Yes, there are legit brands looking for brand ambassadors and you can really make money as a brand ambassador working for and with such companies.

This article reveals how it works, how to become a brand ambassador and some of the really legit companies looking for and hiring brand ambassadors.


Why Become a Brand Ambassador?

A company’s brand is of critical importance, especially if is easily recognizable and popular.

From Nike’s swoosh to Google’s colorful Google to, Microsoft’s 4 colorful squares, the highly identifiable logos are as golden as the arches of McDonald’s.

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Branding is important.

It is estimated that the average person daily is exposed to 5000 brands during the day.

The winning branding formula is a recognizable brand equating to consumers equating that brand with a product, the product is purchased by the consumer which equals the sale being made and adds to the profits of the company.

That is why companies advertise to get their brand out in front of their market to realize revenue.

Part of that marketing strategy is the utilization of brand ambassadors.


What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an individual who promotes various brands within their sphere of influence.

That sphere of influence could be several social media platforms as well as friends and family.

Also, a brand ambassador is the brand’s representative and is usually hired through a third part of the agency.

The role of the brand ambassador is to be asked to go to a variety of stores and set up a display that promotes the brand that they are representing.

If the brand is wine or alcohol, they may be asked by the agency to set up a small wine tasting booth within a store and serve a small sampling of wine to the customers.

The obvious intent of providing this sampling is to get individuals to purchase the product.

Also, a brand ambassador will most likely be called upon to wear apparel that is conducive to promoting the product that they are representing.

For example, if they are representing a makeup company, they will be utilizing the product personally as well as wearing clothing that has the brand name on it.

This job, in addition to getting paid, can be a fun and enjoyable time while interacting with potential customers.

A brand ambassador is the face, presence, and voice of the product that they are promoting.

A brand ambassador is also called up to promote the company through their social media presence by talking about and wearing their representative products.


How to Make Money as a Brand Ambassador

Often, a brand ambassador is paid a set hourly amount.

That amount can range anywhere from $15-$25 an hour.

Also, a brand ambassador may be able to realize free samples of the product that they are promoting.

Some brand ambassadors receive one or the other or sometimes a combination of both.

Generally, the branding promotion of a company and its product is part-time or can be a full-time job.

Also, temporary jobs are available.

To connect with a brand as a brand ambassador, you would need to sign up with several agencies that recruit for these positions and ask individuals to apply.

One of those agencies is Victory Marketing and can be contacted by clicking here.

Another way of becoming a brand ambassador is to utilize a search engine and enter keywords such as brand ambassador.

Many online companies are looking to utilize the services of brand ambassadors.

Also, by going to specific webs sites such as Indeed, Linkedin, Monster, the interested individual can search on phrase brand ambassador and several potential opportunities will present themselves.


10 Brands Looking for and Hiring Brand Ambassadors


1. Sand Cloud 

There are many companies and their associated brands that utilize brand ambassadors.

The mission of Sand Cloud is directed towards preserving marine life.

To raise revenue, they sell products such as beach towels, clothing, and other assorted accessories.

If selected to be a Sand Cloud brand ambassador, the individual will be promoted on their Instagram site as well as receive a variety of discounts on the products that they sell.

To learn more about Sand Cloud click here.


2. One Tribe 

This company also utilizes brand ambassadors.

Their product line includes women’s tops, dresses, pants, accessories, and jewelry.

To learn more about this company click here.

As a brand ambassador, One Tribe offers the ambassador a customize code that they can utilize when shopping on the website.

This code is made available not only to the individual but to their friends and family.

Every time a purchase is made using that code, the brand ambassador receives a 25% commission on the sale.


3. Trendy and Tipsy 

This dress apparel website also includes the selling of clothing apparel such as jackets, tops, and vintage apparel.

Their ambassador program utilizes the services of people who love the products that are available on this website and wish to share their appreciation of these products with others.

The company’s website is advertised through the ambassador’s Instagram account.

That account must be set to public viewing.

Also, it requires that the individual consistently create new content about the product line.

To learn more about Trendy and Tipsy click here.

As an ambassador, the individual will be highlighted on this company’s social network sites as well as receiving discounts of 15% for the ambassador and their families.

Every time somebody utilizes that specific discount code, the ambassador receives a 15% commission.


Brands looking for ambassadors


4. Oakley 

This website specializes in eyewear affiliated with the outdoors and in particular skiing.

To learn more about Oakley click here.

For an ambassador to be considered as fulfilling this position is based on their ability to be well acquainted with the products offered and be able to expertly represent the Oakley brand.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Being a brand ambassador for this company is a part-time position.


5. Move Makeup 

This cosmetically based Internet site and the company are designed to provide makeup products for women who have an active lifestyle.

The products that they offer to these empowered women are marketed as sweatproof and natural.

Active women, who participate in dance, are athletes, consistent bloggers, and beauty bloggers would be ideal candidates to be brand ambassadors for this company.

If chosen to be an ambassador, the individual will earn a $75 a month credit towards purchasing and must indicate in their bio and through their postings that they are a brand ambassador by posting 2 images of the products a week.

To learn more about this company click here.


6. Althea Angels 

This beauty company is always on the lookout for individuals who can create content, produce videos on YouTube, and have a blog.

As an ambassador for this company, the individual will receive several products so that they can post a variety of reviews.

Also, they may be called upon to attend various events.

Additionally, they will receive a specific discount code for additional savings on purchases as well as receive yearly shopping credits.

Click here to learn more about Althea Angels.


7. Evy’s Tree 

This company specializes in the manufacturing of hoodies.

The brand ambassador will embrace and share the same values that this company is built on.

Those values are the demonstration of love, compassion, and being kind one to another.

To be a brand ambassador for Evy’s Tree requires a following of 5000 individuals across all of the social media platforms.

Also, there must be a commitment and demonstration of sharing Evy’s Tree’s products on these various social media platforms.

As an ambassador, the individual will be featured on the social media pages of Evys Tree and receive a commission.

Also, they will receive the benefit of being one of the firsts to be made aware of special products that are being manufactured and available for consumers.

To learn more about Evy’s Tree click here.


8. Arvo 

The products that Arvo provides to both men and women are watches.

Additionally, there is a smattering of clothing which includes socks, hats, and sweatshirts.

Their goal to increase brand recognition utilizes brand ambassadors and the ambassadors must be energetic in promoting their motto.

Their motto is “Be good, do good.”

To learn additional information about Arvo click here.


9. Trek Light Gear 

This camping and outdoor lifestyle company offers products such as outdoor clothing, hammocks, and other outdoor lifestyle products.

In their play on words, they call their brand ambassadors “badassadors.”

The brand ambassadors that would fit the bill to be representatives of this company would be individuals who enjoy the outdoors and have a social media following that will help promote their products.

They are looking for individuals who reflect the image and products of what Trek Light Gear is all about.

Click here to learn more.


10. LAJ Apparel 

LAJ or Love Ann Joe is a Christian clothing company.

They are in the market for brand ambassadors who reflect not only their product but be voice, influence, and presence for their line of clothing.

Brand ambassadors will willingly share the daily posts from this company, upload photographs of you wearing their clothing, be invited to provide feedback on their merchandise and new products that are unveiled, and take an active part in their monthly meetings.

LAJ website can be viewed by clicking here.


Personal Story

One of the funny expressions when an individual tries to downplay an action or event that they are involved with, they often say been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

Working as an event planner for a not-for-profit, we were always conducting events to help generate needed revenue to support our programs.

Some of those events included doing a 5K run or walk, putting on a golf tournament, bowling tournament, etc.

As part of the event, we would promise the sponsors that we would issue T-shirts and put their logo on the T-shirt.

This was a way for us to raise money and a way for them to advertise their company and show their support for the community.

Additionally, there were various levels at which the sponsor could donate and receive a more prominent place on the T-shirt.

By donating more their brand could have a larger presence on the back of the shirt surrounded by the other companies printed only proportionately smaller.

In essence, all participants in the event became ambassadors for a variety of brands.


Companies Hiring Brand Ambassadors FAQs


How Many Brand Ambassador Companies Can I Work for?

You are not restricted by any affiliation or working agreements as being a brand ambassador.

However, it is important to read any documents that require your signature or indicate how the working relationship will unfold.

Therefore, if there are no such restrictions, you can be a brand ambassador for as many brands as you can fit into your schedule.


What Are the Qualifications of Being a Brand Ambassador?

The qualifications to be a brand ambassador would include familiarity with the brand, a significant amount of high energy, a personality that is engaging, and being an extrovert are good qualifications to have.


You Can Do It

Being a brand ambassador provides the individuals fulfilling this role in representing companies with a variety of options.

Some of those options could include promoting the product in a retail store setting or by promoting the available products through their social media presence.

It’s an opportunity to not only earn money but model the various items manufactured by the company that an individual is representing.



Brand ambassadors are not a new concept.

Individuals have always worn clothing and shoes that are identified with quality through the attached brand names or logos on these items.

However, now with being a brand ambassador this is ratcheted up a couple of turns.

Specifically, the individual will be utilizing their social media platform to reflect the wearing of those items and will be able to get paid either through cash or discounts on the company’s website.

Branding is an important marketing concept.

Now the models are real, move, talk and write regarding the promotion of these brands.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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