If you want to know the best books on flipping houses that can help you become a successful house flipper, this article is perfect for you.

It reveals the very best of the best books and why each will help you become successful.


Making Money Flipping Houses

Flipping houses is a cow being milked in real estate, particularly in the United States of America.

Flipping houses involves buying a house that needs repairs and renovations at a meager price, doing the repairs and renovations, and selling the now improved home at a high price.

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It saves the original seller from renovating and repairing before selling the house, which may cost more.

It also keeps the final buyers from the stress and expenses of repairing, demolishing, or renovating the house before it becomes inhabitable for them.

Two high costs in the Flipping Houses sector of the real estate industry are the expenses for repairs and renovations, and after-repair-value (ARV) when gives an idea of the profit that can be made after the sale of the now refurbished house.

Flipping houses is a big business.

Many people have written on it so that people who want to go into the industry as buyers or sellers understand how it works and gleans the maximum profit from this business.

Here, we would mention twenty of these best books on flipping houses and why each rock.


20 Best Books on Flipping Houses and Why Each Rocks


1. The Flipping Blueprint

The Flipping Blueprint: The Complete Plan for Flipping Houses and Creating Your Real Estate Investing Business

This book was authored by Luke Weber, an experienced real estate appraiser, and entrepreneur.

He has spent many years in the industry to sharpen his skills and perfectly understand the market.

He wrote a book stating the blueprint that a newbie or a relatively experienced person must understand before or while still in the business.

Through its 12 chapters, the book moves from the first process needed to flip a house to the other factors and intermediaries required before the final sale is made.

The book talked about:

  • Analyzing the market
  • Running the expenses and the ARV, accurately
  • Making an offer
  • Finding capital to fund the deal
  • Finding and Managing Contractors
  • Collecting your gains
  • Remote investment


2. Flip Your Future

Flip Your Future: How to Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams, and Make Six Figures Your First Year Flipping Real Estate

This Ryan Pineda‘s book on flipping your future by earning a million by investing in the flipping houses sector of the real estate has gained a lot of traction from the customer’s review in Amazon that it is rated highly.

The 12 chaptered book takes us by the hand through Ryan Pineda’s journey, where he invested $10,000 to earn $1,000,000 in three years.

Through his experience, he believes and has written this book to show that it is possible to make a million through a $10,000 capital in the market of the flipping house.

The book outlines

  • How to maximize profits
  • How to find capital to invest in the market
  • Finding the best contractors
  • Accurately calculating expenses in the market of the flipping house.

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3. The Book on Flipping Houses

The Book on Flipping Houses: How to Buy, Rehab, and Resell Residential Properties

The author of this book is J Scott. The book highlights the best ways to buy, rehab, and resell residential properties in the market of the flipping house.

With its 20 chapters, the book effectively highlighted every aspect of the flipping houses business, including the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks needed to be virtually successful.

Some of the things highlighted in this book are:

  • Finding the Right Agent
  • Finding Finances
  • What to buy
  • Due Diligence
  • Finding Deals

With the Amazon rating of 4.7, this J Scott book has sold over 60,000 copies.


4. The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs: The Investor’s Guide to Defining Your Renovation Plan, Building Your Budget, and Knowing Exactly How Much It All Costs

This is another J Scott‘s book.

While the first book gives general information on rehabbing, this book provides more specific information on the renovation plan, budget building, and the exact costs needed.

The book is divided into four sections, with each explaining succinctly the budget, renovation, and its allied matters.

Some of the specific costs in the book are the cost of painting, siding, foundation, plumbing, electrical, roofing, garage, etc.

The book is highly rated on Amazon.


5. Fixing and Flipping Real Estate

Fixing and Flipping Real Estate: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era

Marty Boardman, an experienced manager of a private real estate investment firm for over 20 years, wrote this book to itemize and explain what flipping houses are all about.

He uses many active words to ingrain the readers’ minds to see the prospects in the flipping houses business.

His book listed some significant features of this business which includes

  • Acquisition
  • Rehabbing
  • Sales
  • Capital

In his book, he mentioned the art of acquiring houses that meet some specifications to rehabbing them and reselling them.

He also gave tips on the process of rehabbing the bought houses and selling them.

He ended by giving tips on raising capital for all the expenses incurred in this business.

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6. The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Real-Life Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money

Brandon Turner wrote this book to intimate people with the possibilities of investing in the flipping houses business without your capital.

He effectively answered the questions of many where, after listening to the excellent prospects and returns the flipping houses’ business promises, they enquire on the process of raising capital for the business.

In this 12 chaptered book, Turner explained how you could invest in the business with other people’s money.

Among other things, he expatiated on:

  • Partnerships
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Lease Option
  • Seller Financing
  • Real Estate Wholesaling



FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit

With over 500,000 copies sold, this book by Rick Villani and Clay Davis has effectively described the process of performing highly in the flipping houses business.

From its title, it mentions how to find, fix, and sell houses for a profit.

This book is a 17 chaptered book that breaks down the process involved in the flip business, including:

  • Knowing your targets
  • Generating Leads/Deals
  • Selling Costs and its improvement
  • Finance
  • Making the sale


8. Real Estate Investing Gone Bad

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad: 21 True Stories of What NOT to Do When Investing in Real Estate and Flipping Houses

While the other books have listed the prospects and how things can go great in the flipping houses business, many have not done justice to something that could go wrong.

This book, written by Phil Pustejovsky, listed twenty-one cases of how things went wrong for some investors and the lessons to learn from them.

While it is lovely to know the great things that could happen in the flipping houses business, it is necessary to know the dangers and pitfalls in the industry.

This book put those pitfalls into perspective.

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9.  The Business of Flipping Homes

The Business of Flipping Homes: Short-Term Real Estate Investing for Long-Term Wealth

The 19 chapter book explains the business of flipping homes by stating the possibilities and pitfalls involved in the industry.

William Bronchick and Robert Dahlstrom put in their many decades of experience creating a fantastic book that guides flipping houses enthusiasts.

It explains the processes involved in the business and the process of successfully navigating the market.

The book, divided into four parts, explains to beginners and experts in the market all the allied factors that come with the business to ensure a successful flipping of the business into a profitable one.

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10.  Dream Home

Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House

This book by Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott gives many tips on the rehabbing part of the flipping houses business.

The authors explained why you should aim for the houses of your dreams and perfect that dream by intentionally caring for the repairs and renovations part of the business.

The book has eight chapters where suggestions of the best designs, constructions, rehab, etc., were given.


11.  The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible

The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible: A Proven-Profit System for Finding, Funding, Fixing, and Flipping Houses…Without Lifting a Paintbrush

Paul Esajian, the author of this book, has established many real estate companies involved in the flipping houses business and has perfected the art of managing several flipping houses businesses simultaneously.

In this book, he mentions the seven ways of flipping properties by searching for deals, finding capital, rehabbing them, and converting them.

The book gives leads on getting the workforce to carry out several flipping houses businesses simultaneously, without lifting a paintbrush.


Best Books on Flipping Houses


12.  Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom

Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom: Finding, Financing, Repairing and Selling Investment Properties

Mark Ferguson wrote this book to give a broad audience the tips and secrets of successfully making maximum profits and efficiency in the flipping houses business.

In his 33 chaptered book, he explained, intending to clarify his audience, the pros and cons of the business and the pitfalls to avoid.

Some of the topics he touched include:

  • How to find a great contractor
  • Why you should become a real estate agent if you want to buy fix and flips
  • How to determine market value on investment properties
  • How to sell a house for the most money

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13. How to Flip Your First House

How to Flip Your First House: The Beginner’s Guide to House Flipping

This book by Jeff Leighton is one of the great books for beginners in the flipping houses business as it, in simple terms, explains the processes of effectively carrying out the buying and final sale of the flipped houses.

The book explains the intricacies that come with the business and how to navigate it.

The book also mentions the process of networking with other flippers, investors, contractors, real estate agents, etc.


14. Renovating Old Houses

Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes

There’s a saying that old wines are the best. So, also are old houses.

The refurbishing of old houses to become vintage houses are some of the best things there is.

This book by George Nash explains in specific terms the changing and renovating of items and parts of the house such as windows.

The book gives tips on how to go about irreparable things or fixations, how busy to refurbish, or the estimated costs that come with refurbishing.

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15. How to Buy Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosed homes are some of the homes that can be flipped.

If you are interested in the prospects of flipping foreclosed homes and you need information on the process of buying foreclosed homes.

Also, you need information on raising capital to buy foreclosed homes and flip them, the documents required, and the process of converting them.

This book by Lance Wills has done justice to ensure this information is not far-fetched.


16. Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing: How to Flip a House as a Real Estate Investor

This William Johnson book is an excellent addition for the newbies.

It outlines the necessary skills and process of excelling greatly in the flipping houses business and the real estate investment.

The book talks about establishing a real money making estate business, identifying motivated sellers, getting deals and closing deals, making profits, foreclosed homes, wholesale properties, etc.


17. How To Flip A House

How To Flip A House: 7 Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Flip

Brant Phillips wrote this book to outline his progression from having a meager income to living in a million.

He found his gold in flipping houses, and he shared the seven fundamentals that aided him in this book.

The fundamentals include:

  • Developing a winner’s mindset
  • Creating a consistent deal flow
  • Assessing deals
  • Estimating repairs
  • Financing
  • Rehabbing the properties
  • Flipping deals.

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18. Rental Property Investing

Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing

Brandon Turner wrote this book to outline why people fail in the flipping houses business and outline four strategies of successfully creating wealth through buying and holding real estate.

He also wrote it to find incredible deals on the market, financial advice on finding capital, reducing expenses while getting the best quality, etc., and how to deal with taxes in the real estate market.


19. Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat: The BRRRR Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple

David M. Green, a former police officer and now a real estate investor, explains the process of achieving top excellence in flipping houses.

His tips could make you grow from buying two homes in a year to buying two houses in a month within years.

The author outlines the strategies of achieving decades of success in a few years by giving tips that increase your success in every step of the flipping houses business.


20. The Book on Negotiating Real Estate

The Book on Negotiating Real Estate: Expert Strategies for Getting the Best Deals When Buying & Selling Investment Property

J Scott, Mark Ferguson and Carol Scott, the authors of this book, dived into the art of negotiation to buy, flip and sell real estate at the correct prices.

The book gives strategies for building relationships, negotiating across the table, renegotiation, etc.

The book involves negotiating the relationships of the flipper with the seller and the buyer of the refurbished house.



As this article has shown, flipping houses is a real gold mine in the real estate industry and getting the right books to help is very important.

These twenty books give great insights on achieving success in the business and avoiding pitfalls.

The books also help in determining the source of capital needed for the company.

We outlined some of the best books in flipping houses and what makes them distinct.

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