If you want to know some of the best online car buying websites and apps, this comprehensive article is certainly going to help.

It reveals as many as 15 of the very best cars’ buying websites and apps that will help you get great deals, regardless of which car model you want.


Why Look for Best Online Car Buying Sites?

Depending on your point of view and experience, buying an automobile is an exciting adventure or one that creates increased levels of stress and anxiety.

It is too bad that purchasing a car couldn’t be less involved and simply a process in looking for the vehicle you want, deciding on the purchase, and making the deal without any interaction with a salesperson.

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Oh, wait…there is!

Introducing the shopping, selecting, and purchasing of a vehicle all done in the comfort of one’s home with no sales personnel interaction or negotiating needed.

Welcome to the world of shopping for a vehicle by going online.


Personal Story

My first new car purchase was without the benefit of the Internet or knowing much about the purchasing of an automobile.

My only frame of reference was through advertisements on the television for this particular car dealership that guaranteed the lowest prices in the area.

Driving in my soon-to-be-traded car, I was aggressively greeted by a member of the sales team who as I recall, basically told me what vehicle I needed and wanted.

He ushered me to a hunter-green Chevy Skylark that was the previous year’s model and was orphaned as it seems that there were no takers.

The car looked good enough, and the next thing I knew I was signing papers, agreeing to a car loan, and handing over the keys to my beat-up Toyota.

Looking back on that experience today, the dealership had me right where they wanted due to my inexperience and lack of knowledge.

In essence, I went along for the ride with that new car purchase.


15 Best Online Car Buying Sites and Apps


1. Auto Tempest

This car buying site is more of a compilation of presenting several different cars to the customer that represents many websites.

When the individual conducts their search, the website utilizes those filters in place to search such automobile online platforms including Craigslist, Cars.com, Cars direct, Oodle, eBay motors, etc.

The benefit of utilizing this website is that one does not need to go to different websites to find their dream car.

By simply plugging into the search engine the make, model, year, and features, the site will do the work for you and present to you all of the available cars at these various websites.

Click here to check out Auto Tempest


2. Autobytel

One of the larger and powerful online search engines for finding vehicles, whether used new or used, is Autobytel.

In addition to returning a search that the potential new car owner has indicated, there are several helpful articles regarding a variety of subjects surrounding the purchasing of automobiles.

Some of those topics include reviews conducted on cars, tips on how to make your car purchase, and options for financing.

In addition, what distinguishes this website and makes it rock is that it is known for its top 10 lists.

A sampling of those top 10 articles includes the top 10 used cars, top 10 best mileage cars, top 10 gas-guzzling cars, top 10 least expensive cars, etc.

Also, to benefit the customer, there is an option for the individual to utilize to determine which vehicle you are best suited for.

Click here to check out Autobytel


3. Autolist

This particular website is not only available through the Internet but also has a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone.

This app works on both iOS and Android platforms.

It allows the individual to check out some listings from a variety of car buying platforms and websites and dealerships through the convenience of their phone.

Additionally, the search allows for you to search by the body, style, make, mile, model, etc.

Also, an option of the app restricts the searches based on your car-buying budget.

The app will return the appropriate number of vehicles that match your budget restraints.

Click here to check out Autolist


4. Autotrader

Auto Trader has a feature in which the results can be even more concise and exact by providing the fuel economy of your preferred vehicle.

Additionally, accessories within the cabin are also specified such as heated seats, automatic doors, and other interior and exterior specifications.

Additionally, Auto Trader provides the minutest of details by specifically letting you know whether there is multi-zone climate control, or a backup camera installed.


5. Bring a Trailer

This unique-sounding website allows you to list any cars for sale or participate in auctions online.

If you submit a car to be listed on this site, it is not a done deal but is reviewed by the website managers who decide whether the listing can occur or not.

The special aspect of Bring a Trailer is that several classic or unique vehicles are available for sale.

Additionally, this website allows for you to do your search but not be restricted to one specific website.

The searched vehicle will scan other websites in search of your particular vehicle.

Click here to check out Bring a Trailer


6. Car Gurus

This is not a meditative website but an online presence to search for used, new, and preowned vehicles that have been certified by their mechanics.

On this particular website, the various listings are categorized by market value and also include the reputation of the individual listing the vehicle.

On this website, sellers and dealers cannot pay to have their listings promoted.

Car Gurus is proud of its dedication to ensuring that the dealers are transparent with their customers.

This is accomplished by posting reviews, good or bad, as well as the histories of each of the automobiles listed.

Click here to check out Car Gurus



7. Car Sense

This website caters to the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh areas of Pennsylvania.

Any cars purchased through this website are eligible for free transportation to you if you purchase this vehicle within 50 miles of their 5 specific locations in Pennsylvania.

They pride themselves on performing a 109-point inspection for each of their vehicles to be listed for sale.

Also, a particularly spectacular benefit is that each of the vehicles sold through Car Sense comes with a 6000-mile extended warranty or 6 months.


8. CarSoup

Offering sound counsel, guidance for helping the new and veteran car buyer navigate the maze of car buying as well as offering a powerful search engine, Car Soup will serve the car buyer well.

An added feature of Car Soup is that you will be able to view the various cars that are available at the local level and the various specials that are offered.

This will help to better inform you as to the best price and deals available.

Click here to check out CarSoup

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9. Cars Direct

The focus of Cars Direct is on local automobile dealerships.

It is most likely the best place to start the online car buying process because the site reveals the inventory of the cars that are held locally.

The options of this website include the ability to search for a vehicle that matches your budget.

Also, if you want to, you can deal with the dealership directly.

Cars Direct has a broad catalog of new and used vehicles and associated pictures.

Click here to check out Cars Direct


10. Cars.com

This car buying online website is a perfect match if you are relatively new to the process of purchasing a car.

Cars.com is straightforward with little or no frills.

Therefore, it allows you to easily navigate through the online car lot and search for the vehicle that interests you.

The site also allows for you to deal directly with dealers through messaging or if a private seller is online, you can direct message them as well.

Click here to check out Cars.com


11. Carvana

This particular online car buying website is located in Atlanta Georgia.

If you decide to purchase from Carvana they will deliver the vehicle at no charge if you live close to Atlanta.

If you are a considerable distance away from the Atlanta region then an option to take ownership of the car would be to have the vehicle transported.

This website requires that all vehicles pass an inspection which consists of a 150-check point process.

Also, in providing quality cars, Carvana requires that their vehicles go through the Experian auto check report as well.

A bonus for you as an individual and a buyer is you are allowed to test drive the car for 7 days.

If not completely satisfied with the purchase of the vehicle within that 7 days the car can be returned.

Click here to check out Carvana


12. True Car

If negotiating and “haggling” is not your thing, then this website may be for you.

Although it cannot be classified as a car-buying website, it is a powerful resource in obtaining the best price for the car that you wish to purchase.

This website, when your vehicle is chosen, provides the best price available.

Consequently, when you go to the dealership, because of this guaranteed price, that is the price that you will pay to the dealership.

Therefore, there is no renegotiating and no haggling.

Click here to check out TrueCar


13. Edmunds

The uniqueness of this online car buying website is that they allow you to do comparisons of different vehicles that you are interested in.

Also, as part of their service, they offer a variety of information including the learning opportunity through their posted buying guides.

Also, the website connects you as the buyer to dealers around the country.

Edmunds also offers a variety of buying incentives and price discounts on any car that you choose as well as the offering of extras and exclusive options.

Click here to check out Edmunds


14. Hemmings

Hemmings online car buying platform is unique in that it offers a certain niche of cars.

Specifically, Hemmings deals with classic cars and also provides car parts inventory for these classics.

Their inventory includes muscle cars, American classic cars, a variety of imports, etc.

This website boasts of having one of the more grandeur selections of classic cars available through their website.

Click here to check out Hemmings


15. Vroom

Vroom is an especially powerful car-buying website.

If you purchase a vehicle from them, they will ship it to your door at no charge if your locale falls within a certain mileage range.

Additionally, they allow you as the owner to test drive the vehicle for 250 miles or over 7 days.

They guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied you can return that vehicle.

Also, before any cars are listed, they must pass a 126-point inspection.

Click here to check out Vroom

Check the following reviews of more websites for buying/selling cars:


Best Online Car Buying Sites FAQs


Is It Less Expensive to Buy a Car Online?

A recent study was conducted, iSeeCars, that evaluated the sales of over 9 million cars purchased online.

The results indicated that the average savings of an online buyer of a vehicle were roughly $185.00.

Also See: How Much Should You Spend Buying a Car?


What Are the Advantages of Buying a Car Online?

Some of the advantages includes buying online saves the consumer time.

Additionally, there is no need to negotiate or haggle for the best deal.

Added to the mix of optimizing the deal include the potential buyer’s credit history, any trade-in, down payment options, etc.


What Are the Disadvantages of Buying a Car Online?

One of the negatives of this car buying process is the inability to settle into the driver’s seat, kick the tires, or smell a new car smell.

Additionally, the customer is not able to take a spin around the block.


You Can Do It

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, the process has been significantly streamlined and the options available to you are extensive.

What used to be the primary concern of car buyers was the negotiation and haggling with sales personnel.

Now it appears, that the major concern is that there are so many choices and the question of where to start is the major issue.

However, this is all good, because knowledge is power.

Car buyers are significantly more empowered today.



What used to be a major issue for individuals as it related to car buying has now been significantly minimized due to the power of the Internet.

Rather than you as the customer going to the dealer and being significantly at the mercy of the car dealership, the reverse is true.

Today, you can search online pick your make model and year of the car you’re interested then accessorize it as you wish, and the Internet will do the rest.

Their commitment is in providing quality used or new cars to the individual with the offering of a variety of other options meant to save you money.

For a change, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to buying a vehicle.

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