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  • ThumbnailWhat’s New with Email Deliverability and Security? 

    Keeping up with changes in email is challenging, but a new report from Litmus, an email creation, testing and analytics platform, will fill you in quickly. […]

    • Good post. Litmus tracking over 13 billion opens worldwide is huge. Who won’t want to know all the details from this huge work? I sure would and I have opted in to get “all the data and intelligence”. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Brendan,
      It is pretty interesting to note that deliverability of emails still demands on the amount of value presented by the marketers.

      Once there is value in the presentation and proper tracking then it becomes important to deliver email -i.e. emails that will continuously attract clicks.

      For the latest develops in the email deliverability,tracking and developments, Google is doing a great job with Gmail Postmaster Tool.

      I have not used it in anyway but will sure try after going through this post!

    • To keep the subscriber to click and open the mail is important. There is no doubt that this is what we must aim for as email marketers.

      Email deliverability is a practical thing and we need to be attuned with the demands of technology and search engines to make maximum impact!

      Whether we set up Google’s Postmaster’s tool or not, email marketers must do the basics first – which is, creating a campaign that readily meets with the needs of the target audience!

    • Hello Brendan,
      Thanks for sharing this piece! If there is nothing, I have learned the following:

      Falling click rates often correspond with falling email deliverability. So, do everything you can to keep subscribers opening and clicking:
      – Send only permission-based email.
      – Use segmentation for more relevant content.
      – Keep your database fresh with regular list hygiene and updated email addresses.

      A lovely post, and one that reminds me of workable email deliverability best practices!

    • Dear rendan Gardiner,

      The topic on “Email Deliverability & Security Developments” is interesting. The added gmail feature is also good. Thanks for sharing


      Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    • Hi Brendan,

      I enjoyed reading your article, it was very informative.

      I was unaware that gmail added postmaster tools, I will definitely be looking into this more since you gave me the heads-up about it.

      W. Moore

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