There are certainly business ideas for Programmers and Developers to make money with, online and offline.

This article looks at 25 of such business ideas to make money as a Programmers and tips to help you.



There is a game that we used to play with our church youth group that kind of broke the ice and would help the young people to get to know each other and become comfortable.

The game entailed someone whispering a phrase to the next person and then that person would then whisper that same phrase or close to what was being expressed to the next person and so forth.

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By the time it reached the 6th or 7th person at the end, the original phrase that was said was completely different than what was expressed.

Language is important and if there is no proper communication, then the instruction or the communication can get garbled and can be miscommunicated which, in some cases, can be disastrous.

So it is a computer programmer who can take the designs created by software developers and turn that design into a language or instructions that the computer can follow.

A computer programmer is an individual who is a translator of instructions so that there is understanding for the computer to operate effectively and n the way that it was intended to be.

As it relates to instruction, there are several jobs that a programmer can be involved with that will translate into additional money or a new business.


25 Best Business Ideas for Programmers to Make Money


1. Blogging 

There is a great interest in anything technology.

One of the ways that individuals can learn about new technology and what it can bring to the avid computer user is through blogs.

As a programmer, you can set up your blog and talk about anything and everything as it relates to computers and new advances.

Also, you could write reviews of new tech products that you have sampled and provide an honest review of how the technology performed.

Revenue would come through your supporters as well as affiliate advertising and possibly gaining a technology sponsor.


2. Web Development

A lucrative business that you could be involved with is the actual setting up of websites.

Often, these sites need coding that needs to be written for the web pages to be visually stimulating and engaging.

You can start your own web development company and utilize your particular website to be the best marketing piece for what you can do.


3. 3D printing 

3-D printing is becoming very popular and affordable.

Now would be a good time to take advantage of people’s interest in looking at investing in 3-D printers.

As part of your business or the main aspect of your business, you can carry an inventory of 3-D printers ranging from the basic to the top of the line.


4. Consulting 

Many larger businesses have their own IT department.

This is not necessarily so for a smaller business.

Therefore, a possibility of being of service to smaller businesses and providing revenue for yourself is to be an IT consultant.

Companies would request your services to do troubleshooting, install new software, make suggestions on how to better streamline their technology processes, etc.


5. Software 

As a programmer, you are well aware of how software functions and the various aspects of coding that need to be written for the software to function as intended.

Two options of software development as a business opportunity could be to troubleshoot software or glitches within the program or develop your software to meet a particular technology need in a segment of the community.

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6. Cleaning 

Being an expert as it relates to knowing your way around a computer, you understand that computer systems can get bogged down or for a variety of other reasons do not function as rapidly and efficiently as they once did.

A possible business opportunity would be to provide a computer cleaning service in which you go into the various systems and maximize the efficiency of the computer once again by “cleaning” the computer from a variety of negative circumstances that can adversely affect the computer’s operation.

Some of those items could include bugs, viruses, malware, etc.


7. Mobile App 

There is still an ever-increasing demand from businesses for the development of apps that promote their businesses and enhance the service to the customer.

You could market and provide your business and service as a developer of apps that are designed to meet the business needs as it relates to the engagement of the customer.


8. Technical Writer 

Along with the development and use of software and technology is the need to capture the various steps taken in the development process.

This information can be produced in written form and available to others so that they are also familiar with any of the processes involved.

Therefore, an aspect of a programming business would be the provision of technical writing.


9. Refurbisher 

Given our limited natural resources, a great way to earn income would be to provide the service of refurbishing computers.

Rather than an individual buying a new computer, they could buy a refurbished computer from you.

The computer would be cleaned, assessed, repaired as necessary, etc.

Therefore, rather than a customer buying a new device, they can buy a refurbished one that can be classified as good as new.

Also, you could buy outdated technology items and “mine” these items for parts that can be sold for a profit.


10. Tech Rental

Sometimes, individuals just don’t have the financial resources to buy technology or only need the technology for a short timeframe.

A business opportunity then would be to have a variety of technology devices available that an individual can rent for a short period.


11. Repair

Many technology devices are modularized in that if a certain aspect of the device stops functioning it can be replaced by swapping out a module or board of the computer for the one that is not working.

Sometimes, it may not be worth the time and effort due to the extent of the damaged item but in some instances, the computer can be repaired to a fully functioning device once again.

Therefore, you could offer a business service of determining whether a nonfunctioning device is worth repairing or not, and offering a repair service if it is economically feasible.


12. YouTuber

A computer programmer would certainly be a draw through the YouTube platform if an individual is struggling with an aspect of their technology.

Through your YouTube platform, you can evaluate new technology or software, but also include a component in which your followers can ask a particular question and your answer can be captured through a YouTube presentation.

Revenue can be generated if more specific and technical questions are answered and provided through a paid subscription.


13. Tutor

Most individuals are not only interested in technology but have a heavy reliance on its use.

As part of the interest, individuals want to learn more and as a computer programmer, this will provide you an opportunity to teach.

By offering the service of being a computer programmer tutor, you can instruct people about programming, the basic and intermediary aspects of technology, etc.

Your tutoring can be done online, through teleconferencing options, and a tuition fee or tutoring fee would be required


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14. Computer Setup

Many individuals or companies know the value of technology and want to integrate a system for their own personal or business needs.

As a computer programmer, you can offer the service of computer setup for both businesses and residential.

This would involve the use of Bluetooth, the Internet, wireless devices, etc.

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15. Game Developer 

As a computer programmer, it may be a professional extension of your expertise in the development of games.

You could write a program for new games or modify program code for old games to “spice up” the experience for the gamer.


16. Computer Store 

A business opportunity as a computer programmer would also be in the area of retail.

Sometimes, technology that is offered for sale is sold by a sales rep with possibly limited knowledge about the product.

As a computer programmer, selling technology, it seems that it would be a greater level of trust and validation brought to the selling of the item because of your technological learning and experience.

Therefore, you could open a computer store and market that store as selling items that have the “computer programmer stamp of approval.”


17. Reselling Domains 

There is money to be made in purchasing domain names.

Once these domain names are purchased, you wait as an investor waits when they have placed money into an investment vehicle to earn money.

At some point in time, you are trusting that a domain name is going to be needed by someone and you are the owner of that name.

If this occurs, you then can sell the domain name for a profit.


18. SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is the writing that is done with the intent of anticipating what service potential customers are seeking.

The writing on a company’s website should anticipate these searches being conducted and incorporate or saturate their writing of the webpages utilizing these words.

Therefore, when an individual searches on these words, your particular business is revealed or populated on the customer’s computer screen.

You can assist your customer’s understanding of this process and help them with the SEO process.


19. Newsletter

As an experienced and knowledgeable computer program, you could create your newsletter.

This newsletter could be in great demand.

It will inform the readership about new technology or technology trends.

It could also be an instructional newsletter to teach some concepts about computer programming.

Also, the newsletter could be an opportunity for the readership to ask questions and you as an authority can respond to those questions.

The newsletter can be provided both electronically as well as hardcopy and value-added content could be received by paid subscribers.


20. Social Media

Social media platforms are a popular and powerful way for individuals to communicate and express their personalities in several ways.

Some of those social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

At one time or another, these social media platforms were just an idea but have gained and grown in popularity.

As a possible business enterprise perhaps, the next explosive social media platform will be created by you.


21. UX Service Provider 

UX or user experience is a service in which a process is provided to help businesses increase the functionality of various products and more rewarding to those individuals who use those products.

Aspects of enhancing a product would include:

  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Visual appeal
  • Etc.


22. Database Management

Database management is simply providing a system designed to organize collected data that is stored electronically.

Smaller databases can be stored by utilizing a filesystem while larger accumulations of data can be hosted on computer clusters or utilizing file storage.

As a computer programmer, you can be involved in the service of database management for businesses.


23. Data Recovery 

Unfortunately, bad things happen not only to people but to technology.

One of those evil things that can happen as it relates to technology and involves computers is to have a hard drive crash.

After the initial panic has set in from the computer user, they then are concerned about retrieving all of that important data.

A business opportunity for you as a programmer would be involved in providing a service for data recovery.


24. Web Hosting 

Web hosting is the service in which a business house, serves and maintains files for many websites.

Because of your expertise in computer programs, this would be a natural service opportunity in providing web hosting for a variety of companies.


25. Reselling 

For a variety of reasons, people sell their technology.

The technology may still be current and usable or may be outdated but still can be used effectively.

As a computer programmer, you can set up a reselling business in which you purchase these items at an agreed-upon cost and then resell the items to individuals at a markup.


Personal Story

The caregiver that I have come in and watch my wife once a week is from a different country.

Often, I will say something that is an expression in the English language that sometimes is not able to be translated and she will ask what does that mean?

At times it’s humorous because it’s just an expression and usually said in appreciation of all that she is doing or just part of a small talk conversation.

Although, it does underscore to me the importance of communicating with her properly so that she understands and I understand that the care that is being provided to my wife is followed and that I understand as well, what she is indicating to me that may or may not be going on with my wife.


Money Earning Business Ideas for Programmers FAQs


What Do You Need to Be a Computer Programmer?

A computer programmer will have obtained a degree in computer science, mathematics, information technology, or other related acumen.

Often, a computer programmer can find a fairly good job with just an associate degree but often, a potential employer looks for a computer programmer who has earned a bachelor’s.


What is the Average Pay for a Computer Programmer?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2020, the median salary for a computer programmer is $95,640 per year.


You Can Do It

It’s good to speak another language especially as it relates to understanding what is being said.

Such is the role of a computer programmer in translating instructions to the computer for full computer operation.

As a computer programmer, this translates into opportunities for you to earn additional money.



There are a variety of languages and even dialects that are spoken in this world.

To understand others effectively, there needs to be an understanding of that language and often, when the same language is not spoken there needs to be a translator.

A computer programmer is a translator as it relates to computers understanding what is required and how the proper functioning of the computer is enabled and performs optimally.

As a computer programmer, your technical know-how is in great demand and also provides you an opportunity with other great possibilities in earning additional revenue through a variety of businesses.

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