This article reveals a lot you need to know about boarding kennels. It also shows you exactly how you can find the best ones near you.

Yes, not all kennels are good for your dog, as you will learn from reading the rest of this article.

You see, a good boarding kennel is awesome if you need the very best care for your dog, in your absence.

If you are going to be away for a long time, lets say, for a few days or weeks, then you should consider taking your dog or pet to a boarding kennel.

The good news is that there are many such kennels around you but finding the best ones can be a bit tricky.

This article gives you insights into finding the very best ones near you.

You will also learn exactly what makes a kennel good for your dog and what makes one bad for your dog, to ensure you end up with the best ones.


What is a Boarding Kennel?

A boarding kennel is a building, facility or house which provides accommodation to pets such as cats or dogs.

A dog boarding kennel provides the best of care and condition for the dog when the owner is away.

Dog owners who travel a lot or who do jobs that usually involve travel would  find boarding kennels suitable for the care of their pets.

Yes, the main reason dog or cat owners use kennels is because they want good care for their pets.

They want peace of mind knowing that their dogs are in good hands when they are away.

Dog owners sign up with these kennels if they don’t want to use the services of pet sitters and paid dog walkers.

The boarding kennels primarily focus on caring for the dog, cat or other pets.

They are equipped with the right structure, tools, amenities, and staff to care for the pets.

Of course, caring for dogs or other pets in a kennel is different but a bit similar to childcare jobs  where baby sitters care for babies or kids.


What to Look for in a Good Boarding Kennel

Boarding Kennel

There are many boarding kennels around but it’s better to do business with the one that guarantees the proper care and safety of your dog or pet.

Here are things to look out for in the best boarding kennels for your dog:

  • The boarding kennels must meet state requirements in terms of licensing, inspections and must have few or no complaints against them.
  • The staffs are happy with what they do. Taking care of pets in the kennel should be one of those hobbies that make money for such staffs, allowing them to enjoy what they do.
  • The general attitude of the staffs should be welcoming. This can motivate visitors and dog owners to leave their dogs in the hands of those who enjoy what they do.
  • The staffs should show professionalism in handling customers and clients. They should be able to interact well with the animals in the first meeting.
  • The staffs must be knowledgeable about animals. They should be able to advise the dog owners on what is best for their dogs at the time. They must also prove they know how to care for dogs.
  • The boarding kennel must be clean. The environment and rooms must be clean.
  • The bedding area must be sufficient for the pets. You should look around to see that where the dogs sleep is big enough, comfortable and safe.
  • The outdoor area for the dogs must be big enough for socialization. A boarding kennel with an outdoor area where dogs can run around or socialize with other dogs should be preferred to the facility without this type of area.
  • The boarding kennel should provide or allow toys, tools, equipment, and materials that provide for the comfort of the pets. You should check if the kennels allow the dogs their own blankets, toys, games, etc.
  • The health condition of the boarded dogs should not be ignored. Take a look at the condition of other dogs in the house before you sign up with any particular kennel. You may want to find out if the dogs are looking anxious, barking, pacing or relaxed.
  • The safety of the dogs from one another must not be ignored. You should check out how the dogs are separated from one another. Are the smaller dogs separated from the bigger dogs for safety reasons?
  • The emergency plan of the boarding kennel in case a dog is sick or injured. You should know what the staff or kennel administrators would do in case your dog becomes sick or injured. For instance, a sick dog may lose weight depending on the nature of the sickness. Nevertheless, the right medical attention is needed to treat the animal. Talking about weight loss, humans that want to achieve healthy weight loss should follow the advise of medical professionals via a recommended medical weight loss program.
  • The best boarding kennels ask for proof of vaccination of dogs. This is important as you would not want your dog to contract some illness while in the kennel. The kennel should require up-to-date rabies shots and fecal tests to test for worms. A copy of the vaccination history is usually demanded by a reputable kennel.


What to Avoid in a Boarding Kennel

There are things to avoid when choosing the right kennel for your dog.

Nevertheless, some suggestions have been made.

  • The kennel is not approved by the state nor has an operating license. Do your homework to find out if the business is still legally operative.
  • The boarding kennel does not give tours nor show people around its facility. You should avoid any kennel that is unwilling to allow you inspect the bedding and play areas of the facility.
  • The kennel does not ask for proof of vaccination from dog owners. Ignoring this may result in the accommodated animals contracting diseases from one another. A good boarding kennel should demand the vaccination and health status of the dogs in their care.
  • The boarding kennel is dirty within both the bedding areas and the outdoor areas.
  • The boarding kennel has lots of anxious, agitated and barking dogs. This implies the dogs are not being properly taken care of.
  • The boarding kennel does not have enough secured space and shelter for the dogs. This implies that dogs can be exposed to harsh weather conditions and attacks from other animals, and they can escape from the facility. You should choose a facility with enough secured space.
  • The boarding kennel staffs are not friendly in their attitude and professional in their conduct.

When you visit a kennel and discover the above facts are true, then it is advisable you turn away from it.


How to Find the Best Boarding Kennels Near You


1. Word of mouth

You can ask your family or friend for recommendation about any good boarding kennel.

It is possible they or someone they know have used a specific dog boarding facility in the past.

best boarding kennel

2. Ask Your Vets, Groomer and Other Dog Experts

The veterinary doctor of your dog can be contacted for recommendations on a good boarding kennel.

This professional works in the animal care industry and there is a high chance he or she knows a reliable facility to board dogs.

Ask vets, dog groomers, and those other experts or professionals working in the pet care industry for information on the best dog boarding facilities.

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3. Use Specific Websites

You can research the Internet for the best boarding kennels near you. There are websites that can help you find these facilities. These include:

best boarding kennel near you

i – is a website that provides users with different types of pet sitting services. It is the world’s largest online destination for care.

Providers of child care and pet care publish their services on this site. Pet sitters, as well as house sitters, also use

You will find ads about boarding kennels published on this site. By the way, some people also make money posting ads of dog care and dog accommodation on this and other similar platforms.

Search through the Pet Care section and click on the pet sitting sub-category to check out Dog Boarding Kennels.

You can get the most of your search by clicking on the location you want the facility.

For instance, you can click on Dog Boarding Kennels in New York or Dog Boarding Kennels in Los Angeles, etc.

Click here check out


ii – is a website that connects customers with local professionals that are suitable for their needs.

This website has information about boarding kennels near you. Sign up and follow the steps recommended.

Answer a few questions about the boarding kennels you need.

Within hours, you will receive up to 5 introductions to trusted pros or boarding kennels based on your specific needs.

You can compare and review the boarding kennels and choose the right one.

Search the animal care section and click on the pet boarding services to find the right kennel near you.

There are also links on this platform that you can use to find a boarding facility in the 50 states of the United States.

Click here to check out


iii – is a website that shares reviews about local businesses. It also helps people to find great local businesses that are offering various products, services and money saving deals.

recommend a good boarding kennel

Take advantage of Yelp to find a boarding kennel near you. These also come as sponsored ads.

You can use this site to find businesses, events, and also talk with other Yelpers.

Use the search bar at the top of the site, enter the “Dog Boarding” or “Boarding Kennels”.

You can do your search based on the location you want.

Talking about reviews, you can write reviews about your favorite businesses and share your experiences with community.

That said, you can checkout Survey Junkie review if you want to start making money sharing your opinion and experiences with businesses.

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iv – American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club is a leading resource for dog lovers in the United States.

This organization has been around since 1884.

It was established as a not-for-profit all-breed registry.

It advises members on what to look for in the best boarding kennels for dogs.

Membership to this club is beneficial just as having Costco membership free or paid.

You can also use this resource to find the information about boarding kennels near you.

Click here check out American Kennel Club


v – is one of the most popular websites that connect people with local professionals and businesses.

It shares information and reviews about local businesses and the services they offer.

It is also a useful resource that helps people find businesses that offer free samples like free makeup samples or free baby samples, free food, free books for kids, etc.

pet care services can be used to find Boarding kennels near you.

Use the search bar and enter the “boarding kennels” near your chosen location.

Click here to check out


vi – connects pet parents and their pets with pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and other animal care professionals.

You can browse through to find boarding kennels near you.

Just visit the site and click on the “pet sitter’s” link. Then, you can click on the “kennels and pet boarding near me” link.

You will find the best boarding services near you.

Click here to check out


vii – Rover

Rover is the world’s largest network for 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

This website connects pet parents with dog people who will treat their family animals with great care.

pet sitters and dog walkers

Rover helps people who are in need of dog walkers, in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, and other forms of dog care.

People can use Rover to find boarding kennels for their dogs, cats or pets.

In another word, this is a marketplace for dogs. It is similar, but a bit different from sites like amazon where products are bought and sold online.

Search for kennels near you by inserting the exact location you want.

Click here to check out Rover


4. Check community bulletin boards  

Wikipedia defines a community bulletin board as a digital signage system that public, educational, and government access cable television providers use as a Barker channel to keep communities up to date of events listings, weather and other news that can be delivered by using digital on-screen graphics

This board keeps communities up to date about business listings, events, weather, and other news.

The information can be delivered by the use of digital on-screen graphics.

Content creators for community bulletin boards can use apps for writers to create, edit and list relevant information – including news about dog kennels.

Community bulletin boards are available in many counties, cities or states.

You can use the platform to find professionals and businesses offering boarding kennels services near you.


5. Look into classified advertisements

Classifieds ads are cheap or free adverts on local newspapers or classified ad websites.

Ads in classified forms are displayed in a few words and line. They are categorized based on the products or services offered.

Animal care specialists

You can look into the classifieds section of your local newspapers, magazines or websites like for boarding kennels near you.

Some local businesses and Animal care specialists create and post their adverts on classified adverts platforms.

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The best places to find boarding kennels near me have been discussed in this article.

Boarding Kennels can be seen as an alternative to pet hotels, pet sitters and similar animal care.

They provide care for dogs and other pets in a safe and clean environment.

The staff is expected to comply with legal requirements of the state or location they are operating from.

However, to find the best Boarding kennels, you must ensure that the facility has a history of providing the best tools, staff, shelter, and procedures to care for the dogs.

The above knowledge is also useful for those who want to make money cat sitting.


Boarding Kennels