If you want to know some of the very best ways to make your money grow in just 6 months, this article is going to be very helpful.

It reveals very awesome ways anyone can implement, to grow their money within 6 months, regardless of their current situation.


Can You Really Make Money Grow in 6 Months?

Of course you can!

If you still think you can’t, think about this…

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What if you were told you had only 6 months?

No, not in regards to your life expectancy, but regarding your money.

In other words, what would you do with your money to realize a good return on investment, and where you would be at the end of 6 months?

For anything in our lives that we value, we want to see growth.

This is true in our relationships where we want to see that relationship be more grounded and grow, we want that for our children and for them to grow in all areas of their life, and we want that personally for ourselves as we grow in knowledge and maturity.

Also, we want our finances to grow so that all of these other growth opportunities are accomplished.

Similar to the standard question asked during a job interview where the interviewer asks the candidate where they see themselves in 5 years, the question now is where do you see your finances in 6 months?


Personal Story

Roughly, two and a half years ago, I received a gift from a relative.

This gift was a plant and more specifically, a Dahlia.

The first year the plant and the flowers budded, bloomed, and flourished. The plant was gorgeous.

The following year I watered the plant, tended, and cared for it but I did not receive any flowers but the foliage was healthy-looking.

This year, I studied more about the Dahlia and realized that the plant needed nitrogen-based food with a level of 5 or less.

Following that learning, this year the Dahlia came back and blossomed beautifully. As I pen this writing, the beautiful flowers are full and vibrant in color.

The difference? For the plant to grow the way it was intended, it needed not only sunlight, water, rich soil, but a specific plant food designed to enhance its growth.

So it is with our investments we can do all the right things but not receive the fullness and return of our money.

We need to maximize its growth through other specific growth measures.


17 Best & Workable Ways to Make Money Grow in 6 Months


1. Saying No More Than Yes

One of the best ways to make one’s money grow in 6 months is by learning how to say no.

This discipline of saying no is in regards to compulsive buying or spontaneous spending.

Often an individual desires to always have the best clothes, the latest in technology, the greatest new gadget, etc.

Therefore, by saying no an individual will see their money grow by not spending it.


2. Clean House

Another way of making an individual’s money grow over 6 months by investing is to go from room to room and begin decluttering.

This simply means that the individual assesses their storage spaces and decides whether the item or clothing has been used within the previous 6 months.

If the items have not been used in those 6 months, then perhaps consideration should be given about selling that item in a garage sale.

This money can then be put in an investment vehicle to help money grow.

This is a classic way of not only decluttering one’s house but utilizing the process to earn money and then put that money to work for the individual based on something that hasn’t been utilized in 6 months.


3. Being Industrious

Another way that an individual can make their money grow in 6 months is to spend those 6 months wisely.

By this, it is meant that the individual can use the timeframe to be industrious and in doing so earn additional dollars.

The individual can take a variety of side jobs to help bring in extra income to the household.

Some of those odd jobs that can be accomplished can be through a networking website called Upwork.com.

Through this website and others, there are various job postings listed that advertise a need for a broad spectrum of talents and skills that may be a match to what the individual can bring.

By registering on such a website, the individual will be able to search for those opportunities and earn money which in turn can be set aside as an investment in a variety of investment vehicles.

Also, the individual can utilize their vehicle to drive for such delivery services as Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, etc.

Check this out for more tips on making money driving for UberEATS.


4. Cutting Back on Luxuries

Another way that individuals can make their money grow in 6 months is to cut back on the expense side of their budget.

In particular, they can sever their business relationship with a cable company, cut back on dining at restaurants, attending movie theaters less, etc.

A good way of appreciating the cost of these expenses would be to estimate the money saved by not indulging.

Then investing that money to help the individual’s investments grow.

If one did away with the cable, a night out of restaurant eating, and not attending a theater for a month, realistically the individual could save roughly $400-$500.


5. Peer to Peer Lending

Lending clubs are an opportunity to loan money to other individuals and businesses.

This lending process is facilitated by such clubs as Peerform.com or Upstart.com.

The minimum deposit for involvement may vary and a return on one’s investment could range anywhere from 4 to 7%.


6. BlockFi Savings Account

Another investment vehicle would be BlockFi.

This investment opportunity allows for an individual to deposit some of their money and purchase what is known as stablecoins.

A stablecoin trades at an exchange rate of 1 to 1 for an American dollar.

Additionally, the money is always accessible and anytime the individual wants to draw the money out they can do so.

How BlockFi works are that it makes loans to other individuals similar to a bank. Except, rather than the currency being in American dollars the loan is made in Cryptocurrency.

The bonus is that BlockFi, over the year, can offer the investor an 8.6% return in stablecoin and exchanged it to American currency 1 for 1.

Of course, as with all things, one needs to do their investigation and determine whether this is something they may be comfortable with and would like to proceed as an investment.

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7. Mortgage Rates

As of this writing, mortgage rates are substantially low than what they have been in the previous years.

Therefore, an individual, who is a homeowner, can refinance their mortgage if it is advantageous for them to do so.

Those factors of being to the advantage of the homeowner would include the number of years that they plan on staying within the residence and whether the offered refinance mortgage is at a rate lower than what they are currently paying.

The difference will be a lower mortgage rate payment which will increase the monthly revenue of the homeowner.

The downside is that the terms of the loan and ultimate repayment and ownership of the home will be delayed.


8. Plan of Action

To make money grow in 6 months, it is important to have a plan of action.

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The plan of action should include a well-devised and accurate snapshot capturing the income and expenses of the household.

Therefore, based on the budget it would be good to devise a plan of action that would include the possibility of increasing income and decreasing expenses.

And of course, then making identified extra money work for you by investigating a variety of investment opportunities.


9. Money Market

A money market account is similar to a checking account but offers a higher interest rate for the individual who places money into a registered account.

Similar to a checking account that often checks can be issued and can be drawn against the money that is placed in the money market account.

There may be limitations as to how many times an individual can write a check without there being a fee assessed.

It is important to do one’s homework and to understand the terms of the agreement.

The advantage of opening a money market account is that a higher rate of interest is offered for money deposited over a standard savings account offered by a typical banking institution.


10. CDs

Another investment vehicle that an individual or family member can utilize to make their money grow in 6 months is a certificate of deposit or CD.

These investment opportunities can be set up with a participating financial institution or online website.

Generally, the CDs require the commitment of deposited money for a specific period. CDs can range anywhere from a three-month to a three-year commitment.

Of course, the longer the commitment of leaving one’s money in a CD will earn them a higher interest rate.

The best way to do comparison shopping for a CD that will offer the best rate of return on one’s investment is to go to a website such as Bankrate.com.


11. Short-Term Bond Funds

Generally, this type of investment is managed by a professional financial advisor.

Bonds are not as stable and therefore have a potential of a little more risk but because of that risk, the interest rates offered may offer a higher yield.

Short-term bonds usually mature within 2 or years or less which may meet the plans of the individual wishing to gain as much from their investment over a timeframe of 6 months.


12. Pay Off High Interest

An extremely powerful way to make one’s money grow in 6 months is by paying down any credit cards or loans that are charging a high-interest rate.

Particularly, if an individual has a credit card and does not pay off the balance of that card each month.

The harsh reality is that the credit card company is charging that individual an interest rate on the carried over outstanding balance.

Consequently, if an individual is carrying a balance of, for example, $2000 a month and is being charged an interest rate of 16.99%, this equates to paying $758 in interest if the individual only pays the minimum amount each month throughout repayment.

Additionally, it would take the credit card owner 50 months to pay off the total balance.


Best Way to Make Money Grow in 6 Months


13. High-Interest Saving Account

Another investment vehicle offered by certain financial companies is a high-interest savings account.

The goal of attracting individuals to take advantage of a higher interest savings account is to obtain the privilege of utilizing the customer’s money so that they in turn loans can be made to other people at a higher interest rate.

Generally, there are no restrictions on a high-interest savings account as far as withdrawals.

However, they may require a minimum deposit to capture that high-interest rate.


14. ETFs

ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Fund.

It can be best described as a basket containing a number or diverse representation of securities that trade on an exchange.

The trading is similar to what occurs with stocks.

Share prices of ETFs can fluctuate throughout the day and moves in value according to what is bought and sold.

An ETF can be comprised of investments including stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.

The value or advantage of ETFs is low expense ratios and fewer commissions paid out to brokers than what is normally paid to a broker with the buying of individual stocks.


15. Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are certificates of debt that a company will issue to those individuals who wish to loan the company money so that the company can do a variety of things within their company.

The goal of a company issuing a corporate bond could include capital improvements, expansion, etc.

A corporate bond is a payment made to the individual for the privilege of using their money and is generally offered at a set interest rate.

When the terms of the bond matures, the individual is given back their original investment plus monies equal to the interest that their money earned.


16. Stop Getting Into More Debt

This is a given, isn’t it?

If you keep getting into debt, you definitely can’t make your money grow for you.

The less debt you have, the more your money will grow for you.


17. Make Extra Money

This is also another given, isn’t it?

The more money you make, the more you can put towards growing for you.

Thankfully there are several extra gigs and ways to make extra money come your way.

Check out the following articles for more tips on different ways of making extra money:


Best Way to Make Money Grow in 6 Months FAQs


What Is the Best Way to Pay Down Credit Card Debt?

There are two methods of paying down credit card debt.

One method is that the credit cards that are identified as having the higher interest rates become the focus of paying the balance.

The credit card owner pays the minimum on the other credit cards and any monies that are remaining are then paid toward the higher interest credit card along with the minimum payment.

The other option is to pay off the lowest credit card balance and when that is paid off then the money that was spent on or paid on that credit card is then devoted to the next lowest credit card balance.


What is Cryptocurrency as a Way to Grow Your Money Quickly?

Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital currency that acts as a medium to buy goods and services.

The differentiation between Cryptocurrency and traditional currency is that an online ledger is utilized in making the online transaction.

This currency is currently unregulated and accordingly, the value can fluctuate at any given point in time.

An example of Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Even though it can be a risky investment, it has been used by many people around the world to grow their money quickly.


You Can Do It

With a little research, doing one’s homework, and sticking with a plan of commitment, an individual can realize growth in their money over the next 6 months.

The investment vehicles are available to an individual range from minimal risk to a greater degree of risk.

The level of risk should be evaluated by the individual’s level of comfortableness with riskier investment opportunities.

In either case, whether it is a low return or a high return, the bottom line is that the individual will see growth in their money over the next 6 months.



For anything in this world if there is no growth there is stagnation.

The difference between stagnation and no life is hard to identify and recognize.

With a little bit of planting, watering, attentiveness, and providing the right nutrients, your finances can grow and blossom over the next 6 months into something that is not only possible but should be expected.

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