There are business ideas near schools you can start to make money.

This article reveals 25 of such best business ideas to make money from that are near schools.


Why Business Ideas Near School?

When considering the opening of a business several factors need to be considered.

One of the most important factors can be summed up in three words.

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Those three words are location, location, and location.

You can have the greatest idea, the most innovative product, and be available at the most economical price but if there is no customer base or if individuals have to travel a considerable distance to get to your product, the inconvenient factors of traveling and time and money involved may detract from the allurement of the product that you are offering.

One of the greatest lines in a sports movie was in the “Field of Dreams” when the “ghost” said if you build it, they will come.

If you have done your homework, researched the area, and perceived that your location is a good one, if you build it they will come.

In other words, if you create a business and have a product that the surrounding or immediate area will want to purchase if you start that businesspeople most likely will frequent your company and purchase the product or take advantage of the service that you offer.

Such is the case in thinking about locating a business near schools.

Thinking it through and understanding what this customer base would enjoy or need, then is a good start to creating business ideas located near schools to make money.


25 Best Money Making Business Ideas Near Schools


1. Fast Food

It is no secret that school-age kids and young adults enjoy eating.

Because they are growing and developing, food is an important part of that development process.

It is also no secret that kids enjoy fast foods such as pizza, hamburgers, French fries, tacos, etc.

Consequently, a successful business endeavor near schools would be the providing of fast food to those who attend schools which would include students, teachers, and other staff members.


2. Ice Cream

Another popular business that would seem to be successful thinking about a business being established near a school would be an ice cream shop.

After a long day of school and intensive study, an opportunity to intermingle with other students would be the selling of ice cream to the students.

Besides, what goes better than sharing the sweetness of ice cream with someone that you are sweet about.


3. Book Store

Another business that would seem to be a natural enterprise to start in proximity to a school would be a bookstore.

The inventory of the bookstore could include books representing American literature, world history, romance novels, sports stories, etc.

The bookstore would have all of the typical offerings that you would anticipate for a bookstore to have.

As an added dimension, however, your bookstore could bring an added dimension of supplying needed textbooks or required reading in the various classes.

You could provide additional customer service by locating these books that may be in good condition and can be purchased at a cheaper rate than what may be available to the student through other means.


4. Stationary

Although a lot of educational study is now technology-driven, the need for pens, pencils, paper, etc. may still possibly be a requirement for some instructors as well as their students.

Therefore, you could open a stationery store that provides the basic needs of students as it relates to their completing their studies.


5. Clothing

As with any other age group, clothing is a necessity as well as individuals wishing to demonstrate their individuality.

A clothing store that caters to various school-age students can be established and can range anywhere from sports clothes, T-shirts, jeans, etc.

To stay current on fashion trends would be important and this can be accomplished by continually researching on the Internet.

One particular website that you could continue to monitor would be


6. Shoe Store 

Another important part of the fashion statement made by students is the type of shoes that they wear.

You can investigate and research what are the latest trends and styles that young people are wearing and ensure that your inventory represents those tastes as it relates to shoes being made available.


7. Skateboard Park

Many young people enjoy their skateboards to get from one destination to another but doing all sorts of acrobatics and tricks.

A popular way for young skateboarders to practice their maneuvers and have a designated area with ramps and slopes is a skateboard park.

A business that you could be involved with that will not only earn you money as a business but help the young skateboarder with a place to practice their techniques is through the providing of a skateboard park.

Perhaps, there could be two separate parks, one for beginners and one for others at a higher level of learning and skill development.

You would need to check on your insurance needs.


8. Movie Theatre

Movie theaters are a great way for young people to socialize and in the process get to see the latest blockbuster that is being released and view them on the big screen.

By operating a movie theater, you will provide this service for young people and be a popular business in the area surrounding a school.


9. Tutoring

As part of the academic aspect of kids attending school is the possibility of having a tutoring business near the school.

Sometimes, there is a concept or a part of a school subject that the individual student may just struggle with and can’t wrap their mind around the concept.

The parents would take advantage of a tutoring service near the school as it would be convenient for the son or daughter to simply stop by on their way home to school and receive their lesson.

You could advertise your services through social media platforms, possibly having the school help you and endorsing your tutoring service or more.


10. Music Tutoring

Often, as part of the curriculum at school, a student has the opportunity to be part of a band, orchestra, or choir.

If you have teaching skills as well as musical talent, you can set up your tutoring service as it relates to providing advanced lessons in music instruction, music theory, playing various instruments, singing lessons, etc.

Again, this would be a convenient way for the students to attend these classes as they go to your place of business following school with your business being close by.


11. Dentist

Many caring parents are concerned about their child’s development in all aspects of their life.

Those different development concerns expressed by the parent would include their education, mental health, physical health, and the appearance of their teeth.

Therefore, a great business to be involved with near a school would be to operate a dentist’s office as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Also, the opportunity to specialize as it relates to orthodontic work may be a significant business opportunity as well to ensure that the children’s teeth come in straight.


12. Hair Salon

There are a variety of hairstyles that are popular for today’s generation of students and will continue to be so as hairstyles and fads change.

Therefore, if a young student wants to get a certain hairstyle, have different colored hair, various streaks or highlights put in their hair, the operation of a hair salon in the neighborhood can provide this service.


13. Grocery Store

Sometimes, kids will walk home from school and will be asked by the parents to stop at the grocery store to pick up some items for the evening’s meal or the following days.

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A convenient way of making this chore easier for all involved is to have a nearby grocery store where students can drop in, do a small bit of shopping for the family, and then take the items home.


14. Convenience Store

After a long day at school, many students want to replenish their energy and will accomplish this by grabbing a snack, energy drink, bag of chips, etc.

Having a convenience store near a school will most likely provide a good business opportunity as the students going home to study and before the evening meal will want to grab something to help them until mealtime as it relates to energy.

By operating a convenience store, you can stock the store with a variety of energy drinks, sodas, healthy, and other food items to help the students increase their energy levels.


15. Service Station 

Often, parents transport their kids to and from school and as such will consume fuel to make this happen.

Therefore, a good business opportunity within driving distance of a school would be the provision of a service station to refuel the various vehicles so that the kids can get transported to and from school.

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16. Bike Store

School-aged children still enjoyed bikes and therefore a possibility of a business selling, accessorizing, and repairing bikes near a school is a good business opportunity.

As a possible service, if the student rides their bike to school, they can drop off their bike needing repair at your shop in the morning, and then pick up the bike at the end of the school day.

This would be a servicing opportunity that will not only provide you as the business owner income but provide convenience to the bicycle owner.


17. Video Game Arcade

Having a video game arcade close to the school would be natural as kids today enjoy playing video action games.

In addition to providing the latest in video games, the arcade could also include a possible batting cage for baseball enthusiasts to practice their swing, a skee ball game, whack-a-mole, and other popular video arcade game.


18. Pizza

Another food group that, mostly everyone appreciates, but possibly even more so, is the younger generation’s enjoyment of pizza.

Near a school, you can operate a pizza shop which is not only an opportunity to feed the young people with your deliciously made pizzas but also a place for the younger generation to gather to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.


19. Candy

Kids of all ages enjoy candy.

Therefore, a possibility of a business being opened near a school would be a candy store.

The candy can be more than just your typical garden variety of candy but could be a specialty shop as well.

Some of those specialties could include homemade fudge, different types of chocolate, different flavors of popcorn, etc.


20. Bowling

A fun activity for people of all ages is bowling.

As the quality time between a parent and their child, the possibility of the parent picking up the child after school and bowling a couple of games together before the business of the evening activities sets in is a good way to share with the student on how their day went and see what is going on their life.

In addition, many schools organize class activities that include a bowling club.

Therefore, the bowling club would need a place to practice their skill and compete.


21. Daycare

Young families just starting in life decide that there are a certain number of children that they wish to bring into this world.

For a young family, the ages of the children may vary and cover a broad spectrum as it relates to how old the children are.

If a young child is dropped off to go to an elementary school, the chances of a younger sibling member of the family needing daycare is a reality.

To have quality daycare in proximity to a school would not only provide that needed experience for the child as the parents go to work but would be a convenience as well.


22. Sports

In addition to learning one’s studies, another opportunity sometimes provided to schools and their students is a sport’s program.

By operating a sports store near a school, you can equip or have inventory in your school for clothing that matches a variety of professional teams, sports items such as baseballs, footballs, baseball bats, etc.


23. Game Store

During the day, when the students interact with each other, the discussion may have included a recent video game that someone purchased.

At the end of the school day, with your game store near the school, many of the students may want to stop by your store to learn more about the game and possibly purchase that game from you as a store owner.


24. Tech Shop

In addition to the typical ways of learning and interacting at school, another critical component of attending school and utilizing all of the educational tools available is through the use of technology.

As sometimes is the case, a student may rush off to school and forget a power cord, need to browse or shop for a new device such as a tablet, earphones, etc.

Having a tech store that offers these devices and other technology units could be a business opportunity that could be established near a school.


25. Coffee

Drinking coffee is no longer a beverage that is enjoyed by older individuals.

Today, students of all ages enjoy sweet coffee beverage such as a Frappuccino, caramel macchiato, and various other flavorful drinks, etc.

In addition to the young people enjoying the flavor, it may provide a little bit of boost as it relates to caffeine to help them stay awake during their school studies.

Therefore, having a coffee shop available to students and located near schools may prove to be a good business venture.


Personal Story

While attending grades 7, 8, and nine in my hometown, our junior high school was located downtown and within walking distance of many stores.

Often, when my parents were unable to pick me up from school, they would give me the bus fare and I would take the city bus from the downtown area to our home.

Sometimes, exhibiting poor judgment, I would walk to the downtown area and go to one of my favorite stores downtown which was a drugstore/general merchandise store.

One of the favorite items that they had to refresh their customers was the operating of a soda fountain area where you could sit down on a stool and order a milkshake, soft drink, ice cream, etc.

One of my favorite drinks was always to have a Coca-Cola with a flavoring in it that was either cherry or vanilla.

This was always a treat for me and one that was very enjoyable after a day at school.

The only problem is that I would have to use my bus money and end up walking home rather than taking the bus.

Almost always, the sacrifice of having to walk was well worth the taste of that delicious drink.


Money Earning Business Ideas Near School FAQs


What Are the Best Retail Stores to Operate in Catering to the Needs of Kids?

According to Franchise Direct the best service areas in providing retail services to kids include:

  • Clothing
  • Dance
  • Driving instruction
  • Education and tutoring
  • Entertainment


What is the Average Cost a Family Spends on a Child Annually?

The financial figures vary from website to website.

However, one website indicates that nearly $13,000 is spent annually per child in the average American household.


You Can Do It

Students and their families are consumers and have a need or enjoy certain business products or services that can be offered.

By doing one’s research and developing a plan of action, a business can present those services and products with the student and families in mind.



Where there is a community of people, there are needs for products and services.

Being near a community of schools or a school is no different and it is just a matter of thinking through what those needs are for this community and making those needs available.

It is all about location, location, location and if you inaugurate a business near schools, with the right product and service available, you are well on your way to enjoying success.

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