If you want to know some of the best paying jobs in Newspapers and Magazines, this article is a must-read.

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Why Best Paying Jobs in Newspapers and Magazines?

With the advent of technology and the ease of access for the average individual to gain information, there have been many traditional ways and methods for individuals to receive information that has been adversely affected.

For example, the traditional role of mail being delivered by the postal carrier has been reduced due to individuals writing e-mails and texting rather than writing out letters.

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Through technology, many individuals also wish to have their bills delivered to them via technology rather than delivered through a mail carrier.

Another area in which technology has impacted our commercial world is through the ability to shop online and have items directly delivered to us as the customer rather than the customer needing to frequent a brick-and-mortar store.

One additional area in which the average individual’s way of receiving the latest in the news and staying current with happenings around the world is the availability of technology that allows for the streaming of news channels as well as accessing news websites.

Our ability to access news has dramatically affected the delivery of newspapers into the homes of Americans as well as magazine subscriptions.

However, these newspapers and magazines are adapting and now provide their periodicals online so that subscribers can fully access the global, national, and community happenings within their own area.

This adaptation by newspapers and magazines on the Internet still requires the involvement of various staffing positions, and it is those staffing positions that we wish to highlight.


Personal Story

A number of years back, when I lost my job, I thought that that would be the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion for writing and become a freelance writer.

The writing services that I offered included the production of marketing collateral, writing grants, creative writing, business writing, etc.

One opportunity that was afforded to me was when I approached an editor of a business newspaper in our community that concentrated on business activities within the city.

I approached the editor about a series of interviews with executive directors of various not-for-profits in our community.

I was comfortable with this suggestion as my involvement in the not-for-profit world spanned over 20 years at this point in time.

Finally, the editor relented, and I was given the opportunity to interview a well-established executive director of a powerful not-for-profit in our community.

I would like to say that the process went swimmingly well, but it didn’t and added content needed to be obtained.

A co-writer was assigned to help me.

It was a devastating blow to my ego but nevertheless was a start in pursuing this passion.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Newspapers Magazines


1. Reporter

The important role of a reporter is to accurately capture and analyze the news that is unfolding.

The reporter not only provides the initial reporting of the story but also provides follow-up information as the story continues to unfold.

This profession requires the ability of the individual to quickly bring all of the information together and evaluate the situation, as well as have the communication skills to approach people and dig deeper into the story by being a good listener and asking poignant questions.


2. Photographer

A photographer will utilize their skill and expertise in taking quality photos that, in essence, capture the story pictorially.

Photographers often submit their photographs to newspapers and magazines.

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time is helpful, but also, a photographer has a “nose” for anticipating stories unfolding and capturing photographs.


3. Photojournalist

A photojournalist combines two skills together to report a story.

One skill is the capability of photographing events that capture what is happening visually as well as combining their writing skills in describing those photos.

Generally, a photojournalist needs to work quickly because often, the story that they are capturing is in the moment, and the news cycle continues to move forward.


4. Publisher

The publisher is an important member of the publishing team in that they are the last hurdle before an article is released.

Therefore, they need to verify the story before the go-ahead is given to publish the news article.

To be a publisher requires that the individual have quality business acumen, the capability of demonstrating leadership skills as well as being decisive.


5. Sportswriter

There are typically three levels of news that are reported in a newspaper.

There is the national news, the local news, and news as it relates to sports.

An individual who writes about sports, a sportswriter, is charged with writing interesting articles not only that capture the sports events of the day but delve into sports personalities and report on their involvement and events to capture the interest of the sports enthusiast.

A sportswriter is required to provide in-depth research and, in turn, write quality articles that are of high value and provide sports information to the individual who follows the world of sports.

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6. Columnist

The writing function of a columnist is the ability to write informative articles as well as add a variety of opinions and various types of comments to the column that is being written.

A columnist can be best defined by their writing an article that is more an essay type of article rather than just a story that is being written.

Typically, a columnist has ongoing participation in a magazine or newspaper and often is popular where people will follow what the columnist has to say on a regular basis.


7. News Producer

The job description of the news producer is one in which their overall role is the production of news programs for television, radio, and print media.

The news producer has to have the ability to research in-depth news that is not only obvious on the surface level but also the possibility of doing investigative reporting as well.

A news producer will resonate with the readers and viewers by providing engaging news programs that are informative and maintain the reader’s or viewer’s attention.


8. News Editor

The job responsibility of a news editor is to review the news stories that come across their desk.

In addition, the news editor will assign various reporters to news opportunities that present themselves.

The news editor must have insight as to the importance of the news and assign a priority to what is coming out on the wire.

This involves the reporting of news for the purity of the story as well as what will resonate with the reader and viewer.

This job requires an understanding of the importance of news, how it resonates with others and quickly analyzing the story for possible coverage.


9. Copy Editor

The copy editor has the responsibility of looking over the various articles that come into their purview and utilizing their proofreading skills to ensure that it is grammatically correct as well as flow in understanding for the reader.

Consequently, to be a copy editor requires a good to excellent understanding of grammar, language, and readable content.

A copy editor often works under strict, stringent deadlines and, therefore, must be able to handle considerable stress to meet those deadlines.


10. Technical Writer

A technical writer is an individual that takes on the role of writing instructional articles, how-to narratives, and the writing of guides, etc.

To be a technical writer requires that the writer have outstanding language skills and generally has earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

A technical writer may write for a magazine or provide newspaper articles that are technology-centered and provide valuable technical information.


11. Communication Specialist

The role of the communication specialist with a newspaper or magazine periodical is to make and maintain connections between members of the journalistic organization and the community in general.

The qualifications to be a communications specialist include outstanding written and verbal skills, the ability to speak confidently in front of audiences, and also be the ability to interact and negotiate with similar individuals.

In essence, the communication specialist is the public face of the company.


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12. Copywriter

A copywriter has the role of writing advertising that is placed in newspapers and magazines.

To succeed in this position would require that you, as the copywriter be able to write interesting and persuasive texts that are designed to promote and sell products or services.

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13. News Reporter

A news reporter is charged with providing material so that articles can be written.

As a news reporter, you would need to conduct personal investigations and, with that information, write articles that provide the facts surrounding the story.

As a news reporter, your confidence in your writing must be captured in a narrative way that is persuasive, informational and informative for the reader.

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14. Broadcast Journalist

In the newspaper and magazine world is now the opportunity to provide podcasts for individuals who may be on the goal or have challenges and need to rely on audio presentations.

As a broadcast journalist, not only will you be called upon to provide these iPod presentations but also to present the news on television or radio.

In addition, to be familiar and confident with the story, you may need to write your own news stories based on your professional research.

Also, your broadcast journalism needs to meet deadlines as well as the information shared is presented in an engaging and informative way.


15. Illustrator

An illustrator is another high-paying employment opportunity with newspapers and magazines as you will be called upon to create illustrations to accompany the various stories.

As an illustrator, your illustrations need to be visually engaging as well as an accurate representation of what the story is conveying.

The role of illustrator must be an opportunity to show your creativity and be able to illustrate or create pictures on any given subject and stay within the parameters of a tight deadline.

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16. News Copy Editor

The challenge for a news copy editor is to ensure that the tax that is submitted for publishing is grammatically correct and has high readability.

The news copy editor’s role is critical because it represents the journalistic endeavors of the publication, and if there are significant mistakes, it would have a tendency to subtract from the impact of the article as well as diminish the literary expertise of the publication.


17. Public Relations Specialist

The role of the public relations specialist within a newspaper or magazine is to create, develop, and maintain meaningful professional relationships between the company you represent and the public.

The public relations specialist must endeavor to always put their company in a good light and develop a strategy if there are any negative challenges that are experienced or perceived by the reading public.


18. Freelance Photographer

In addition to a photographer being on staff, another paid position in the area of photography is the use of a freelance photographer.

Through the role of being a money making freelance photographer, there may be assignments that are given to you to cover a specific topic or news item that requires the publishing of a photograph.

Also, as a freelance photographer, you may have the opportunity to submit powerful photographs of news events that weren’t necessarily assigned to you but had possibilities.

You can submit those photographs for sale as it relates to your services.


19. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers often supplement the work of writing staff to take on the writing of an article that can cover a gamut of possibilities and opportunities.

For example, as a freelance writer, you may be offered a writing opportunity to do an interview with a business leader or not-for-profit leader in the community.

Typically, you would reach out to the individual or entity that a writing assignment has provided you and, within a specific deadline, do the interview and then write the copy for submission to the newspaper or magazine.

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20. Art Director

The job description of an art director is the responsibility for the general and overall look of a magazine.

Each of the magazines has a different look and is designed to connect with its targeted audience.

The art director reviews not only the graphics that are used but also the words and the font used on not only the cover but on every page of the magazine.

The purpose is to design a magazine that flows and is in keeping with the brand that the magazine has established.


21. Advertising

The bottom line for all businesses is the selling of the product.

In the world of newspapers and magazines, it is no different.

Therefore, an important employment position within these periodicals is an advertisement director.

The individual involved with advertising, or the team of individuals will approach various advertisers to see if they wish to promote their product on the pages of various magazines and newspapers to reach their customers and potential customer base.

The advertising manager represents a sales team whose role and the job is to generate revenue through the sale of lines within the magazine or newspaper.


22. Marketing

In order for the periodical to be sold, there also needs to be a marketing strategy involved to have the product in front of the intended audience and potential new customers.

The marketing manager and his or her team are charged with this effort and often develop a strategy in order to reach different markets that are analyzed as to the effective use of marketing dollars in reaching customers and new customers.

The marketing strategy generally includes

  • Public relations
  • Special events, promotional materials
  • The creation of social media hype
  • Etc.


23. Photo Editor

A photo editor makes the final decision involving which photographs will appear in a magazine or newspaper.

The photo editor does not typically take the photos but hires a freelancer or utilizes a staff photographer and reviews the photos that are taken.

The photo editor must have a flair for identifying powerful photographs that are used to enhance the story, and, often reflected in the photograph, the story captures the reader’s attention first before the story is read.


24. Fact Checker

The integrity of magazines and newspapers is often on the line as it relates to sharing stories and various narratives.

Therefore, the story must be completely accurate, free from errors, and withstand all types of scrutiny.

The role of the employment position of fact checker requires that the article is reviewed for accuracy and is completely flawless.


25. Editor

In addition to all of the other editor employment positions that may be involved with different magazines and newspapers, the role of the editor-in-chief has the final say as it relates to published news stories and articles.

The editor is responsible for ensuring that the integrity of the brand of the magazine or newspaper is maintained, and therefore the responsibility of ensuring this dynamic falls at the desk of the editor-in-chief.




What Was the First Newspaper Started in America?

The first newspaper that started in America was named the New England Courant.

It was published in 1721, and the publisher was Benjamin Franklin’s older brother.


What Was the First Magazine Started in America?

The first magazine published in America was in the year 1741.

The name of the magazine was the American magazine and was published by Andrew Bradford.


You Can Do It

Being involved in a reputable magazine or newspaper has always been a respected profession.

Typically, the information provided to its readers is of the highest integrity both in reporting and in its presentation.

With your journalistic integrity or ability to be involved in peripheral and equally important roles within these publications, your involvement will only add to the integrity of the information disseminated.



We depend upon the integrity and professional writing of journalists as well as other information receiving other information to keep us informed and up-to-date.

Two prime examples of receiving this type of information are through newspapers and magazines.

To maintain the integrity of that information and to ensure that that trust is not misplaced, there are a variety of jobs within these periodicals to provide fact-checking and to ensure that what is published is of the utmost accuracy.

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