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First things first…

Did you know that Americans are fond of celebrations and will take any occasion or non-occasion to indulge their appetites.

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For example, January 5 is known as National Whipped Cream Day, or January 15 is known as National Bagel Day, and February 1 is known as national dark chocolate day.

The list of food items and other celebratory events set aside as national days of recognition is just about endless.

Not to be outdone, some days are nationally recognized with meat lovers in mind.

For the hamburger aficionado, and days in between, the day set aside to enjoy a nice thick juicy hamburger is May 28.

Of course, not to be outdone, the king of meat lovers is the well-prepared steak and the day for celebration is April 25.



With all of these important days of recognition, it would be deemed un-American not to participate in these days of recognition.

Additionally, as a double day of recognition, why not throw hamburgers, hotdogs, and steaks on the barbecue on May 26, National Burger Day, or especially on July 4.

That is because July 4 is known as National Barbecue Day.

A few interesting facts about American Presidents and barbeques.

Dating back to Thomas Jefferson, barbecues have been part of the White House celebration. LBJ or Lyndon Baines Johnson was the first sitting president in the White House to host a barbecue on the White House grounds.

Of course, for the American family, barbecues are not just fired up on July 4 but other major holidays and days in between.

As one can expect, the grill is in full use on July 4 followed by Memorial Day and then Labor Day. It would appear that family and friends go hand-in-hand with an outdoor barbecue.

Adding to the tastiness of the prepared meats of hamburger, steak, hotdogs, and chicken are garnishes of barbecue sauce.

In popularity, those barbecue sauces include hickory, mesquite, honey, and then spicy-hot.

Rounding out a full meal prepared on the barbecue are side dishes such as corn, potatoes, and other vegetables.

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Barbeque Code

It would seem that there is an unspoken expectation regarding family get-togethers during the summer season.

It is almost a code that needs to be followed that adds to the enjoyment of storytelling.

Somehow the food is even more flavorful when grilled and families are laughing, reminiscing, and telling stories about one another.

This was evidenced a couple of years ago when my son’s family of six visited and we hovered over a small grill.

It seemed like it took forever to do the hamburgers required to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

And yet the laughter that we shared watching the meal cook was equally as enjoyable as sinking our teeth into those delicious and flavorful hamburgers.

There was something special about hovering near an open grill and being warmed by not only the smoldering briquettes but the smoldering love of a family get-together.

Time for Outdoor Cooking!


Best Time to Buy a Grill and Why

With July 4th being the most popular day to barbeque, it could be argued that this day is the peak day for the barbeque season. After the fourth of July, there is one more major holiday weekend.

Labor Day weekend heralds the end of the summer season and only memories of the beaches, parks, and vacation spots remain.

In fact, in some areas of the country, the children have already returned to their studies and the focus of families is back to the normalcy of school and work.

Consequently, retailers at this point and forward begin to offer discounts on their grill inventory to clear floor space and free up their shelves.

Hopefully, the individual in the market for a new or upgraded grill has their grilling eye set on a model with specific barbeque features.

Some of those features could include a grill that utilizes only charcoal, or is propane-fueled or is a smoker, or is a combination of a barbecue with a smoker feature.

Other features of a completely equipped grill could include a preparation area, shelving, storage space, and a side burner for cooking.

Once the potential grill buyer is on the lookout for a discount, they can scan the various shopping circulars.

These circulars advertise sales on their barbecues that may or may not have all or a majority of these features that the customer wishes.

Therefore, the late summer months and into the early fall is the best recommended time to buy a grill.

The double beauty is that there is still nice grilling weather and cooking can be prepared on a discounted grill. This makes the food even more pleasant to eat.

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Worst Time to Buy a Grill and Why

Conversely, the worst time to buy a grill would be when the grilling season is starting to heat up. The specific worst months to buy a grill would be through March to June.

It is a simple economic supply and demand formula. Just as the demand for barbecue grills wanes following the July 4 holiday the supply or inventory of grills needs to be reduced accordingly.

Of course, during the worst times to buy a grill, March through June, the demand for a new barbecue to enjoy the summer and spring grilling season increases.

Therefore the demand or inventory is proportionately increased as well.

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This provides a perfect sales scenario for the supplier or retailer in that they can ask the optimum price for the grill because the optimum demand is peaking.


Timing: Saving Extra Money

Another excellent time to buy an assembled grill is following the July 4 holiday through the fall.

Specifically, many retailers have out on the retail floor various grill models that reflect the inventory on their shelves or in their warehouse.

These grills have been assembled by staff to show off the various features of the grill and entice the potential buyer to indulge in a new grill purchase.

So, the opportunity for the customer to buy a new grill during the best time of the year is to ask the manager about purchasing one of these already assembled grills.

Often, a good deal can be negotiated and in the process, the customer will already have a well-assembled grill ready to be fired up.


Timing: Another Person’s Treasure 

Another possibility of owning a grill that relates to timing is through moving sales or garage sales.

During the summer months, America is traditionally on the move. Perhaps people are downsizing to a smaller home or involved in a moving adventure such as relocating to a new city to take on a new job.

Often, families will sell some of their items to facilitate an easier move or simply sell an item that they are planning on replacing upon their arrival at their new location.

Sometimes these items can be very in very good condition and were maybe once used and that was it.

Consequently, it might be worth the perspective barbecue buyer to shop at some of those garage sales.

They just might come across a barbeque beauty that is in good condition and is being sold simply because the grill does not fit into the future needs of the family.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to scan the classified ads in various publications to see if someone is offering their gently used grill to the public in the marketplace for their well-maintained barbecue grill.

Anyway, like a new car just driven off of the showroom floor and is no longer classified as new, so it is with a used grill.

The car is certainly just as usable for transportation as is the grill that may have been fired up once, twice, or several times.

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Best Time to Buy a Grill


Additional Grill Shopping Considerations

Of course, as the consumer, you want to be in as much control of the, in this case, purchase of the grill as possible.

In other words, you don’t want to buy a barbecue grill just to buy a barbecue grill.

Certainly, you have specific features in mind to enhance the home grilling process and make you feel good about your grilling possession.

Therefore, purchasing a grill is no different than any other purchase in that the potential buyer should do their homework and research the product.

It is best to go online and read certain reviews about the various models and brands of grills that are normally for sale.

Perhaps a simple word search of “what is the best grill” or “what features in a grill should I look for” could be an appropriate start?

Another valuable resource of determining what sort of grill you are in the market for is by asking friends or family about a grill they may own.

From their response, you can find out what sort of foods they cook on the grill and what features their grill contains, or what features they wish that their grill had been installed with.


Where to Shop to Buy a Grill?

It is also important to remember that when to buy a grill is equally as important as to where to buy a grill.

Of course, many reputable retailers offer various brands of barbecue grills. Some of those more popular shopping experiences for barbecue grill include:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Ace Hardware
  • Wal-Mart
  • Target

However, it is important to remember that competition in the retail marketplace is a strong component of America’s economy.

Therefore, there are other options rather than the normal “go-to” places that people shop for their durable goods.

For example, the individual shopper looking for the best price on their identified grill and features could include such online retailers as:

  • Amazon.com
  • Overstock.com
  • Ebay.com
  • CamelCamelCamel.com

Again, the savvy shopper will utilize all of the tools in their possession to find that dream grill for their home barbecues.

One such tool is by searching the web to see where the best price is for the barbecue grill and features that they are looking for.

Often, a website will allow you to put in various filters such as a cost range, features, brand name, etc.


Grab that Grill

You are in the market for a barbeque grill. You are waiting for the perfect time to purchase the grill.

You have a set brand in mind and you want that grill to have specific features that will enhance your grilling experience.

However, the economic reality is that the grill that you have in mind is just a little bit out of your price range.

Extraordinarily, grills can range anywhere from a basic model of less than $100 to a full-featured grill that can cost thousands of dollars.

Of course, being the smart consumer that you are you want to wait for that perfect time when the demand is low as well as the asking price for that grill.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for that opportune time. You are not going to allow any smoke from that grill to get into your eyes, make you blink, and move until that optimum time is reached.

Just like the foods that you are dreaming of cooking to timing perfection on your new grill, the importance of timing that purchase of the grill is everything.



The hunt is on, isn’t it?

You are stalking that perfect cooking machine known as the barbeque grill.

You are a skilled shopper that wants to have all the features that you want and more in that trophy that will adorn your patio and be the envy of your hosted cookouts.

Additionally, like the grill that you are looking for, your nerves are made of steel and you will wait out the retailers till the price is right.

As you flip those hamburgers and cook those steaks to perfection, you can regale your guests with the story of the great purchase of that centerpiece of the barbeque outing.

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