Who says 60 year olds can’t have bright business ideas that can make money?

This article reveals as many as 25 such business ideas for 60 year olds to make money with.


Why Business Ideas for 60 Year Olds?

Why not, right?

You’re 60 years old and you’ve been around the block a number of times.

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All of that experience, know-how, and learning through the school of “hard knocks” has got to be worth something.

Added to the mix, you’ve seen things come and go and you have interacted successfully or survived with your interactions with a number of individuals given their different personalities and traits that they have demonstrated.

You are a veteran and as such you have a lot to offer.

You still have a lifetime ahead of you and it’s important to put all of that quality experience to good use in not only starting another career but being a mentor for others as they follow in your footsteps.

Let us, therefore, look at some great business ideas that you as a 60-year-old can take full advantage of with your lifetime of achievements and successes and help you to earn money.


25 Best Money Making Business Ideas for a 60 Year Old


1. Consulting

Based on your years of knowledge and experience a great business opportunity would be to start a consulting business.

If you were in the business world, manufacturing world, not-for-profit, etc. your knowledge and experience that you have to share is not limited or outdated as it relates to processes that can be followed in the workplace that can be affected.


2. Workshops

Another business opportunity that would present itself based on your knowledge and years of experience would be to conduct workshops.

You could host a workshop at a nearby hotel and rent out their conference room and charge admission for individuals.

The workshop could be billed as “Business Advice Been There Done That.”

The attendees would glean from what you have experienced in the business world in your particular area of expertise.

Particular subjects could include working relationships with people, management techniques, sharing your insights, being a motivational speaker, etc.

You could also incorporate a team concept where other members of your business would address a particular topic.


3. Tutoring

Another way to put all of your work experience and education of what you have learned into practice is by tutoring others.

One such website that you can make available to tutors is www.wyzant.com.

Areas of tutoring could include academia, music, life skills, etc.


4. YouTuber

YouTube is a great way to present to others a particular skill or talent that you have.

By creating your own YouTube channel, you could instruct others how to work with wood, sheet metal, life skills, your vocation, marriage, etc.


5. Blogging

If you have a flair for writing, an interesting site that would provide good reading is if you were to blog.

A blog is a site that has been set up for you and on this site, you can write about anything that you have a passion for, interest in, and insight that you wish to present, etc.

As a sixty-year-old, you could possibly blog about preparing for retirement and using various financial strategies that have proven successful for you.

The potential money would come through your followers, affiliate advertising, and possibly a sponsorship from a company for your site.


6. Life Coach

A life coach is an individual who, based on their education and experience, can help others in a variety of life scenarios and ultimately succeed.

Some of those life scenarios could include:

  • Relationships
  • Career choices
  • Being motivated
  • Marital advice
  • And more

By entering into the business of being a life coach, you could advertise yourself as a life coach with significant experience or you could also be a life coach for your peers in helping them with certain situations related to being older and facing a whole different set of circumstances and perspectives.


7. Freelancing

There are many websites available on which an individual can register, at no charge, and look for freelancing opportunities in order to earn money while working for their employer.

A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and can work when and wherever they wish and at their own pace

Two of those websites are www.upwork.com and www.freelancer.com. On the sites there are a variety of freelancing opportunities which can include:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing,
  • Virtual assistant
  • Managing social media
  • And many other opportunities

Once you have registered you then are able to search the platform for various job opportunities and submit a proposal at your own pay rate.

If accepted to do the job, you complete the requirements within the timeframe required, and payment is made to the website and once they take a percentage reflecting their related costs then the remaining amount is provided to you.


8. Catering

Perhaps, you have accumulated a number of tasty recipes over the years that you have enjoyed cooking for your family and friends.

This may present a business opportunity to be involved with catering.

You can start out on a small scale and provide catering services for families and friends and then as you gain more experience you can increase your involvement and expand your purchasing of equipment needed to cater more frequently and bigger parties or events.

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9. Eco-friendly Products

We live in a more environmentally conscious society and as such individuals are looking for ways to preserve the economy and the environment and not add to their carbon footprint.

Therefore, if a business opportunity that you’re looking for involves more retailing then the possibility is to be involved with eco-friendly products.

Your business could focus on restaurants or public eating areas and some of the retail or product items could include reusable sandwich wraps, recycled paper products, bamboo straws, etc.


10. Teaching Technology to Seniors

Many seniors today are considerably behind the eight ball as it relates to understanding technology and utilizing these various tools that are available.

If you understand technology, your business could cater to seniors, and you could help teach them and set up their computer systems within their homes.

This would be a valuable service and not only teach the seniors how to use these items but also utilize technology in staying connected with their families through telecommunication means.


11. Crafts

As we advance in age it is important to remain engaged and focused not only on one’s physical health but their mental and emotional health as well.

A powerful business idea would be to engage senior citizens in arts and crafts.

If this is something that you enjoy you can take this enjoyment and bring it into the lives of others and help them not only enjoy a hobby that engages their creativity but keeps them also engaged physically and mentally.


12. Health and Fitness

Physical fitness is important regardless of what age an individual finds themselves at.

If you are devoted to a physical fitness regimen you can then offer your services to others to help them with their physical fitness goals and staying healthy.

Examples of a physical fitness regimen that you could teach others would include yoga, meditation, cardiovascular exercises, etc.


13. Dancing

Perhaps, your life experience has allowed you to learn a variety of dance steps that in today’s day and age may seem outdated.

Some of those dance steps could include:

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  • Foxtrot
  • Waltz
  • Tango
  • Jitterbug
  • Etc

You could open up a dance studio and teach others some of these dance steps and get paid in the process.


14. Pet Sitting

If you enjoy animals a business service that you can render is to be a pet sitter.

Your pet sitting service can provide care for the animals while the owners are out for the day or if they happen to go on dictation for an extended period.

As your business grows, you could also recruit other pet centers that have an affinity for animals and have the time available to do this service.


15. Gardening Service

A relaxing time for many is to be outdoors and work within their garden.

That work can be the nurturing and care of plants and flowers, or one can tend to their vegetable garden.

Coupled with this love and healthy passion could be the start of a business venture in which you can teach others how to garden, start seedlings and sell them at the appropriate time, consult with other people on how to maintain a garden, etc.


16. Party Planning

Just because we’re older doesn’t mean that we still don’t enjoy a good time.

As part of fulfilling that enjoyment would be to take on a business that plans events for other people.

If you have a creative flair for throwing a party, decorating, and attention to detail you can start a business in an event or party planning.

In addition, if you specifically concentrate on individuals who are older you know, for the most part, how a senior thinks and what would be activities and events that would resonate with those individuals


17. Painting

If you have an enjoyment of painting another option for starting a business would be to provide painting classes.

You could work with a local community college and be part of the faculty or guest instructor and provide this class to others who wish to take the elective, or you could do it in a private situation and have people sign up for your art class.

You could provide the needed supplies for the individuals and charge a flat fee which would include the supplies and your time.


18. Soapmaking

What has recently become very popular is the option of creating your own soap at home.

There are a number of kits available in which the individual can learn how to create their own beauty bar

If this is something you enjoy, you could increase your production and begin to these bars of soap out to individuals, family members, etc. to see what their reaction is.

If a favorable you then can start a business in which you make soap, package it uniquely, and sell it on such retail online sites as www.etsy.com.


19. Candlemaking

Another hobby that has gained popularity is the making of candles.

These candles can be made from do-it-yourself kits that can be purchased from a variety of online retailers.

As your technique for candlemaking grows and your experimentation with different types of scents, you could make this hobby into a business.

You could create a number of beautiful scents and package the candles so that it has your own particular uniqueness and “fingerprint” on it.


20. Jewelry

Another popular business that individuals pursue is the making of jewelry.

The jewelry can be made from semi-precious gems, beads, etc.

The finished products can be sold on a variety of retail sites such as www.estsy.com or you can purchase space at various small fairs and flea markets to sell your items and potentially work with a local store that will help display your items for sale.


21. Tai Chi

Another discipline that can be taught in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis is the artistry known as Tai Chi.

The practice of Tai Chi is helpful for an individual in the areas of defense training, receiving health benefits, and calming the mind and the spirit through meditation.


22. Babysitting

If you enjoy children a great business opportunity would be to provide the service of babysitting.

As a mature individual, the children entrusted to your care would provide significant peace of mind for the parents as they are able to take advantage of a much-needed time out or to be together.

As part of your business uniqueness, you could tell your potential clients that you have enrolled and graduated with a certificate in adult and child CPR and first aid.

Often these classes are offered by your local chapter of the American Red Cross.


23. Home Repair

As a 60-year-old perhaps you have a great amount of experience in fixing items around the home.

You could go into the business of being a handyman and providing your service to your neighborhood and community as it relates to fixing small leaks, patchwork on drywall, painting, refinishing would work, etc.


24. Financial Counseling

Maybe you have had foresight and discipline and have planned for your future by managing your finances well and investing properly.

As a business service to others, you could conduct personal one-on-one sessions or conduct a workshop for seniors or those in the process of becoming a senior on how to manage their property investment strategies, etc.

You would not do this as a professional consultant but just as an individual who has practically demonstrated in their own lives techniques that have worked.

Some of those practical techniques would be:

  • Budgeting
  • Living below your means
  • Practical tips on saving
  • Encouraging people to have a will
  • And many other financial retirement topics

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25. Senior Relocation Service

For a variety of reasons, many seniors today relocate.

Some of the reasons why a senior would relocate could include:

  • Loss of a partner
  • Downsizing
  • Moving to a care facility
  • Etc.

By presenting the business of senior relocation services, you can help the individual plan on proceeding with this process, all that is involved, helping them manage the various emotional and mental anguish that may be experienced, etc.


Personal Story

After I had lost my job, I decided to explore a writing career and start a business of my own.

I went online, read all of the information that was available to me, and listened to the advice of others.

One of the pieces of advice was to reach out to the Small Business Administration.

I heeded this advice and made an appointment and was linked up with an individual who was roughly 20 years my senior but was still sharp and had great pearls of wisdom to share as it related to starting and succeeding at business.

In essence, he told me that the best way to proceed was to create a business plan and proceeded to share from his vast knowledge how to go about formulating the plan, identifying what I wanted to do how I was going to market the company, who my customers were going to be, create a budget, analyze my strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats, etc.

From this sixty-year-old, I received valuable advice that was priceless and got me off onto the right track to move forward.


Money Earning Business Ideas for 60 Year Olds FAQs


If Considering Starting a Business at the Age of 60 What Are the Questions That I Should Consider?

Some of the questions that you should consider asking yourself and evaluating answers for starting a business at the age of 60 include:

  • What skills do I have?
  • What skills still need to be developed?
  • Do I have enough cash flow to get me started?
  • Do I have the discipline to follow it through?


Are There Others Who Have Been Successful in Starting a Business at the Age of 60?

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Report the greatest age group in which consideration was given in starting a business ranged from 55 to 64 years of age.


You Can Do It

You are 60 years old, and you have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge.

This is now the perfect time to be rewired and not retired.

Many individuals can benefit from what you have to offer and as a service to them and to yourself, it would be a good idea to stay engaged and operate a variety be involved in a business that is unique to your talents and interest.



The dual power of starting a business at a later age in your life is that not only can you be of service to others and benefit them but in providing this service you will also benefit yourself.

This benefit is realized as you stay engaged, stay active physically, and realize emotionally and mentally that it’s not quite time yet to be put out to pasture.

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