Top Branding and Graphic Design Hacks for Newbies


Have you ever designed an Image and thought to yourself, “GOD…I Wish I had designing abilities to make this picture more Incredible”. If so, then don’t worry, you are not alone, we’ve all been there.

Today I am going to share some graphic designing and branding tips and tricks for newbie designers. With these simple steps, you can be a pro designer overnight.


As you know in this present era, Graphic design sector is changing quickly, both creatively and technically. It means that you have to focus on learning and upgrading yourself with new technology. You need to remain as you are but push the limits of your creativity. You may have to find an Inspirational way to understand effective design.

It is more important to certify that you do not let your designs mature stagnantly, but fairly progress with time.  You need to obtain the qualities that make you a highly creative designer to remain successful. Knowing all the following tips and tricks can help you create amazing visual content.

As we begin to start off a career in any field, getting professional direction is always valuable and very helpful. So, here I am going to share some trade secrets as tips to instruct all creative individuals who are interested in graphic designing field.

1.    Know who you are talking to- Start spending time to do some research and determine who you are and who your ideal customer is. If you haven’t worked on this yet, then this it is a good time to start. Because you might want to share your message with everyone, but you can’t. Because everyone is not your ideal customer. So don’t waste your precious time for those who are neglecting you.

 2.    Remember the 3 Cs of branding. – Clarity, consistency, constancy. Be specific in who you are and are not. Don’t sugar-coat your educations. Express your brand across all Social media platform. Decide where you want to be suitable in (industry and niche area of capability) and then remain stable to your target audience.

3.    Keep It Simple Don’t use much more Text – Hi, I love Text, you love text. In fact, I am using it right now to explain myself. But the thing about the text it can get irresistible speedily. The Minimal design can look classy and graceful if done well done. So, always keep in mind especially newbies. Whenever you’re making a post for twitter and Facebook don’t allow more text, rather use Images. So keep your words short and snappy and your design will look beautiful.


4.    Pick up High-quality photography: – So, what does a high­ quality standard image serve?  Well, the tendency of a human being is to move towards attractiveness – We notice, like and share those images which look nice. And what’s nicer than a beautifully clicked ordinary photograph to complement your content? A good Image not only attracts Customer attention, it can also increase your brand’s reliability and professionalism.

Remember – The quality of pictures you sponsor on social media are a reflection of your brand itself.

5.    Photographs are your brand: – The Motive behind creating a highly shareable image in social media drives back people to your blog or website.

Whenever you are going to create your image, always remember one thing, without a doubt, add a watermark to your graphics. You can also put up a link to your website towards the bottom of your graphic. This is a way to brand your photographs.

Also, don’t forget about templates. No matter where else you’re going to use infographics, quotes, pictures, or alternative components, create a template for the sake of consistency.

Here is two things to keep in mind While Developing your Branding Images.

a)    Color Palettes

b)    Font Combination

6.    Refined Typography: – Typography is an art form that should be greatly respected. You can so easily go wrong with a selection of your font. By couple of Typography tips you can keep staying on track. Firstly – don’t use anything too elaborate fonts for your body text. It needs to be clear and readable. Too often I see people going for fancy script fonts on huge paragraphs of text – who can be bothered to sit and read that?! It’s over the top and will give your reader eye ache and even a brain ache!

Take care of text spacing, there are always two types of dimension used in typography.

i)    Leading: – Leading define spacing between lines and text

ii)    Kerning: – kerning define the process of adjusting the space in between letters.

Extra Tips: – How to Keep Up to date with Designing trends

I.    Utilize all of the web

II.    Participate in Design, Art, Photography, Illustration Forums

III.    Read, Collect & Discover Books & Magazines

IV.    Build Relationships & Maintain Them

V.    Create an RSS feed for a daily stream of inspiration

It’s your Turn:-

I hope these tips are helpful to you. So Which one of these graphic design hacks will you try in your social media drive? These are really simple methods, you’ve got to try at least some of them. If you had any success of any comments, let us know in the comments below.


  1. “So keep your words short and snappy and your design will look beautiful.”

    I couldn’t agree more with this take away that I love. Actually, I’ve read lots of takeaways here that are spot on.

    After reading the post, it made me realize how difficult yet great to be a graphic designer. It is my part-time work which started as a hobby.

    Making money out of your hobby or talent is a serious thing since you have to make your creation easy to understand and done well.

    All in all, these are important nuts-and-bolt that newbies in graphic designing should know. The tips are very useful and noteworthy.

    Keep in mind that quality vital. The words that you will use should be short and should coincide with the thought that you want to convey.
    Metz recently posted…Syndicate Your Posts on Kingged & Enjoy Much More ExposureMy Profile

  2. Hey Catrina,

    excellent article on branding,

    Surely, visual content is the most important part of any branding process. All of the marketing that can possibly done online requires one or the other form of visual content.

    Organic social media, paid social media – ads, blog posts and reviews – everything require visual content. It can be in the form of images, infographics, image quotes – all of it counts.

    With so many image options, getting quality images for free isn’t difficult at all for any brand and hence there is no reason why a brand shouldn’t utilize it.

    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran recently posted…Crowd Funding Checklist – Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding CampaignMy Profile

  3. Great post Catrina. I’m glad you published this because I think a lot of people need to realize how important images really are to your branding, engagement and even traffic.

    I see too many people putting so much time into writing for their site and just using some crappy image they found in 2 seconds from Google or Flickr as their image. If anything the image is what gets people interested in your brand or blog posts in the first place, especially on social media.
    Justin recently posted…50 Books Every Entrepreneur Should ReadMy Profile

  4. Hi Catrina,

    Newbies of branding and graphic design must indeed, embrace the 3 C’s of branding – clarity, consistency and constancy.

    Focus on what is required in each design and delivery of the required value should not be ignored by the graphic designer.

    Creativity, technicality and consistent capability are the required skills for successful designs.

    I find the details shared in this post as invaluable!
    Sunday William recently posted…5 Reasons To Be Addicted To Content MarketingMy Profile

  5. Hi Catrina!
    I love your tips on branding! And, as a social media marketer, I couldn’t agree more with your quote:
    “The quality of pictures you sponsor on social media are a reflection of your brand itself.”
    Marketers should really spend more time on branding and the quality of the visuals they use to express their brand. That’s how you differentiate yourself from the competition!
    Zoe Summers recently posted…How To Set Your Social Media On Autopilot The Right WayMy Profile

  6. Good post. Visual beauty matters a lot in today’s Internet, that’s why sites like Pinterest and those with visuals are loved by lots of people. As you said in the post that the tendency of a human is to move towards attractiveness, what better way to do that than with a high quality photo. That’s very true, and that’s why posts with good attractive images are more fun to read than those without any images. Such posts are always boring to read. Thanks for writing this.

  7. Hello Catrina,

    These are helpful branding and design graphic hacks for even experienced designers, not only newbies.

    Even if experienced designers already know them, reading them again will serve as good reminder.

    The best tip is always to keep things simple. It’s tempting to complicate design with all options available, but simple is better.

  8. Hi Catrina,

    It’s great tips, indeed!

    Honestly, graphic design is not my thing. I don’t really know about it. But, as a blogger, sometimes I have to design an image for my article. If I create a good image, then I could promote it on several social media, such as Pinterest and others. 🙂

    Oh yes, I have some friends who understand enough about this. I will pass this article to them.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week ahead!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…8 Winning Tactics To Overcome Google SandboxMy Profile

  9. Visuals are very powerful as people tend to remember them much better than text, it’s like how we humans remember faces before names when we first meet people. What’s your opinion on using stock photos? Or is it better to just stick with originals?

    I don’t have any creative juice in me but your post will be of great help to me growing my brand, many thanks.
    Marco Reeves recently posted…FAQ: Is It Okay To Fail And Make Mistakes?My Profile