You can make money with business ideas near train stations, especially because of the free flow of traffic most of the time.

This article reveals 25 best business ideas you can start near train stations to make money.


Why Business Ideas Near Train Stations?

Our lives are comprised of a series of firsts.

As babies, there are our first words, first steps, first tooth, first birthday, and more.

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As we continue to develop there are a series of firsts that continue to be part of our experience. There is the first day of school, first kiss, first crush, and many more firsts.

Some are momentous and some are not.

Added to the mix of firsts could be those areas in our lives that relate to transportation.

For example, the first time on a bike, the first driving lesson, the first car you purchased, the first flight you took.

All of these can be exciting moments in our lives because it was our first encounter.

Another possibility of a first could have been when you boarded your first train and started on a journey.

There is something significantly adventuresome about a train.

Perhaps it is the excitement of boarding a train and being taken to a destination propelled by huge engines or the gathering of speed that almost parallels the rising excitement we feel inside.

Or perhaps traveling on a train is one big adventure as we observe the world passing by or are we observed as the world passes us by?

Travel by train is still a significant mode of transportation and one that supports affiliated businesses.

All aboard as we look at businesses nearby a train station that can make money.


25 Best Money Making Business Ideas Near Train Station


1. Car Rental

The reality of the train station is that people are either going somewhere or coming from somewhere.

Upon arriving at their destination, via the train, most likely there is a further leg to their journey.

Additional transportation may be required and a good possibility to meet this need of travelers is the use of a car through a car rental business.


2. Bar

After a long journey on a train, many individuals need to unwind and their favorite manner in which to do this is to have a cocktail, glass of wine or other drink.

For a stressed-out train traveler, they may look for a bar in order to do this and having a business that provides this service would be just the ticket.


3. Convenience Store

There may be refreshments provided on the train as part of their service to the travelers.

The possibility of these refreshments may be limited in scope and therefore a good business to operate near a train station would be a convenience store.

In the convenience store, all sorts of snacks, pre-packaged sandwiches, sports drinks, etc. can be made available to the traveler upon reaching their destination or if the store is in proximity the traveler can purchase these items and continue in their journey if the layover is long enough.


4. Book Store

Many train travelers use the occasion to catch up on their reading and to pass the time that they are on the train.

The selling of books, newspapers, and magazines would be a good business to have in proximity to a train station as individuals can stop at your business and pick out the latest bestseller or their favorite magazine or newspaper to read while traveling.


5. Clothing Store

Inevitably after packing and well on your way to the train station you may think of an item that you forgot to pack or a piece of clothing.

A way to take advantage of this traveler being forgetful is to have a clothing store near the train station.

This way the traveler can simply go to the clothing store, pick out an item that they need and place it in their carry-on luggage and consequently problem solved.


6. Service Station

If a train traveler has friends in the area of their destination city and is being picked up from the depot via the friend’s car, then a business that can take advantage of this friendship and gracious action of the friend is through the availability of gasoline at a nearby service station.

This can be a practical way of saying thank you to the friends for expending their gasoline in this manner.

Also, if a traveler rents a vehicle, having a gas station in proximity to the train station is a good way to fill the tank of the rental before returning.


7. Gift Shop

Sometimes travel by train can be for pleasure and often includes visiting individuals in nearby cities or towns.

If staying with these individuals, it is always a good idea never to go empty-handed, and therefore as a guest, you may wish to purchase a gift for the host and hostess.

This can easily be accomplished by shopping at a nearby gift shop that is close to the railroad station.


8. Florist

Another great gift of appreciation or welcoming or saying goodbye to an individual who is arriving or departing via a train is to present flowers.

Flowers are warm, colorful, and express or represent a variety of emotions.

Therefore, a meaningful business to have close to a railroad station would be a floral shop.


9. Restaurant

As the weary train traveler arrives at their destination, excitement may still be high and the adrenaline released from the journey may still be flowing.

Upon arrival, rather than going home or to a friend’s house, and preparing a meal, it is often best just to dine out at a restaurant, unwind, and begin the visit if friends are reuniting.

Restaurants near a train station are a good opportunity to make all of this happen and create business revenue.


10. Fast Food

Another option after arriving at a destination after a long train ride and with the traveler being tired would be best just to go to a fast-food restaurant and order something quickly and eat there on-site or take the food items home, to the home of the friend you may be staying with or to the hotel.

To facilitate the ease of providing nutrition to renew your energy would be through the convenience of a fast-food restaurant.


11. Motel

An inviting business that can be successful as it relates to making money off of travelers using the train would be to have a motel near the railroad station.

The convenience and close proximity of the hotel room would allow for the traveler to quickly settle in for the night and unwind from their day’s travel and excitement.


12. Drug Store

The traveler may have experienced or potentially experience several uncomfortable conditions that can be caused by travel or the day’s activities.

One of those uncomfortable conditions is motion sickness due to traveling.

A good way for an individual to mitigate this as much as possible annoying and nauseating condition is to take motion sickness pills that can be purchased over the counter.

By operating a drugstore near the train depot, you can provide these types of over-the-counter medications along with other products which could include toiletries, pain-relieving medication, ointments, etc.

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13. Coffee Shop

If there is a bit of layover for travelers utilizing the rail system, a refreshing service in proximity to the depot would be the operation of the coffee shop.

The traveler could walk over to the coffee shop, stretch their legs, sit down, relax, and have a nice cup of coffee.


14. Tech Store

Technology is an important part of our life and can be fully utilized on the train as many passenger cars have self-contained Wi-Fi and electrical outlets that can be utilized for the full service of smartphones, laptops, and other technological devices.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the traveler may have forgotten their technology device or even the appropriate power cords and therefore would need to quickly replace these items to stay engaged and powered up.

Having a technology store close by that stocks a variety of power cords and devices may prove to be a good business to create close to a railroad station.


15. Luggage Store

You never know when a piece of luggage may fall in disrepair, lose a wheel, or possibly a fastener or zipper to keep the items secure in the luggage may fail.

A possibility to meet the traveler’s needs is to have a small luggage shop close by that can provide these pieces of luggage when those items fail, and the scheduled departure time is nearing.


16. Travel Store

A variety store that carries items associated with travel can be open for business near a railroad station.

Items that could be stocked in the travel store could include headrests, travel blankets, footwear, etc.

Any items that can make the travel of the railroad passenger more comfortable and help them to enjoy the trip could be stocked.


17. Donut Shop

If traveling in the early morning or as a pick me up in the afternoon, nothing quite does the trick as does a sweet treat of eating a donut.

Especially if traveling in the morning, a stop at a nearby donut shop to pick up a couple of pastries and a cup of coffee is just what may be needed to give you the energy to the start of your railroad trip.


18. Newspaper Stand

Another possibility of a business that would provide a service to help pass the time for the traveler and keep them informed as to what is happening in the world is by picking up a newspaper at a nearby newspaper stand.

The newspapers provided could be in major cities along the route and that way an individual will know what is happening in each of the cities that they may be passing through.


19. Souvenir

If arriving at your destination city and heading on home to loved ones and family, you may have forgotten to pick up something as promised or a souvenir for a member of the household.

As a convenience and way to let others know you were thinking about them while you are traveling, is to take home a memento and this can be purchased at a nearby souvenir shop within proximity to the railroad depot.


20. Luggage Storage

If traveling from destination to destination and there is a stopover for a considerable amount of time, a great way to store your luggage rather than taking it around to various locations within the nearby area is a business that will store your items for you.

The business can contain many storage bins that through the use of a credit card or cash will allow the release of the key and for you to store your items over some time.

Perhaps, a system can be devised where a credit card is inserted, the access to the storage bin is provided, and then for the door to be reopened requires the use of that same credit card with the appropriate number of hours charged against that method of payment.


21. Taxi Service

Although there are many driving services available to individuals, the operation of a specific taxi service devoted to the railroad station would be a convenient way of transporting individuals from the station to a different destination or vice versa.

Operating a taxi service business would be a convenient way of meeting the transportation needs of travelers in an efficient, effective, and less time-consuming matter.


22. Shuttle Service

As it relates to transportation another possible business opportunity near the railroad station would be the provision of a shuttle service.

The shuttle service would be close by and at scheduled times in conjunction with arrivals and departures the shuttle service would make its “run” to the railroad station.

The shuttle service can take customers to and from certain designated areas within the area.


23. Parking

Perhaps the train traveler is making a round-trip that would require them to go to a destination city, stay overnight or several nights and then return to their place of origin.

Therefore, a need and a business opportunity that might present itself as it relates to travelers parking their vehicles would be the need for parking.

Parking rates could be provided and scaled depending on the need of the traveler.


24. Limousine Service

As a possibility of saving money utilizing the more inexpensive way of traveling by railroad an individual, upon their arrival, may choose to travel in style.

Therefore, a possibly is a nearby business that offers limousine service.

As with all businesses it would be important to do a feasibility study and to see if this is a business need or a business service that individuals would take advantage of.

Also, if the railroad station offers special shows such as a mystery dinner aboard the railroad, then a great way to transport partygoers to attend the event would be through a limousine service.


25. Bagels

One other business opportunity that might present itself to a business located near a railroad station is the offering of bagels through a bagel shop.

Some individuals, rather than enjoying a sweet donut may choose to have a bagel with the option of having a cream cheese spread or other delicious item placed upon a regular bagel or toasted bagel.

This would be a quick and easy way to have a continental type of breakfast before boarding the train.


Personal Story

A series of firsts came cascading into my life on the 14th of May.

I had enlisted in the United States Navy and as a result, I experienced my first emotional farewell from my parents, my first commercial bus trip, and my first experience aboard a train.

The firsts in my life on this day at the age of 19 were extremely memorable and I can even recall the music that others on the train were playing as I headed onto Great Lakes Naval Boot Camp.


Money Earning Business Ideas Near Train Stations FAQs


What Should Be the First Considerations When Contemplating Opening a Business Near Train Station?

Before the opening of any business, several considerations should be taken into account. Some of those considerations include:

  • Marketing study
  • Development of a business plan
  • Obtain needed funding


What is the Future of Rail Travel?

It would appear that the future of rail travel has a positive outlook.

This is due to the reality-based on many anticipated trends and factors which include:

  • The move to green energy
  • Advances in technology that will help to make rail travel more efficient
  • Commitment to building infrastructure
  • Emphasis on mass transit

For more information, you can visitĀ


You Can Do It

There are a variety of businesses that can be successful in which the customers will patronize the business when utilizing the train for travel.

Sometimes the train is used for vacationing, commuting, or overnight excursions.

In either event, there are the same needs for train passengers as for other individuals, and therefore a variety of businesses can be created to meet those needs.



Train travel is still an important mode of transportation today as it has been in the past.

Often, train travel is far less involved as it relates to computer or weather delays.

Additionally, train travel is generally less expensive and although takes considerably more time, it is the journey that is part of the enjoyment of the experience.

For many individuals, it may be a first but for others who are experienced, it may be a first time every time.

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