Yes, there are legit business ideas for Instagram users to make money, even if they don’t have too much experience.

This article reveals up to 25 such Instagram business ideas to consider.



When it comes to photographs several locations in the world are photographed more than others.

Specifically, in searching for the most photographed places in the world, the top places include

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  • New York City
  • Paris
  • London
  • Buenos Aires
  • Barcelona
  • Rome

Additionally, when it comes to the most photographed person in the world, the jury is out and there doesn’t appear to be any statistics as it relates to that one photogenic person.

However, there are estimates as to the most photographed group of people.

That statistic reveals that the most photographed group of people are comprised of individuals such as yourself.

The colloquial term for a picture taken of yourself is known as a selfie and it is estimated that 92 million selfies are taken every day.

50% of millennials have posted to their various social media platforms a selfie at least once in their life.

When you boil all of these statistics down, it works out to be 54 hours a year in which individuals take a self-portrait or every seven minutes within the day a selfie is taken.

Consequently, as it relates to social media platforms, selfies are important in not only taking these pictures but in sharing those pictures with others.

One of those social media platforms that concentrate on the sharing of pictures is Instagram.

With this in mind let us look at some of the best business ideas for Instagram users to earn money through this platform.


25 Best Money Making Business Ideas for Instagram 


1. Influencer

An influencer on the various social media platforms is an individual who has a significant following.

Consequently, due to this large following, many individuals will be influenced by what they have to say, what they do, what they purchase, etc.

As an influencer, especially on the Instagram platform, money can be made if the individual uses or allows their site to advertise products or for companies to display their products on the site.

As part of the incentive, these influencers are paid by the companies to make posts about their products and when the followers make any purchases of those products, a personalized code is utilized so that the influencer gets credit and receives a percentage or a certain amount back on the product sale.

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2. Consultant

If you have considerable experience and know your way around the Instagram platform and how to maximize its functionality, you can take on the role of a consultant/manager.

As an Instagram consultant or manager, you can be hired to manage someone else’s account and or provide advice to the client on to utilize the platform more effectively.

The management process will include the consultant working with the client’s customer base, interacting with other companies, and creating and posting content on their Instagram account to help promote and gain additional business through this platform.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another option on how to earn revenue through your Instagram account.

The process involves your posting about a certain product that you enjoy and like to use.

You then can share the link in your Instagram bio or utilize the shopping feature that is available on Instagram.

The circle is complete when a follower will click that link and purchase something.

When that purchase is made a percentage of the purchase price comes back to you as an affiliate revenue-generating marketing commission.


4. Product Review

Through your Instagram account, you can post a product review on your account.

The product reviewed can be anything from food to a cosmetic item, to a technology device.

Typically, the product that you review is a reflection of what you generally talk about on your Instagram account.

This product review then is combined with the affiliate marketing option and works together to produce revenue for you.


5. Photographer

One of the major factors for the popularity of Instagram is not only the ability to take photographs but to share those photos with others.

You can capitalize on this functionality of Instagram by becoming a social media photographer.

The earning of money comes into play when you get together with business owners and take various photos of yourself and others within the business and concentrate on the product that the business offers.

The resulting photo is then posted on your Instagram account and is utilized by the business to market the product they offer.


6. Videographer

As an offshoot of posting photographs on your Instagram account, the popularity of posting short videos is increasing in viewing.

Therefore, as part of your business in promoting your site, attracting new followers, and increasing your opportunities to earn income would be the addition of good videos that you can post to your site.


7. e-Commerce

E-commerce is a powerful way for retailers to promote items for sale to customers and vice versa.

In addition to the buy button on Instagram, another opportunity to promote your store and bring attention to your followers and customers of items you have for sale is to advertise your virtual store on Instagram and directly deal with the customers through the Instagram app.


8. Digital Product

When thinking about selling items on Instagram, it is also important to look beyond just physical products that you can sell.

The other dimension of selling can be the promotion and selling of digitized items.

You can promote and sell on your Instagram account items such as e-books, digitized images, worksheets, checklists, and more.


9. Foodie

In addition to selfies is the opportunity to be involved in foodies.

Rather than take a picture of yourself, you take a picture of the food that you either eat at home or out at a restaurant.

Along with posting the picture, you can write a review talk about the deliciousness of the food, or make a negative comment as well.

Before long, everyone will have joined the foodie party and will be following you and want to read or view your various opinions on restaurant meals.

Part of the monetization of posting pictures of your food is that various restaurants, because of your following, will want to be a part of your Instagram and provide monetary support.


10. Hashtags

Another important action that should be taken as it relates to your Instagram account to increase followers is the utilization of hashtags.

The utilization of hashtags is important because they put content in a particular category and therefore provide a better opportunity for individuals, when searching, to discover your Instagram account.

Individuals looking for interesting Instagram accounts will look through the hashtag feed to see if something catches their attention or sounds interesting.

When they click on that hashtag area they then can be introduced to your postings and if they like what they see they can follow your account.

Generally, the hashtag is followed by a word, or a grouping of words melded together.


11. Organizer

Another way that you can use Instagram to showcase your skills and abilities is to take before and after pictures as it relates to your involvement.

Specifically, if you have organizational skills, you can take a picture of a cluttered area that is either yours or belongs to a customer and then work your magic and organize the area and then take an after picture.

You can post these pictures on your Instagram site and advertise your talent and skill set to do the same for other individuals or to teach them how through your Instagram account.


12. Baking

If you enjoy being in the kitchen and preparing a new recipe or your favorite dessert, why not demonstrate this culinary talent through your Instagram account?

You can post pictures during the preparation and the end product as well as incorporate videos to show the process and how it unfolds.


13. Craft

Another option to promote what you can do and earn money in the process is to demonstrate through Instagram how a do-it-yourself project can come to life.

For example, if you have a love for Legos, you can highlight the putting together of a Legos project on your Instagram account and obtain a following of Legos lovers.

Also, the potential of obtaining affiliate advertising from retail stores that sell Legos or perhaps being sponsored by the Legos company.


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14. Travel

A significant segment of the Instagram platform is about travel.

To reach new customers, tourist agencies work with influencers as well as travel brands to capitalize on their following to attract new customers and travelers to their companies.

You can go traveling, and post pictures, and videos about your various travel experiences in partnership with your affiliate sponsors.

Your number of followers will increase, and your affiliate sponsors will be happy and more revenue generated.


15. Giveaways

Another method to increase the number of your followers and eventually earn more money by being an influencer is by offering giveaways.

To be eligible for the giveaway or the drawing, people will have to follow your account, and to capitalize on this promotion and increase your followers, those that are entering into the drawing would need to utilize the comment section in tagging a couple of friends.

The best giveaways would be from your affiliate advertisers.


16. Hair Stylist

It is also important to keep in mind that your particular profession can be highlighted using your Instagram account.

For example, if you are a beautician or a hairstylist, you can post before and after pictures of various hairstyles that you have created for your customers.

Of course, you would need their permission to utilize those photos.

You could also incorporate various beauty or hairstyle tips as it relates to what individuals can do within their own home to provide a beauty treatment for themselves.

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17. Entertainer

If you are an entertainer, you can use your Instagram account to demonstrate your artistic flair.

For example, if you do standup comedy, you can do a couple of short clips as it relates to telling jokes from your routine.

You could let people know where you are performing, and this will be a good opportunity to promote the comedy club or wherever you are going to be delivering your jokes.

This promotion will not only help your career by to the particular site where the entertainment will occur and help to increase their revenue as it relates to increasing audience size.


18. Graphic

If you are a graphic designer a great way to increase your revenue is to not only talk about your passion for graphic design but also wear some of your clothing that has your graphics on it or while talking drink from a coffee cup that has your graphic design on it as well.

You can also direct potential customers to your virtual retail shop that may be set up on one of the e-commerce websites.


19. Tutor

If you have a talent or skill that other individuals may want to learn, you could use your Instagram account to share short lessons as it relates to tutoring on the subject.

Potential teaching lessons could be guitar playing, piano playing, dance lessons, etc.

You could provide a short enticing clip on how to chord a particular song on the guitar and then indicate that other lessons can be taught more extensively by going to your website or accessing video technology to learn additional music lessons.


20. Coach

If you have an outgoing personality and desire to help individuals work through various aspects of their life, you can use your Instagram account to promote your service as a life coach.

Some of those coaching aspects could be in helping help people be more self-disciplined, set goals, work through relationships, etc.

Through your account, you could provide different tips and tricks as a sampling of what you can provide and then direct people to your website to engage you professionally with more intensive involvement.


21. Meme

A good way of attracting several followers is through the making of memes.

A meme is an image that may be well-recognized or not and can be a picture or image of an individual, a couple of individuals that may seemingly be involved in a conversation or have a unique expression on their face.

The meme maker then inserts a caption on this picture or image.

The caption is usually funny.

For example, a picture of a baby that has a look of anguish on their face with their eyes being on the verge of “bugging out.”

The caption on this meme could read…”That moment (above the baby’s eyes), when you see your boss on the golf course after calling in sick (caption beneath the baby’s chin).”

If you are good at making memes, you can post one of these each day and then instruct others on how to make them. This probably would create quite a following.

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22. Calligrapher

Another unique business opportunity would be if you have the ability as a calligrapher.

Through your Instagram platform, you could instruct others on the art of calligraphy and provide little snippets and tips as a way to entice people to fully engage in the instructional opportunity by going to your website and subscribing or paying money to learn how to be a calligrapher.


23. Inspiration

Many people today are driven to be involved with social media platforms because they are looking for that social connection with others to communicate, make them feel good, and experience something new and refreshing.

If you can bring that element of social interaction and connect with others couple with what you provide, your business will succeed because people will follow you due to your making their day a little bit brighter.


24. Personable

One of the advantages that you have in making your Instagram platform an opportunity to earn money is that you are providing a personal connection as it relates to providing a service for the possibility of money being exchanged for that service.

Many individuals today are straying away from big corporations that are not only faceless but often more concerned about their bottom line than they are their customers.

By providing content on Instagram with the possibility of being paid, you are providing a service to your followers and if those followers are not engaged with you and vice versa then the power of the Instagram platform will be compromised as it relates to interconnectivity between individuals.


25. Professional

There are many ways that you can monetize your Instagram platform.

Therefore, above all, to gain followers it is important to be respectful of their time and effort in following you and maintain the decorum of professionalism.

Specifically, that means being respectful of everyone on your site, following through on what you say you will do, and providing a service that will potentially bring value to the individual and their life, no matter how small, when they follow your site.


Personal Story

People can have a remarkable influence on our lives.

Their influence can be a good influence, or it can be a negative influence.

As I write this narrative on the eve of Father’s Day, I’m reminded of the influence that my father had in my life.

On one particular occasion, I was 18 years old, and I received a letter in the mail indicating that I was on academic probation because of poor grades and the reality being I did not apply myself.

I struggled as to whether to tell my parents and particularly my dad about the letter that I received.

Finally, I made the decision and mustered all of my courage and went downstairs to his office and shared with him the letter.

He read the letter and I was expecting a tongue lashing for squandering an opportunity provided to me through my parent’s hard work to pursue the opportunity of receiving a higher education.

After reading the letter my father looked up at me and I could tell that he was deeply hurt.

The look on his face was worse than any punishment I could’ve ever received.

That look of disappointment on his face influenced my life from that point forward to the point where I never wanted to fail myself or him ever again.

That moment was influential.

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Money Making Instagram Business Ideas FAQs

How Many People Utilize the Instagram Platform?

An astounding one billion people actively use Instagram every month.


What Are Some Reasons Why a Business Should Be Involved With Instagram?

Answer: A business needs to be involved with Instagram because:

  • The sheer number of users
  • Money can be made
  • Partner with influencers
  • Hashtags can increase visibility
  • Aware of competition
  • And much more


You Can Do It

You are heavily involved in social media because you enjoy the social action and interaction that is received.

As with everybody else, you have something to offer, and the bottom line is we are more alike than we are different.

Therefore, what you enjoy is most likely what other people enjoy and the opportunity to connect or socialize over similar likes is made available through a variety of social media platforms.

It is important to remember, however, that your followers are not objects with dollar signs on them, for the most part, they genuinely enjoy what you have to share and that’s why they follow your site.



You are an avid fan of Instagram, and it shows because you have accumulated quite a following.

In the world of the Internet, with your large following, you are defined as an influencer because others have found your various postings interesting, helpful, humorous, etc.

If they didn’t enjoy what you do on your Instagram platform, they would not be following.

You can turn that popularity into profit, but it is important to keep it all in perspective.

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