This article reveals the very Best Places to Sell Baseball Cards! It also explains why these are the best places for getting the best rates.

No doubts about it…

It is probably fair to say that we’ve heard those extraordinary stories about a treasure trove or single priceless item found in the basement or the attic of a loved one’s home.

Or perhaps the story unfolds and the item was found in the closet or even underneath a loose plank of wood in a house.

These priceless items could be an antique, a painting, or some priceless heirloom that has been passed on from generation to generation and is just sitting there gathering dust.

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Or perhaps you’ve heard of that wonderful baseball collection or even just one baseball card when the value knocks the ball out of the park.

Perhaps that particular card you heard about was that player’s rookie season card and may have come into someone’s possession when they purchased a pack of bubblegum.

Think about it, for the price of a package of bubblegum, a baseball card is now worth an exorbitant amount of money.


The Importance of the Best Marketplace

Well in case you come across something of extreme value or even that incredible baseball card collection, it is important to know what market to enter into to offer that item for sale.

When it comes to baseball cards, it is important to know what the best marketplace is for such an incredible find.

In addition to identifying the proper forum to advertise your valuable card or collection, it is important to know what the maximum value can be obtained in the sales transaction.

The appraisal of your baseball card can be made by going to a search engine and entering the various significant aspects of the collection or the particular card that you have in your possession.

Another way of obtaining an accurate appraisal is to go to a trusted baseball card dealer who knows their way around baseball card collections and significant valuable baseball cards.

Based on their years in the business and their experience they should give you a pretty significant ballpark figure as to the value and worth of the card or collection.

The baseball card dealer may even provide an offer or if the offer is declined may recommend the best marketplace for you to post the availability of the card for sale.


Going Where the Fish Are

If we draw on the illustration of a fisherman wishing to catch a fish, it is important to know the habits of fish, what sort of bait to use, and where are the best fishing holes.

Consequently, fishing in the early morning and knowing that nice juicy worms are especially tantalizing for the fish the angler is going after he proceeds to drop his hook.

Added to the chances of landing supper is knowing that the spot underneath the shady tree near the bank of the river is where the fishes lurk.

So it is with anything in this world in which you wish to make a sale, market your product or any other sales and catch service.

Therefore, if one thinks that they have a valuable baseball card collection, it is important to know where to drop one’s hook.


Best Places to Sell Baseball Cards


Fishing Hole #1: eBay

To maximize the dollar amount that you wish to obtain from the selling of your baseball cards or collection is to get out in front of as many people as possible.

Therefore, the best way to do that in today’s economy is to use the Internet.

Specifically, one especially useful platform is eBay!

Here, you can post a picture of the card or cards that you have and describe the condition of these cards.

A card that has been contained in a plastic sleeve is without creases or other blemishes and is in pristine condition will fetch a higher bid than a card that is less than pristine in condition.

The advantages of utilizing eBay are that the transaction between seller and buyer can occur quickly.

Also, eBay offers various ways of selling baseball cards or other items for that matter including the use of an auction, saying that the card is a fixed price, or indicating to the potential buyer that the seller is willing to accept offers even though the price is fixed.

The downside to using eBay or any other Internet sites for that matter is that the buyer may be simply trying to scam the seller.

Additionally, when the transaction is agreed upon, it is up to the seller to ship the item to the buyer.

Of course, the seller needs to make sure the transaction is legitimate and valid by asking for money in advance.


Fishing Hole #2: Card Dealers

Added to the mix is the old standby where a baseball card collector got their first start.

That old standby is the local card shop where generally the owner is someone who has a love for baseball cards, the game of baseball and provides a fairly decent collection to sell for other sports enthusiasts in the particular region.

Generally, these people are knowledgeable with their understanding being from practical experience and in the business for a fairly decent about of time.

If such a store exists for an individual to buy or sell their baseball cards there are specific advantages to this venue.

Some of those advantages include very personalized treatment, interacting with another sportscard collection enthusiast, sharing the love of the game, and most likely hearing great stories.

The downside to interacting with a local sports card shop is that the possibility of their customer base is limited and therefore optimum price may not be given for your cards or collection.

Additionally, these card stores are difficult to find due to the online competition that has driven them from the competitive marketplace.

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Fishing Hole #3: Auction Houses

If your baseball card or collection seems to be extremely valuable then another option to consider, due to the possible extreme value of the collection or card, is to use an auction house.

To utilize this venue it is extremely important to do one’s research and authenticate the reputation and be satisfied with the business actions of the auction house through posted reviews.

It is encouraging to know that several auction houses operate online and have an auction department that facilitates the selling of old sports memorabilia and baseball cards.

It stands to reason then, that they have a small but significant following of individuals interested in adding to their collection.

Many reputable online auction houses notify their clients as to the availability of particular baseball cards that they know their clients are interested in.

They have a sophisticated network of communicating with their clients through emails, published brochures and will even call their clients directly.

Of course, this kind of personalized and attentive involvement will cause the auction house to take a greater percentage of the sale.

Additionally, this process takes a significant amount of time and therefore is not indicated if the seller is wishing to have a quick turnaround of money between the buyer and seller.

An example of one such auction house can be found at


Fishing Hole #4: COMC

COMC or Check out my Collectibles is an online website that a sports enthusiast may consider when selling baseball cards or other sports memorabilia.

Similar to eBay it is an online platform in which sports enthusiasts can buy or sell various sports cards.

Additionally, other exchanges of money for collectibles can include such items as gaming cards or comics.

However, unlike eBay which has a broad range of merchandise that can be sold or bought, COMC is strictly a site that appeals to sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, they specialize in boasting of a large collection of cards that are autographed, single baseball cards as well as a significant selection of rookie cards of various players.

Added to the mix is that this particular website provides front and back pictures of the cards as well as providing an educational component about card values and the listing of ballpark prices for a card that the seller may own.

The service COMC provides includes:

  • Validation of one’s collectibles
  • The scanning of the sports card
  • Promoting the card to potential buyers,
  • Offering insurance and storage for the card of value
  • Providing the delivery of the product to buyers when the transaction is made

Their website can be found at


Best Places to Sell Baseball Cards


Personal Experience

The personal experience that I can offer to the reader regarding the best places to sell baseball cards can be garnered from a son of a friend who is an avid baseball fan.

Several years ago he gifted to me, as a passionate Chicago Cubs fan, a Ryne Sandberg card #120.

In looking up the value of this card using a search engine, I am made aware that for $4.95 I can purchase the same card through eBay.

That amount of money is not a fortune. However, to me, it is valuable because it represents something meaningful that my son wanted me to have which represented his favorite player and favorite team!

Not to be all sentimental, but this particular baseball card may only be worth $4.95, but to me it is priceless.


You Can Do This: Batter-Up

And so, you’re up to bat and you feel that it’s time to swing for the fences and exchange your baseball cards or collection for the monetary value that you know they have.

You’ve done your scouting reports of the various websites and venues and you know the trading players.

Now it is time to stand in the batter’s box, get that bat off your shoulders and take your swing to not only honor the game but the players that have made baseball the great America’s pastime game that it is through your baseball collection and individual cards that you have.

Step confidently in the batter’s box, knock the dust off your cleats, dig in, grab the bat firmly and look squarely into the pitcher’s eyes.

Don’t settle for a walk when you know that fastball is coming to challenge you. Wait for your pitch and driving that ball for the winning grand slam.

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Conclusion: Bottom of the 9th

The history of baseball cards dates back to the pre-1900’s. Often these cards depicted various pictures of teams as well as individual players.

Interestingly, cards were first packaged with tobacco products and subsequently with a variety of other consumer products.

Those consumer products included baked goods, magazines, candy, and, of course, the popular cards found in bubble gum packages.

The more popular card, which is more valuable are those cards that are classified as vintage cards that were produced in the early 1900s. However, adding to the value of a card is if the card is the player’s rookie season.

This valuable card can be of well-known players and sometimes not-so-well-known players.

Other dynamics to the card’s worth are any signed or autographed cards as well as the baseball card that has limited blemishes.

Often, many avid baseball card collectors will not part with their cards or collections for any reason.

However, if it is the bottom of the 9th and you wish to sell your cards or collection.

There can be a perfect pitch delivered to you through a robust market that is willing to take those cards off of your hands in a monetary exchange for that drive over the left-field fence.

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