesses should have as it relates to the future of business.

In other words, we should concentrate on the current activities not the past activities of the business.

Our focus or concern should be about tomorrow’s trends.

With that in mind, let us gaze into the business crystal ball and see what best ideas the future has for businesses to earn money.


25 Best Money Making Business Ideas of the Future


1. Data Crunching 

It seems that with all of the data being collected by various companies and other entities on our shopping habits, how we browse the web, etc. that more and more information will continually be collected.

In addition to collecting all of this data, it will need to be analyzed with one of the major purposes being to provide products that we are interested in.

Therefore, a business trend that will require a greater capacity and sophistication from businesses will be not only collecting this raw data but making it usable to meet our shopping needs and wants and for businesses to increase sales.


2. 3-D Printing Shop

3-D printing is the wave of the future and has already proven its usefulness when companies or individuals owning these printers need replacement parts to continue their business operations.

The more sophisticated these printers become and the greater the demand, the lower the cost will be when individuals can purchase these printers and materials at a lower cost.


3. Computer Engineering 

More and more, computers are becoming not only a way of life but a necessary way of life for the average individual.

The demand for computer engineering and the ability of these engineers to tie computer systems together in a more integrated fashion is going to be a significant trend in the future.

The demand for sophisticated computer-integration coupled with even speedier networks and more seamless interaction will be the significant trend of tomorrow.


4. Asteroid Mining 

A possibility not too far-fetched is the possibility of exploring asteroids for various metals and minerals.

This may be necessary to obtain the needed supply of rare metals and minerals on our planet and so the possibility of mining these items may be futuristic but certainly a possible trend.


5. Scientific Research 

Great strides have been made in the scientific community as it relates to medical treatments and other critical fields.

As these researchers continue to conduct their studies and build on their successes, the need for further innovative individuals in this area of cutting-edge scientific study is needed.

Of particular note are the strides that are made in biotechnology, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, robotics, biomedicine, etc.


6. Marriage Counseling and Therapy 

With all of this discussion about exploration and mining in space, the development of improved computer engineering, etc., the reality is that we are still human beings.

As such, with all of the stresses that we are experiencing today along with the recent pandemic and other global influences, the need for continual human-to-human interaction is necessary.

Amazingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is anticipating, given all of these factors and demands placed upon relationships and individuals, that the need for marriage counseling and therapists will grow exponentially by 41%.


7. Solar Paneling 

Another depletion that we may be as a global community looking at is a decrease in energy sources.

This decrease coupled with global growth is putting a strain on our current energy resources which are causing world leaders and innovators to look to the sun for future energy needs.

A current significant business trend and expansion is the need for renewable energy and specifically as it relates to drawing upon the power of the sun.

Therefore, a likely business trend that will continue to grow significantly in the future is solar paneling.


8. Car Charging Station 

Many states have committed to cutting back on combustible engines and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The transportation needs of businesses and individuals in the not-so-distant future will be a heavy reliance on electrical vehicles.

With a significant use and emphasis on electrical vehicles will come the need for more recharging stations and therefore, this is a significant business trend that is beginning in the future of now.


9. Veterinarians 

It is estimated that individuals and families have an ever-increasing love for animals and therefore involvement of family pets in the home.

This increase of individuals who have indicated that they enjoy having pets, estimated to be two out of three people, will only continue to increase and the demand for quality medical care for pets.

Consequently, a future business trend as it relates to occupation is the anticipated need for veterinarians.


10. DNA

It is entertaining and at times exciting to have our DNA tested to determine where our ancestors came from and what the makeup of our ethnicity is.

Even beyond that, the testing of DNA is the window into our genetics and therefore a window into addressing potential diseases that may be exhibited in the future.

The more we know about our DNA the more we know about ourselves and our being prone to diseases and therefore an opportunity to mitigate or prevent those diseases from incurring in our life.

A significant business wave of the future is DNA research and DNA design firms that get into the hands of individuals an inexpensive way to have their DNA tested.


11. Greenhouse Gas Auditors 

Most individuals believe in global warming and part of this devastating trend is the release of greenhouse gases.

A business opportunity to not only realize revenue but to be part of the global warming solution is the use of greenhouse gas auditors.

The current process is very complicated as greenhouse gas emissions are an integral part of our everyday life from the obtaining of food to transportation to heating, etc.

As more and more businesses realize the importance of controlling greenhouse gases so will the processes become more involved along with individuals who will be needed to audit the process.


12. Holographic Theater 

The reappearance of famous past celebrities and musical icons is occurring now and maybe even more pronounced through the use of holograms.

Through holograms, the projection of an individual is accomplished through modern-day technology and individuals may be able to enjoy a modern-day musical performance even though the individual is no longer alive.

In addition, holographic technology may have a place in the business world as individuals can do sales presentations and present ideas through their hologram duplicates.

Business opportunities may therefore present themselves through holographic theaters as well as continued technology in this field.

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13. Jet Pack Dealership 

Strapping on a jetpack to go from destination to destination seems like an idea that is way beyond commercialization and practical use in today’s world.

However, the future is now as several aircraft companies are already taking orders for the first developed commercial jetpack.

Of course, it is in its infancy stages but certainly will develop and is a business speculation opportunity that is available for consideration.


14. Lunar Tour Guide 

We have already seen the opportunity to book a flight into outer space.

The next logical step is space travel to the moon.

Hence, a business trend sooner rather than later is future space travel and associated businesses in making that a profitable investment and business.


15. Cannabis 

Many states have decriminalized the use of cannabis or marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

In fact, as of this writing, federal legislation is moving towards legalizing the use of marijuana.

It would seem then that the use of cannabis dispensaries and individuals qualified to dispense this recreational and medical product will be in higher demand.

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16. Plant Food 

Plant food is an alternative to animal meat and is already a part of many offerings presented by restaurants.

It would seem that plant food is healthier than red meat and many indicate that the taste is remarkably alike.

As part of a focus on a greener environment, the production of animal meat may be overtaken by substituted plant food.

This would give rise to business opportunities both investing in and providing plant-based food.


17. Nanomedicine 

As great strides continue to take place in nanotechnology and a continual dedication to treating illnesses in the human body, it stands to reason that these two focuses will join together.

Not only is this a strong possibility but experimentation is being done today as it relates to the creation of microbots being injected into the neurons of the human brain that will focus on treatment.

Consequently, the business and investment opportunities in nanotechnology as it relates to medical treatment present themselves.


18. Cybersecurity 

As our dependence grows and grows upon technology and the vast volumes of data available in cyberspace, the challenge presents itself to security.

The anticipated business opportunities to earn money are to be part of this ongoing battle and be involved with businesses that can be labeled as cybersecurity.

As part of this trend to protect businesses and individuals from “hackers,” even legislation is being considered in which laws will require companies to have security plans in place.

Potential businesses to be part of the solution and earn money would be those businesses whose service would include helping companies devise plans and implement them as it relates to cybersecurity.

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19. SEO 

You can have the greatest website and business but if nobody finds you to activate and utilize your services, it would all be counterproductive.

A great service today and in the foreseeable future would be the provision of SEO or search engine optimization content so that individuals can find your site.

The SEO service can be provided by starting your own company, or by providing freelance writing to various customers.

As an SEO writer or provider, it would be important to stay current and up-to-date with a variety of changes in this writing and related tactics that need to be incorporated to make the business productive and viable.


20. Robotics 

Our reliance on robots and robotic technology is expanding.

Currently, robots do several menial chores such as vacuuming and cleaning floors.

However, their sophistication is also seen on inner-city battlefields as it relates to diffusing violent situations as well as on the battlefield during wars in which the robot is used to diffuse improvised explosive devices.

It only stands to reason that the use of robots will increase and will become part of the everyday lives of individuals as well as in the workforce.

A significant business trend of the future is the involvement or service of anything robotically based.


21. Power Storage Business 

Our dependence upon technology will only grow as it relates to personal use but for business purposes as well.

This reality coupled with the fragility of aging power grids and emphasis on finding new energy sources makes this a perfect trending business opportunity in the production of uninterrupted power storage units.

UPS or inverters are uninterrupted power supply systems that are used to store energy and utilized when there is a break or a temporary disconnect from current power supplies.


22. Elderly Care 

A business trend in the future is the care of the aging population as medicines allow us to grow older but the aging process still takes its toll upon individuals.

People get older and as such their body also begins to give in to the effects of old age.

As it relates to this ageing of our population so will the need for compassionate and professional caregivers to aid individuals who cannot care for themselves.


23. Outsourcing 

With the advent of technology, the need for employees to work for a company within the parameters of the old work model is going by the wayside.

Many of the jobs, as companies cut back on their major expense, are now downsizing their operations, offering early retirement to employees, and looking to outsource many jobs.

The wave of the future as it relates to employees in the workplace will be more focused on outsourcing and utilizing companies that can find qualified employees.

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24. Translating 

Technology and the ability of technology to connect with businesses globally will require the need to effectively communicate.

As part of this strategy of communicating will be the extreme need for translation of languages and dialects to ensure effective business communication.

A possible business trend of the future would then include translation software, translators, and platforms to facilitate this communication.


25. Freelancing 

With the recent pandemic several successful outcomes, as it relates to the workforce, were revealed.

One of those successful outcomes was the revelation that works no longer needs to be accomplished at a given workplace but can be done remotely.

Combining the demonstration of this reality with the downsizing of employment staff at businesses will create more freelance opportunities.

Freelance opportunities and worksites to facilitate this employment workforce are a growing trend and a business need.


Personal Story

While living in Hawaii, the enjoyable outings that we often had found us at the beaches and enjoying the ocean.

One of the fun and exciting things to do was to body surf.

Body surfing is just like normal surfing with the board however, you simply throw yourself onto the wave as it comes in and let the wave carry you towards the shore.

On one occasion, in January, the waves were particularly robust.

Being inexperienced, I decided to get in and practice my body surfing.

Incredibly, one particularly huge wave came crashing in on me and picked me up and threw me onto the shore.

As the water receded, its still existing power drew me back into the water and I remember getting extremely scared and concerned as I clawed the shifting sand to prevent the water from drawing me back in fear of having that process repeated.

Needless to say, I learned about the power of water as demonstrated through large waves and their ability to be a force of entertainment or if inexperienced a force that can be dangerous if not respected

It was an experience that I did not want to repeat so my focus was to try to move forward and not go back to where I was.


Money Earning Business Ideas for the Future FAQs


What Are Some of the Best Ways to Stay Current and Consider Business Trends?

There are several ways in which a business owner or individual contemplating the starting of a business can engage when thinking about business trending.

Some of those ways include:

  • Reading research and trend reports
  • Follow publications and influencers in your current business
  • Take advantage of tools and analytics systems to identify trends
  • Input from diverse team members


How Should a Company Respond to Potential Business Trends?

The danger for a company when considering business trends and possibly making changes is to determine whether the trend is a solid progressing movement or whether it is just a flash in the pan or here today and gone tomorrow.

The first and foremost action item when considering trends is to ensure that you stay true to your company’s mission statement.

The danger is when companies chase trends, they will sometimes lose sight of their mission statement which represents the uniqueness of their service provided to their customers.

Although the delivery or service provided may adjust or change, generally, the mission statement is non-negotiable and adherence to that mission statement has provided the success to your company that you are experiencing.


You Can Do It

It is important as a business to stay competitive and to do so the need to anticipate changing trends and directions in the future business world is indicated.

As it relates to the services and needs of an individual, the basics are the same.

People need to eat, have shelter, be clothed, and have access to water.

Companies that provide these services will most likely be successful and have revenue.

However, the caveat is how these services are manufactured efficiently and economically.

The business trends of the future are not so much on the provision of the services but how these services will be produced, and a significant component of the process will be the use of technology.



Technology is the continuing wave of the future.

There are two ways to handle a powerful wave.

One is that you can either stand up against the wave and be bowled over because of its strength and energy.

The other option is to “ride the wave” and take advantage of its energy and strength.

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