This article reveals the very Best Places To Sell Watches! It also explains why these are the best places for getting the best rates.

Most likely, the expression that time is money and money is time is one that is familiar and resonates with the reader.

As a nation we respect time.

For the business person, meetings start on time and end on time.

For the chef, cooking time for culinary delights must be followed.

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In education institutes, classroom instruction follows rigid schedules according to times in the day.

Often our lives are structured around the device strapped to our wrists. Its siren call requires time management.

Additionally, often we are the grateful recipients of wristwatches as gifts.

Occasions could include birthdays, anniversaries, and retirement.

This brings us to that expensive watch we received from that special person or one that we purchased because it matched our style and taste.


Importance of Looking for Best Place To Sell Your Watch

So, what if we wish to upgrade that watch that still has significant value.

A few options include donating the watches to a thrift store. The individual with time on their hands, as a donation to the non-profit, can help support the agency when the watch is sold and the money used for programs.

Another option is for the individual to link up with a particular venue and sell that watch that still maintains significant value.

Interestingly there are several marketplaces that the individual can explore and utilize to market and sell those extraordinary wristwatches in exchange for money.

It certainly gives new meaning to the expression of “buying time.”

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The Best Places to Sell Watches Online & Offline

Of course, when we’re talking about selling watches, we are not talking about timepieces that, although they may keep good time, are not watches that have significant resale value.

Consequently, we are talking about high-end watches or luxury watches that have good resale value.

Therefore of interest may be a discussion or if owning one of these watches how best to proceed in exchanging that luxury timepiece for cash.


Best Place #1: Online

As is the key to selling anything, it is important to market your product and get it in front of as many people as possible.

When considering the selling of your high-end watch, the same selling process should be incorporated. Therefore one of the best marketplaces to get in front of as many people as possible is to use an online website.

Specifically, one such website could be If utilizing such a website it is important to present the product in the best light possible.

Therefore, describe the watch that you have in your possession and are putting up for sale using descriptive words and triggering the potential buyer’s imagination.

In particular, the various functions of the watch should be highlighted and what makes it a particularly good buying opportunity for the buyer.

Also in the listing should be how old the watch is and any dates that are important in regards to purchasing or, like the little lady who only drove the car on Sundays, how many times have you worn the watch.

Other important factors would include any repair or maintenance services that have been rendered to your timepiece and whether it keeps good time.

Describing the condition is important and informing the potential buyer if everything is still original or have certain items been replaced.

Some of those items that could be replaced could include the casing, or has the crystal been replaced or the crown, or have repairs been done.

Another important factor that will enhance the value of your watch and make it more appealing to potential buyers is photographs.

You could take the photos yourself or you could hire a professional photographer to help you with this process.

Generally, it is important to enhance the beauty of the watch by placing it on some sort of colored background to bring out the beauty of the wristwatch.

For example, if the watch is gold then placing it on a black semi-luxurious-looking black cloth would be pretty dynamic in presenting the photographed watch.

Added to the photographing of the watch would be suggestions to incorporate as many angles of the wristwatch as possible.

Also, include the back of the watch to show any flaws or to highlight the care of the watch that is being marketed.

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Best Place #2: Jewelers

Another optimum place that an individual can utilize to sell their watch is through a local jeweler.

These local authorities on jewelry and wristwatches often have buyers who are looking for a well-known extravagant watch name but are not willing to pay the full value of a new watch.

Therefore, your local jeweler may be on the lookout for a watch that is of high and value and is in good condition that they can turn into a profit and satisfy their customer base.

Like all small businesses, they’re looking to turn a profit and will certainly provide a low bid in regards to any watches that you bring into the business for sale.

Therefore, it is important to know what the value range of the watch is that you are selling based on its condition and name.

Often, you can just search the Internet and describe the watch that you have in your possession and you’ll be returned with many sites.

The sites will provide you a range of appraisals based on whether the watch is in fair-good or excellent condition.

Then, when approaching the jeweler, it is important to know the price or price range that you have in mind.

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If you have a set price in mind, do not be dissuaded from trying to get that price from the jeweler for your luxury item.

Contacting your local jeweler is sometimes a better strategy because the potential buyer of your wristwatch is local and the turnaround of the exchange of money can be quicker.

Additionally, you would not have to take photos, offer a description or use the Internet to verify purchases of the customer.

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Best Places To Sell Watches


Best Place #3: Pawnshops

The process to sell a watch to a pawnshop is a pretty straightforward process.

The individual owning the watch goes into the pawnshop and says that they would like to sell the watch that they have.

The pawnshop owner will look at the watch evaluate its condition and make an offer.

The individual selling the watches may counter with an offer but generally, the process is fairly a moot point.

The pawnshop dealer will pretty well settle on his or her original offer.

Determination of the value of the pawnshop owner usually depends upon whether they know they can sell the item or have a customer that would be willing to buy the watch at a greater value than what is being offered for its sale.

Consequently, the pawnshop owner will make a profit and usually a considerable one at that.

Generally, the pawnshop owner knows the valuation based on his or her experience but also will search the Internet to find out the general value of the watch that is being brought into his or her shop.

The upside to selling a watch or anything else for that matter in the pawnshop is that the offer is made and, if accepted, paperwork is signed and the exchange of the item for cash is made.

The downside to selling anything of value to a pawnshop is even though it may be an expensive or luxurious item you will not get top dollar.

A general rule of thumb to selling an item in the pawnshop is that you will be fortunate if you receive 30% or 40% of the estimated value of, in this case, the watch.

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Best Place #4: Personal Acquaintances

Chances are when you have worn your wristwatch out at public gatherings or intimate get-togethers that people have admired your style and the wristwatch that adorns your wrist.

They may have even made comments about how beautiful it is and asked questions about owning one.

Therefore, it is important not to overlook this small sphere of friends that may be interested in buying your watch that you are wishing to sell.

The advantage of selling to an individual that you know is that they have already seen the watch and realize and have commented upon its beauty and intricacies.

Therefore, it may be a very easy next move to let that individual know that you are selling your watch and would like the first opportunity to purchase it.

Additionally, because they are an acquaintance or friend you may offer a little bit of discount that otherwise you would’ve paid to someone else to market that timepiece that you have.


Personal Story

If you would please permit me a tragic, but humorous story about a watch that I “forced” my dad to sell and have replaced. If not interested, move the hands of time forward.

I had received a new bike for the holidays and, of course, despite the snow and ice, the gift needed to be ridden. My parents wanted me back at a certain time and to ensure my timely return, my dad gave me his Citizen watch to wear.

Well, what could go wrong?

A new bike, slippery conditions, and my dad’s watch snugly affixed to my wrist…no problem.

Well, as you probably guessed, I took a dive over the handlebars and in the process cracked the crystal on the most expensive watch ever worn by me.

From then on I have stuck with non-luxury watches. Not that a Citizen’s watch is a luxury timepiece but I do have a habit of “killing time.”


Make the Most of Your Time When Selling Your Watch

There is a market for an individual to sell a watch that is a quality timepiece and precision made. It is a perfect blend for those wanting to own a luxury watch.

Potential buyers may be collectors or perhaps want the enjoyment of splurging on an extravagant wristwatch.

Imagine their delight upon strapping a leather-bound Rolex or TAG Heuer on their wrist and flashing this status symbol to others.

Rather than buying a new timepiece, they would be content on a used wristwatch that still has maintained its beauty, style and being a symbol of excellence.

Sellers may wish to upgrade to a newer watch, may need the money or simply wish to simplify their life and be done with the expensive trappings of life. Whatever the reason may be, as a seller, there is a buyer for your timepiece that has served you well.

Remember, just as it took time to carefully construct the various movements and fashion those components together, so will the time be involving the garnering of the optimum price.

Also, recall your reason for purchasing that particular timepiece. Some of those reasons could have been the need to represent your success in your business dealings and show potential clients that conducting business with you would be profitable.

Or perhaps the purchase was based on your appreciation of the finer things in life or perhaps you could not resist the watch’s style and beauty.

For whatever reason brought that watch to your wrist, it was an investment and represents your hard work, initiative, and success.

In looking to sell that investment it is important to remember to treat it accordingly and continue to get a return on that investment.


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Luxury watches or quality watches can have a high resale value. Some individuals represent a market for various watches that are available for sale.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you don’t sell yourself short by lowballing your watch when it could be sold for considerably more money.

Many individuals wish to purchase a luxury watch but don’t have the financial resources to purchase a new one and therefore are on the lookout for one that is in and is used and in good condition.

Consequently, it is important to take the time when selling your timepiece.

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