There are certainly business ideas for teachers to make money with, online and offline.

This article looks at 25 of such business ideas to make money as a teacher and tips to help you.



The public education classroom is different today than it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago.

Technology has been a big part of this change as well as the social influences that have impacted both the teacher and the student.

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Sometimes, changes are needed and perhaps a teacher is looking for a new opportunity to use their skillset and experience in other ways to earn money or to increase their revenue.

Heraclitus said, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

Perhaps, you may be considering a change in your life.

It may be through seeking new business adventures or adding a business venture to your existing role and occupation as a teacher.

Change, ready or not, is inevitable.

Someone has said that “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”

Let us, therefore, show areas or potential business enterprises that you as a teacher can be involved with and where to look but, as you will know, being a teacher, it is up to you to determine what you see and decide upon as a course of action.


25 Best Business Ideas for Teachers to Make Money


1. Blogging 

A good way for a teacher to start a side business to supplement their income or make it a full-time enterprise, is to become a blogger.

The theme of your blog could be a variety of subjects. Some of those subjects could include the teaching profession as it is today, the challenges that teachers face, the future of the teaching profession, interspersing some creatively written stories, etc.

The blogging accomplished from a teacher’s perspective would be insightful reading as well as refreshing to hear that particular viewpoint.

Revenue can be generated through your followers and their possible sponsorship, affiliate advertising, or an actual sponsor of the blog site.


2. Online Courses

As a teacher, you’re well aware of the preparing of the syllabus and outlining the course for the students and what they can expect.

As part of this experience, you could create an online course on any particular subject that you feel is part of your strength or something that you feel is needed.

There are a variety of ways that you can list online courses which could include the format of an e-book or by going through an online course offering website.

One such example is


3. Test Preparation 

Particular anxiety and generating action that creates distress amongst students and possibly teachers alike is the testing process.

You could offer your services as a qualified teacher in helping the students in preparation for the variety of subjects that they are in the process of being tested on.


4. Tutoring 

Another great business opportunity for a teacher is to be a tutor.

You can tutor individuals who are challenged by certain subjects and help them to better understand what is being taught.

Your tutoring can be on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.

Also, you can do the tutoring through technology, in person, etc.


5. Music Instruction 

If you are a teacher of a fine arts subject, then you can also provide one on one musical or acting instruction to individuals who wish to excel in their area of passion and skills as it relates to the fine arts.

The fine arts would be defined as music, dancing, acting, etc.


6. eBooks Writing

Another interesting read would be for you to write an e-book.

As far as the subject matter is concerned, you could write about many subjects, autobiography, and talk about your teaching experience and your career.


7. Creating Educational Materials 

There is a variety of educational materials that you as a teacher could create or develop to enhance the educational process for not only the students but teachers as well.

Some of those educational materials for a teacher could include how to create a syllabus, new educational methods that have been utilized and found to be successful, etc.

For the student, you could provide educational materials such as how to better study, ways to read and grasp the content of the narrative better, speed reading, etc.


8. Crafts 

As a teacher you most likely use a variety of methods to teach the student the subject and for the student to be more engaged, interested, and therefore learn.

One of those teaching methods may have been through the use of crafts, and you could explain the use of crafts and indicate to the teacher or teach the student how the craft enhances the particular subject that is being taught.

An example could be using Popsicle sticks and labeling the popsicle sticks as a noun, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

The Popsicle sticks could be used to create a project and the lesson would be how each of the aspects of grammar, as represented by a popsicle stick, are used to construct sentences and paragraphs.


9. Videos 

To make the teaching more engaging and possibly interactive, you can videotape or record educational sessions on your own and then market them to teachers and parents.

You could also promote other videos created by other educators and this is something that can be done in your home setting.


10. Proofreading 

Many creative writers have great ideas that can masterfully weave those stories together for others’ enjoyment and reading pleasure.

However, being a creative writer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have proofreading or grammatical skills.

Therefore, as a side business, you could offer to do proofreading for individuals based on the number of words or number of pages.


11. Freelancing 

Many websites offer freelance opportunities for a variety of individuals.

These job opportunities provided to a freelancer are looking for individuals who have that matching talent or skill.

You could make an application based on your skills and talents that are a good match for you as a freelancer.

Two such websites are and


12. Write Essay 

Given your education and teaching ability, you are most likely familiar with essay writing.

With that in mind, there are several websites available in which, once you pass a series of tests designed to reflect your ability, is the opportunity to write essays for students.

One such website is


13. Ghost Writer 

Many individuals have a great idea for a book but are not confident in their writing ability.

As a teacher, you could provide your service as a writer and ghostwrite their story for them.

Possibilities of getting this type of freelancing employment could be through a variety of freelancing websites with one being


14. Grant Writing 

Another writing option that not-for-profits and other entities look to writers to complete is that of putting together grant proposals.

Given your ability to instruct and teach, you can write quality grants using your logic and persuasive ability to encourage granting entities to consider the agency you are representing to provide financial support.


15. Student Counseling 

As you are well aware, students need guidance and counseling as it relates to their future.

You could provide private counseling sessions to help individuals who are thinking about different career tracks and what it would take to prepare them for that particular career.

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You can research the various career opportunities and help the student to assess whether this is the route they wish to pursue for their future.


16. Researcher 

Being a researcher is a business opportunity in which you are provided with a number of topics and asked to do the appropriate research on that topic.

The research needed can be requested by a student, a fellow educator, a professor, or another entity who needs to have a topic or subject thoroughly researched and a narrative developed on the results of that research.


17. Speechwriter 

There are two aspects to delivering a powerful speech.

One aspect is the individual who articulates the speech and uses the proper tone, inflection, intonation, etc.

However, the other added component of a memorable speech is the individual who can formulate the words by actually writing the speech.

To be a quality speechwriter, you would sit down with the person going to give the speech or those who may be on their staff to find out what the focus of the speech is, the audience it will be delivered to, and what are the key points, etc.


18. Public Speaker 

Public speakers are always in demand.

Many local associations always have a program as part of their meeting.

The speakers that they look for are individuals who have topics that they wish to discuss, current events, or, in your case being a teacher, a possible topic would be what is the future of education?

Ways that you can promote your public speaking ability are through your social media platforms, YouTube presentations, etc.


19. Educational Website 

You could create your business website with the focus being on education,

The website can contain several articles that are relative to today as well as trends in the future.

Also, your website could contain a variety of tools and resources that individuals can utilize.

You could use a podcast that can be listened to through the website or with the listeners downloading the program.

Revenue could be generated by subscribers who would pay a premium to access some of the tools or resources available.


20. Teach Foreign Language 

Many websites utilize teachers to instruct others on how to speak English.

These teachers must generally have a bachelor’s degree or a certificate that allows them to teach English as a second language.

One of the websites that one can utilize to teach students in foreign countries is


21. YouTuber

Another powerful platform that you can use to earn money through your business would be to create a YouTube channel that features you as a teacher and demonstrates your skills and talents.

There can be many videos that you can produce covering a broad range of subjects that you are comfortable teaching.

Money can be made through YouTube when your subscribers pay additional money to gain access to other features within the YouTube presentation or gain a sponsor.


22. Consulting 

A business role that you could take on is the role of consulting.

You could distinguish yourself as a problem solver and observe the teaching process of interaction between the students and teacher.

As a consultant, you would observe and offer any recommendations based on your experience.

Also, a teacher would be a good consultant to bring into the business boardroom as it relates to teaching the employees about teambuilding, etc.

Your focus would not necessarily be on techniques or action items but more on interacting based upon your experience as a teacher and bringing a class of different and unique students together to create a functioning classroom.

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23. Counseling

Teachers are special professionals and no one understands more about the struggles and potential hardships that a teacher may face rather than you.

Therefore, your business could be a support to other teachers who may be experiencing some difficult times, involved in a difficult situation, or need a counseling session to refocus upon their profession.

You could provide this counseling to teachers through your social media platforms and website.


24. College Counselling

College counseling is a significant business as it relates to career choice and for a certain set age set of students.

As a college counselor, you could advise students, and get remunerated for your advice, to help a student select the best colleges that are suited to their skill set, and their career choice is.

You can also assist the student and parents by devising a sample career path for the student and family to achieve their educational goals.


25. Child Enrichment Center 

Children need to get an early head start in their educational journey.

That is why daycares are no longer labeled or act as a daycare but more as child enrichment centers.

The child enrichment center focuses on giving them a head start as it relates to reading and doing simple counting, and math functions.

As a teacher, this would be a great business opportunity for you to be certified as a child enrichment center director and create a child enrichment learning center.

You could create and provide oversight for the curriculum that is followed for children ages 2 to 5.

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Personal Story

During my early teen years, I attended junior high school.

One of my favorite classes was choir.

This class was my favorite for several reasons.

One was that I got to sit next to a young lady that I had a crush on and two, I enjoyed the teacher immensely, despite her sometimes-offensive breath.

I enjoyed singing.

On one occasion a famous musical choir director visited our school, and we had a chance to perform in front of him.

Of course, it was a big event, and the Daily Newspaper was there with a photographer.

The following day on the front page of the paper was this picture of our choir and the choir director speaking to us about music and its importance in our life.

All of the choir members were riveted on what he was saying to us with one exception.

There was one individual who during the moment that the picture was captured took the opportunity to speak to an individual on his left to talk about something that I’m sure was extremely important.

The following morning, I half expected the choir teacher to approach me and ask what was so important that I was talking about that diverted my attention from focusing on this famous musical director.

Fortunately, she didn’t, and I guess she already knew that my punishment was enough due to all of the subscribers of that newspaper, including my family, having already asked that same question.


Money Earning Business Ideas for Teachers FAQs


What is the Average Salary for a Teacher?

The average salary for a teacher varies from state to state.

Nationwide, the average salary for a teacher ranges as low as $14,500 to as high as $53,000


What Causes Teachers to Leave Their Teaching Vocation?

Some of the major issues that cause a teacher to rethink their vocation and possibly leave include:

  • Lack of supportive leadership
  • Lack of high-quality learning resources
  • Minimal professional development processes
  • Lack of time for collaboration with other teachers
  • Student behavior
  • School climate


You Can Do It

Teaching is a noble profession.

However, change occurs and sometimes this change requires an equal reaction in our own lives.

Whether as a teacher, you are looking to change teaching venues or simply looking for other business opportunities to add to your revenue, opportunities abound.



Teachers are those individuals or experiences that tell us where to look but do not tell us what we see.

The seeing is completely up to us as to how we incorporate that potential learning opportunity.

It is important to remember that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

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