There are certainly business ideas for husband and wife couple to make money with, online and offline.

This article looks at 25 of such business ideas to make money and tips to help you.



When a man and a woman stand before several witnesses and declare their commitment to each other they vow to be partners for life.

There are many ways that they can express this commitment.

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They can formulate their own unique words to express their partnership, or can you use traditional vows such as love, honor, etc., until death they do part.

In a sense, they become partners in all things.

Some of those particulars could include the possibility of bringing a family into the world, working towards common goals, encouraging one another, etc.

In a sense, marriage is the ideal partnership and if one added component can be brought to the relationship to make it fully comprehensive would be the aspect of being in the same business together.

Let us, therefore, look at such a marriage that brings the added dimension of being in the same business together as partners in the marriage as well as in the business.


Personal Story

My wife and I were working as co-pastors of a church.

From our personal experience, we found that this was a powerful dynamic as we discovered how to set boundaries as it related to our business and personal lives.

We learned that time needed to be devoted to the business with God as we worked together but we also learned that the boundary between our personal life and business life needed to be respected and developed.

An added dimension was realized in that we learned more about each other and our strengths and those areas in our lives that needed attention; in actuality the sharing of roles and responsibilities.

Specifically, I may have been more involved with the business side and the administrative duties while she was more involved with the youth of the church and interacting with them.

The bottom line is that the incorporation of the business into the marriage business strengthened both aspects of our interaction and relationship and ultimately the marital bond.


25 Best Business Ideas for Husband and Wife to Make Money


1. Ministers 

A wonderful partnership that a husband and wife team can be involved with is through the ministry.

The ministry suggests that there is a commitment by both individuals towards the same purpose and reason for being involved.

Therefore, this business partnership in service to others will not only be effective in the care of others but also strengthen the marital relationship.


2. Trucking

The trucking industry is another opportunity for a husband-and-wife team to be involved in working together and earning significant dollars.

By being long-haul truckers, the husband and wife team can share responsibilities in driving, as well as strengthen their espousal relationship by being together and being equal partners in the business relationship.


3. Wellness Products 

There are many wellness products on the market today in which a husband-and-wife team can be part of that franchise and with the same focus and commitment to promote and sell those items.

To find out about possible franchise opportunities associated with wellness products, you can search online and use the keywords wellness products or wellness products franchises.


4. Personal Financial Advisor 

A great opportunity to help out others and earn money in the process would be to start a personal financial advisor business.

Most likely, the couple comes with their unique skillset and can share that experience as it relates to counseling others in their financial matters.

The other caveat is that being a husband and wife team, they can share with their clients the reality that personal finances involve all members of the family.


5. Food Truck 

Food trucks are very popular today.

By investing in a food truck, the mobility of taking your food item or specialty to the workplace or other locations is a good opportunity to earn significant money as a food service provider.

The business could specialize in making sandwiches, providing food associated with a certain culture, or even providing coffee or specialty coffee to individuals during the day.

Through the Internet, you can do a word search on food trucks and learn more about this business opportunity as well as possibly purchase a truck that may be listed for sale.


6. Restaurant 

The restaurant business is another quality business opportunity that can involve the husband and the wife.

As co-partners, they can be involved with the preparation and serving of the food, marketing and advertising their restaurant’s cuisine, and involvement in the overall operation of their business enterprise.

If the wife is good with the business aspect of the company, she could handle the books and the money side of the business or vice versa.


7. Home Cleaning 

Another possible business opportunity to earn income for a married couple would be to start a home cleaning business.

Both individuals would be heavily involved and also if one happens to be proficient in doing small minor repairs, they could bring that added dimension to the business.

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8. Answering Service 

Many companies, for a variety of reasons, are looking to outsource some of their employment positions within their company.

One of those employment positions could be a receptionist or administrative assistant.

A business that might be a possibility for a married couple to be involved with would be an answering service or being virtual assistance.

The delegated roles of answering the phone, keeping people’s calendars, making appointments, etc. can be assigned to one or both of the individuals.

With today’s technology, it would be easy to call forward the business numbers to a system within your home.


9. Blogging 

An interesting read, accomplished through blogging, would be for a married couple to provide this insight as to how they function successfully together as a married couple.

The blog could be written jointly with each of the members of the family giving their perspective, building on each other’s advice, and helping the individual with some innovative ideas and suggested actions to take to keep the marital relationship healthy.

It could almost be an Ann Landers type of blog in which you could also field questions and provide answers from both the husband and the wife.


10. Drone 

A business that is gaining in popularity today is the purchase of drones and utilizing those drones in a variety of circumstances.

The investment would be in the drones themselves and learning how to professionally and efficiently operate the drones and make money.

Drones can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Some of those ways could include :

  • Search and rescue,
  • Aiding fire departments,
  • Creating visual marketing opportunities for companies


11. Party Rental 

A good business opportunity for a husband and wife that can be done in their off working hours and provide revenue is by being a party rental service.

Some of the party items that you can own and rent out could be jump houses,

The items could be stored in a rented storage space or if there is room within your home that would be optimal.

The added dimension of being involved in this business is that it could be done in conjunction with your current employment position and your owned equipment being rented out on the weekend.


12. Pet Store 

A possibility of a business that may provide additional revenue is the owning of a pet store.

You can provide pets that have been bred humanely and provide needed certification.

The pet store could be a full-service pet store including all types of animals that individuals may want to purchase as a pet.

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13. Photography 

Photography is a popular way of capturing key events in our lives.

A photographer who has an eye for detail and capturing unique angles would be in great demand.

You could hire yourself out for various special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

The husband and wife team could combine to make this business successful as one or both take the photographs and are also involved with the business side of the operation.

The business side of the company would include scheduling, billing, receipting of income, etc.


14. T-shirt Printing 

Clothing is still very much an important product that is needed and required by individuals today.

A business opportunity that may present itself to a married couple in earning extra money or as a startup business would be involved in a t-shirt printing company.

This company can be operated by the couple themselves or can be accomplished by utilizing such sites as where the graphic design is placed on the t-shirt or other products and then displayed in your virtual store for sale.


15. Bed and Breakfast 

If a couple owns their own home and has a spare bedroom or two, through, they can list themselves as a host and offer a bed and breakfast experience for their guests.


16. Franchises 

There are many franchises available in the marketplace today that can earn a married couple some good revenue and not require a significant time devoted to oversight.

Franchise opportunities could include a laundromat, vending machines, automated car washes, etc.


17. Travel Agent 

If a couple loves to travel then a possibility of operating a business that may provide personal travel opportunities as well as facilitating optimum travel opportunities for customers and businesses is in the area of being a travel agent.

A travel agent is a person that schedules airline passage, hotel accommodations, opportunities for visitors to participate in various excursions, etc.

Additionally, as travel agents, you could add to your revenue-generating by offering guided tours to various places in which you are experienced and are aware of some of the more unique places to see.

You could market your business through your social media platforms, website, and blog and talk about your travel experiences and share testimonials from satisfied customers.


18. Freelance Writing 

A great business to be involved with if you have writing and creative skills are by being a freelance writer.

This would be a good opportunity for a couple to jointly be involved as there are several facets to the writing business.

There is, obviously, the writing aspect of creating the narrative but the other added dimension is the rewriting and checking of the narrative to ensure that it is grammatically correct and with the ideas flowing logically.

Therefore, the couple can make this a joint partnership with one or both writing as well as the other offering constructive criticism.


19. Consulting 

Consulting is the type of work in which an outside professional who has the proper acumen and experience in a particular discipline, is invited into a situation to assess the various components of that operation.

For example, if as a consultant you are invited into a business office to assess the morale and communication processes of the employees, that would be your focus.

After a period where you have observed their process, you then can write a report and make recommendations based on your observation and your recommendations on how the process may be able to be improved.

By being a married couple that provides this consultation service, you would each bring your unique perspective, compare notes, and then combined those findings in your written report.


20. Podcasting 

An interesting listening program would be a husband’s and wife’s take on a particular subject.

The married couple could discuss a variety of subjects and bring their unique perspective and insight to what is being discussed.

For example, a topic of discussion could be a take on a news item that is hitting the news cycle.

The wife and husband would each bring their thoughts and opinion on that news item and most likely provide an insight to each other and the listening audience that hadn’t been thought about.

This business opportunity would be very unique and entertaining with revenue coming from the support of listeners and sponsors.


21. Marital Counseling 

As a husband and wife, it would be safe to assume that there have been times in the relationship where topics discussed was not agreed upon as it relates to opinions expressed.

Obviously, as a married couple, it is important to respect each other’s opinions and personalities.

The service of providing marital counseling could be done in group sessions, by visiting an individual’s home, visiting the couple’s home, providing retreats, teleconferencing, etc.

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22. Personal Training 

If in a marital relationship, one individual wishes to address their health but the partner has no interest, then a business opportunity may present itself.

That opportunity would be for a husband and wife to provide personal training for individuals involved in a relationship where one is committed and the other is not.

Providing a personal training regimen that involves a husband and wife team, might encourage the customer/individual who is not engaged to be part of a personal training program when their partner is.

The company could be advertised as personal married trainers training married couples.


23. eBook 

Perhaps, as a married couple looking to start a business in which you both can participate, could be the topic of an ebook.

You could capture in writing your journey of how you decided to enter into business together, the ups and downs of the process, and the eventual success that you are experiencing.

You can get this e-book published through and realize sales as other individuals are looking to incorporate a successful business into their lives as a married couple.


24. Household Services 

A possible service that you and your spouse can enter into is a household service company.

The service could provide cleaning of the home as well as doing other tasks that have been neglected within an individual’s home.

Services could also include contracting with a realtor so that the home can be made presentable for showing to prospective new homeowners.

The company’s service would include working with realtors or sellers of homes to assess the home and suggest needed items that should be replaced (carpet, appliances, bathroom fixtures) to make the house more marketable.

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25. YouTube Channel 

Another entertaining venue that can be not only educational and instructional but can be inspirational as well as a YouTube channel created by you and your spouse.

The subject matter could incorporate a variety of ideas and topics.

For example, one such website on YouTube is a husband and wife team that lip syncs to various music and provides this entertaining YouTube presentation to its followers and new subscribers.

The YouTube channel would have the potential of getting a significant number of views which would help raise revenue dollars.


Money Making Business Ideas for Husband and Wife Couples FAQs


What Are Some of the Precautions as It Relates to a Marital Business?

Some of the potential challenges that a husband and wife and co-business owners may experience is that they may be with each other both day and night.

This may be a wonderful thing and yet each individual must have their own space, take time for themselves, and have their separate interests.


What Are Some of the Advantages of Having a Marital Business Enterprise?

A unique and exciting opportunity for a husband and wife to work together is the opportunity to solidify the marital relationship and oftentimes get to know each other’s spouse in a special way that is not afforded to a married couple not involved in a business together.


You Can Do It

Being a husband and wife is a marital partnership that incorporates all aspects, strengths, talents, and commitment of each other towards the relationship.

Why not fully engaged that marital relationship by considering the use of each other’s individuality and strength to come together at an even greater capacity and have that relationship strengthened through a business partnership.



In a marriage, although it is a blending of two lives together, each individual has their unique individuality along with a set personality, experience, and skill set.

Many business opportunities can add another dimension to the relationship and strengthen the marital bonds even more.

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