There are indeed best paying jobs you can do in basic industries. This very helpful article reveals up to 25 such paying jobs with tips to help you.


Why Look for Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries?

There are many items in our lives that we require and can be defined as the basic necessities of life.

Some of those basic necessities of life include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • And so forth

These basic necessities are required by all people, and it is the common denominator of life that equalizes us by defining what we need to survive.

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In the business world, there are also basic services that the majority of us as individuals may require.

We may not have access to these basic services provided by professionals, but nevertheless, they are items that communities need to grow and meet the needs of the community members.

These basic industries provided to individuals that have no real or added dimensions to what is provided can include services in the area of

  • Utilities
  • Medical care
  • Transportation
  • And so forth

Let us look at some of these higher-paying occupations that provide these basic services.


Personal Story

Six years ago, I experienced significant chest pain and quickly dialed 911 to ask for emergency attention.

Within minutes the paramedics and fire department were at my door and started initial treatment to alleviate some of the pain that I was experiencing.

When they took my EKG, it demonstrated some abnormalities, but at that point in time, I wasn’t concerned about the treatment or what was happening to me.

My major concern was to have the pain minimized and be able to breathe a little bit more normally.

The basic services that the paramedics provided were to provide pain relief medication through the giving of morphine, which almost immediately helped to relieve the severe discomfort that I was experiencing.

Of course, I was transported to the hospital, where it was determined that I had a blockage in one of my coronary arteries, and to provide a more permanent treatment, I was fitted with a stent.

The point is that the basic service that I needed was to have my condition stabilized so that I could be transported for additional care.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries


1. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

A basic quality paying job in the medical industry is the individual that is known as a nuclear medicine technologist.

The nuclear medicine technologist interacts with the patient and provides diagnostic tests by taking imaging of the individual’s internal organs and other parts of the anatomy.

X-rays, mammograms, and ultrasounds are all under the imaging testing provided by these technologists, along with the use of radioactive medications and various types of internal dyes that help the radiologist to read the films and provide medical results to the patient’s physician.

Becoming a nuclear medicine technologist requires, in most cases, a bachelor’s degree and then passing a registry exam such as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or ARRT.


2. Funeral Industry

A basic service or industry that can earn a high salary for an individual is the funeral director or mortician service.

This professional works with deceased individuals and prepares the body before any operations or viewing of the body during a funeral.

As part of the service rendered by an undertaker, the deceased may be embalmed to deter decomposition.

A funeral director also helps the deceased’s family members to cope with their loss and provide meaningful services so that the grief process can be facilitated.


3. Medical Assistants  

Another quality paying job in basic industries within the medical field is a medical assistant.

Medical assistants often have the employment role of working with patients by providing:

  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Changing the dressings of patients
  • Insurance billing
  • And so forth

A medical assistant may also be called upon, under the supervision of a physician, to conduct simple laboratory testing or even assist in minor surgical operations.


4. Automotive Glass

An occupation that is in demand is an individual who is comfortable and knowledgeable in working with the installation of windshields and other glass items as it relates to automobiles.

This position requires that the individual remove damaged windshields or glass, repair the glass if possible, and install new glass as part of the appearance and safety factor of the auto.

This position also can involve working with heavy equipment and utilizing that equipment to move large amounts of glass from one location to another.


5. Emergency Management Directors

Typically, in any county in the United States of America, there are individuals who are highly trained to handle emergency situations.

These emergency situations, dependent upon the geographical area, could include:

  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Tornado relief,
  • Recovering from hurricanes or earthquakes,
  • Etc.

These individuals are known as emergency management directors, and their involvement in this field goes beyond just responding when a crisis hits.

Their significant and involved anticipation of preparing for these events include:

  • Having a formalized plan in place
  • Performing tabletop activities
  • Simulated emergencies
  • Have working agreements in place with other agencies
  • And so forth

Typically, an emergency management director has a degree in public administration, business administration or other types of degree that would meet the needs of emergency services preparation.


6. EMTs

A good-paying job that is rewarding is in the area of emergency medical care or the occupational position of an emergency medical technician or a paramedic.

An EMT or paramedic are typically the first at the scene of a medical emergency and evaluates the patient in distress, stabilizes the individual for transportation and then makes that transportation happens through an emergency vehicle.

An EMT or paramedic is qualified and trained to provide basic emergency care such as

  • Providing an EKG
  • Giving medicine to stabilize the patient
  • And other medical emergency procedures as needed


7. Air Traffic Controllers

An air-traffic controller is one of the highest-paid industry positions that would be defined as a basic industry.

An air-traffic controller directs the takeoff and landings of commercial airplanes, as well as communicates with the pilots while they are in the air and navigating.


8. Osteopathic Physicians

An osteopathic physician is one of the highest paid salary positions in that the basic industry category.

These doctors and surgeons have the qualifications and credentials to be on par with a variety of medical experts.

Specifically, an osteopathic physician has graduated from an accredited osteopathic medical school with the focus being on treatment and care of the whole person.

Osteopathic medicine believes in the concept that all of the body’s systems are interconnected, and therefore the treatment plan for most osteopathic physicians focuses on treating the whole person.

Osteopathic doctors can be involved in surgery, and other medical procedures as well as have the acumen to diagnose and outline medical treatment programs for their patients.


9. Electrician

An electrician is a highly skilled trade in which the electrician makes a considerable amount per hour after they have undergone training and have accumulated hours of experience.

An electrician demonstrates proficiency as it relates to the use of electricity and the involvement of wiring, circuitry, and the delivery of electricity to businesses and homes.


10. Pipefitter

The work of a pipe fitter demonstrates their ability and capability to install various pipes that are designed to allow the flow of a number of different resources.

For example

  • Water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Oil pipelines
  • Etc.

The material that a pipefitter is familiar with in repairing and installing pipe fittings includes use of copper, steel, or stainless steel pipes.


11. Petroleum Geologist

The employment position of a petroleum geologist is a highly salaried position that involves the trained professional having the ability to discover new areas of petroleum sources.

This basic service of oil discovery is not about the refining, the ecology of the discovery, or the turning of petroleum into energy, but simply the basic service of discovery.


12. Agronomist

An additional high-salaried position that provides a basic service is an agronomist.

The function of an agronomist is to provide scientific information as it relates to the production of crops, the control of the soil as well as soil management.

An agronomist endeavors to present solutions to maximize the production of crops from a specific area of soil.



13. Soil Conservationist

A soil conservationist is a high-paying salaried position within the venue of basic industries.

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This occupation must have an understanding and practical knowledge of environmental conservation, water, and soil.

Their role is to evaluate all of these elements and provide a resource to landowners in helping them manage these resources along with the balance of the ecology as it relates to animals.


14. Mining Engineers

An occupation that is a significant part of the basic services provided includes the role of a mining engineer.

Mining engineers work in both private and public sectors and are involved in company operations, architectural firms as well as government agencies.

Added to the role of a mining engineer is the gas and oil extraction process that provides fuel as well as secondary services that are involved in mining operations.

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15. Horticulturist

The expertise of a horticulturist is in the area of growing plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental trees and advising and laying out a landscape design for parks.

The specific function of a horticulturist is working towards the best environment to produce crops or plants as well as increasing the proper production of fruits and vegetables.

A horticulturist may also provide counsel and advice to farmers to help increase their harvest and also preserve animal species that can be defined as endangered.


16. Health and Safety Officer

A high-salaried position within the basic services is the occupation of health and safety officers.

The health and safety officer is committed and dedicated to ensuring that the working environment of various industries is safe and free of potential hazards.

They ensure that this safe environment is created by providing oversight to ensure that equipment that is utilized is operated by trained staff and the operation of this equipment falls within the proper safety protocols.

The employees of various industries are protected by health and safety officers as these officers physically view the environment working environment to ensure that there are no hazards that can be injurious to workers.


17. Geologist

A geologist is an expert as it relates to the study of Earth’s history, the structure of the land and other physical components of Earth.

They have significant knowledge as it relates to minerals and rocks, which aids geologists in the discovery of sources of energy such as

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • And natural gas


18. Agriculture Chemists

The specific role of an agricultural chemist is to preserve and enhance the quality of the soil.

An agriculture chemist offers farmers critical information that pertains to what is the best fertilizer to utilize given the chemical analysis of the soil of their property and under various environmental circumstances.

An agricultural chemist is dedicated to analyzing the plant’s soil and water to enhance crop growth by providing the appropriate nutrients within the soil.

They accomplish this objective by studying the development of:

  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • And other pesticides

The ultimate goal of an agriculture chemist is to facilitate the creation and discovery of new methods to improve the quality of plant life and minimize or mitigate crop loss.


19. Synthetic Chemists

This high salary paying basic services position requires that the individual have a background in chemistry, engineering, and physics.

The employment position calls for the individual to create materials that are man-made or synthetic.

In addition, will be the involvement of chemicals and fuels that are part of your knowledge base.

The chemical synthesis process involves complex doctoral actions and is based on mathematic models that are often needed to define the reactions that are created chemically.


20. Truck Driver

The occupational role of a truck driver is classified as involvement in basic industries.

In addition, significant money can be made as truck drivers currently are in high demand and therefore, there are signing bonuses, an increase in amounts of money paid per mile, as well as the number of hours that a truck driver can commit to during the course of the week.

The role of the truck driver is crucial as it relates to basic and to see industries because of the importance of transporting goods from one location to another.

Also, truck drivers don’t just drive.

They are also involved in processes such as:

  • Sorting
  • Cataloging
  • The actual delivery of the goods

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21. Logging Workers

The logging industry provides excellent wages for hard-working loggers who endure the outdoor environment.

Often, the loggers put in long hours and face inclement weather.

A logger must be extremely fit physically and extremely resilient.

The job function of a logger is to harvest acres of forests each year within the parameters of the laws of forestry that have been created.

This is a basic industry because the lumber that is created from logging is utilized in a variety of ways, including various products in the construction industry.


22. Drilling Engineers

One of the basic occupations that are high-paying involves drilling.

A drilling engineer will assist petroleum geologists in managing and supervising the production of natural gas and oil.

Drilling engineers also work in the alternative energy sector, with those alternative energy sources being:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • And the maintenance and installation of this equipment utilizes green energy sources and transforms them into usable electricity.

A drilling engineer must be completely immersed in their understanding of physics as it involves the conversion of fuel and energy sources into actual energy.

Other duties of a drilling engineer may include:

  • Designing drilling processes
  • Implementing drilling processes
  • Production systems
  • Maintaining those systems
  • As well as in a supervisory capacity


23. Metallurgists

A metallurgist is a knowledgeable professional that understands the development and testing of extracting metal from various auras.

Metallurgy is a process that occludes following and casting materials in order to produce high-grade commercial metal items.


24. Project Manager

The occupational role of a project manager has the overall responsibility of mitigating risk and therefore is responsible for controlling project risks along with assessing the situation constantly and monitoring all that is going on.

The project manager also has the responsibility of managing the project team assigned to the project.

Ultimately the project manager is accountable for the successful completion of the project as well as the performance of all of the occupations that work together to completion of the job.


25. Steel Fabricator

An individual whose occupation is a steel fabricator utilizes the skill of their hands and couples their laser-like focus and attention devoted to detail.

Steel fabricators create a variety of shapes and parts that are manufactured from steel.

They use computer numerical control to create the required shapes, and then the shapes are cut and bent to the desired shape.

Steel fabricators must be able to have a high level of problem-solving skills as constant challenges are part of the job.

In addition, the work environment is very demanding as often it is very hot and noisy.

The blending of these two elements can create significant stress.

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Is Involvement in the Basic Services Industry a Good Career Path?

It can be argued that choosing a career path in basic industries is an excellent choice.

This because

  • Opportunities abound for skilled trades
  • Good wages
  • Job security
  • A constant growing industry


What Are the Three Basic Industries?

The three basic industries are

  • Extraction of raw materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries


You Can Do It

If you are in the basic services industry, you play an important role in the overall development of quality services provided to enhance the quality of life for yourself and for others.

Your occupational role is no less important than anyone else’s, and you are to be congratulated for your employment involvement.



The basic industry market is foundational in providing raw materials or services to other industries to enhance the ultimate product being produced.

The basic industry is not only about the creation of materials but also can be defined as people who provide basic services.

The reality is both the specialized fields as well as the basic service fields need each other, and without either particular service provided, the customer does not get the full benefit of what is potentially possible.

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