Yes, there are several business ideas for men who want to make extra money easily.

This article reveals many of the best such business ideas that can make you money easily.


Why Business Ideas for Men?

Regardless of whether an individual is a male or female, their desire to start their own business and begin their journey on the successful road of entrepreneurship is an exciting passage.

Not only will they be fulfilling their dreams and earning a living at something that they are passionate about, but they will be mightily contributing to the overall financial stability of America.

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That do to the fact and reality that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

Perhaps, to stimulate a man’s thinking about potential ideas about company products and services it may be helpful to list a few of those ideas.

In addition, to those that are listed, other ideas may be generated through this process.

Let us proceed to list a few of those possibilities and indicate as to why they may rock a man’s world is moving towards starting a business.


Personal Story

We were challenged by our pastor in that we had committed to raising $5,000 towards supporting missionaries in the mission field.

The pastor did a presentation and tried to elevate our awareness of what the missionaries were facing and their commitment to serving others.

After the presentation, the challenge presented by the pastor was that he gave us each $25 with the instruction that we would use that money to create something and then in turn sell that item and raise money through that initial investment towards our goal of $5,000.

Then reinvest that money earned to earn more money.

In essence, he tried to share a vision and gave us the tools and resources needed, and then it was up to us to provide the energy to make that goal happen.

When it was all done and said, the $5,000 goal was met but even more importantly, a realization amongst the church members about innovation, creating ideas, and being inspired to have that vision fulfilled by our mission.

In essence, the vision plus the mission had made us fellow missionaries.

Here are some ideas for your entrepreneurial mission field.


20 Best Business Ideas for Men to Make Extra Money


1. Men’s Journal 

How about creating a website that contains several articles that are designed to help inspire and provide practical advice to men in different areas of their life?

You could write or have others write your articles.

Examples could include embracing a healthy lifestyle, how to use certain power tools, simple repairs on the car, an advice column on relationships, etc.

Some of the articles could be accessible to everyone and you could also offer premium content that would require a subscription to the website.

This would be a great way to rock the lives of other people.


2. Landscaping

If you have a pickup truck and a few basic gardening tools, you could start a small landscaping business for your neighbors or sphere of influence.

A rocking business that deals with rocks, flowers, shrubbery, and more.

As you continue to grow the business and increase your customer base, the revenue could be invested back into the company and additional equipment could be purchased so that larger landscaping contracts could be acquired.


3. Blogging 

Blogging is a great way of fulfilling your passion if you have a particular subject or topic that you are well versed in.

This job would rock in that you could talk about relationships.

You could be a male Ann Landers or Dear Abby and offer advice on how to handle difficult situations.

This would be particularly enjoyable if you can offer advice and use your keen sense of humor or wit to make it completely entertaining as well as helpful and informative.


4. Computer Networking 

The world of technology rocks and available devices is ever-increasing.

A great business would be to capitalize on America’s love for their technology devices by offering to service these items, replacing broken screens, networking setups, basic setups, etc.

This may be particularly a lucrative business in that the population continues to age and the desire of those aging individuals in maintaining communication with their loved ones through technology will be on the rise.

Your personalized computer setup services could enhance those opportunities for families to stay in touch despite the distances separating them.


5. Painting 

Homeowners are always looking for private businesses that can rock their personal lives through the remodeling, repairs, or painting of their homes.

A great business opportunity would be a painting business in which you can provide for the painting needs of a homeowner or landlord.

Of course, before starting this type of business, one would need to ensure that they have the proper licensing, insurance, equipment, etc.

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6. A Man in a Pickup 

Another great idea if you own a pickup is to advertise yourself as an “A man and his pickup.”

This literally could be a “rock and roll business.”

The business would specialize in doing a variety of odd jobs for individuals in which the use of your pickup truck would play a major role in being successful.

Examples of jobs that would require a pickup could include the hauling away of trash, debris, or other items that are no longer needed at any workplace or home.


7. Coaching

Many men have a special love and skill set when it comes to sports.

Therefore, if you have distinguished yourself as a sports enthusiast and successful athlete, you can privately tutor the children of families who wish to build on the skills of their children.

For example, you could provide individualized teaching of the game of baseball to a younger person, the playing of soccer, basketball, etc.

This career would rock because you could provide the fundamentals or foundational rock of future sport’s stars.


8. Mobile Car Detailing 

Americans have a great love affair with their vehicles.

These vehicles could be motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, etc.

As part of this love affair, vehicle owners want to make sure that the vehicles that they drive are outwardly and inwardly clean as well.

Therefore, a possibility of a career move would be to own a mobile car detailing company.

As the provider of this service, you would ensure that the car is cleaned both inwardly and outwardly through hand detail washing and a power washer.

This career path would rock because our rides rock.


9. Freelance Writer 

Another business endeavor or idea is to be a freelance writer.

Many men are creative and can capture that creativity in their writing.

You can work through several online websites, or you could create your own freelance writing business.

For example, if you love the world of sports, this job will rock because you could write about Rocky, Rocky Marciano, or The Rock Dwayne Johnson.

Below are some helpful articles on ways to earn extra money writing:


10. Personal Trainer 

If you enjoy taking care of your physical body and wish to share your success in maintaining the health of one’s body with others, then perhaps being a physical trainer is for you.

This can be especially true if perhaps you were overweight or underweight and chose to educate yourself, eat properly, and exercise properly to bring yourself up to peak physical condition.

A possibility of breaking into this type of business would be to land a job at a health club and start to advertise yourself, with the permission of management, your availability as a personal trainer off-site.

The rocking aspect of a personal trainer would be the development of rock-hard bodies.

Read this detailed article for more ways of making money in the fitness industry.

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11. Handyman 

Homeownership is a basic dream of many Americans.

However, keeping up one’s home and tending to needed repairs can often be expensive and be on the expertise of the homeowner.

Therefore, homeowners are quite often in the market for a handyman.

A handyman can do several things around the home that can be accomplished successfully and professionally without paying exorbitant costs.

Examples of what a handyman could do include refinishing cabinets, replacing motors or seals on a dishwasher or refrigerator, fixing a leaking toilet, etc.

The job or career of a handyman rocks because they are just so handy.


12. Cleaning Business 

A great business for the energetic man is to form a cleaning business.

To reduce the high cost of employment, many businesses outsource their cleaning needs to local businesses.

The tools required would include basic cleaning supplies as well as other power cleaning equipment.

Those pieces of equipment could include a floor buffer, carpet shampooer, and steam cleaner to name a few.

Operating a cleaning business may not be a “rock”et science but it is important to the business to operate within a clean environment.


13. Event Planner 

Activities that are planned, organized, and conducted are known as special events.

These special events not only promote a business but also help to raise operational funds for a variety of not-for-profits.

This presents itself as an opportunity for an individual who is organized, energetic, and talented to provide leadership for these special events.

A sampling of those special events could include golf tournaments, concerts, tournaments, etc.

This job rocks because rock concerts may be in the offering.


business ideas for men


14. Carpentry 

An occupation that has great value is a carpenter.

These artisans are creative in working with wood and making wooden objects that are rock solid.

This value of the carpentry profession would be an ideal career opportunity for that individual who enjoys working with wood, takes pride in their profession, and is skillful at what they do.

The possible opportunities that a carpenter may be called upon to perform include cabinetmaking, creating furniture, providing repairs for wood products, etc.

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15. Voice Over 

An industry that is always on the lookout for rich male voices or other unique characteristics of a man’s voice is by providing voiceovers.

This job entails the use of a man’s voice in helping to make various videos or audio presentations.

These presentations can be through YouTube, radio spots, or other venues in which an announcer or voiceover talent talks about the product.

This job of providing voiceovers rocks because it utilizes one of the most personal assets that an individual has.

A website that an individual can log on to in order to see what sort of voiceover opportunities are available is through the job network of UpWork.

To log on to this site, register, and look for possible opportunities click here.


16. Life Coach 

A great career opportunity to interact with other men on a professional level, help mold and be an agent of change is by being a life coach.

A life coach will come into their customer’s life and help them through a variety of challenges in their life.

Some of those challenges could be career challenges, relationship challenges, physical fitness challenges, etc.

The role of a life coach is to motivate an individual and give them tools that they can practically utilize to help them on their journey of becoming a man or being a man.

A life coach would be a rock for their customers.


17. Debt Counselor 

If you have experienced some significant debt issues in your own life, then a perfect opportunity to teach and counsel others is by being a debt counselor.

This individual will work side-by-side with their customers in devising a budget, working on a plan to pay off any debt, utilizing tools that will increase the individual’s awareness of the importance of financial management, and much more as it relates to personal finances.

This job would be rewarding, beneficial and rocks by serving individuals who find themselves under the financial rock of debt.


18. Bookkeeping 

It is also important to remember that there is a need for office and business skills as well that can be provided by independent contractors.

One of those skills can be a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper is the bedrock of any business.

With the advancements in technology and the various software applications available, this position can be done remotely.

This would be a perfect match between an individual who comes with those skills of being precise, enjoys working with numbers, and data entry, etc. with an employer who is looking to outsource this function within their business.


19. Bicycle Repair 

As America continues to be more and more health-conscious and cities are recognizing that designated areas need to be outlined for bicyclists, a growing profession is in the area of bicycle repair.

An individual wishing to become a bicycle repair expert can either set up their shop at a physical location by renting or building or can go to the customer by offering a mobile bicycle repair service.

An individual pursuing this career path would be well versed in knowing about various types of bicycles.

Those types of bicycles will include racing bicycles, mountain bikes, regular street bikes, etc.

A bicycle repair provides a rock service that corrects damage that can be caused by rocks.


20. Firearm Safety

If an individual has a passion for the use of firearms, a career opportunity that may present itself is to teach others about the proper use of firearms, following safety measures, and being with that individual as they become more comfortable with weapons and their use.

A firearm safety teacher will be well versed in the use of firearms and come with a background in their practical use as it relates to safety and for self-defense.

This would be a perfect career opportunity for an enforcement officer, previous or current military service member, or gun safety expert.

A firearm safety career rocks so that others are not rocked with the mishandling of firearms.


Men Business Ideas FAQs


What Are the Major Considerations Involving a Startup Business for a Man?

The major considerations that a man should take into account before starting a business is the passion, skills, and experience that the man brings personally to the start-up opportunity.

In other words, is the service or product that is to be provided something that the man is passionate about.

Is this something that he genuinely enjoys and getting paid as a bonus to doing something that he loves?

Also, does he have the skills necessary to be successful, or are they skills that can be learned?

Additionally, does he have the experience or the tools or a plan to follow in being successful? Or is there a plan in place to acquire the needed experience or tools?


Do I Have to Have a Business License?

Most likely.

It is important to check with your local governments in regards to licensing, permits, registering your company, etc.

Also, it is important to acquire the needed insurance.



Most likely you have a gift, passion, and experience that will match what individuals are looking for either online or in your local community.

The only limitations are within your mind and therefore anything is possible.

Rock on!

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