Yes, there are best paying jobs in Integrated oil companies and this article shows you up to 25 such jobs as well as tips to help you.


Why Best Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies?

Why not, right?

As the joke goes, the individual was asked why they were overdrawn on their banking account.

The response from the individual that was overdrawn on their account was that they knew they didn’t have enough money in their checking account, but they still had checks.

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Of course, this is far-fetched and humorous, but the reality is that we can’t spend what we don’t have, and if we want to spend more, then we need to either cut back on our expenses or make more money.

This process is true in the business world as well and especially in the oil business, where the cost of exploration, obtaining, and refining oil can be a significant expense.

To counter, as much as possible, these expenses, many oil companies have integrated with one another and parceled out or segmented the various areas of exploration while still using the same resources together to get the oil to market.

With these cost-saving measures, let us look at opportunities that might be available for an individual to get a good-paying job with an integrated oil company.


26 Best Paying Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies


1. Technical Director

Supervising and providing needed support for the oil and gas drilling teams is the primary role and job function of the technical director.

In addition to the teams that are supervised are various project managers, engineers, consultants, etc.

The technical director provides direction and leadership for the operation.

Also, the technical director may be called upon to provide strategies and recommendations operationally to the drilling team lead, as well as the other job functions that are involved.


2. Gas Plant Operator

The primary job function of the gas plant operator is to ensure that the natural gas is distributed to the various utility companies by funneling the natural gas through pipelines that are maintained at a specific pressurized reading.

The gas plant operator may also control the various instrumental boards as well as the equipment that operates semi-automatically in order to distribute the gas to the various industrial plants.


3. Sales Representative

A sales representative is a job function in which the refined products are sold to businesses and various retailers on behalf of the manufacturers and the wholesalers of the fuel.


4. Vessel Manager  

There are a variety of offshore drilling operations that occur, and the job function of the vessel manager is to ensure that the operation and the vessel itself are safely operated in accordance with safety policies and procedures.

The vessel manager is also charged with training the members of the crew as well as directly supervising any drilling that occurs.

They accomplish all of this in close collaboration with various safety inspectors and drilling engineers to make sure that the safety of all involved is maintained.


5. Account Manager

As sales representatives are in charge of closing the accounts, account managers are charged with interacting with current clients to make sure that they are satisfied and that the promised products are delivered.

Account managers are also involved in negotiating or coming to an agreement that is the best deal for all involved, which includes the prices for the products that are provided.


6. Petroleum Geologist

The critical role that the petroleum geologist provides for integrated oil companies is to search and discover oil and gas deposits that lie beneath the surface of the earth.

As part of their job function, they also collect copious amounts of geological data and analyze that data in order to provide informed recommendations to the company as to which sites would be the best for the company to drill for oil.

Also, based on their analysis, they recommend the best drilling methods to utilize.


7. HR Advisor

As with all companies, a human resource department is needed, and the role of the HR advisor is critical to ensure that the employees and the company is protected.

The HR advisor performs a critical role as it relates to advising companies and helping to recruit qualified candidates, and once hired, retaining those employees.

The HR advisor will also conduct performance reviews as well as staying within the laws governing employees, create standardized procedures, and be involved in any potential disputes between the employee and employer.


8. Crude Oil Driver

The significant role of the crude oil driver is to safely deliver the raw oil from the drilling site to the determined destination.

Typically, the destination of the oil includes

  • Gas stations
  • Retailers
  • Other customers


9. Operations Director

The operations director can be compared to being a lynchpin that holds everything together.

The primary role of the operations director is to ensure that everything comes together and runs as smoothly as possible without incident.

The specific critical functions of the operations director include

  • Sales
  • Negotiating
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing
  • And so forth


10. Project Manager

The project manager has the supervisory role of overseeing specific aspects of the industry from beginning to end.

The qualifications to be a project manager would include someone who enjoys goal setting, teamwork, success-oriented, and so forth.



11. HSE Manager

Safety at a worksite is job number one for all that are employed.

Consequently, an HSE manager is critical to carrying out this priority.

HSE stands for health, safety, and the environment.

Consequently, the HSE manager is charged with designing safety protocols and implementing programs that are to keep all involved safe at the worksite that incorporates all three of these primary areas.

Once the protocols have been established, the manager then needs to make sure that they are followed, reviewed frequently and updated as needed.

In addition, there are various safety reports that need to be continually filed, and it is the responsibility of the HSE manager to make sure that those reports are filed in a timely manner.


12. Pipeline Construction Manager

The critical role of the pipeline construction manager is to ensure that all of the assets available at the job site are maintained, preventive maintenance measures implemented, and are safely operational.

The pipeline construction manager is also responsible for the financial and technical operations that are affiliated with the drilling for either the oil or the gas.


13. Director of Safety

With the heavy emphasis on operating safely at the drilling site, the role of a safety director is also instrumental in ensuring that the safety priority is adhered to.

A safety director will implement and develop a variety of safety protocols based on not only the requirements of the employer but also the requirements required at the state level.

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The role of the director of safety is to initially ensure that new employees are trained, and that constant reminders and additional training are provided for those who have been on the job site for a period of time.


14. Reservoir Engineer

With their knowledge of geology and fluid mechanics, a reservoir engineer uses this knowledge and experience to determine where these underground reservoirs are.

In addition, given their degree in petroleum engineering, they are also able to estimate the approximate number of petroleum reserves that are situated underground.

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15. Chemical Engineer

The function of a chemical engineer is to perform a variety of tests and evaluate the chemical usage of the company as it relates to converting raw oil and petroleum into a product that is usable.

Also, a chemical engineer is relied upon to provide oversight for the safe storage and ultimate transformation of the raw materials into fuel products.


16. Lease Operator

The employment position of the lease operator has the overall responsibility of ensuring that the natural gas and oil that is drawn from the various drilling sites are transported safely to the intended destination.

The intended destination could be gas stations, processing plants, etc.

The lease operator ensures that these safety measures are accomplished by inspecting various vehicles, the heavy equipment that is used, and monitoring the equipment that is used in all stages of the drilling operation, etc.


17. Drilling Engineer  

The planning and carrying out of the drilling process for natural gas and crude oil is under the purview of the drilling engineer.

From start to finish, the drilling engineer manages and executes the entire process involving the drilling of natural gas and oil.

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18. Geophysicist

A high-salary employment position in an integrated oil company would be the position of a geophysicist. 

A geophysicist at the drilling site has the experience and knowledge of understanding the physical aspects of the earth and determining what is hidden from view or beneath the surface.


19. Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer has the acumen for developing, designing, and supporting plant equipment, installation, and maintenance of all of the equipment associated with the processing of extracting oil and gas from beneath the earth’s surface.

The mechanical engineer then, at the site, would then have the responsibility to ensure that the machinery is operating safely and maintains its reliability to get the extracting of the gas and oil accomplished.


20. Production Engineer

The production engineer is an important employment position that pays well as it relates to being involved in integrated oil companies.

Specifically, the production engineer has the responsibility of designing and selecting the equipment needed so that the gas and oil extracted can be transferred safely and efficiently to market via other transportation means.

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21. Excavating Engineer

The role of the excavating engineer, as a high-paying job within an integrated oil company, is to manage the staff that operates the rigging.

The excavating engineer has the ultimate responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the wells, that safety measures are followed, and managing the financial and technical operations of the excavating process.


22. Well Tester

The primary job function of a well tester is to assess and evaluate oil wells.

Their action of assessing and evaluating the oil well is conducted before any drilling, or any part of the operation goes into full effect.

The process involves the collection of data along with a number of activities that are carried out in the testing process.

The hydrocarbon features and qualities of the reservoir are studied, and the information that is obtained is then utilized as a part of the process before drilling occurs.


23. MudLoggers

The occupational role of a mudlogger is to be involved with the drilling activity.

Specifically, they

  • Record the drilling activity
  • Report to the drilling engineers about the status of the well as it relates to the extraction of gas or oil
  • And so forth

Mudloggers are usually comprised of a group of geologists whose specialty is in the area of sedimentology.


24. Petroleum Engineer

A high-paying job within an integrated oil company process is the position of a petroleum engineer.

The job description of the petroleum engineer is to comprise or develop methods for the extraction of raw materials.

The raw materials are natural gas or oil and are found beneath the surface.

Their job is also to recommend the equipment and tools needed to extract these raw materials and requires them to meet with the production manager on an ongoing basis to continue and follow through on the strategies that are put into place.


25. Design Engineers

Design engineers are another part of the team within the oil companies that are classified as high-paying positions.

The design engineer is charged with creating blueprints and devising plans for the completion of any construction jobs associated with the oil extraction process.

In particular, they meet with clients, construction teams, and vendors to compile the information that is required to inform their calculations and complete their designs.


26. Geoscientists

When integrated oil companies explore areas that may be conducive to finding oil and gas, the process begins with geoscientists.

This high-paying position will conduct surveys of the land and identify any potential oil reservoirs, and with this collected data, be able to calculate any availability of deposits of oil and gas that may be available beneath the surface.


Personal Story

When I worked with a not-for-profit in the late 1990s, there were significant organizational changes were occurring.

Under new national leadership, it was determined that there were too many small chapters and the concern was that the brand would be compromised and that services would not be rendered properly.

Therefore, the restructuring process was to combine various units into one larger unit that would serve a broader jurisdictional range.

In addition to being concerned about the brand, I’m sure other contributing factors were at play, especially as it related to the expense of operating many units rather than one larger unit.



What is the Value of the Oil and Gas Industry?

According to Investopedia, the value of the oil and gas industry is estimated to be $5 trillion in global revenue.


What State in America Has the Most Oil and Gas Excavating Processes Occurring?

The state that produces the most oil in America is the state of Texas.



Typically to command a high-paying job takes three factors.

Those factors include education, experience, and working hard.

Being involved in an integrated oil company incorporates all of those components, and a well-earned salary can be yours while helping to provide energy for others through the drilling process for natural gas and oil.

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