There are indeed business ideas for a lazy person to really make money.

This article reveals 25 of the very best such business ideas for making money.



When you think of a lazy person, thoughts that might come to mind is an individual just sitting around on an easy chair or laying on a couch and not doing anything.

Sometimes these individuals are known as couch potatoes.

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There are those types of people who don’t seem to do anything productive with their day and what energy they do expend is utilized to press down the buttons on the remote control of the smart TV or get up occasionally to raid the refrigerator.

This may be true but when it comes to earning money, being lazy or giving the appearance of being lazy can be an energizing thing.

By sitting around or laying around on your comfortable furniture and giving the appearance of being lazy when in fact you may be energized and earning money.

This is because you are not working hard for your money, but you are making your money work hard for you.


25 Best Business Ideas for a Lazy Person


1. Rent out a Room

A fairly passive way of earning money that doesn’t take a lot of effort is renting out a room.

You could go through a site such as Airbnb and list your room for individuals.

Also, you can list a room to rent through such websites as Craigslist or through social media platforms.

The only caution would be as it relates to renting out a room, is to make sure you do your due diligence in regards to background checks.


2. Rent out a Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that you are not extensively using, you could rent out your vehicle to others.

One such website that you can register at that will do all of the work for you can be found by logging onto


3. Influencer

A significant way to earn significant revenue is by being an influencer.

An influencer is a specialist who is knowledgeable about a certain niche.

That niche could be cosmetics, clothing, shoes, video games, etc.

The influencing process works in proportion to the number of followers you have when you are talking about a particular subject.

When you reach a certain level of influence or popularity, sponsors and affiliate marketers may approach you to be sponsors or to place links on your social media platforms so that those that follow your activity will click on these items or purchase the sponsor’s products.

A professional influencer can earn anywhere from $1500-$8000 a month or more.


4. Laundromat

Individuals and families need to have clean clothes.

A possibility of earning money but not being too involved is through the ownership of a laundromat.

You could buy an existing business that is up for sale, invest in a franchise or simply start your laundromat.

Once the initial setup has been accomplished, the laundromat runs on its own and all that is needed is maintenance work, cleaning, and collecting of the coins utilized to run the machines.

Even then, you can hire someone to do this job for you on a part-time basis.


5. Food Blogger

Even if you classify yourself as lazy, you still need to eat.

You could dine out and blog about your experience through your blogging site and you will gain followers.

Monetization of your blog will come from your followers, affiliate advertising, and even the possibility of getting a restaurant to sponsor your site.

Your blogging can include the eating out experience which would include the presentation of the food, taste of the food, service of the restaurant, etc.

If you are the epitome of laziness, you could always have your food ordered in and your blogging site could be specifically based on eating in and the various restaurants that provide that service.


6. Landlord

If you have the financial resources, you could always become a landlord.

A landlord simply rents out the home to their tenant and every month collects the rent.

Additionally, you could always turn over the management of the rental to a management company that will collect the rent for you and manages the property repair needs as they are required.

Generally, a management company will charge you 10% of the rent to manage the property.


7. Online Shop

If you pass the day away by indulging in a hobby or the creation of a craft, you can always sell these items by going to an online retailer.

Examples of an online retailer could include or where you register as a business and once all of the various hoops have been gone through, the particular site will open up a virtual retail store for you.

You take pictures of the items that you make or produce and wait for the customers to beat a path to your online retail shop.

Also, if you have a flair for doodling while you are indulging in your lifestyle you may think about becoming a graphic artist.

You can upload these graphics to a variety of websites that will post those graphics for you on your store and the customer will purchase the graphic choose an item that they want a place that graphic on and the online store will do everything else for you.

Such a website is

Also, can assist with graphic design.


8. Online Surveys

Many websites will pay you cash or reward you with gift cards for just doing a variety of non-evasive activities.

Some of these activities include taking surveys, playing a videogame, watching a video, etc.

Some of these online survey websites include or

In addition, some of these online survey sites will even pay you for registering as a participant.


9. Software

If you classify yourself as a lazy person an opportunity that you can do from the comfort of your own home is the creation of software.

By creating software, you produce a product that can be utilized by others in a variety of ways.

A popular way of earning revenue would be the development of video games.

Of course, this isn’t just something that you pick up and do but training is required.

You could do training at home through online courses.


10. Freelance

From the comfort of your home or that special chair, you can search a variety of websites that offer freelancing opportunities.

The beauty of these freelancing opportunities is that you don’t need to leave your home, but you can fulfill the job requirements from your favorite couch or easy chair.

Two of those websites include and

On these sites, you simply register, and when your profile has been created, you can start looking for employment opportunities that match your skill and talent.

You can take what jobs you want and indicate your rate of pay.

When you come across a particular job that resonates with you a proposal is submitted including your timeframe needed, and the amount that you are requesting for the job, and submit the proposal.

If accepted, you go to work and within the completed timeframe, you are paid through the website which takes a portion of your earnings for their service.


11. Greeting Cards

As part of your being defined as lazy, perhaps you indulge in imaginative thoughts or daydreaming.

This would be a perfect exercise to utilize to earn money through the development of greeting cards.

If you like to draw that could be a sellable talent or if you like to write the combination or just each separately would be a good opportunity to create a greeting card business.


12. Dessert Box

A new business that is showing promise through its development and popularity is the business of providing a dessert box.

The process has been simplified in that you can even buy the complete kits through online platforms.

Once your products have been created you can easily promote them on your social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

All of this can be done from the comfort of your home.

One particular way in which you can create a dessert box that has all of the needed ingredients would be to go through Amazon and search on DIY bakery kit.


13. Thrift Shop

A business idea is to sort through your closet and identify those clothes that are maybe not fitting as they once did or are outdated.

Gather them together to sell them.

This is a process that can be done at home and can be easily accomplished without much use of energy or involvement.

The items can be photographed and uploaded to a variety of retail online shops in which other customers can shop for these items and if interested can purchase them.

There is a website, that has simplified the process and all you do is contact them and get a prepaid bag or a mailing label and send the company your clothes.

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The staff then handles everything as it relates to taking photographs and providing descriptions.

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14. Rental

The concept behind the rental business opportunity would be to buy various goods that you think that people need and rather than buying those items would rent them from you.

Possibilities of items to purchase would be party equipment such as tables and chairs, building tools, medical equipment such as wheelchairs or patient beds, use of your universal weight set, etc.

Also, you could rent out a particular area in your home that is empty and make it available for people to store extra items.


15. Write an eBook

At first glance, the suggestion of writing an e-book to earn money as a business venture may solicit an initial response of that being too much work.

The reality is that you can hire someone, a ghostwriter, to write the e-book for you.

You would just need to come up with the suggestion and hire this individual through various freelance websites.

Your part would be to have them do an outline, approve the outline, begin the writing of the book, and then just simply review each chapter.

When the approved book is completed, you can transform the manuscript into an e-book by learning how to do this through a website such as


16. Culinary

Perhaps, you enjoy cooking and baking and don’t consider these activities has a significant impact on your physical involvement.

When baking or cooking for your family, why not double or triple the batches and provide various baked goods to others.

Those baked goods could include cupcakes, cakes, pies, fudge, etc.

You could advertise these culinary delights through your social media platform and could even have people pick the items up themselves and not have to leave your home.


17. Blogging

A nonphysical activity and one that can be done from the comfort of your home while sitting on your favorite couch is to blog.

Your blogging site could be set up through a website such as

You can write about anything that you have an interest in.

You could also make the focus of your blogging site the musings of a lazy person looking for business opportunities.

Your followers would find the column educational, interesting, and perhaps amusing.

Also, you can utilize affiliate advertising as well as gain a sponsor to earn money.


18. YouTube

A powerful way to incorporate a business idea if you classify yourself as sedentary or lazy is to take to the YouTube platform.

You could create a variety of YouTube presentations on how to earn money through a business venture even if lazy.

In other words, you could present many video presentations on an ongoing basis that capture all that you are trying to do currently.

Monetization for your YouTube channel could come through fellow sedentary supporters, affiliate marketing, or even possibly acquiring a sponsor for the YouTube platform.


19. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best and easiest ways to make money online is by promoting other products on your various social media platforms and website.

This process is known as affiliate marketing.

When this is accomplished or committed to, you receive a commission on sales that you generate when people click on those links within your site.

The commissions that you receive are typically a certain amount of the sale or a percentage of the sale.

Steps to be involved with affiliate marketing include:

  • Choice of platform
  • Choosing your niche
  • Finding an affiliate program to partner with
  • Create content
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Get clicks on the links
  • And then convert the clicks the sales

The best way to find an affiliate program is by searching online.


20. Resell

An easy way or a lazy person’s method of earning money is to sell a product that has been manufactured by someone else and use a markup strategy.

Specifically, you can buy a product from a local store or retailer and then go online and sell that same product that you purchased at a higher cost.

This is a good way of earning money with little effort and just a matter of doing shopping on your own and keeping your eyes open for sales of items that can be resold on the web.


21. Stock Photos

An enjoyable hobby that you may be involved with is the hobby of photography.

You can take many photos that can be utilized as stock photos.

You then can make money working with stock photo websites and be a contributor.

Each time a photo of yours is downloaded by an individual accessing the website you are provided royalties.

Some stock photo websites include:


22. Drop Shipping

A business idea to earn money in the selling of items is through the dropshipping process.

As a dropshipper, you don’t keep an inventory of items when conducting business transactions.

The product is supplied by the retailer and when the product is sold the retailer packages or dropships the item to the customer.

You are not involved in the selling or purchasing of the product.

Your role is to market the item.


23. Podcaster

A podcast is an informational program in which the host provides quality entertainment or information just as if they were on the radio.

The difference between a podcast and a radio broadcast is that the podcast can be downloaded and listened to repeatedly or at their convenience.

As a business idea for a lazy person, this is a good match because:

  • Creating the content is easy
  • You can work your time frame
  • The increasing popularity of podcasts

Talk about anything that is of interest to you that will resonate with your listening audience


24. Sell eBooks

If you have a large collection of books, you can always set up an eBay account and sell books through this Internet site.

One of the highest producing revenue sources for individuals using eBay is book sales.

Also, you could look online and buy books that are possibly intriguing to you and think that they may resonate with customers.

You could buy those books and then mark them up on eBay.


25. Teach Online

When indicating that a good business idea for a lazy person is to teach online does not imply that teaching is a non-involved process.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When indicating teaching as a good business idea for a lazy person is the delivery of the teaching and the process used.

In this case, from the comfort of your own home, you can interact with your students and teach the various subjects and utilize the available lesson plans.

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Personal Story

The majority of us have a strong work ethic.

This work ethic is one that we most likely learned from our parents and watched them go to work day after day to provide for their families.

Through their example, we were taught that we should be doing and doing to either earn money or make productive use of our time.

That learning for me has resulted in several tools that I utilize to stay active and to prevent me from feeling guilty when I’m not active.

Possibly those same tools are utilized by you which include a to-do list, attending time management seminars, and even setting up a treadmill to exercise while working on the computer.


Lazy Person Money Making Business Ideas FAQs


Who Said That It is Better to Make Your Money Work Hard for You Rather Than the Other Way Around?

Marshall Sylver said, “Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money.”


What Did Bill Gates Say About Lazy People?

Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.


You Can Do It

Perhaps you’re lazy, perhaps you’re not.

The reality is that there are ways for an individual to earn money without having to expend a lot of energy.

You are not lazy if you are earning money because earning implies that something is being done for revenue to be realized.



As Americans and productive workers in general, we have been taught that to get ahead in this world we need to be energized and work hard.

This is admirable and there is nothing wrong at all with this perspective.

However, there are ways to make money passively and one in which an individual may be considered lazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

An individual who earns passive income can truly indicate to others that it is a hard-working process and involves making your money work hard for you.

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