This article reveals as many as 15 best paying jobs in precious metals.

It also reveals a lot of helpful information about how much some pay and how to get some of these jobs.



Gold has always symbolized wealth.

Those that own gold have often reflected their possession of gold in many ways.

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They can wear jewelry that is made from gold, have gold coins or gold bars, even have fixtures in their bathroom that are made from gold.

In addition to the precious metal of gold, there are other metals that are of value.

Some of those other precious metals could include platinum, silver, palladium, and even copper.

Even though these metals that are mined from the earth are valuable, there are processes involved that add value to their refinement and forging into intrinsic worth.

The individuals that further refine these precious metals or make a livelihood of offering these precious metals for sale are part of the marketing of the buying, selling, and marketing of precious metals.

There are many high-paying employment positions as it relates to dealing with precious metals.

From mining to refining, to the skillful hands of artisans, to customers there are many skills involved.d

Let us take a look at some of these roles and occupations and how their involvement adds value to the precious metals.


15 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals


1. Mine Electrician 

A mining engineer can earn a salary range of $25-$31 an hour.

A skilled mine electrician will assist the teams that are comprised to maintain the electrical systems within the mine.

They would be called upon to do any troubleshooting and solve any electrical problems.

Also, they will be responsible for the electrical grid maintenance, any new installations, upgrades, etc.

They would be expected to provide oversight to ensure the safety of the mine operations as it relates to electricity.

An important component of being a successful mine engineer electrician is adherence to OSHA guidelines

A significant number of mine operations require this employment position and can possibly be located by looking at various job postings throughout the Internet.

Another option is by searching the job posting website


2. Metals Trader 

A metals trader is an employment position as it relates to precious metals and requires that the individual establish a precious metal trading desk in various global markets.

The metals trader actually facilitates the trading of precious metals which could include manganese ore, chromium ore, copper, and nickel.

The salary range for a metals trader falls between $52,000 to $65,800 per year.

The possibilities of finding an opening for this employment position would include searches on the Internet as well as access to a variety of job posting websites.

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3. Metallurgical Engineer 

A metallurgical engineer is an individual who has a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience as it relates to their field.

This individual provides their metallurgical experience and expertise.

Their effectiveness and productivity are usually measured at how many tons per day they can evaluate.

Often, a metallurgical engineer will oversee all aspects of the milling operations which includes crushing, grinding, use of reagents, concentrate dewatering, etc.

The salary range for this individual starts at a base salary of $70,000 per year.

Opportunities to fulfill this employment position can likely be found by visiting various online websites through the Internet or logging onto a job posting website such as


4. Geotechnical Engineer 

A geotechnical engineer can command a salary range of $61,000 to $77,000 per year.

This job role entails the monitoring of seismic activity at the mine as well as providing oversight to mining operations.

They are also responsible for the review of plans and providing advice and their expertise to apply rock mechanics.

To find such positions one would need to look at mining companies that have a need of the expertise of these qualified individuals.


5. Sales Account Representative 

The salary range of $150,000 to $300,000 per year may be offered to a sales account representative.

This position is charged with acquiring customers and providing service delivery to current customers as it relates to the sale of precious metals.

The optimum way of finding such an employment position would be to look online and use your search browser to find employment positions by using search words such as sales account representative precious metals, Rosland Capital, etc.

When you enter the company Rosland Capital, other similar companies will populate your screen.


6. Mine Engineer 

The position of a mining engineer is an individual who does daily engineering functions as it relates to underground hard rock mining operations.

The primary role of a mining engineer is to coordinate with the survey conducted by the geologists, utilization of mine planning software, provide oversight to the operations, and ensure the safe and productive mining operation to maintain profitability.

A mining engineer can earn anywhere from $69,000 to $94,000 a year and opportunities for employment can be found by contacting mining companies or searching the web or looking at job posting websites such as


7. Graduate Gemologist  

A graduate gemologist is charged with the trading, buying, and selling of precious metals.

The individual may be an employee of a jewelry store or wholesaler.

The individual should be able to demonstrate their ability to grade and evaluate diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones.

Their ability to match the gems and visualize the creation of jewelry relates to their working with precious metals.

A graduate gemologist can earn up to $28 per hour.

Employment positions can be found by searching the web, contacting jewelry stores, wholesalers, or accessing job posting websites such as



8. Senior Plating Engineer 

The employment position of senior plating engineer requires that the individual develop new materials and accomplish electroplating processes through planning and executing experiments.

The plating engineer will optimize the various plating chemistries and provide root cause analysis.

The individual would need to have a Master of Science Degree or Ph.D. in chemical engineering and have a minimum of five years of experience with a strong understanding of electrochemistry, its principles, and plating chemistry formulations.

A quality candidate for this position would be able to command a salary ranging between $110,000 to $150,000 per year.

A possible opportunity to find such a position may be found by going to


9. Mine Surveyor 

The position of mine surveyor could possibly earn a salary ranging from $65,000-$80,000 a year.

A mine surveyor will report to a chief mining engineer and be responsible for all underground and surface survey work.

They will provide oversight to drilling by providing drill holes for exploration purposes.

Also, they will survey the races, shafts, and use of lidar scanners or monitor various cavities within the mine.

The opportunity of mine surveyor would be an employment position within a mine operation and possible listings could be found by searching the website or looking at online job posting websites.


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10. Chemicals Department Supervisor 

A chemicals department supervisor can possibly earn a salary between $60,000-$75,000 a year.

As the job title indicates, the individual would supervise the chemical departments and provide oversight to employees who are involved with gold cyanide, silver cyanide, and other precious metals.

The supervisor will ensure that all safety and environmental policies and processes are followed according to strict regulations.

The bottom line is that the individual should have experience in chemical systems and equipment as it relates to precious metals and be able to fulfill the supervisory role.

To find a position of chemicals department supervisor one can do a website search or access a variety of job posting websites.


11. Operations Manager 

An operations manager will ensure that the goals and targets as it relates to mining precious metals are reached.

They will also provide oversight to not only the safety, production, and overall operation but concern themselves with the safety of all those involved in the process.

The possible range of salary could range from $81,900-$104,000 per year.

If interested in this type of position, you can search the website and utilize keywords such as mining companies, operations manager mining operations manager, etc.


12. Senior Process Engineer 

The employment position of senior process engineer would be charged with assisting in the development, coordination, and planning of complex engineering designs.

This is typically done in the early phases of new projects as well as being involved in feasibility studies.

The individual should be a free thinker and be able to develop solutions to challenging issues and problems.

Also, this employment position may be called upon to be the lead engineer on smaller projects or studies

The salary range could extend from $136,000-$156,000 per annum.

Possible job openings can be located by conducting web searches as well as accessing job posting sites such as


13. Metallurgical Engineer 

The average salary for a metallurgical engineer is $113,945.

A metallurgical engineer transforms metal into high-performing alloys, purifies metals, and utilizes new products that incorporate precious metals.

These new products could be part of superconductors, advanced coatings, utilized in cars, aircraft, and surgical implants.

Possibilities to find open positions could be researched through job posting sites such as or


14. Underground Miner

An underground miner can earn anywhere from $42,000-$61,000 a year.

This job description requires that the individual inspect heavy-duty operational equipment, ensure that all of the fluids are checked, and operate the equipment.

With a heavy emphasis on safety, the individual will maintain a safe working environment and area, work with a blaster, if necessary, utilize drilling equipment, operate other heavy-duty powered mining equipment, etc.

By contacting various mines, you may be able to locate a vacant employment position or utilize a variety of job posting websites.


15. Analyst 

An analyst is an employment position that monitors the metal flows, daily cash, and provides oversight on the funding requirements.

They respond to invoices, reconcile banking statements, monitor profit, and loss statements, and reconcile any discrepancies.

They also respond to quote and premium requests from a variety of carriers and refineries.

The salary range for an analyst is $47,000-$62,000 per year.

You can research this employment position by using your search engine and search online, or access or


Personal Story

I attended an event the other day and I couldn’t help but notice the yellow glistening necklace hanging around an individual’s neck.

Attached to the chain was a large ornament-type feature.

It was not discreetly worn and of course, others couldn’t help but be drawn to gaze upon the spectacularness of the item.

Of course, questions were asked of which one was is that real?

The proud owner of the necklace indicated that it was and told all that were interested and listening that it was valued at $5000.

I have no reason to doubt his assertion and went about my business but inwardly, questioning to myself why anyone would wear a $5000 gold item.

Also, talking about its worth would add to the concern that someone would want to forcibly remove that item.

And, perhaps, inwardly a tinge of jealousy on my part that he was wearing something around his neck that amounted to basically two months of my income.


High Paying Precious Metals Jobs FAQs


What are Precious Metals? 

The common and most well-known precious metals are gold and silver.

Other precious metals include platinum and palladium.

Gold is a unique precious metal in that it doesn’t rust or corrode and is malleable.

In addition to its use in some industrial applications (dentistry, electronics) it is basically used in jewelry and as a form of currency.

Silver can also be used as an industrial metal but also is a popular precious metal in the use of creating jewelry.

As a point of interest, silver was once predominantly used in the photography business.

Platinum is generally considered pricier than gold simply because it is a much rarer precious metal.

Platinum is used in industry but has also been known to be used to form jewelry.

Palladium is a precious metal that is more significantly used in manufacturing processes and is a rare precious metal.


What are Gold Certificates?

A popular way of owning precious metals and in particular gold is through the purchase of gold certificates.

By having a gold certificate, you are still the owner of this precious metal but do not have the worry about storage, safekeeping, and transportation.


Why Are Precious Metals Important? 

Precious metals are important due to their significance of use in the industrial and manufacturing world as well as being part of the creation of technology.

Owning precious metals is also important because it provides diversification for an individual’s portfolio.

Often, individuals own gold as part of a hedging strategy to combat inflation.


What is a Gold Certificate?

A gold certificate represents ownership of gold and has the same value as if the gold was actually being stored in your safe or another secure area.

It is a way to invest in gold without having to worry about storing gold in one’s home and being concerned about security.


Is the United States of America’s Currency Backed by Gold?

The gold standard, or a nation’s currency backed by gold, is not implemented by any country in the world.

In 1931, Great Britain eliminated the gold standard, and in 1933 United States followed their lead.

By 1973 any remaining attachments to the gold standard were completely eliminated.


You Can Do It

Since the beginning of time, precious metals have been the standard reflecting physical wealth and affluence.

Therefore, it stands to reason that those who are involved with these precious metals in employment positions should be held to a high degree of accountability, possess significant knowledge and experience, and be remunerated accordingly.



In addition to precious metals is a reflection of affluence and wealth, precious metals also symbolize things in life that even go beyond the physical wealth that we endeavor to accumulate.

For example, a gold ring worn on the left hand of an individual’s ring finger has no price tag as it reflects commitment, fidelity, and sacrificial love.

Whether we hoard our gold, have gold certificates, spend our gold or wear our gold, the reality is that without all of the employment positions involved in the process, we would be hard-pressed to maximize the usefulness of gold.

Even if we have it to wear around our neck.

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