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The word for the day is polygot.

If you don’t know what the actual word means you could take several educated guesses knowing that poly means many but then what does “got” mean?

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Perhaps you know or perhaps not but the actual definition of the word polygot means a multilingual individual.

Many famous and not-so-famous individuals are multilingual and can speak a variety of languages.

However, did you know that the Guinness Book of Records has given the honor of the most languages read and spoken to an individual by the name of Ziad Fazah.

He holds the record of being able to read and speak 58 languages.

Being able to communicate with others in their native tongue is a wonderful achievement and fosters the exchange of ideas and cultures, especially in today’s world where it seems that the global community is drawing closer and closer together.

In addition to languages spoken between human beings is the ability to speak languages that communicate with machines.

A case in point is the software engineer who can speak “computerese” and communicate with machines and technology to make these creations more meaningful in our lives.

This knowledge and ability will serve software engineers well especially if they are looking at the best business ideas to make money.


25 Best Business Ideas for Software Engineers


1. Medical Software

There are many components involved to ensure that the medical treatment of an individual is maximized.

The components of treatment include preventative medicine, actual treatment, the various diagnostic tests that are conducted, ongoing treatment, etc.

Another important aspect of providing quality medical care is the capturing of all of the medical information pertinent to the patient.

Medical software will be an important component and tool to capture this information and monitor and continually care for the individual.

As such, a great business prognosis idea for software engineers is the development of quality medical software with continual revisions and updates.

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2. Social Media

Social media will only continue to grow and be an integral part of not only an individual’s life but in the world of business.

More and more businesses are realizing the power of engaging their customers not only to interact with them on a conversational level but in marketing and sales.

Social media programs and the continual development of such platforms will be a constant for software engineers.


3. Time Tracking

The employment world is rapidly transforming to the point where individuals may continue to work at a particular workplace or take advantage of remote working possibilities.

Therefore, the development of quality software as it relates to tracking an employee’s time will continue to expand and grow.

Another added dimension to the employment world is the services provided by freelancers.

For both the freelancer and the individual contracting with the freelancer there will be a continual need for the tracking of a freelancer’s time and submission of this time through software programs in order to be remunerated.


4. Language

Although the world has not changed geographically or as measured in distance, through technology, the world, and the various nations and cultures are drawing closer and closer together.

As a result, it is important that communication between individuals and businesses be constantly upgraded and facilitated.

Therefore great opportunity as it relates to software development is the use of translation software as we learn each other’s language and interact with each other at all levels.


5. Customer Relationship

As technology continues to be an important element and function in the lives of people and businesses today, there is still a need to interact with customers.

That interaction with customers requires the development of customer relationship software which can include chatbots, instant messaging, emails, etc.

The challenge will be to utilize technology but somehow personalize this technology to avoid the relationship from being sterile and matter-of-fact.


6. Invoicing

A significant part of a business’s operation is invoicing to the customer after the service has been provided.

Many businesses today still rely on generating paper statements that request payment.

An opportunity for a software engineer would be to streamline this process and fully use electronic means of delivering the invoice to the customer and through the same tech knowledge facilitate the payment of the invoice for the services rendered.


7. Food and Grocery Inventory

An opportunity for the development of software in the inventory of items that are stored will always need upgrades and added functionality brought to the inventory process.

Although, attention will need to be given to food and grocery inventory, the same software development and product needs to be brought to all businesses to ensure the proper accounting of items that are stored for consumer and customer use.


8. Business Communication

Due to the recent pandemic, a great experiment was conducted that relied heavily upon employees working from home or remotely to complete their job roles and description.

As this seems to have been a success, it would appear that businesses will continue to utilize this working model for productivity from their staff as well as in the various businesses.

Consequently, as this process continues, the need for efficient communication will need to be enhanced and possibly reworked in order to maintain that communication level needed between the employee working from home and other employees as well as leadership.


9. Travel

Personal and business travel, despite the technological advances to communicate long distances, is still a critical component of personal and business interaction.

A business opportunity to explore as a software engineer would be the creation of a program that crosses all forms of transportation and facilitates the travel needs of the customer and the carrier.

Potential functionality could include price comparisons, checking in, baggage claim, a reflection of a traveler’s itinerary, communication about possible delays, etc.

This type of software would not only enable the various carriers to provide better customer service but maximize the travel arrangements and investment of both the individual and business traveler.


10. eLearning

As part of the remote process of interacting with others, another component of this functionality is e-learning or teaching others without the need for the presence of either individual.

As a software engineer, you can continue to work on the importance of e-learning software and further empower and facilitate this remote option of utilizing e-classrooms.

A variety of subjects can be taught through e-learning which could include the teaching of an instrument, learning a language, studying a particular subject, etc.

The software can be all-encompassing in facilitating this teaching process and provide various tools and resources to both the student and the teacher alike.


11. Audio to Text

A powerful software that is significant and used now but certainly can be modified and become more effective is audio to text software.

As a startup company, you could develop a new software program that will become more refined as it takes what is spoken by a computer or device user and translates that audio into a word processing document or other software.

Although most smartphones have a built-in microphone in which words can be spoken and will be captured in a document or search bar, the process certainly can be refined and specific software can be created to enhance the audio to text possibilities with an individual’s smartphone.


12. Security

It seems that there is an ongoing battle between “bad actors” wishing to obtain an individual’s or business’s customer information from their servers.

An entry into the system can be discovered by a “hacker” and then a solution will be created and then the process starts again.

If a new virus or malware is introduced and unwittingly, a user will allow access for that virus or malware to become part of their computer system.

With all of this in mind, a great business idea would be the creation of security software that can distinguish itself from the rest of the security software packages available on the market today.


13. Web Design

Web design is still an important component of the successful operation of any business.

A business’s webpage is the ultimate destination that a business wishes to bring its customers or potential customers to learn about the services or products offered, contact the company, learn about the company, and order products.

Therefore, a good business venture for a software engineer would be the service of providing an engaging quality webpage, that provides all of the important information and is user-friendly.


14. 3D Printing

One of the more cutting-edge business opportunities, at this point, is the utilization and possibilities of having a 3-D printing company.

The process involved with a 3-D printer is the making of three-dimensional solid objects that are created from a digital file.

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The process involves layer after layer of material formulated and built together to create that object.

As part of your business idea, you can provide 3-D printing but also develop software to enhance the 3-D printing process.


15. Laptop Accessories

As a software engineer, it is safe to assume that your whole line of work or your profession is intricately woven around technology and the use of computers and laptops as well as other technology devices.

Perhaps, in your working on software programs, you may have thought that having a feature added to the laptop or some other added dimension would simplify your work.

The possibility then of working on these various accessories as it relates to the use of a computer or laptop, could then be a business that you can develop once you modify that accessory, test, apply for a patent, and then mass-produce that item for other computer users.


16. IT Consultant

Many companies and even individuals wish to fully maximize their use of technology within their workplace or at home.

A business idea for you as a software engineer would be to take on the role of an IT consultant.

Your job would be to observe the present technology within the various venues, observe the use of the technology by the individual or employees, evaluate all of the technical processes, and then make recommendations.

Some of your recommendations could include upgrades to the system, installation of different types of software, training for the staff, etc.

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17. Tech Blogger

An explosive business idea for a software engineer would be the creation of a tech blog.

As an expert in this field, your blog could tackle a number of IT and software-related topics.

Some of those topics could include a review of the latest software utilized in a variety of different areas (business, entertainment, investing, etc.), simple fixes or tips that can be provided to enhance the use of technology, a review of the latest laptops or technology devices released, etc.

This would be an extremely interesting blog especially coming from an individual who could be considered an authority on these items.

Revenue could be realized through your support from your followers, affiliated advertising, as well as possibly gaining a sponsor.


18. Mobile Apps

As a software engineer, you are likely well acquainted with the creation and use of mobile apps.

You could provide a mobile app service in which your company works with other companies in the development of an app to be utilized by their customers to have a better experience with the company.

An app is an added dimension that a company provides to its customers and is often an indicator of its commitment to quality interaction with its customer base.


19. Tutor

As a computer software engineer, your vast knowledge as it relates to computers and software would be in great demand.

As part of an entrepreneurial enterprise to meet that demand for experienced software engineers, you could provide tutoring services.

This tutoring service can be through a website such as or possibly you could create your own software program to provide teaching insights and instruction to others in this field of software engineering.


20. Tech Writing

As part of your education and experience as a software engineer, you are well acquainted with the technical aspects of creating software.

Therefore, you could put this vast knowledge to good use through technical writing.

A tech writer is an individual who communicates to others about the technical or specialized aspects of subjects such as software.

The role of the tech writer is to communicate the technical aspects of the software and its functionality as well as provide instructions on how to do something or utilize that particular software.


21. Database Management

Database management is the process of collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing an organization’s data so it can be utilized to make informed business decisions.

This is a business idea that as a computer software engineer you can provide to businesses.

This service is especially helpful to individuals who do not have a full-time team to handle their data and therefore can be outsourced to a company to provide this service.

The benefits to the company would include minimal cost.

The service provided by your database management company would be to detect, monitor, respond, investigate, and resolve any of the company’s database support needs.


22. Data Recovery

Data to a company is valuable and therefore needs to be protected.

An opportunity as a software engineer is to create a data recovery company.

A data recovery company will be able to access and recover information from various sources that are not accessible through standard or normal means.

A data recovery business will also be able to restore corrupted data as well as data that has been deleted due to a variety of reasons such as mechanical or physical damage experienced by the storage device.


23. YouTuber

Another engaging platform that many individuals would find interesting is for you to create a YouTube channel.

The channel could be defined as anything technology and you could provide a video presentation on review of various products, newly released software, games, etc.

Also, you could provide premium content which would require an individual to subscribe to your channel and pay a subscription fee to access that content.


24. Computer Setup

Many companies do not have the luxury or the budget of having an in-house IT department with staff.

Therefore, when software or technology upgrades are indicated, a business opportunity for you as a software engineer would be to be part of that upgrade process.

Your business would be to contract with the company and provide such services as suggesting software packages to invest in, installing software, modifying as needed, etc.


25. Gaming

Gaming is a big industry.

As a software engineer perhaps you have an idea for creating or developing a game that will resonate with the gaming community.

Another possibility is that you could partner with an individual who can bring the creativity or idea together with your knowledge of programming.

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Personal Story

While working with a not-for-profit that responds to local and national disasters, I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana after a large hurricane hit the area and subsequently flooded certain parts of the city.

After an especially long day, I went to one of the restaurants to relax a little bit and enjoy some of that famous New Orleans food.

Walking into the restaurant I’m sure I was greeted warmly but from that point forward, I didn’t understand a single word that the host was communicating to me.

Fortunately, the individual that was with me simply answered yes, and we were then escorted to a table within the restaurant.

I could tell by the inflection of their voice that they were asking me a question but to this day I still do not understand what was being asked of me.

I don’t know if I was tired, or whether the dialect or the accent threw me off but I did not understand a single word that they had said.

I needed an interpreter.

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Money Making Business Ideas for Software Engineers FAQs


What is Involved to Become a Software Engineer?

To become a software engineer requires:

  • Enrollments in a program that offers a degree
  • Gain experience through an internship
  • Select your specialty
  • Be certified
  • Continue learning


What is the Average Salary for a Software Engineer?

The average salary for a software engineer is $98,500.


You Can Do It

As a software engineer, one of your primary roles is to be a translator or communicator.

This communication can occur from computer to computer or computer to the user and vice versa.

Your role in the technology world is critical and if looking to start an enterprise, the realm of technology is your high-powered processor.



For the most part, our world is dependent upon communication.

We communicate with family, business associates, friends, etc.

Another critical component of the communication process is our interaction with technology.

For many of us, we do not speak the language of computers and therefore depend upon translators or communicators that can help us in that process.

A software engineer is one of those translators.

They provide a number of services that we appreciate and their role in technology land are paramount to productivity whether they are employed by others or venture out on their own by embracing various business ideas.

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