If you want to know some of the very best paying jobs in apparel to make money, this article is perfect for you.

It reveals as many as 25 such jobs to consider.



When it comes to the basic needs of an individual, two of those primary needs include shelter and food.

Shelter is essential for protecting the individual or family from the elements of this world as it relates to the various seasons and forces of nature that can adversely affect us if we are not sheltered.

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Of course, food is critical to our survival as our body needs food for our health as well as to keep us alive.

The third important basic necessity of life is clothing.

Clothing also protects us from the elements, and societal norms demand that the human body is clothed and, for the most part, not have individuals walk around in the nude.

Therefore, given the importance of clothing and the apparel industry, there is a multitude of career opportunities.


25 Best Paying Jobs in Apparel to Earn Money


1. Buying Director

As part of the board of directors and senior management team, the role of the buying director is to provide oversight for the purchase of a variety of fashion ranges throughout the fashion world.

This leadership role works with a team of purchasers to come up with a buying strategy for clothing apparel from all markets.

Their role is also to work in concert with the merchandising manager, design director, and other senior members of the experienced team.

The ultimate goal and aim of the work performance of this individual are to purchase stylish apparel as well as ensure profitability.


2. Design Director

A fashion design director lends their leadership skills and experience in the evaluation of obtaining a variety of seasonally designed clothing to meet the brand requirements of the company.

They accomplish this goal by understanding current trends in the apparel business and making the appropriate recommendations for purchase.

The design director also is involved with a team of designers who are charged with the responsibility of the successful development of the brand or the retailer that they represent.


3. Content Director

The primary role and responsibility of the content director are to determine the apparel content that will best exemplify the brand’s marketing and advertising strategies as well as communicate to the customer the apparel that is available.

The specific roles of the content director, in working with a team, will develop and research ideas and then pitch those ideas or market those ideas to senior management that captures the brand’s overall strategy in the apparel industry.


4. Head of Performance Marketing

The head of the performance marketing department has the specific role of creating and implementing a marketing strategy that will effectively maintain current and potential new customers.

As part of the marketing strategy, there will be the involvement of digital and social media, display advertising and marketing emphasis in printed form.


5. Creative Director

The creative director has the ultimate decision in determining what designs are created and the use of fabrics and splashes of color that will be utilized.

The position of creative director will work closely with the design director as well as the design team members who actually create the clothing that will be offered to individuals and retailers.

The creative director will also have the responsibility for determining the direction and vision of the brand and how the cutting-edge apparel will be displayed or demonstrated in various publications, as well as marketing and advertising strategies.


6. Product Manager

The heavy emphasis of a product manager is on the area of business acumen, and therefore the individual who has a business degree coupled with an appreciation for fashion will find this employment position within the apparel industry a good match.

Specifically, a fashion product manager is charged with developing and creating an apparel line and sees that line through its fashion lifecycle.

The purpose is to maximize the marketability of the product and realize profits.


7. Sourcing Manager

The responsibility of the sourcing manager is to locate the various apparel resources that match the quality that the particular brand is known for and purchase those resources at the best possible price.

This role requires that the individual have a depth of knowledge as it relates to the garment and manufacturing industry coupled with rate negotiation skills to obtain an equitable price.

As one can imagine being a sourcing manager requires extensive travel.


8. Art Director

Art directors in the fashion industry are the creatives that utilize their expertise to create marketing content to match the campaigns that are incorporated as part of the strategy in using magazines and other advertisement media.

Together with a team of photographers, graphic designers, and others, they create the vision and propose an advertising strategy.

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9. Brand Manager

A brand manager in the apparel industry is dedicated to protecting the brand’s image in the fashion business to ensure that the branding remains untarnished and protected.

The brand is critical as the customers and potential customers will associate certain attributes and qualities when the brand is seen or mentioned, and it is the role of the brand manager to maintain and improve upon the brand’s image.

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10. Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is the individual who has the role and responsibility of developing and implementing the best strategies for the fashion brand to increase sales by keeping their finger on the pulse of current marketing trends.

The marketing manager will work closely with the brand manager in order to optimize the power of the brand and utilize laser focus on specific targeted audiences.


11. E-Commerce Manager

The role of the e-commerce manager directly involves everything that is web driven to promote the fashion apparel available by the company.

Specifically, they will utilize websites, and social media, implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, online shopping opportunities for customers, and so forth.

As one would expect, the e-commerce fashion design industry is skyrocketing, and therefore this position is critical in utilizing this venue to reach additional customers and market the product.


12. Account Executive

An account executive is an individual whose role and responsibility is to promote brands in order to increase the sales of apparel.

The account executive works specifically with major retail accounts and is their point of contact in promoting and driving the sales of the brand.


13. Public Relations Manager

To make sure the brand is not tarnished but is always seen in a positive light, the reputation of the brand and that positive component is driven by the public relations manager.

Specifically, the role of the public relations manager is to address any negative news that may occur, develop new creative strategies to promote the brand across all available marketing platforms, as well as organize any promotional events to showcase the brand.


14. Fashion Buyer

The focus of the fashion buyer is to understand what are the marketing trends and what customers are looking for as it relates to the purchase of apparel.

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The fashion buyer, in order to know what apparel resonates with customers, needs to attend various tradeshows as well as the showcasing of fashion brands.

As part of their experience and education, they need to understand economic specifics such as price point, the value of a particular brand, and understanding of whether the fashions considered for purchasing will resonate with the customer.

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15. Merchandising Manager

The merchandising manager is the actual point of contact within a retail outlet that will determine the apparel purchase, presentation of the product, and the prices that will be affixed on the apparel.

The merchandising manager is responsible for the overall operation of the retail outlet as it relates to the store’s appearance and layout and offer product that will be purchased by the customer.

A merchandising manager will rely heavily upon customer data and researching the market to ensure that the apparel that is available in their store will resonate with the customer.


16. Social Media Manager  

The job function of the social media manager is significantly involved in the apparel company’s online presence.

The dual purpose is not only to have a presence but also a strong interaction and engagement with customers through the various social media platforms.

The specific duties of the social media manager are the analysis of data, understanding the various trends in the communication processes of customers and utilizing digital campaigns to create an online community.


17. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer employed by an apparel company fully understands the combination of the role of a graphic designer along with fashion design.

As a graphic designer, you will understand the visual concepts that need to be created and communicated along with the fashion design, which is a demonstration of the graphic designer’s ability to design an item to be worn by the customer.

In addition to the graphics that are created, the graphic designer will also utilize their skills to produce promotional and marketing material that is designed to promote the particular line of apparel.


18. Digital Content Creator

Content for various blogs, campaigns, use of social media, websites, etc., need to be addressed by the services of a digital content creator.

In addition to this creative work, the digital content creator must be knowledgeable as it relates to the powerful use of technology.

This is an occupation that is increasing in demand as more and more campaigns to promote various fashion designs are utilizing technology to display the various lines and designs of apparel.


19. Fashion Designer

The important role of a fashion designer is the creation of original clothing lines as well as accessories and footwear.

The fashion designer is involved in the entire process, from the initial sketching of the various designs to the choice of fabrics and the patterns utilized.

A fashion designer provides strict oversight from start to finish over the products that they have designed.

A fashion designer, depending upon their creativity and impact in the fashion design world, may be involved with those designs that are demonstrated through various fashion shows or may be involved with the fashions that have been designed and will be mass-produced.


20. Stylist

A fashion stylist is an individual with a flair for understanding the fashion industry and the associated apparel and offers stylish advice.

The stylist will work closely with the fashion designer and the model in choosing the appropriate apparel that will accent the clothing as well as best utilize the model’s physical dimensions.

A stylist is also involved with the choice of models and outfits worn during photo shoots that would be utilized for advertising campaigns.


21. Pattern Maker

A pattern maker has the ability to bring two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional creations.

A pattern maker works closely with fashion designers to bring imaginative ideas into creation.

A pattern maker is also tasked with managing waste in the apparel industry by providing attention to the use of fabric and not wasting the material that is used in the creation of the design.

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22. Fashion Illustrator

Through the use of software such as illustrator or CAD, the fashion illustrator designs the required garment and works closely with a fashion designer.

The specific job role and responsibility of the fashion illustrator is to make illustrations and graphic designs through the use of their knowledge of the software.


23. Fashion Journalist

The role and responsibility of a fashion journalist are to work with various publications, blogs, etc., to showcase the various trends and fashions in the apparel industry.

As fashion journalists, they will utilize their writing skills to create creative content to excite both customers and new talent in the apparel industry.


24. Fashion Forecaster

A fashion forecaster has the ability to capture data and excitement in the fashion industry and be able to blend all of those elements together to project trends, various designs and colors of what will be popular in the months to come.

A fashion forecaster would be in great demand by retailers and designers as they would invest in various types of apparel based on these informed forecasts.


25. Fashion Photographer

A fashion photographer has an understanding of their equipment and produces the best and most complementary photographs, as well as having significant knowledge about the posing and expressions of the model.

A quality fashion photographer will be able to bring still shots to life by creating a visual story about the various clothing designs.


Personal Story

In our family, there were three specific times of the year when we could anticipate new clothes.

Coming from a large family of seven, there wasn’t, and it would appear, a significant amount of money that could be spent on new clothes for our family.

Those three times of the year were going back to school, the Christmas holiday and Easter.

During one particular Easter season, I had a clothing experience that was very special and meaningful for me.

I was taken to the downtown area and, with my dad and mother, entered a clothing retailer that specialized in suits.

We were going on a trip to visit some relatives that we hadn’t seen in a while, and it was determined by my parents that I would be the recipient of a suit coat along with a matching pair of pants so that I could look my best when getting reacquainted with family and friends.

I have no idea what motivated my parents to do so, but all I know is that that special purchase for me made me feel very special and appreciative of my parent’s hard work and investment in this new set of clothes.

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Highest Paying Jobs In Apparel FAQs

What Are the Sales Figures of the Apparel Industry in the United States?

In 2021, it is estimated that clothing sales in the United States will reach a level of $318 billion.


What Does the Average Household Spend on Clothing Over the Course of the Year?

Answer  According to Credit Donkey, the average family in America spends $2800 on clothing in a year.


You Can Do It

If you enjoy the fashion industry and have marketing, business, social media, technology skills, etc., then being in the apparel industry may be a good match for your career goals.



Along with food and shelter, one of the primary expense line items in a family’s budget is the purchase of clothes.

Ever since Adam and Eve, the need for clothing has been demonstrated, and it appears will always be in demand.

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