This article reveals up to 25 best paying jobs in miscellaneous that most people can do, to make money.


Importance of Jobs in Miscellaneous

When you formulate a budget and begin to create line items on the expense side of the ledger, you want to define your expenses and associate them with major categories.

Some of those major expense categories can include

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Savings and debt payments
  • Entertainment
  • And so forth.

Often, when making up a budget, there may be an expense that really cannot be categorized as a specific expense, and therefore you can use a line item labeled as miscellaneous.

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The same can also be true in the area of employment.

Categories of employment could include:

  • Hospitality industry
  • Service industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing


Personal Story

Prior to my joining the military, I had an opportunity to work a seasonal job before the Christmas season.

The job called for me to provide various packaging to assembly line workers.

These packages were then filled with cheeses, meats, and other gourmet items and were mailed out to customers.

My duties also included unloading semi-trucks of food products, providing the product for the assembly line and the workers to put the food boxes together.

The job could certainly be classified as miscellaneous.

And yet, it was a job that was stress-free, enjoyable, and the most fun I had ever had.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous


1. Flavorist

The employment position of a flavorist is an individual who is involved with the process of making sure that you, as a customer, enjoy the meals that are prepared for you by companies.

A flavorist is not involved in cooking but simply utilizes their taste buds and their perspective and looks at food that is presented well.

Additionally, their role is not just based on their own personal preference but is scientifically based on how the food moves across the taste buds.


2. Drone Pilot

A drone pilot is a high-paying salary within the miscellaneous category and utilizes drone flying skills in presenting various products to paying customers.

This position is not for individuals who simply have the experience to navigate a drone and have done this as a hobby, but a drone pilot takes the use of drones to a new level.

Specifically, drones are sophisticated devices that will help to deliver a variety of products, including the important delivery of medicines to individuals living in out-of-the-way places.

Basic knowledge of programming engineering or robotics is helpful for this position.

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3. Crystallographer

The basic definition of an employment position as a crystallographer is that the individual studies crystals.

Their study focuses on the structure, growth, and visible qualities of the crystal that is being studied.

There is a doctorate that is required to pursue this career.

The position also requires working closely with other scientific individuals, such as scientists and engineers, and specifically, this position could work with pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and universities.


4. Meteorologist

Typically as part of the evening newscast, you have a news team that delivers the national, world, and local news, a sports reporter and then the weather is given.

The weather, delivered by a tv personality, is typically a meteorologist.

However, not only are meteorologists in front of a camera, but they also can be at different agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,

Through software, the meteorologist is able to predict or obtain reports that are fairly accurate in predicting what the weather will be as it relates to:

  • Temperature
  • Wind speeds
  • Rain
  • Etc.


 5. Podiatrist

A doctor that specializes in the lower extremities and particularly the foot is known as a podiatrist.

Because the feet and lower extremities often bear the weight of the entire body, there are a number of issues that the feet and lower legs can be experienced.

Therefore, these doctors and their particular knowledge of podiatry are often sought after to relieve any issues, pain, stress or strain on the lower extremities, etc.

This area of medicine is one that doesn’t seem to attract many individuals at this point, so there is an area for growth and involvement in this field of medicine.


6. Flight Attendant

A high-paying and high-flying employment role in the area of miscellaneous would be a flight attendant.

The role of a flight attendant is to welcome on board passengers to the airplane, attend to their travel needs, help them to feel comfortable in preparation and during their trip, serve beverages and snacks, provide for their safety and prepare them for potential emergencies, and so forth.

Most airlines will hire flight attendants after their completion of high school, and in order to break into the industry, you may have to take on a flight attendant job with a smaller or regional airline.


7. Billboard Installer

An advertising method that is still utilized by companies and marketing departments is the utilization of billboards.

The role of a billboard installer is an employment position that is categorized in the miscellaneous area of employment.

A billboard installer will install, remove and repair any billboards that have been placed either in the city or surrounding portion of the community.

The job also may require some peripheral work such as the trimming away of tree branches that obstruct the sign, repairing of the billboard due to any weather damage and possibly some electrical work that may be affiliated with the sign being placed.


8. Elevator Inspector

In order to ensure the safety of individuals who utilize elevators and multi-story buildings, you may be interested in the role of an elevator inspector.

An elevator inspector is an important job as they go through a number of checklist items when inspect being the elevator to ensure that the modern convenience is working properly and safely.

In order to become an elevator inspector, you would need specialized training and experience in working with a team in the field.

Your work can be accomplished by being employed by a specific company or on a contract basis.

The possibility of finding an elevator inspect their training opportunity, and the ultimate job can be researched by going to various job listing websites.

One of those sites could be


9. Aquatic Biologist

In addition to enjoying a high salary, an aquatic biologist primarily Works outside and concentrates on work associated with bodies of water.

Their work takes them to lakes, streams, oceans, and rivers to collect samples and conduct their research.

Their important work surrounds environmental issues, and they often work for government agencies or Consulting firms or even as employees of countries.

To be an aquatic biologist requires a degree in order to have an understanding of conducting research and how to interpret the data that is collected and analyzed.


10. Underwater Welder

The high-paying role of an underwater welder is an important occupation as it relates to utilizing that skill and training and repairing ships, structures within a port, and so forth.

In order to be an underwater welder requires you to learn welding skills as well as taking courses on diving and being safe while performing your duties.


11. Algae Scientist

An employment opportunity within the miscellaneous category that can be fulfilled is if you are a biologist, chemist, or oceanographer.

That employment role is an algae scientist.

The algae scientist will study algae for the purposes of potentially finding low-cost fuels and other energy resources from this abundant organism.

A significant amount of your time will be spent outdoors near bodies of water as you collect samples and study them to determine how they interact with the ecosystem.


12. StenoCaptioner

Not all people have acute human senses where they can be able to listen to what is being said to them through audio or video presentations.

Therefore, the role of a steno captioner is to capture the audio portion of a video so that these written-out narratives can be incorporated into captions that will scroll across the bottom of the video.

To be a steno captioner requires good listening skills, typing skills as well as dedication to error-free writing.

One such website that may be able to offer you a captioning opportunity is


13. Bereavement Coordinator

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know how devastating it can be to try the cope with your loss.

A position that is highly trained and sensitive is a bereavement coordinator.

A bereavement coordinator is professional yet empathetic and offers support and various types of assistance to those who are in need of their comfort.

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A bereavement coordinator can work within the areas of churches, florists, funeral homes, etc.

A bereavement coordinator can earn a good salary, and you can find a job within one of these industries or start your own business.


14. Veterinary Acupuncturist

In America and around the world, pet owners love their animals.

As a result, they will invest significant amounts of money in the animal’s care, treatment, and preventive measures to ensure the health of this extended member of their family.

A possibility of earning a good wage and a miscellaneous employment catalog would be a veterinarian acupuncturist.

There is training involved to know where the points of insertion are to help the animal with various issues that they may be experiencing.

This can be learned by attending classes.

Certification would be required, and once obtained, you could work in concert with an animal hospital or local veterinarian.


15. Embalmer

An embalmer is an individual that utilizes a variety of chemicals to preserve the body of an individual upon their death.

Areas, where an embalmer can work, would include funeral homes, hospitals, and research labs.

This is a high-paying salaried position, and as an embalmer, you would need to have a good to a thorough understanding of human anatomy.

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16. Costume Assistant

The employment role of a costume assistant can be a high-paying job as individuals, during certain seasons and times of the year, look to have costumes created for them.

The basic skill that you would need to have to become a costume assistant would be in the area of sewing.

As part of that sewing skill, you would need to be able to follow patterns and make garments that could be considered complex in nature.

Examples of the need for the creation of a garment could include:

  • Stage Productions
  • Historical costumes
  • Renaissance Fairs
  • Etc.

To promote your creativity and ability to create costumes, you could freelance and advertise your ability to offer costumes at various rates.


17. Master Marijuana Extractor

The use of marijuana, both recreationally and medically, has become more broadly accepted as a number of states either have passed or are considering the passing of legislation.

Therefore, a master marijuana extractor is in great demand as this skilled individual would provide the extraction of cannabis concentrates from the plants.


18. Soap Boiler

A popular hobby that is trending and one in which people are looking to make into their profession and focus a business around is the making of soap.

The position of soap boiler within the miscellaneous category is one that is popular and requires chemistry skills in which oils and fats are mixed together with an acidic substance in order to create soap.

These materials can be hazardous if the individual is not experienced.

The opportunity to utilize this skill and profession in a company is a possibility where the soap boiler will do all of the creating and mixing at a larger bulk quantity.

A quality salary can be earned through this profession.


19. Freelance Online Dating Ghostwriter

If you are empathetic and insightful, the possibility of using any writing skills that you may have can be combined together by being an online dating ghostwriter.

This can be a lucrative venture as many individuals today are looking to connect with others through technology.

The job entails reading dating profiles, rewriting those profiles and accenting the significantly positive attributes that the individual possesses and then posting that profile for others to read and possibly connect with that individual.

The possibility of finding such an employment opportunity can be through various job posting websites, with one being or by going to a freelance website such as


20. Voiceover Artist

An employment opportunity that presents itself in the category of miscellaneous is the use of your voice and putting your voice to work.

There are many opportunities for an individual with a normal voice, unique voice, different accent, or dialect to utilize their voice to promote various products, read books, record podcasts, etc.

One of the sites that you can access to provide a sample of your voice can be found at

Payment is made to the individual if their voice is selected and is dependent upon how many minutes of audio recording you provide as well as the possibility of receiving payments each time your voice is aired.


21. Hot Dog Cart Vendor

A possibility of earning consistent income on a daily basis is by operating a hotdog stand.

Hotdog stands are mobile and can be set up in high-traffic areas where people, who are on the go, want a quick lunch or want to indulge in eating a hotdog.

Becoming a hotdog vendor does not require any formal training as it is just a matter of providing the product, the various condiments, and maintaining proper health standards in the serving of the food.

The upfront costs would be the investment in the actual stand as well as the need to obtain a health permit and possibly a business license.


22. Private Investigator

A private investigator is an opportunity of employment in which an individual is hired by their client for a variety of investigative purposes.

Some of those purposes could include:

  • Identifying an unfaithful spouse,
  • Employed by an insurance company to investigate potential fraud
  • And so forth.

Typically as a private investigator, you would need a license, coupled with your investigative skills and ability to stay in the shadows as you collect the needed data.

Some training may be offered to enhance your basic skills.


23. Bingo Manager

Bingo has always been a game that has been enjoyed by countless people.

In fact, bingo is so popular it is often sanctioned and available at some churches.

A bingo manager is one of those employment positions that qualify in the miscellaneous category.

The job description of the bingo manager is to approve any payouts of jackpots, supervise staff and the actual game, maintain the budget, etc.

Also, the bingo manager would need to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as it pertains to this game, as bingo can be defined as gambling.


24. Content Creator

An employment position that utilizes their writing skills and understanding of the written language is a content creator.

A content creator can create a variety of narratives that can include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • And so forth.

The content writer will write what is needed for the client, review the content, proofread content, and submit the narrative for approval and payment.

Content Creator employment positions can be found at or


25. Braille Proofreader

Being a proofreader is an important employment role because you can have the greatest and most inspiring story ever written, but if there are punctuation mistakes spelling errors and other grammatical issues, then that can take away from the narrative and can distract from what you as a writer are trying to convey.

Therefore, the engagement of a quality proofreader is essential so that not only is the writing an engaging document, but also the narrative is free from error.

In addition, not only is writing created with the typing of words or the use of pen and paper but also the use of Braille is key as it relates to sharing your writing with those individuals who cannot see it.

Therefore, a Braille proofreader is a high-paying job that is categorized in the miscellaneous area of employment opportunities.




What Are the Average Earnings of a Hot Dog Stand Owner? 

It is estimated that in operating a hotdog stand, the seller or owner of the stand can make anywhere from 1 to 2 dollars on every hotdog that is sold.

Therefore, if you sold 100 hotdogs in the day, your average earnings would be $100-$200 per day.


If Interested in Starting a Hotdog Stand, Where Can You Purchase a Unit?

The best way to invest in a hotdog stand would be to find out what are the business requirements and permits needed to operate the stand.

Then you can look into purchasing a stand by going online and finding out what types of stands are available to distribute hotdogs or other types of food.

An example of a hotdog stand that can be purchased can be through Amazon, with the basic mobile hotdog stand starting at the cost of $455.


You Can Do It

When it comes to employment, opportunities abound.

The beauty of living in a capitalistic economy is that basically anything can be merchandised and sold to earn a profit.

These opportunities of earning a living or being employed can be in a variety of categories, but the bottom line is that if you want to be an enterprising individual and earn a living, you can do it.



Similar to a budget, there are a number of jobs that can be categorized into specific categories that represent a particular service or product that is offered.

Additionally, there are jobs that don’t really fall into a specific category.

These jobs, like budget line items, can be categorized as miscellaneous.

These jobs are no less valuable in the product or service that is delivered or products rendered.

The reality is if you want to work, there are opportunities to meet your dedication and commitment to be employed or be self-employed.

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