Blogging 101: Traffic Generation for Blogs on a Budget


Running a blog often sounds very appealing. You’ll have a place to share your thoughts, build a community, and also generate some much-needed cash. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, the reality is it’s not as easy to achieve this as a lot of people make out. I hear the same old things time after time: “Just create awesome content” or “Build a social media following so that you can drive traffic back to your blog.”

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? That’s because it is obvious.

Who in their right mind would start a blog with the intention of producing crap content and completely neglecting social media? Morons, that’s who.


  1. You’ve said it right, Matthew. It’s true that running a blog is such an interesting thing to do. However, as what you’ve said, it’s not as easy as what we think.

    I also hear the same old things about running a blog, and I must say that it was really the obvious things to do with blogging. I must agree that content itself doesn’t make a sense. You need to make your content noticeable enough for the crowd to engage with it, so that you can get the benefits you desired.

    The tips and tools you’ve shared on how to generate much more traffic to your blog is indeed valuable and helpful. This would surely help every blogger, especially those who are just starting to run a blog or are just new in blogging.

    Thanks a lot for this informative post! 🙂
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  2. Lots of informative ideas in your post. The one thing I gleaned that you didn’t directly come out and say was that it takes different methods and ways to get people to our blogs. We have great content but as you said it doesn’t matter if no one reads it.

    I think the key today is engagement! If you write good stuff and give people a reason to engage with your content on your website/blog as well as on social media.

  3. Hey Matthew,

    Wow you gave a lot of details on how to generate traffic to your blog. I’ve used facebook advertisement a couple of years back and I have gotten some decent results from it. I would say after 60 optins I would get 1 or 2 sales, which isn’t that great, but at least a got the sales. I could’ve definitely improved.

    I haven’t heard of the Keyword Eye program. I mainly use Keyword Planner, or Google’s Serendipity system of typing keywords in and having a list pop up. I’m not the best at keyword search by I may even look into keyword eye!

    I’ve used buffer as well. I actually stopped since I had a lot of problems with my blog and I had some irrelevant posts I had to delete. But other than that, this is a great program to use so that you can get more shares and incoming traffic. But it works best if you’re targeting a niche market and you’re giving them content that they want to read!

    Thanks for sharing this info and I hope you have a great week ahead!

  4. I do think we all have learned alot of tough lessons along the way and wished we had soneone whom we could reach out to for help.. OH YEH!!

    As for keywords HUM I have never been big on them and still do not write with them, I do know I should BUT HUM WELL HEHE!!

    Buffer Sweet I am all over this. Love free Tools, I also like the advice to go ahead and scheule out those posts , Great Advice!! I do share when published and then do forget about them Love it!!

    I did just add a stumble upon button to my blog so lets see how this works I was happy to see this here.. All Great Tips!! Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
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  5. Doing blogging in a budget is heck of the task especially in this era when everybody is suggesting costly premium products to boost your blog traffic. We can’t get quality keywords with any free keyword tool nor we can share massively at social media manually. For this purpose we must have any software with quality of service to make our task easier.
    You pointed great tools for this purpose which are not very much costly and can reduce the burden of post sharing at social media and also the one which is not high cost and can give us quality long tail keywords to create contents which ultimately bring huge traffic at our blog.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource that has great info for us.
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  6. Hi Matthew

    Yes, blogging some think that is an easy job,
    Of course stating one is as simple as that but the promotion and getting traffic or visitors to that blog is a cumbersome job. Many starts blog and wait people to land there but alas! They sit on and on no one will notice or visit those pages. For this lot of hard work and endurance is needed. Due to this many leave half way. The tips you mentioned in this post is really worth trying, though some budget to set apart for this purpose it looks like a best bet! Thanks for the relevant links given in this post.
    Though I heard about creating an email list, I never thought of building one for myself. This section of the post is indeed more valued to me.
    Thanks a lot for the connected links.

    Best Regards

    ~ Philip
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  7. Wonderful tips there.

    StumbleUpon is among my favorite place to generate Free and Paid traffic. Redditt is again a brilliance place to generating some targeted traffic to blogs

    One can leverage all the social media sites and try their luck with SEO, but without getting a proper report on results, you can’t tell whats working and whats not. The idea to to use CrazyEgg for this matter is the best advice.

    Although CrazyEgg has a monthly subscription, the benefits are more than worth the money. It can be a great tool along with Google Analytics.