There are indeed business ideas for friends to make money. This article highlights 25 such business ideas to consider.



Perhaps you have seen the classic holiday movie entitled “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

It’s a story about a man by the name of George Bailey who has great dreams about what he wants to do with his life but time after time his dreams get interrupted because he cares for others.

At the end of the story, he is extremely despondent and thinks about taking his life but an angel intervenes and he is shown what his life and the life of others would be like if he hadn’t been there.

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The story ends on a happy note as all of his friends come to his rescue.

All this to say, at the end of the movie there is a great line.

In a book left to George Bailey by the angel is an inscription.

It reads, “Dear George – Remember no man is a failure who has friends.”

This truism has significance and power in personal situations in life and as it relates to business opportunities as well.

With this in mind let us look at business ideas for friends to make money.


25 Best Business Ideas for Friends


1. Garden Center

Perhaps, your friends have told you over and over again that you have a knack for gardening and making things grow.

Your ability to bring plant life back to vibrancy through the demonstration of your “green thumb” is known by all those in your sphere of influence.

Therefore, a great job opportunity for a business to start would be the creation of a garden center.

You could operate from your own home if city zoning laws allow, and you could grow plants, take plants in and nurse them back to health, etc.


2. Fishing

Your friends know of your passion for the sport of fishing.

When others come back empty-handed from a morning being out on the river or the lake, you come back, and you’ve always reached your limit.

Therefore, a company that you could start would be a fishing company where you can teach others how to fish, utilize some of the secret techniques that you employ, and find the best fishing holes.

Many frustrated fishermen would pay good money to enjoy bringing home a fish or two and having the thrill of possibly landing a “big one.”

Of course, fishing licenses would be required.

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3. Product Review

Many companies with the release of a new or improved product look for individuals who will test these products and share their opinion with others.

A business that you could start would be a product review company in which you utilize a blog, social media platforms, YouTube platform, etc. to demonstrate to others what the use of the product entails.

You would capture your insights from start to finish as you open up the package and explore the product’s features.

As a product review company, you could reach out to various companies and offer your company’s service.


4. Fashion Blog

If you take great delight in the fashion industry, you could start a fashion blog as a business enterprise.

You could establish yourself as a fashion expert and write about a variety of topics as they relate to the fashion industry.

You could talk about the latest fashion designs, various accessories, throw in a little fashion gossip, etc., and build a following.

Revenue could be generated through your followers and their appreciation of what you are sharing, through affiliate advertising or possibly sponsorships.

Also, you can set up your blog hosting site by utilizing such companies as


5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business process in which items that are ordered are fulfilled or delivered to the customer in this manner as stores don’t keep an inventory of the items that they sell.

The appeal to your customers would be that they don’t maintain an inventory, and therefore overhead is kept at a minimum, and capital investments are minimal.

To start a dropshipping company would require you to decide upon what type of product you wish to sell, partner with a supplier, register as a dropshipping site with such websites as eBay, market your business, and promote your service through your social media platforms and paid



6. Content Marketing

The majority of companies have an engaging and user-friendly website.

To keep the customers returning to the website and for the potential of new users finding the site, fresh content needs to be continually added to the platform.

Therefore, a company that provides a good service to the businesses and keeps its website fresh and engaging is to write content for these companies and websites.

Opportunities to find partnerships looking for content writing business can be found through freelance websites such as or employment job posting sites such as


7. Staging

A staging business involves the talents and skills of an individual who knows how to present a product in such a manner that captures the best angles and emphasizes the unique features of the product.

As it relates to staging, this is often a service that is rendered in the real estate market when a stager or staging business will come in and enhance the home that is on the market and emphasize the uniqueness and quality of the home so that it is more appealing to the potential new homeowner.

For example, if there is an enclave in the home, a staging option might be the use of focused light on the area, particular adornment that is placed within the enclave, etc.

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8. YouTubers

A multimedia, company that you can be involved in is YouTube.

The first aspect of the business can be the creation of a YouTube channel in which you expound on a particular passion or topic that resonates with you and you share with others through this media.

Revenue can be earned by getting subscribers, affiliate advertising, and sponsors.

Another way that you can earn money is a company through YouTube is to teach others how to maximize their YouTube involvement.

You can provide practical insight, help to create the channel, etc. so that others can maximize the YouTube potential of utilizing this forum.


9. Jewelry

Perhaps, your hobby is the making of jewelry and individuals have always commented on the beauty of the items as well as on how they are wonderfully crafted.

All of this may be an indicator that a jewelry business could be pursued in that you will create a variety of jewelry products.

Some of those products could be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Your craft has probably taught you that there are a variety of materials that can be used such as beads, semi-precious stones,

crystals, etc.

You can market these items produced by your business on a variety of websites such as or These items can be displayed in your virtual store

and shoppers have the opportunity to look at the items and purchase them.


10. Event Planning

Your ability to plan a great party and your commitment to detail would be superb qualities to demonstrate by opening a business that involves event planning.

Added to the mix have always been the comments from your friends about the great time that they’ve always had at parties that you were involved in following through to make the great event that it was.

As an event planner, you will work with your client in selecting the appropriate place to hold the party, scheduling the entertainment, selecting food, creating the guest list, and ensuring that every minor detail is taken care of.


11. Computer

All of your friends and family know that if they have a technology issue, they can bring those issues for you to get them started, get the device is working, or make recommendations as to what possibly new devices to purchase,

With this ringing endorsement by your friends and family, a good business opportunity would be to open a computer repair business in which you can analyze the various technology devices, and make recommendations as to what needs to be done.

Also, your ability to set up network systems, troubleshoot Bluetooth technology, etc. are other added features or dimensions that you can bring to the list of your businesses services


12. SEO

Another opportunity that may present itself to you as a business is based on your use of vocabulary, selecting the right appropriate word, and your attention to grammar and proper spelling, etc.

That opportunity would be to operate an SEO or search engine optimization company that will utilize your talents and skills as it relates to writing along with your knowledge of the marketing power of SEO.

An SEO business provides writing content that utilizes the words that have been identified to help drive customer traffic to an individual’s website.

Often these words are labeled as keywords in the should be added to such a point through the use of the keyboard so that when customers search online for a company, your customer’s website will be part of what is populated on the computer screen.


13. Photography

A photography business is another opportunity that may be presented by friends as it pertains to your ability to capture that perfect photograph and astound people by its clarity, uniqueness, and impact.

If considering a photography business, you could be contracted with by individuals who need your photography skills.

Opportunities such as photographing weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions will be presented to you.

Most likely, some of the photographs will be standard group shots or post photographs but on other occasions, given your professionalism and eye for uniqueness, you will be taking random photographs that will certainly capture the beauty of the moment.

Marketing can be done through your social media platforms, your website, and the testimonials of satisfied customers.


14. Baking

How many times have you heard that your baking skills and the food that you create in your kitchen are out of this world?

This all sounds like a great company opportunity to provide baked goods to not only your friends and families, at a price, but neighbors and your community as a whole.

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In fact, with such comments, your company could be named “Heavenly Baking.”

The best marketing strategy to ensure the success of your company would be to get people to taste these baked goods and let the product

sell itself.


15. Elder Care

Your empathetic and compassionate spirit has served you well as a senior care provider or in your role as a nursing assistant.

So much so, that your friends have nicknamed you Florence Nightingale.

Perhaps, this could be the beginning of a medical page in your book by starting an eldercare company and making money doing elderly companion work.

As the owner of this company, you would care for individuals who need assisted living care while they have chosen to remain in their homes.

Part of your duties would be providing cooked meals, changing bed linens, bathing the individual, providing companionship, etc.

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16. Catering

Perhaps your talent and skill are your ability to demonstrate your prowess within the kitchen.

When you are cooking, people are always asking for seconds and your recipe as it relates to the delicious food that they are eating.

A business consideration to utilize your culinary talents would be to start a catering business.

You can prepare and cook the meals in your kitchen and transport the food to the customer’s location.

As a caterer, you wouldn’t have to prepare separate meals for each of the guests but prepare your specialty which certainly would bring satisfaction to the guest’s minds and stomachs.


17. Consultants

If you have a particular acumen and proficiency, you can create a consultant business.

Some of the needs as to why hiring a consultant are important is that they bring a different perspective to the company and the placement of “fresh eyes” on processes.

For example, if you are proficient in the world of human resources, you would be invited into the human resources department to ensure that the policies and procedures both required by the company and federal and state law are being followed.

You could look at several employee files to make sure all of the proper documentation has been signed and filed away as well as being invited to evaluate the morale of the employees.

You would report your findings to the business owner and help as part of your consultation service to provide solutions and recommendations to provide more efficiency and effectiveness in the human resources department.


18. Writing

If you have heard the comment from your friends and family words to the effect that you have such a beautiful way of putting things, then perhaps a writing company is a strong possibility to put your talent and skills to good use.

The writing company, that you decided to create, will offer writing services to various companies that need the capability of a quality writer.

Examples of your service could include writing grants, proposals, business documents, etc.

In addition, your writing company could be available to individuals who need a writer to help them with a novel, biography, writing of an essay, etc.


19. Freelance

A generic company that you can start can be a company that specializes in providing your services as a freelancer.

The value to an employer of a freelancer is that there are no benefits that need to be paid to the individual other than the agreed-upon payment amount.

The payroll taxes, benefits, and medical insurance are all the responsibility of the freelancer.

By operating a freelance business, you can take on several employment opportunities such as being a virtual assistant, writer, graphic designer, etc.

You can work directly with companies and contract with them for freelancing opportunities or you can search many freelancing websites.

Some of those websites include or


20. Bookkeeping

If you enjoy working with numbers, data entry, and thrilling to a balance sheet that equals out, then perhaps the offering of a bookkeeping service is for you.

You can offer your bookkeeping services to companies that would like to outsource this important function of their business and manage the books which would include the input of debits and credits, generation of reports, helping with the formulation of the budget, etc.

Your company would provide this service and either utilize the software designated by the company.

The software could be either downloaded or may be cloud-based.


21. Drone Business

The popularity of drones first became a realization as many young people received these “toys” as gifts.

The drones were primarily used for fun, maneuvering in the sky, utilizing the remote control, and providing all sorts of maneuvers.

However, the reality is that some significant services can be provided by a drone and a drone business.

For example, in out-of-the-way places, a drone can be put up into the air as part of a search process for individuals who cannot be found.

Other uses of drones can be for special events such as:

  • Grabbing that unique film footage of a married couple exchanging vows
  • The use of a drone to provide oversight to a construction site and help with the management of the activities and inventory
  • Drone footage to market a company and provide that unique aerial footage as the drone flies in from a distance and dramatically captures the extent of the businesses and services.


22. Tutors

Sometimes, individuals who are learning a certain subject in school or endeavoring to learn a new language or artistic skill, look to the utilization of a tutor.

If you have a proficiency in speaking a foreign language, artistic talents such as playing the guitar or piano, or a deep understanding as it relates to math or English, then perhaps a company to consider would be the start of a tutoring business.

Some tutoring opportunities may require certification or accreditation to officially be a tutor and therefore it is important to do your particular research as to whether you can provide this tutoring service.

However, there are some tutor opportunities in which anyone with a high school diploma or a GED would be able to provide this service.


23. Pet Services

As an animal lover, perhaps you have a “Dr. Dolittle” gift as it relates to interacting with animals.

You could offer a pet service company in which you provide a full range and scope of services to a family’s pets.

Examples of those services could include dog walking, pet sitting, taking the animal to the veterinarian when the owner’s schedule is too busy, etc.

Also, if you can teach a dog how to be obedient, that would be certainly a skill set that would be well received by dog owners.


24. Landscaping

Another opportunity as it relates to groundskeeping is by operating a landscaping business.

As a landscaper, you can provide the basic services of mowing the lawn, raking, etc. you can add to these basic services by trimming hedges, cutting low-hanging branches, applying mulch, etc.

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25. Handyman

There was a recent television show by the name of MacGyver in which the hero of the show was able to do miracles with just common items laying around.

As a handyman, perhaps you are known as the MacGyver of fixing things around the home.

Why not utilize this skill and talent and create a handyman business in which you work with homeowners, apartment owners, etc. to do small minor repairs around the home or facility.

Some of those repairs could include a leaking faucet, hole in the drywall, touchup painting, fixing a running toilet, etc.

As a handyman business, you can be involved with websites that will help promote your business for a small commission.

One such website would be


Personal Story

I had the privilege of working for a not-for-profit that operated a homeless shelter in the community.

At times, interaction with the men and women who would use the shelter was heartbreaking, with occasional joyous moments, but always insightful and humbling.

In particular, I could never understand an individual utilizing the shelter when there were members of his or her family in the community.

It boggled my mind that families seemingly didn’t care.

That is until one day I received insight.

On one occasion a family member told me in confidence how her brother would continually abuse the relationship and broken promises after broken promises refused help and only continued to take advantage of her love.

Finally, in an act of ultimate love, the sister decided to sever the relationship until the brother was serious about seeking and receiving professional help.

The lesson to me was that true love or friendship is sometimes not helping and walking away so that the friend will walk on their own.


Money Earning Business Ideas for Friends FAQs


What Are the Advantages of Having a Friend Who Will Support Your Starting a Business?

Some of those advantages include:

  • There will be trust as it relates to advice
  • A friend will have your interests at heart
  • Generally, friends think alike
  • Honest feedback


What Would Be the Biggest Caution as It Relates to a Friend’s Involvement in the Business?

The short answer is money.

Money can be the great divider of any relationship if it is borrowed and there are expectations associated with that borrowing and those expectations are not met.

It would be best to enter into a clearly defined contract if there is money involved between two friends or rather than the money being loaned should simply be an outright gift with no strings attached.


You Can Do It

You have decided to venture on your own and start a business.

Your friends and family have dubbed you many names based on the skills and talents that you exhibit and are known for.

Why not take these comments as a strong hint to take action and perhaps start your own business.

You may get rich, or you may not, but if you have a friend who is willing to help and be there for you, you are already rich.



Many business ideas can be considered and coupled with your skillset can be a profitable opportunity.

It is just a matter of deciding what to do, devising a strategy and plan, and then working on that plan.

Fortunately, you will have a partner or friend that will support you, not necessarily with finances, but encourage you to press on and follow your dreams.

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