There are lots of business ideas for uneducated housewives to earn money, online and offline.

This article looks into 25 of the very best ones for you to consider.



As the old saying goes, “A man works from dawn till setting sun, but a woman’s work is never done.

There is a lot of truth to that saying and the reality is many women put their professional lives on hold while tending to the needs of others.

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This may be a woman’s choice or, if married, a decision made by the couple as part of their life strategy together, or perhaps circumstances have happened that have created this direction in her life.

Despite the reasons, in the present moment, you wish to continue to stay home but earn some money during the day.

Whether you are educated formally or not is not the issue because you have learned and earned your education through practical daily living.

Now you have decided to take on a business within your current situation and earn some money.

True to form you want to do more.

Let us explore some opportunities.


25 Best Business Ideas for Uneducated Housewives 


1. Answering Service

If you have good communication skills (talking and listening), are organized, and enjoy interacting with others you could start an answering service from home.

In the world of business, many professionals are more engaged with the company when they can talk directly to an individual rather than going through a series of telephone prompts to reach the department that they need to interact with.

An answering service provides that element of customer service that is personal, professional and engaging.

Before fully embracing this business idea it would be important to do your research on this business idea by taking to the Internet and fully understanding what an answering service business entails and how to proceed.


2. Food Blog

If you enjoy cooking and experimenting with different recipes, you could start a food blog.

One of the options for your blog could be to try a new recipe, list all of the ingredients and the instructions, and post pictures of certain actions that are taken in the preparation of the recipe and then the final result.

Your blog could also capture your thoughts on the process and ultimately the eating of the prepared food.

As a food blogger, you could concentrate on one aspect as it relates to food.

For example, it could be the creation of desserts, a vegetarian diet, loaves of bread, etc.

After you have researched this possibility, you can create your blogging site by going to a variety of hosting platforms such as Tumbler, Blogger, WordPress, etc.

A practical tip, if pursuing this business option, is that you select a name for your blog that will be easy to remember, easy to spell, and not too long.


3. Online Surveys

A business idea for a stay-at-home woman would be to participate in online survey websites.

The process entails registering with these sites and in your spare time performing the tasks required for pay which could include watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, etc.

Some of those sites include:


4. Pay to Click

PTC or paid-to-click sites pay you for clicking on advertisements and viewing them.

The process does not pay an incredible amount of money, but the actions required are straightforward and can be done in your spare time and provide extra income for yourself and your household.

One of those sites is

As a precaution, many sites are reputable and the opposite is true as well.

If pursuing this business option, it is important to be wary of any scams and not pay out any money from your pocket.


5. Cold Calls

If you are not averse to picking up the phone and talking to someone that you don’t know and asking for their help or support, then possibly being in the business of calling individuals is something that will resonate with you.

There are a variety of jobs or business opportunities for you as an individual with these potential jobs being found on various websites.

Some of those websites could include or

By accessing these sites, you can utilize their search tool to find a position with a call service center.


6. Captcha

You most likely have access to a website where they want to make sure that you are not a robot or a computer.

The verification process usually involves a captcha.

This is a process in which certain elements of a picture need to be identified or moving letters need to be entered correctly into the provided space.

There are many jobs that are available that allow an individual to earn part-time income by being involved in this captcha process.

By conducting a search, you can find these sites but again, as a cautionary note, it is important that the site is legitimate and if asked for money, then you need to move on to the next site.

One such site that is free to join is MegaTypers.


7. Freelance Writing

Another option for a stay-at-home housewife to earn additional income is through the process of freelancing.

If you are a good writer a freelance option to earn money on an ongoing basis is to access a freelance website and search for writing jobs that you can fulfill as a self-employed individual.

On these sites, a number of writing opportunities present themselves.

The pay rate is set by you and jobs after you’ve created a profile, can be researched, proposals made and if accepted you go to work.

Some of those opportunities include:

  • Creative writing
  • Grant writing
  • Technical manual writing

A freelance website for writers is along with many more.


8. Event Planning

Just because you do not have a formal education does not negate the creativity and organizational skills that you have that can be utilized in event planning.

Through your social media websites, you can advertise your skills and experience as an event planner and be hired to plan from start to finish various events.

Those events could include:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Other special events in people’s lives


9. Laundry

If you have a washing machine and dryer, a great business to get involved with is to launder the clothes of others.

The service that you will provide by doing this moneymaking activity would be to:

  • Pick up laundry
  • Launder the clothes
  • Dry and fold the items
  • Return clean and folded clothes the following day

Two of those sites that you can research are and

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10. Social Media

Having a good grasp of the importance and power of social media, you can take on the role of a social media consultant.

You could provide professional and insightful advice to companies and individuals on how to effectively market themselves and their company’s product through social media platforms.

In addition to the viability of using social media platforms to market the product of the business, social media is also critical as it relates to interacting with the customer and providing quality customer service.

As part of your service as a social media consultant, you can also offer to manage their social media platforms as an added benefit with related charges


11. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who is self-employed and provides to a company or an individual various office-related services.

Typically those services include the scheduling of appointments, making phone calls, arranging travel, organization of correspondence including emails, possible light bookkeeping, etc.

The value to the business owner is that the individual that performs these activities is part-time and the employee does not have to worry about paying benefits or other overhead costs as relates to an employee.

The value to you as a virtual assistant is the ability to work from home and work as needed.


12. Etsy

An opportunity that presents itself to go into the retail business is by working with a site such as

As a registered retailer on this site, you can sell items that perhaps you have crafted such as jewelry, graphic design, embroidery, knitting, etc.

In general, any particular hobby or item that you have for sale can be listed on Etsy as they will set up your retail virtual store.


13. Baking

If you enjoy baking, a good business opportunity would be to bake a variety of items and offer them for sale through your social media platforms.

Examples of baked items could include cakes, bread, pies, desserts, etc.


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14. Photography

Your camera can be a great tool for capturing unique photographs and you could be involved in a photography business from your home.

Possibilities of photographs taken could include wildlife in your area, flowers, trees, etc.

Once these photographs are taken, you can approach various websites to see if there is interest in purchasing these photographs for publication.

One such site that considers the submission of photographs for publication is Outdoor Photographer.

Also, you can enter your photographs into various photography competitions and possibly be rewarded monetarily for your patience in capturing that perfect pictorial shot.

One such competition website that rewards the winners with money can be found at


15. Tutoring

If you have a skill or talent that others may wish to learn, you can provide instruction or tutor those individuals.

Examples could be if you are able to play the guitar, piano, sing, dance, etc.

You could provide lessons to others so that they can work on any skills that they have or are wanting to learn.

The potential of earning $25-$35 an hour or more is possible and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Below are some helpful articles on making money tutoring:


16. Proofreading

If you are skilled in reading various documents and narratives and finding grammatical mistakes, misuse of sentence structure, incorrect undulation, etc. you could provide the service of proofreading from your home.

You can conduct an employment search on a website such as and locate any proofreading jobs that can be done remotely.

Or, you can pay a subscription fee and be a member of and they will locate proofreading jobs for you to accomplish and get paid.


17. Upwork

By accessing the website of a number of freelancing opportunities are available that will match your skills and talents.

Registration is free to access this site and once your profile has been created, you can search for a number of jobs that match what you bring to the employment table.

A sampling of some of the employment opportunities could include graphic design, virtual assistant, writing, and more.

Your pay rate is set by you, and you submit a proposal in response to a job opening.

If accepted, you go to work and complete the job within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Payment is made to Upwork and after their 20% is taken the remaining money is transferred to your registered bank account.


18. Graphic Design

If you have a graphic design flair and even if you don’t you can sell your designs through such websites as

You can list these designs and the customer, through your virtual store, can purchase these designs and have them placed on a variety of products.

Some of those products that your graphic design can be placed on include:

  • Coffee cups
  • T-shirts
  • Wallets
  • Purses

If your graphic design process needs touching up, you can go to and this site will assist your graphic design process.


19. Resume Writing

Resumes are still an intricate part of the job application process.

Therefore, if you have an extensive vocabulary that includes power words for inclusion on a resume, then perhaps offering the business and service of creating resumes for an individual is something that resonates with you.

You can advertise your resume service through your social media platforms.


20. Soap Making

A hobby that is gaining interest and is becoming popular is homemade soap.

Through online retailers, you can buy a starters kit and begin the process.

Once you become comfortable with the product that you create, you can experiment using different fragrances and create intriguing packaging designs and begin to sell your soap.

The selling of soap can be done by marketing your product on your social media platforms and selling locally and gaining notoriety through word-of-mouth.

It is important to remember that with any retail business you gain the necessary permits and licenses and collect any sales tax, etc.


21. Candle Making

Another hobby that can be done from home and has business implications is the making of candles.

To learn the process, you can buy a beginner’s kit from a variety of retailers and begin making your candles.

Initially, you can give them as gifts and if they are welcomed by your friends and family, you may realize that this has business potential to it, and then if so, begin turning the hobby into a business.

Also See: How to Get Paid and Earn Money Selling Candles.


22. Catering

Enjoying cooking and having the gift of hospitality perhaps you could consider going into the catering business

You can advertise your business through your social media platforms and to your friends and family.

You can, by considering your time and the ingredients, estimate what the cost would be for each individual and advertise your service of providing these catered meals.


23. Gardening

A green thumb is not something everyone has.

If you enjoy gardening or the growing of plants, you could sell this skill and talent that you have to others.

This can be accomplished by planting the seeds in the small trays provided for plant growth and once the seeds begin to grow, you can sell these fledgling plants to others and get paid for starting the process.

Also, you can do this with vegetables and help individuals with the process of growing their own vegetable garden.


24. Bookkeeping

Many businesses today have outsourced a number of the business functions within the company to freelancers.

One of those business functions within a company is the role of a bookkeeper.

If you are good with numbers, involved with household finances, and are familiar with accounting software, you could advertise yourself as being able to handle the outsourcing of the bookkeeping needs of a company.


25. YouTuber

A fun way to earn money and yet still be at home is the business idea of starting your own YouTube channel.

You could talk about anything on your YouTube channel that you have an affinity or a love for.

You could even talk to other housewives in a similar situation and discuss what you are doing about business ideas how you have gone through the process, what you decided to take on, etc.

The possibility of earning money through this business option would be supported by your followers, gaining a sponsor, or utilizing the affiliate marketing process.

Other Interesting Business Idea Articles To Consider:


Personal Story

We had gone home to visit my brother and his wife during a particular summer when they lived in the Northeast part of Illinois.

Arriving late in the evening and indulging in some small chit chat we soon went to bed and got some rest.

My brother worked for a company that required him to get up early in the morning and by the time he got home we were just waking up from our good night’s sleep.

After breakfast together he indicated that he needed to go to bed and get some sleep for the next night’s shift.

No sooner had he left the room than his wife said that she had to go to work.

With that, we thought we were on our own.

To our surprise, she sat down at the dining room table with the phone in hand along with a tablet, list, and pen, and proceeded to work.

Her work entailed calling various individuals in the community to see if they had any items to donate to sell at a thrift store with the proceeds going to help disabled veterans.


Money Earning Business Ideas for Uneducated Housewives FAQs


What Percentage of Businesses Are Owned and Operated by Women? 

According to Mom Empowerment, 14 million or 43% of small businesses in the United States are fully or partially owned by women.

In addition, one in three of those businesses owned by women are operated by a mom. That percentage or ratio translates into 4.7 million businesses.


What Would Be Some Good Reasons Other Than Earning Money for a Mother to Start a Business?

Some of those reasons could include:

  • Control over their schedule
  • Creating a family business
  • Loss of the job, and, of course, revenue-generating


You Can Do It

As a housewife, educated or not, you already are a successful entrepreneur and running a successful business.

That business is your household, and you are managing the members of the household along with, most likely, the finances along with a variety of other household activities.

Operating another business will be natural for you as you already are successfully managing your current business.



Women are a force to be reckoned with.

Their inability and capability are not only seen in who they are but in what they can do and accomplish once they set their minds on a goal and pursue that goal.

You are a master of juggling your work schedule in managing the home front and when looking to embrace a business idea to make money, you have already laid the entrepreneurial foundation as it relates to being successful.

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