Yes, there are specific jobs for someone with Osteoarthritis and this article reveals as many as 25 of the best such jobs.



There are many parts of the human body that can be afflicted with inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s normal function or response to injury and infection.

However, chronic inflammation is counter-productive and can be caused by the body’s response to self-induced toxins in the body such as toxins from cigarette smoke.

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The medical term for inflammation is “itis” and this term can be joined with other words to indicate the medical condition.

For example, dermatitis is skin inflammation, cellulitis is inflammation of the body’s cells, otitis is inflammation of the ear canal or “swimmer’s ear”, or appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix.

Another part of the body that can realize inflammation is the joints of the human body.

Specifically, osteoarthritis which literally means osteo or bone, after which is defined as joint, and it is which is inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of the joints of the bones which could include the hip, knee, and thumbs.

The condition can be very painful and limit one’s mobility.

This condition is known as the “wear and tear” disease which is created due to many reasons when there is a breakdown in the cartilage and the bones of the joint rub together.

With all of this in mind let us look at employment or job positions that can be performed despite this condition.


25 Best Jobs for Someone With Osteoarthritis


1. Photo Editor

A photo editor is a professional who has the expertise in modifying photographic images using appropriate software.

Along with other publication experts they utilize their creativity to edit photographs and provide optimal photo visuals.

This career allows for the possibility of working within a flexible schedule with very modest physical demands.


2. Administrative Assistant

This employment position requires minimal physical interaction and often the job description requires communication roles and responsibilities.

Specifically, an admin assistant will answer phones, direct the calls appropriately, schedule meetings, maintain the office supply inventory, transcribe meeting minutes, etc.

Often, the performance of this job allows for frequent opportunities to move about therefore allowing for mobility and reducing back pain.


3. Contractor

A contractor’s work relationship with a business is contractional and allows for the various types of jobs to be accomplished within the contractor’s time frame and in agreement with the customer.

Work is varied and relates to various jobs or projects.

Examples of contractual work could include doing fund-raising for a non-profit as a contractor or IT work.


4. Customer Service Rep.

A customer service representative interacts with customers through the use of the phone and e-mails.

The duties of the customer service rep are to interact with the customers of a company to work through any complaints, facilitate orders for service, provide information about the company’s products, etc.

The physical demands placed on a customer service representative are limited and with the use of mobile communication devices, the rep can stand, sit, pace, etc.


5. Bookkeeper

The role of the bookkeeper is to accurately enter financial data into the bookkeeping software, provide reports to leadership indicating the health of the company, generate invoices, assist with budgeting, etc.

The bookkeeper primarily deals with the use of a computer and requires the work to be done at a computer workstation.

The bookkeeper will have the flexibility to stretch and move about as needed.


6. Editor

The job description of an editor is to review the written narrative of submitted writings prior to publication.

With a critical eye, they will review the material and offer suggestions on how the writing can be enhanced or possibly reworded.

Physical interaction is extremely minimal, and the job can be performed remotely as well which would allow for the freedom of the editor to manage their osteoarthritis condition.


7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide needed administrative support to individuals and companies but through a virtual process.

This means that the duties and roles can be accomplished from a remote location.

The duties include keeping schedules, answering phones, interacting with clients, etc. but rather than in an office environment can be accomplished from one’s home.

This will allow for the individual suffering from osteoarthritis to move about as needed or take other physical actions without there being any interference in fulfilling the job role.

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8. Data Analyst

The employment position of a data analyst accumulates copious amounts of data and then analyzes that data to reach a logical conclusion of what that data is indicating.

A data analyst utilizes databases, generates reports, and then provides to companies what appears to be trending and allows the company to respond to those trends in product offerings and marketing targets.


9. Software Engineer

Software engineers create a variety of computer software products to enhance computer systems, facilitate the workload of employees, and even utilize their skills in the video gaming industry.

The physical requirements of a software engineer are less demanding and often the engineer can work remotely and be able to accomplish the work needed within their own time schedule and possible physical limitations.


10. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an individual who has the writing ability to provide for the writing needs of the individual or business they have entered into an agreement.

Types of writing could include creative, grant, technical, ghostwriting, etc.

A writer can write from remote locations and as a freelance writer write when needed as long as “deadlines” are adhered to.

Freelance writing opportunities can be found at or


11. Consulting

As a consultant, you have the opportunity to provide a level of expertise and insight as you are invited into a business operation to observe processes.

For example, if a company is experiencing leadership issues, morale challenges, or is not experiencing the business growth as expected, you, as the consultant would participate, observe and make recommendations.

As a consultant, you would have control over your own time, be involved physically as needed, generate reports, and provide suggested measures to be implemented.


12. Travel Agent

The service industry and one that is in demand today is the world of travel and specifically being a travel agent.

A travel agent works with a customer to provide the best travel experience for an individual or family.

Arrangements could include scheduling airline reservations, hotel accommodations, tours to be involved with at the destination, etc.

This work can be done from one’s home with the various arrangements being made through phone calls, e-mails, telecommunication opportunities, etc.


13. Tutor

If you have a teaching acumen, accreditation, and are knowledgeable about certain school subjects you can fulfill the role of being a tutor.

There are many tutoring websites that are looking for qualified individuals to teach students a variety of subjects.

One of those subjects is the popularity of children and young adults learning the English language.

You can work remotely, using technology, and be involved as little or as much as you like depending upon the requirements of the tutoring website.

One such site is

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14. Shopify

You can operate a retail store from the comfort of your own home.

This can be accomplished through the website of

If you have a product that is marketable (graphic design, handcrafted items), you can register with this site and create your own virtual store.


15. Voice Lessons

There are many marketable talents that we may be blessed with.

One of those talents is the gift of a musical voice which can be in high demand for others who are looking for specialized voice training.

By providing voice lessons you can teach music theory, train the voices of your customer, expand their vocal range, read music, breathing techniques, etc.

You can accomplish this job role with limited physical exertion with lessons being given remotely as well.


16. Translator

The job of a translator is to accurately take one language that is spoken and transpose that communication into another language.

To be a translator would require that the individual speak and understand two languages.

The one language being interpreted into the native or language of preference.

The employment position of a translator is generally a freelance opportunity with the service being provided remotely.


17. Blogger

Taking your flair for writing along with your passion for a particular subject or interest of yours you can make a living out of blogging.

A blogging website can be set up through a site such as and you can begin writing.

Topics such as the creating of a particular craft, reviewing tech devices, talking about sports, fashion, etc. are some examples of topics for your blog site.

Money can be realized by gaining a following and those followers providing support through a website such as Also, you may be able to gain a sponsor for your site or take advantage of affiliate advertising.


18. Motivation Speaker

Many individuals have a story to tell and when others hear that story they are motivated and inspired, to bring meaning into their own lives.

If your story is about overcoming the odds, turning a “bad” situation into a positive one, or even sharing your story about utilizing your osteoarthritis situation as a stepping stone, you may be able to bring help to others and be compensated.

By taking your story to your social media websites, writing an e-book, and interacting with others you can make your motivational speaking services known to others.


19. Veterinarian

There are a number of professional occupations that require extensive training and education but little physical involvement.

One such occupation is that of being a veterinarian.

Physical involvement can be accomplished by veterinarian technicians.


20. Business Owner

If you own your own business or franchise, you can set your own schedule and utilize the services of others to operate the business and allow for your physical participation as much as you like.

Many franchises can be passive in nature as it relates to income.

Examples could include a vending machine operation, automatic car wash, etc.

These franchises would not require too much physical involvement.


21. Lawyer

A professional career that does not require much involvement as it relates to physical activity is being an attorney at law.

Of course, becoming a lawyer is an extensive process that involves four years of college, law school, passing the bar exam, etc.

The use of one’s mind far outweighs the involvement of any physical activity.


22. YouTuber

A way in which you can use your voice and talent or a passion that you have is by creating your own YouTube channel.

For example, if you enjoy technology and would like to share your opinion with others on new products that are released, YouTube videos about technology products, how they function, do they live up to the hype, etc. can all be produced.

Or, you can utilize your condition of osteoarthritis as the subject matter and talk about your condition, share practical lifestyle changes and adjustments, any potential relief from the pain realized, etc.


23. Voice Over

If you have a tonal quality to your voice that is distinctive, demonstrates a particular dialect or accent, or if your voice is clear and resonates with a listening audience then perhaps a voice-over employment opportunity is the answer to address any physical limitations.

There are a number of websites on which you can provide a sample of your vocal quality. One such website is

You can register, submit a demo, and apply for various voiceover opportunities.

By using your talented voice you can reduce your need for physical interactions.


24. Selling on Etsy

A website on which you can register and display your handcrafted items for sale or other retail products is

This worldwide retail marketplace is an opportunity to not only buy items but sell items that you have created.


25. Selling on eBay is an online opportunity in which you sell items that you own or items that you have made.

After signing up for an account you can list the products that you have, and take pictures, and eBay will help promote those products for sale.

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Personal Story

As part of my pastoral training, we were always taught, in addition to learning about the Scriptures, how to interact with people.

Part of that interaction was to always maintain eye contact, be warm, engaging, and friendly, be sincere, listen attentively and make sure that the parishioner or other individuals always felt comfortable and engaged around you.

Another important aspect of meeting and greeting people was the handshake.

We were always taught that the handshake is a significant form of connecting with others and should be firm and exude friendliness and confidence.

On one occasion, remembering my teaching, I shook hands with an older member of the congregation.

He soon took me to task and chided me for squeezing his arthritic hand and causing pain.

I will not forget that teaching moment and remember that sometimes, individuals have certain conditions that we are not sensitive to or aware of, and even in our desire to be engaging, we can cause distress.


Money Earning Jobs for Someone With Osteoarthritis FAQs


Is Osteoarthritis Curable?

According to medical sources such as, osteoarthritis cannot be reversed but there are treatments available that will help with the reduction of pain and help an individual who is suffering from this condition to manage pain and feel better.


How Many Individuals in America Suffer From Some Form of Arthritis?

According to disease/ roughly 24% of all adults have some sort of arthritic condition.

It has been determined that it is one of the leading causes of work disability with the annual costs, medical care, and lost earnings, estimated at $303.5 billion.


You Can Do It

You have osteoarthritis, right?

The good news is that it is not the end of the world.

Yes, it is painful and can be very taxing on one’s physical condition as it relates to walking, standing, etc.

However, the powerful reality is that one can still utilize their other qualities and traits and especially their mind to continue to be a contributing and critical member of the workforce through a variety of much-needed jobs for the betterment of others as well as yourself.



As the old saying goes don’t judge another person unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

This judgment can relate to not only the experiences that they have gone through but also the physical pain that may be part of their walking.

As an individual who works with the pain of osteoarthritis, you give a new definition to the expression of working through the pain.

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