It’s not too hard building wealth in your 30s, if you know what to do and how to do it.

Reading this article will really help as it contains powerfully effective ways and tips to building wealth in your thirties.



$487,988 or almost one-half of a million dollars.

Depending on your perspective you make think that close to $500,000 is significant amount of money or on the other it is not.

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For the sake of argument, you are in your 30’s and let us say that you have decided to seriously save money.

Here is your initial plan of action:

  • You are going to do a side job once a month and earn $200 on the weekend
  • You are going to eliminate the cable for a savings of $120 a month
  • You are going to reduce your consumption of gourmet coffee by half or savings of $90 a month

Just by doing these three particular cost savings measures you will save yourself $410 for the month.

If you were to put that $400 a month into an investment vehicle and earn the average return of 7% interest, after 30 years you will have saved almost a half $1 million.

Interested? Let us then look at other ways that we can build our wealth while we are still in our 30s.


Building Wealth in Your 30s & Powerfully Effective Tips/Ways to Help


1. Know about 30’s

An individual who’s in their 30s has basically lived one third of their lives.

In that short period of time, they have accomplished a considerable number of actions and have, most likely, set the foundation for their future.

Some of those foundations that have been laid and are beginning to be built upon is their completion of higher education, choice of a career path, entered a relationship and possibly are in the process of raising a family.

However, sometimes in the busyness of working hard, living day-to-day and enjoying the present moment, the future and in the financial foundation often gets neglected.

Therefore, in addition to all of the other hard work that has been exerted, it is important not to forget the financial foundation that will join all of these other “building projects” together.


2. Budget

When beginning to think about building your wealth in your 30s, a critical blueprint for the plan to be achieved is by creating and adhering to a budget.

A monthly budget is important as it relates to the ongoing income and expenses of the household during the course of the day, month, and years.

However, a budget should also be devised in which you are thinking beyond the next 10 or 20 years, it should incorporate a plan of action and a financial strategy in which the budget will secure your future 30 and 40 years from your present moment.

That budget should include what your savings goals are, and monies set aside for retirement and how you will invest your money to secure your wealth.


3. Decrease Expenses

A critical component of your budget now that has implications for your future as well is to decrease your expenses.

It is important to live within your means and it is important to stay away from spending that is spontaneous and something that is wanted in the moment,

Decreasing your expenses means discipline in which your money spent in the moment should be under the shadow and perspective of the years yet to unfold.


4. Credit Card Debt

Another important aspect to build your wealth while in the 30s is to stay away from needless credit card debt.

As you probably already realized that the caring of credit card balances is a detriment to accumulating wealth as with credit card debt there are interest payments that are paid to your creditor.

This money that is given to credit card companies can be better utilized by you as an individual rather than paying someone else or the use of their money rather than paying yourself or making your money work hard for you.


5. Pay Yourself First

A critical tip to building wealth while in your 30s is to get into the habit or embrace the discipline of paying the most important bill in your life each month.

That most important bill to be paid first in your life is not for the mortgage, for food, or any other budgetary expenses.

The first payment should be to yourself, and a good range of payment should be anywhere from 10 to 20% of your monthly income.


6. 401(k)

If you work for a company that offers a 401(k), it is important to maximize that benefit to your advantage.

A 401(k) is sometimes a benefit offered by an employer in which they will match what you place into your retirement up to a certain percentage.

For example, if you put in 3% of your salary into your retirement and the company matches up to 3%, they will match what you place into your retirement.

Therefore, not to maximize that match is bleeding money on the table.


7. Emergency Fund

Another important component to building wealth in your 30s is to establish an emergency fund.

Emergency fund is money set aside in the event that something unforeseen happens and affects your finances, some of those unforeseen circumstances could include a medical emergency, death, loss of a job, etc.

Many financial gurus suggest that an amount of 3 to 6 months of money sufficient to cover your expenses during that time should be a goal that is endeavored to reach.


8. Company Benefits

Other benefits that a company may offer their employees could be educational assistance, life insurance, etc.

If these benefits are offered, it is important to take advantage of these opportunities to not only realize the additional revenue but to improve your quality and professional life as well.


9. Buy a Home

As soon as possible, it is important to buy your own home.

If you are currently renting, the money that you pay for that rental is going to the landlord and is making him or her wealthy rather than you.

Therefore, as soon as possible, it is important to work towards buying your own home so that you can gain this important asset in your life and start building equity upon this asset.


10. Life Insurance

There are many types of life insurance that an individual can pursue.

Examples could include whole life insurance, term insurance, etc.

It is important to do your research and determine which policy and coverage would be best suited for your particular situation.

The bottom line is, however, that life insurance will help protect your assets and provide an income for your loved ones in the event that something happens to those that are earning money in the household.


11. Start Saving

Another critical step to take towards building wealth in your 30s is to consistently save money.

This savings of money should be budgeted and should be one of the first payments that come out of any income that is received into the household.

A particular strategy that one can follow is to build up a savings account and when it reaches a certain level then transfer that money into a higher interest-bearing account and continue that process investing certain levels of money saved into an even higher interest investment vehicle.

For example, you could start with savings, then move that money into high-yield interest, then perhaps into CDs and bonds, then into the stock exchange, etc.


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12. Continuing Education

It is important to remember that our education never ceases.

Also, it is a fact that an individual with a higher degree of education will command a higher degree of salary.

Therefore, it is important to continue your education and earn the next level of degree that you can in order to realize a higher salary.

Also, if your company offers tuition assistance, it is critical to take advantage of that benefit to offset your costs.

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13. Learning

As it relates to learning about personal finances, that should be a goal for one to build their wealth in the 30s.

Particular topics of personal finance learning could include investing in the stock market, alternative investments (crypto currency, gold, silver, artwork, etc.), basics of budgeting, and more.


14. Analyze Budget

A critical step as it relates to your finances and building wealth in your 30s is to analyze your budget consistently and constantly.

The analysis of the budget should include both the income and expense side of the ledger but the expense side.

It is always best to find ways that you can trim back on your expenses and utilize that money to set aside for investment opportunities.

On the expense side of the budget there are fixed and non-fixed items.

Fixed items would include items that need to be paid such as rent or mortgage, utilities, etc.

Non-fixed items are the areas you can concentrate on which include entertainment, cell phone service, clothing, etc.


15. Delay Spending

One of the types of spending that can create financial challenges for individuals is known as spontaneous spending.

Spontaneous spending is spending that neglects the budget and purchases items in the heat of the moment.

The basic mantra of an individual wishing to build their wealth should be the asking of two questions. The first question is before you buy it is it in the budget and the second question is is it in the bank?


16. Side Hustles

A great way to increase income is to be involved in side hustles.

A side hustle is something that you do in addition to your regular job.

A side hustle can be done in the evening hours or on the weekends.

Examples of side hustles could include the use of your vehicle to haul away trash or move boxes on the weekend for people to earn money, driving for a delivery site such as Uber or delivering food through a company known as DoorDash.

These companies, through a simple registration process, will utilize your vehicle and you as a driver to provide services to others.

You would become a self-employed individual and can set your own time schedule.

Also, from the comfort of your own home there are other opportunities to earn money. There are a number of freelancing websites such as or in which individuals are looking for qualified persons to perform jobs.

Often these jobs can be done from the comfort of one’s home.


17. Diversify

As you begin to accumulate wealth in your 30s, it is important to remember to diversify your investments.

This means that some of your investment monies should be in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, crypto currency, artwork, precious metals, etc.


18. Spend Less Than You Makes

A basic strategy, although a given but needs to be mentioned, is not to spend more than you make.

This will ensure that you control your spending and stay away from the slippery slope of indebtedness.


19. Windfalls

Often, throughout your career, you will be rewarded with bonuses or pay raises.

When these windfalls come it is important not to increase your spending up to those levels of additional money.

The best strategy is that when there is a pay raise or a bonus to continue spending and adhering to your budget as if these occurrences never happened.


20. Plan

In working towards building wealth in your 30s it is important to have a plan of action.

Without a plan there is no blueprint towards your success in building wealth.

Whereas in having a plan you know what your goal is and your methods of achieving that goal and what your various objectives will be.

It is also important to remember to revisit that plan and adjust as needed to make sure that you are on track in reaching your goals.


Personal Story

Being employed by the military in my 20s and early 30s, didn’t allow much room financially to set aside monies for retirement.

It seemed as if the money that was earned was spent on the immediate needs of our family of four.

However, one positive action step that I took in thinking towards the future was the purchasing of life insurance.

I can remember the agent coming over to our small apartment and explaining the different types of insurance that were available in order to secure my family’s future in the event that something catastrophic happened to me.

Well, is all done and said at the amount of $25 a month, we entered into a whole life insurance contract with a major insurer.

Eventually, the built-up value of the policy came in handy when we needed to utilize that money for a major challenge in our life.


Building Wealth and Making Money in Your Thirties FAQs


What is the Most Critical Component of Being in Your 30s and Considering Building Wealth?

The most critical component of building wealth in your 30s is time.

Timing as it relates to beginning the process is critical as the earlier one starts in their life the more opportunity they have to invest and allow their money to work for them.

Timing is also important because the growth of our monies invested becomes more significant as time allows for those investments to grow and mature.

What Assets Are Available to Purchase in My 30s?

Potential assets to purchase while in your 30s would include:

  • A home
  • Rental home
  • Growth stocks
  • Bonds
  • Etc.


You Can Do It

Being in our 30s and thinking about life when we reach our 60s and 70s seems a bit of a stretch.

However, the reality is that in order to build wealth it takes time for your money to work hard for you.t

Therefore, starting to think about building wealth and acting while 30 years old is a good time for thinking and planning for one’s future and their wealth.



When we hit the age of 30 it seems like that, we are still in the beginning stages of life.

We are building a career, we are building a relationship, we are building a family, etc.

However, in the 30s there is another building process that should be given attention to.

That building process is the beginning of building wealth for your future and your family.

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