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One of the golden rules in the world of business and interacting with individuals that purchase products or utilize services is that “the customer is always right.”

Often, when a product was unsatisfactory or for any reason that the customer wasn’t satisfied, the retailer would do their utmost in doing what was needed to make the customer happy or take back the item and return the purchase price.

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Today, for the most part, that commitment is just as strong and has been stepped up considerably by retailers and service-oriented companies.

Upon interaction with a company and customer, a computer-generated survey will be texted or e-mailed asking how their service was or “how did we do?”

It is all about customer satisfaction and leveraging that customer satisfaction to increase the market analytics and ultimately increase sales and production.

A satisfied customer equates to more satisfied customers, which equates to more revenue generated.

As part of that process are employees who are on the front line as it relates to dealing with the public and being the face of the company.

Therefore, let us look at some of the best-paying jobs in what is classified as other consumer services.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Other Consumer Services


1. Bank Teller 

As an employee of the bank, the bank teller is usually the first employee to greet the banking customer.

A bank teller is an ambassador for the banking institution and sets the tone for the customer’s satisfaction and involvement when the customer walks through the doors.

The bank teller has the responsibility of serving the customer by facilitating deposits, withdrawals, and answering pertinent financial questions as it relates to their personal accounts.

A bank teller can expect to earn a wage anywhere from $26,000-$28,000 per year.


2. Account Coordinator 

An account coordinator is a hybrid employment position that combines customer service with sales.

These customer-oriented employees are responsible for working closely with customers/clients as well as potential customers.

The product that the company is promoting and providing can vary from financial investments to the use of software and more.

The pay scale for an account coordinator can range anywhere from $39,000-$65,000 per year depending on their experience and overall responsibility.


3. Concierge

The concierge is an employee who is tasked with meeting the specific needs of the tenants of a building or upscale hotel.

A shortlist of roles and responsibilities of the concierge could include interaction with the guests about:

  • Local activities
  • Possible room upgrade
  • Make appointments
  • Helping with medical needs
  • Suggesting restaurants
  • Etc.

The pay range for a concierge could be $23,000-$40,000 annually and could also earn tips from appreciative guests and residents.


4. Call Center Representative

A call center representative will courteously and warmly take calls from customers with the purpose of providing service in answering questions or addressing any concerns.

The calls may be made to the customer or from the customer but in either case, the focus is on providing resolution for the customer.

A call center representative will earn varying amounts based upon where they reside.

The pay range for a call center representative can be between $17-$22 an hour.


5. Help Desk Analyst 

The purpose of the employment position of help desk analyst is to support clients who are in need of technology or computer support.

The interaction between the employee and the customer can be through a phone call, email, live chat, or in person.

Often, the resolution will occur at this level but if not, then the analyst has resources that they are able to connect the customer to find resolution.

A help desk analyst, depending upon the location of the job, may earn anywhere from $15-$22 an hour.


6. Client Services Manager 

These employment positions are called upon to find answers to customers’ questions and provide quality customer interaction.

A client services manager will be always courteous with customers, demonstrating communication skills in working towards the customer’s satisfaction.

A client service manager can earn anywhere from $55,000-$74,000 per year.


7. Receptionist

A receptionist is often the first employee that a customer interacts with.

Therefore, the first impression with the receptionist is the first impression that a customer will have with the company.

If it is warm and engaging that will be the impression the customer will come away with from their involvement with the company and its services.

A receptionist not only is called upon to greet customers but answer the business phones, redirect the calls appropriately, answer any initial questions, etc.

A receptionist can earn anywhere from $21,002 $39,000 a year.


8. Front Desk Manager 

A front desk manager provides oversight to the activities involved during a particular shift within a hotel or motel.

The front desk manager will often be called upon to handle any concerns that their guest may have as it relates to the room, accommodations, cleanliness, or satisfaction with the lodging arrangements.

A front desk manager, in addition to managing the staff and the hotel operations during their shift, needs to be understanding, empathetic, communicative, and a problem solver as it relates to the hotel guests.

The front desk manager can earn anywhere from $20 an hour or higher.



9. Medical Receptionist 

A medical receptionist is also the first person that a patient will come in contact with when entering a medical facility.

The medical receptionist should be warm, engaging, have great listening skills, and be able to provide satisfactory answers and interact positively.

With a medical receptionist, often the individual has a medical need and may or may not be in pain, which could exacerbate the situation and make it a little bit more involved.

The medical receptionist should understand these dynamics and provide due diligence in ensuring proper interaction with the patient to help reduce any frustration or exasperation on the individual’s part

Depending upon their state of residency, a medical receptionist can earn anywhere from $33,600-$40,125 per year.


10. Member Services Rep. 

A member services representative has the responsibility of receiving and following through on inquiries to resolution.

Also, they may be asked to provide a satisfactory response as it relates to concerns, complaints, requests, and other interactions from members and potential members.

The average hourly salary for a member service’s representative hovers around $18.55.


11. Technical Support Representative 

The role and function of this employee position is to provide customer service to companies or individuals as it relates to technical issues that they may be experiencing with their product.

A technical support representative should be extremely familiar with the various devices and be able to walk the individual through to the point where the device is performing properly.

Together with the customer, they are able to do troubleshooting and find a resolution.

The salary for this position is, on average, $38,000.


12. Flight Attendant 

Airline skies are not as friendly as they used to be and subsequently, a flight attendant is called upon to fulfill a number of responsibilities at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

Some of the major roles and responsibilities include the provision of the passenger’s safety, ensuring that the flight safety guidelines are followed by the passengers, professionally interacting with the guests, providing refreshments, assisting the flight staff, etc.

The occupation of a flight attendant can range from $49,000 to $120,000 per year.


13. Patient Coordinator 

A patient care coordinator is part of the medical team that provides services to promote the health and well-being of the medical patient.

This individual position calls for a strong knowledge of related software, quality customer service skills, maintaining the confidentiality of medical records, and being ability to prioritize patients and their conditions as it relates to the severity of their medical condition.

The salary for this employment position is at a median range of $25.44 per hour.


14. Client Relations Specialist

A client relations specialist is an important member of the employment team in a company that sells products or provides services.

The main goal or objective of the client relations specialist is to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the company’s involvement and the provision of those services or products.

A client relations specialist is extremely knowledgeable about the product and can answer any questions that the client has.

The ultimate goal is to continually provide services to the client to the point that they are satisifed with not only the products and services but the customer service.

A client services client relations specialist can earn a median annual salary of $48,070.

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15. Home Care Workers 

Home care workers are those individuals that provide home care for a homebound patient.

The homebound patient can be a person who is elderly and unable to care for themselves or an individual who is recuperating from surgery and is not ambulatory in order to care and provide for themselves.

A home care service provider will provide meals, possibly do light housekeeping, and for the most part, keep the individual company engaged.

Then depending upon the geographical area where the services are provided, a home care provider can earn up to $30 an hour or more.


16. Real Estate Manager 

A real estate manager is an individual who provides oversight for the property owner’s assets as it relates to real estate owned.

A real estate manager has a dual role and responsibility in that they provide good customer service to the tenant in meeting the leasing needs of the individual through maintenance, provision of services associated with the lease, etc.

The real estate manager also provides quality service to his or her employer who owns the property by managing the rental as it relates to maintenance, care of the grounds, managing the lease, collecting rents, etc.

A real estate manager can earn anywhere from $148,000-$200,000 per year.


17. Travel Agent

A travel agent facilitates the transportation, lodging, admission to entertainment activities, tours, etc. of their customers and groups that are planning on trips.

A quality travel agent will go the extra mile and ensure that the various aspects of the trip are double-checked for accuracy, the possibility of any upgrades, etc.

A travel agent will also be in constant communication with the individual that they are providing this service for or the group to ensure that any adjustments to the itinerary are updated and that the individual or group are informed.

An engaged travel agent can earn a salary of $44,690 or more.


18. Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent provides a critical function as it relates to meeting the needs of individuals against unforeseen occurrences in their lives,

A quality insurance agent is one that educates their client or potential client as to the various insurance vehicles that are available.

An agent does not pressure the individual to purchase policies but informs them to make an educated decision to meet the insurance of the family.

An insurance agent can anticipate earning a salary between $44,060 to $50,000 per year.


19. Service Advisor 

A service advisor is typically a job role and position that is fulfilled at a car dealership.

The service advisor is the liaison between the service staff and the customers.

The service advisor should be engaging and outgoing and have the knowledge to share with the customer as to what is mechanically wrong with the vehicle and what steps need to be taken for repair.

It is never a good situation in which a customer brings their vehicle in for repair because of the concerns of exorbitant costs that are sometimes associated with car repair.

A service advisor will be able to alleviate some of those concerns and indicate to the customer the necessity of having the repair work done at the lowest minimum price possible.

A service advisor can earn anywhere from $24,000-$66,000 per year dependent upon the community in which they live.


20. Beautician 

A beautician is an individual who works with customers in meeting their hair beauty needs in a hair salon.

A beautician is well aware of the different hairstyles and may offer suggestions on what particular style may be appropriate given the customer’s facial features as well as hair texture.

A beautician is outgoing, pleasant, and provides added niceties to their hairstyling service.

The average yearly salary of a beautician can range from $38,778 to $61,000.


21. Financial Development Director 

A financial development director is charged with securing the funds needed for an organization to receive the proper financial resources for the delivery of services.

An excellent financial development director will be outgoing, genuine, and sincere in approaching potential donors.

They will also have excellent communication skills in sharing stories of those helped, being transparent as it relates to donations, and how the donor’s money is utilized, etc.

A financial development director can earn anywhere from $60,000 a year on up.


22. Automobile Salesperson 

The automobile salesperson has often gotten a bad reputation due to past experiences of individuals who have been sold a car that has not functioned properly once leaving the dealer’s lot.

The reality is, there are laws that protect the consumer, and for the most part, the salesperson stays within the boundaries of not making extraordinary claims about the vehicle.

Often a successful automobile salesperson will sacrifice some of their commission in order to provide a good deal for the customer.

A salesperson must know the basic answers about the automobile or truck and provide other significant details to help make the sale.

A good salesperson will have an engaging personality, be able to communicate well and be willing to negotiate car prices.

A quality car salesman can earn a wage ranging anywhere from $21,002 to $81,000 per year.


23. Wait Staff 

Although waitstaff do not earn a significant amount of money, they can, with their attention to the customer’s needs in the restaurant, earn fairly decent tips.

The waitstaff is called upon to meet the restaurant dining needs of the customer, which includes taking the order correctly, interacting with the guests at the table, going beyond the basics of serving the food, etc.

Depending upon where the service delivery waiter or waitress works, the possibility of earning $14,000-$34,000 per year is possible.


24. Bartender 

The old standby good-paying job is an individual who tends a bar.

Often, individuals sit at a bar for a period of time to possibly drown away their sorrows.

Often, they pour out their heart to anyone who will listen and the person in closest proximity is the bartender.

A quality bartender will listen to what the individual is saying, not make any judgments, not get engaged emotionally but lend an empathetic ear to the individual and their situation.

Often, pay is at a set rate but tips can be significant especially if the bar area is crowded.


25. Casino Worker 

With the increased opportunities for individuals to gamble, an important part of the gambling industry are those individuals who are employees at table games.

Games such as Pai Gow, blackjack, poker, etc. have individuals who will deal the cards and hopefully provide a good winning hand for their customers.

As part of this job force being a casino employee can be a good employment opportunity if the customer is winning but the individual dealer can be the brunt of abuse if there is a turn downwards on the individual’s luck.

A casino card player-dealer needs to have a number of quality skill sets which include the understanding that the players are not mad at them for bad hands, defusing any volatile situations, being empathetic, etc.

A casino card dealer can earn a minimum wage but if a player hits a hot streak, the player may provide some additional revenue through tips.


Personal Story

In an effort to save money, someone within the IT department of our national not-for-profit decided to encourage the local units, of which I was part, to automate their phone systems.

The system would be a voice-over-Internet protocol and the idea was that when a customer or donor called, they could press a variety of buttons and reach the department or individual that they wanted to talk to.

Also, the selling point of the phone system was to interconnect each of our various different locations within the city as we provided a number of services.

The new phone system would help with communication, be efficient, and save money by eliminating our current telephone provider.

Unfortunately, the translation and implementation from the idea on paper to reality did not work out so well.

First of all, we started receiving a number of complaints from individuals expressing their dissatisfaction with having to press so many numbers to go through the series of menu options to get to a live person and to hear what services we provided or for a donor to make a contribution.

The other caveat was that we had a staff member whose voice was pleasant, warm and would express a “smile” through their voice in interacting with others.

What the “techies” didn’t take into consideration was that people wanted to hear a human voice and in particular her voice.

This individual truly epitomized the category of other consumer services and may not have been paid the best, but her involvement was literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the organization.




What Are Some of the Ideal Skills to Have as a Quality Customer Service Employee?

Some of the quality skills that consumer service employees should demonstrate include:

  • Respecting the customers
  • Have listening skills
  • Be empathetic
  • Ability to communicate well
  • A positive attitude
  • Patience
  • Commitment to serve


What Are Good Personal Skills to Have in Order to Be an Effective Consumer Service Employee?

Personal skills that should be inherent with a consumer service employee would include:

  • Ability to problem solve
  • Attentiveness
  • Writing skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Attentiveness
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Persuasive skills


You Can Do It

At this point in time, nothing resonates more with a consumer or customer than personal attention provided by a professional and yet friendly customer representative of a company.

Good paying jobs are still a part of the foreseeable future as they relate to other consumer employment opportunities.

In fact, they most likely will be in high demand because that is what the customer wants and responds to.



The customer is always right.

This is the foundational philosophy for any successful business.

Often, a company will sacrifice customer service on the sacrificial bottom line as it relates to saving money by replacing personnel with automation.

However, as it relates to keeping the customer satisfied, good-paying jobs for other consumer services will continue to be an integral part of the workforce and pay quality money.

The customer wants to see and hear the smiles of representative staff members who are the face of the company as they interact with customers which results in increased sales and customer loyalty.

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