Blogging Communities to Promote and Drive Traffic to your Blog


Getting traffic to your blog or website isn’t easy, but with the help of these blogging communities you can promote and drive traffic easily.

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  1. Hey Adithya,

    Thanks for writing and sharing this here. And thanks for mentioning as one of the blogging communities of note.

    But remember to always “king” your own posts after sharing. I noticed you didn’t do that for this post.

    If you don’t get enough “kings” and engagement, you don’t get to the frontpage and you don’t get good enough traffic. So, always “king” your posts, to get the ball rolling, πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi Adithya,
    Your post awesome. Its informative and instructive. New bloggers seeking for ways to promote their blog would find this post very helpful. Giving a snippets of what these blogging communities offer makes your post practical.
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  3. Hi Adithya,

    That was an informative post. I agree with you. Having sources of referral traffic for one’s blog is very important. And blogging communities just supply that- targeted, quality traffic. And that too, consistently.

    Depending solely on organic traffic equals foolishness. One wicked algorithm update and things can go wrong! SEO aspects helping to rank you high now may take backseat after an update, what say?

    You’ve shared a nice list of communities. Hope that all of them are bustling and full of engagement. From your list, I’ve been using DoSplash, Klinkk and Kingged. All three are awesome! BTW, I’ll try out the other ones too very soon!

    Thanks for the list bro!


  4. Hi Adithya,
    I left a couple comments for the other community members. Oh my, I should really leave a comment for you.

    Thank you for this post. I am thinking. I am thinking.

    I will also throw out the question for you. My struggle: time.

    I like my blog. I like These are my basics. If you had to choose just one or two other communities, which ones would you jump in to. I know that they all have their positives, but if you had to just start out.

    I like that you have given us so many choices. I am thinking Blog Engage. ??? A buddy suggested Triberr?

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  5. That was a quite a list!

    The list of blogging community websites’ goal is to promote, drive traffic, engagement, and votes.

    Blokube is I think great, in your own words, “If your post gets maximum up-votes, your article will appear on Blokube’s homepage.” but yes, hoping they’ll be active again.

    But I think is the star. It is out of the usual, why? Because Kingged rewards their members with giveaways and contests and that is totally true.

    Kingged has a very engaging and helpful community I must remark. πŸ™‚
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  6. Hey Adithya, it’s been pretty long since I last jam you on or off the blogosphere, that is FB. Hope all is well dude? Well, I am fine. πŸ™‚

    WOW! This is a really fantastic post, highly informative and filled with list of amazingly great communities.

    Joining a community as I’ve always preached is pretty very important in the growth of every blog and you should as a blogger take it very seriously.

    IN a community, there are tons of goodies you’d jam, which includes Quality relationships with other bloggers, learning from the vast experience of other great bloggers both the new and old bloggers, getting targeted traffics and maybe earning some more money – And that can only be possible if you join the beautiful world of Kingged.

    I think we should talk a little bit about relationships or what do you think, bro?

    Quality Relationships: A lot of newbie bloggers whenever I advice them to make relationships with other bloggers complain to me, “But Sam, it’s very difficult to do that. How do I go about it?”

    Well there are various ways of making quality relationships with other bloggers and that includes, blog post surfing and commenting, plus several other ways, and yes………….blogging communities.

    I have recently here on Kingged met some interesting bloggers, like Barb, Metz, Amit and some more interesting bloggers and have been able to learn from their massive experiences through reading and devouring on their blog posts.

    I have through blog surfing and commenting met the likes of Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Sue Neal, Enstine Muki, Babanature, Nosa, and a host of others.

    I would have loved to talk about other points but I’d leave it for other kinggers to do……Do have a lovely day okay. I miss you! πŸ˜€

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  7. What an informative post. It contains practicable tips we can utilise to spread our blo posts and make brand well-known.

    The benefits of blogging community you spread are indisputable.

    Some of the bookmarking sites and blog communities, I personally used before. One of such is this:

    However your list made me know there are still some platform to try, some opportunity to explore.

    Thanks for sharing
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