Yes, there are best paying jobs you can get in Electric Utilities Central. This article shows you 25 best jobs to consider.


Importance of Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

When you enter a dark room, the tendency before navigating your way in the darkness is to turn on the light.

This can be done at the actual lamp stand by turning the knob, or you can flip up the light switch, and the power will flow through the system.

This modern convenience, like many others, is something that we are accustomed to along with other systems, including drinking water, indoor plumbing, turning over the car’s engine, etc.

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The reality is that whatever service is provided doesn’t just happen.

Behind that light switch, the turning of the faucet or the flushing of the toilet apparatus is just the last part of the provision of that service.

There is a system of wires, water pipes, automobile components, etc., along with various technicians and job roles that make all of this happen.

The same is accurate as it relates to receiving power into our homes and places of business.

With all of this in mind, let us take a look at some of these job positions in the utility service and see what are some of the higher-paid employment opportunities.


Personal Story

In 1992 I was with a not-for-profit organization and was working in the western part of the United States.

In September of that year, Hurricane Iniki swept through the state of Hawaii and devastated the islands with one-minute sustained winds of 145 miles per hour and ultimately left in its wake $3.1 billion worth of damage.

I was asked to go to the island for a week and help with the relief efforts.

Remarkably some of the five-star hotels opened up their rooms to us as a not-for-profit, and we enjoyed the luxury these rooms had to offer.

However, what made it intriguing and quite frankly weird was that there was no power, so the experience was not quite what one would imagine staying at a five-star hotel in Hawaii.

There was no hot water for showers, no ability to eat quality meals, and the absolute darkness that the island was plunged into was unnerving.

It isn’t until you, like with most things, don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it anymore.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central


1. Hydroelectric Plant Operator

A significant employment position that helps to facilitate the generation of electricity in a hydroelectric power station is a hydroelectric plant operator.

This operator is charged with the overall operations and control of the flow of electrical power out of the facility.

In a hydroelectric plant, the power is generated by water, and it is the responsibility of the operator to monitor the flow of the water through the turbines.

The turbines create electricity through the flow of the water.


2. Power Lineman

The power lineman has the significant responsibility of providing oversight of the electrical lines to various buildings as well as maintaining the operation of these lines.

The role of the power lineman is to be involved with the repair and replacement of the lines, utilize sophisticated equipment in their maintenance, operate equipment to access the locations when a needed repair is required, etc.

The lineman is also involved in preventative measures such as checking and testing electricity lines, equipment, and transmission towers and endeavors to maintain service during inclement weather.


3. Transmission Engineer  

Another significant salaried position as it relates to electric utilities is the occupation of transmission engineer.

A transmission engineer can either work for television and broadcasting firms or for a power or utility company.

In their involvement with television and broadcasting, they are charged with ensuring that broadcasts are uninterrupted by maintaining the equipment, monitoring the various feeds and transmissions that are sent out, supervising workers, and diagnosing any problems.

As transmission engineers for a power utility company, they are required to design and test energy generation and transmission systems and ensure that service is provided and uninterrupted.


4. Power Systems Engineer

A power systems engineer has the job responsibility of evaluating, designing, and managing the electrical power as it is distributed through a variety of systems to utility firms or substations.

They are also involved in electric metering or may possibly work for a wind power company to review transmission possibilities and viability of this green energy source.


5. Power Distribution Engineer

Designing, creating, and engaging electrical networks are the primary roles of a power distribution engineer.

They are involved directly in wiring systems, providing oversight to the electrical system operation, ensuring that strict regulatory standards are met, and providing technical support as needed.

The other important responsibilities of this position include creating projects and keeping deadlines, providing updates and reports, evaluating the overall cost, determining the testing of the systems and assisting with the inauguration of new engineering procedures.


6. Power Engineer

The primary role of a power engineer is to monitor a commercial or industrial facility’s power and utility systems.

They follow standardized procedures, provide preventative machinery care, and install upgrades as needed.

The role of the power engineer is generally involved with the supervision of the electrical grid for the facility, which includes all of the major systems in running the operation.

Those systems include air-conditioning, lighting, perfect water purification, etc.

Power engineers also work with others to ensure that the boiler systems, power transmission and electrical systems run seamlessly and effectively.

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7. Power Transmission Engineer

The significant role of the power transmission engineer is to map out efficient transmission routes.

Their primary role involves the infrastructure of the city’s system.

The significant roles of this employment position include the utilization of survey map analysis of GIS data to map out the route for optimal transmission from the energy source to the facility, which is routed through the power plant.

The most effective route implemented needs to be done economically and yet maintain the routing within the regulatory and environmental systems in place.


8. Substation Engineer

The construction based on their approved designs for a substation is the primary role of a substation engineer.

To effectively meet the requirements of this job role requires a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering along with a significant number of years experientially in electrical utility companies, as well as a strong ability to take on problem-solving issues.

The work of this engineering position requires the designing of various drawings, calculating the appropriate size and type of cables to be used, understanding engineering software and being able to supervise a team of professionals.


9. Utility Manager

The significant role of a utility manager who works in the public marketplace has a significant presence and involvement in the lives of the community and its citizens.

The utility manager is involved in supervising the processes involved with water treatment plants, electricity plants, etc.

Being charged with the oversight of infrastructure, it is the duty of the utility manager to make sure that the plants are up to date, are running according to safety protocols and provide preventative maintenance as well as needed repairs which involves the supervision of a team.


10. Pipeline Controller

As it relates to energy systems, one of the important conduits for transporting energy resources is a pipeline.

A pipeline controller has the overall responsibility of ensuring that there are no leaks, facilitating without interruption the flow of natural gas or oil, and taking emergency action as needed if such events of leakage or obstructed flow are experienced.


11. Radiation Engineer

A byproduct of nuclear fuel is the possibility of radiation.

A radiation engineer monitors and conducts experiments to determine if radiation is present and to ensure that the impact is mitigated as it relates to the environment.

Radiation engineers are concerned themselves about the performance of various power systems, equipment, and networks during and after any exposure to radiation.

A radiation engineer may be called upon to design and implement plans for addressing any radiation levels as well as reporting what their financial findings reveal.


12. Gas Controller

The natural gas controller is tasked with making sure that the consumers of this utility have access to the gas or oil that they need for their place of business or residence and that it is delivered at the proper pressure, temperature, and volume.

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The role of the gas controller is to visually provide monitoring oversight to pipelines and work with others in attaining resolution if there is a problem.

The role of the gas controller has the critical role and responsibility of ensuring that natural gas and oil are delivered under the strict regulations that are imposed as well as ensuring that the various safety inspections are provided as and provide total oversight to the delivery of these fuels.


13. Power System Dispatcher

The flow or distribution of energy that occurs between the users of the energy and the suppliers in both commercial and residential facilities is supervised or monitored by the power system dispatcher.

As part of the monitoring component, they are charged with maximizing efficiency and estimating and determining how much electricity is required each day for the various units that are supplied.

This position is extremely important during significant weather events such as snowstorms or heat waves.

The power system dispatcher also is involved with reacting to any shortage of utilities or repair requests and directs various teams to the particular location to provide resolution.

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14. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

The particular role and job description of a nuclear licensing engineer involves oversight and monitoring of the systems and equipment involved with nuclear energy plants.

This occupation works closely with the nuclear regulatory commission and, when new codes are implemented, ensure that these new policies and procedures are implemented.

Given the nature of this utility, there are significant reports reflecting the safety and analysis of the various plants that need to be correctly submitted and meet deadlines.


15. Power Plant Engineer

Overseeing, managing, and providing supervision on various machines and electrical systems is the primary role of the power plant engineer.

Typically, engineers involved in this field are involved in specialty areas such as chemical, nuclear, electrical, and so forth.

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16. Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer

The primary role in performing this job successfully is to be ultimately responsible for performing research and analyzing various methods that are used to transport and store nuclear material.

The ultimate goal in this process is to avoid any accidental leakage of nuclear material and a subsequent nuclear-related accident.


17. Division Manager

Within a utility company, a division manager has a broader range of supervisory responsibilities.

The manager at the division level oversees all utility operations within the division, which can include human resources, financial operations, engineering, quality control, and maintenance of the various systems and operations.

The position not only requires a man’s n understanding of the utility generating process but also, most likely, has a degree in business administration to allow for them to be involved with employees and operations.


18. Energy Engineer

The employment focus of an energy engineer is to look for new ways to utilize energy from natural resources.

Their method of satisfying their job role is to conduct research, identify different methods and test those methods and, when successful, develop equipment to improve the extraction process.

These energy engineers may also work with utility companies to interact with their current operations and focus on opportunities to improve the current processes.

In addition to finding new ways to utilize energy, these engineers also analyze the different energy conversion methods and ways that the energy is transmitted.


19. Radiation Safety Engineer

The employment position of a radiation safety officer has the oversight of evaluating certain methods that are in place as it relates to the transportation, storage, handling, etc., when working with nuclear fuel.

They accomplish these safety measures by analyzing, researching, and running tests on the chemical makeup of various types of nuclear fuel in order to lower the risk and prevent nuclear incidents.

Also involved with their job is that they provide safety guidance at the various facilities to ensure that various practices and procedures are in place and followed.

Other biohazards that a radiation safety officer may be involved with to reduce potential nuclear accidents are in the area of other biohazards.

Once the audit has been completed, the radiation safety officer will generate a report and report their findings to the facility’s executive team, along with any potential safety issues and process recommendations.


20. Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer helps to create, introduce, test and maintain various electrical systems and their affiliated components.

Electrical engineers work in the utility industry, and their work takes them within distribution channels, substations and transmission systems.

An electrical engineer would be called upon to troubleshoot various issues, make repairs and suggest upgrades to the electrical system as necessary.


21. Power Integrity Engineer

A power integrity engineer has the role of providing oversight to a utility facility’s power plant and associated systems.

This particular position also performs needed equipment maintenance as well as on the overall electrical grid.

The grid provides electrical power to a variety of operations within the facility.

Some of those operations could include water treatment.


22. Assistant General Counsel

The important role of an assistant general counsel is to work side-by-side with the public utility commission by helping and empowering them to develop plans and make sure that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations as required by various electrical commissions.

As part of their job, they may provide advice to both officials and public politicians to provide accountability to the communities in which they operate.

An assistant general counsel has the responsibility of analyzing a variety of records, reviewing petitions that are offered, and helping in the preparation of financial budgets.


23. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop software programs for various utilities to help them run their services as well as gather important information.

Some of that important information can include the collection of data for analysis, predicting the effects of their practices, and, overall, helping them to fully utilize the processes and services in place.

A software engineer may also develop 3-D modeling software that would assist other engineers as they design infrastructures related to electric grids and pipelines.

Also, a software engineer can develop software for a utility facility that can help to automate certain of the needed tasks, provide troubleshooting dynamics, and help to repair electrical components.

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24. Controller

A good-paying job within a utility company is the controller within the utility.

The controller is the financial leader within the accounting team and is charged with closely monitoring the financial health of the company.

The controller’s job typically requires that the individual maintain, manage, and analyze various financial reports that are provided.

They also provide oversight for payroll, work within budgets, meet tax-compliant issues etc.


25. CEO

The CEO or the chief executive officer of a utility company is the top administrative leader of the utility.

Their role or job is to provide direction for the utility, have ultimate supervision of the employees and the services rendered, etc.



Where Was the First Power Grid Created in the United States States?

The first power grid created in the United States was in the year 1882.

Thomas Edison turned on the generators at Pearl Street Station in Lower Manhattan, and this was the beginning of the first power grid.


Where Was the First Place of Business That Utilized Electricity in the United States?

The first place of business that demonstrated electric lights was a sugar mill on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

The month was September, and the year was 1881.


You Can Do It

The energy sector within any major community is a powerful dynamic and service both figuratively and literally.

Consequently, the need for dedicated professionals who have the education and experiential know-how to create, maintain and be innovative to meet the energy needs of a community and nation will always be in constant demand.

With your powerful skill set, you can be part of that highly skilled and highly paid workforce that provides the needed power to continually energize and keep a community moving forward.



As long as there is a need for heat and air conditioning, electricity to provide the needed power for homes and businesses, etc., there will be a need for high-paying energy jobs to keep the power flowing uninterrupted.

Those high-paying energy jobs include working with standard and common methods and exploring new energy resources.

It is important to remember that behind the light switch are employment positions that ensure that when that switch is flipped, energy is available.

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