This article reveals as many as 25 best jobs for people with BPD, including those that are easy yet high paying.


Why Particular Jobs for People With BPD?

When it comes to employment opportunities, there are a variety of jobs and just as many skills, talents, and personalities needed to fulfill those jobs.

For example, there are those individuals who like to work in an office and be involved with computers, reports, involved with paper, etc.

While there are those, who enjoy working immensely with their hands and the creation of items from raw materials that are built for the service of others.

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In addition to the different skill sets, there are a number of employment opportunities that are better matched for individuals who are outgoing, introverted, or just don’t like to be around people at all.

Despite all of these differences, there are still employment positions that are best suited for individuals with these personality traits.

One such challenge that an individual may face is known as Borderline Personality Disorder.


What is Border Line Personality Disorder?

For the uninformed, Borderline Personality Disorder can be best defined as a mental health challenge that affects an individual and is demonstrated in how they perceive themselves and their outlook on life as they relate to or interact with others.

This personality disorder adversely affects an individual’s perception of themselves as it relates to their self-image.

Subsequently, there are emotions are affected and also create the potential for dysfunctional relationships.

Also, an individual with BPD has an unrealistic fear of being abandoned or being alone and often has, as a result, inappropriate anger and widespread mood swings.


25 Best Jobs for People With BPD to Make Money


1. Warehouse Worker

A position of employment that may be a good match for an individual with BPD is that of being a warehouse manager or managing inventory within a distribution center.

In addition to managing or providing oversight for the inventory, the actual specifics of the job require keeping an accurate inventory of products, monitoring and managing when the items are shipped and restocking inventory as needed.

Working with non-tangible items and minimal interaction with others may provide that needed comfort level when working and having a Borderline Personality Disorder.

A search for this position can be effectively made utilizing job posting websites such as or


2. Auto Mechanic

The job of an auto mechanic requires the individual have significant knowledge as it relates to vehicle mechanics and properly diagnosing the issues when hooked up to the computer of the vehicle.

Their primary role is to identify any mechanical issues and correct them as needed in order to keep the customer’s vehicle on the road.

As an auto mechanic, your interaction with customers is minimal and, therefore, would be a good occupation.


3. Real Estate Agent

There are varying degrees of interaction with others as it relates to being involved in the real estate business.

You could actually be a real estate agent, which would require interaction with potential buyers and sellers of property.

However, another aspect of being in the real estate market is managing property.

The management of the property would be involved in maintaining the property itself and the outside grounds, ensuring that various insurances and other forms of paperwork are followed through on, etc.

This would be an ideal position for an individual who is managing their Borderline Personality Disorder as they can set their own schedule and just be involved with property and not necessarily people.


4. Business Owner

As a business owner, your primary role in responsibility would be to ensure that the business is providing the service or products and ensure that profitability is achieved.

As the business owner, you could work behind the scenes and hire managers and staff as needed to manage the day-to-day operations and provide oversight for the employees.

Opportunities to be involved with a business could include being your own startup business entrepreneur, or you could purchase a franchise.

Franchise listings can be found at https //


5. Delivery Driver

A driver is an individual that is hired by a company, business, or another individual to deliver to the customer a product or a service that has been purchased.

This may prove to be an ideal employment position for an individual who is challenged with BPD, as the work is often conducted in the quietness and solitude of the cab of the truck or delivery vehicle.


6. Pet Sitting

When individuals wish to get away for a weekend or a vacation, the challenge, if they have pets, is to find someone to care for the pets of the household while they are away.

This would provide a great opportunity for an individual who is managing their BBT as their interaction would not be with other individuals but with pets.

Pet sitting opportunities could be researched using a website such as, utilizing your social media platforms, word of mouth, or job posting websites such as


7. Dog Trainer

If you have a connection with dogs and understand the dynamics of teaching the animal to be obedient, then perhaps a dog trainer would be a good opportunity for employment.

If dealing with BPD, this may be especially a good connection for employment as there is minimal interaction with people as your job strictly relates to connecting with the pet and teaching them obedient skills.


8. Gardener

If you enjoy the solitude of nature, don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and enjoy working with plant life, then the role of a gardener may be a good match for you.

As an individual diagnosed with BPD, this would be a great opportunity because human interaction is extremely minimal, and it is basically just you working hard with your hands and interacting with plant life.

Money can also be made by creating your own garden and selling the various types of plants, herbs, etc. Or you could work for another individual and provide the needed gardening expertise.


9. Truck Driver

Being a truck driver, especially long haul, can be a lonely employment experience but maybe just what the doctor ordered as it relates to being diagnosed with BPD.

There are many long-haul truck driving opportunities available, and can be researched using job posting sites such as


10. Photographer

Photography is a great hobby due to the reality that it just involves you, your camera, and the choice of items that you wish to photograph.

Often, photography is associated with being in solitude and does not require interaction with others.

The monetization of your photography can be achieved by selling the beautiful and unique photographs that you capture to such websites that you could approach to sell your photographs could, include  or

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11. Uber Driver

An Uber driver is an individual who utilizes their own vehicle, works with Uber, and transports individuals from one point to another.

To be an Uber driver requires that you submit certain driving-related documentation such as:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Car insurance
  • Certificate of registration
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a good driving record


12. Beautician

One of the characteristics of an individual who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder is their evaluation of themselves or having a poor self-image.

To counter this personal feeling, it may prove to be beneficial to help others with their own personal appearance, and that is accomplished by being a beautician.

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This in turn might help you as the individual with BPD by helping others to improve their outward appearance and having that reflected in their inward beauty.


13. Hotel Night Manager

An employment position that is one of working in solitude is a night manager.

This night manager may be in the service industry, such as a hotel or motel or other managerial positions where around-the-clock shifts are involved.

It is during these shifts that interaction with others is minimal and, therefore, may be a good employment match for an individual who wishes to minimize their interaction or who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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14. Web Development

As a web developer, professional interaction with others would be minimal and basically with the customer to understand how they want their web page to look and what to contain.

The value for an individual diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder is that they would have the opportunity to be creative in working alone but also enjoy the pride and satisfaction that comes with providing a product that will satisfy their client and deliver a quality product that will resonate with the client’s customers.


15. Graphic Designer

One of the needs of an individual with BPD is to have a sense of creativity and develop something beautiful and meaningful.

This can be accomplished by taking on the role of a graphic designer and helping your client develop something for their company that will resonate with their customers.

A prime example of that type of service would be the creation of a logo or other promotional material.

You may not think that you have the expertise or knowledge to be a graphic designer, but with all of the available tools and templates, all you would need is a creative touch.

A place where you can find tools to develop graphic designs can be found at


16. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an individual who has writing skills and enjoys utilizing those skills to create a number of narratives.

Some of those narratives could include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Technical writing
  • Etc.

Writing opportunities of different varieties can be found on a number of freelance websites, such as or


17. Bookkeeper

If you enjoy working with numbers and working alone, then a good opportunity for employment would be as a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper will take financial numbers and enter them into the accounting software package in an accurate manner.

Interaction with others is minimal, and what is required is attention to detail and ensuring that you know the basics of accounting.

Many bookkeeping jobs are now outsourced and can be found on a variety of websites, with one being


18. Door Dash

A service delivery job that requires you to be in the position of self-employed and utilizing your own vehicle is by being a DoorDash driver.

The job requires that you pick up a restaurant order for a customer and deliver it to their place of business or residence.

Interaction with others is minimal.

To be qualified as a DoorDash driver requires that you have your own mode of transportation, certificate of insurance, copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, good driving record, and be able to pass a background check.


19. Instacart Shopper

Another opportunity to provide a great service in helping out others but requires minimal involvement would be to grocery shop or obtain other items and deliver them to customers.

One particular service that provides this opportunity is Instacart.

Through this app and service, you actually shop for an individual and then deliver the items to their home or place of residence.

Eligibility is dependent upon a number of documents that need to be provided as it relates to the use of your own vehicle.


20. Janitor

An important employment position that can be as an employee or operating your own business is that of being a custodian or janitor.

Challenged by BPD, this would be a great way to earn money due to the fact that a number of the janitorial work is done when office spaces or areas needing cleaning are vacant.


21. Housekeeper  

A helpful service that is often appreciated by others is the employment role of a housekeeper.

Typically, a housekeeper is employed when the individual whose house is being maintained is extremely busy or maybe of a certain age when they are unable to maintain the home.

An individual who has the BPD disorder can be helpful to others as well as work without others around.


22. Emergency Dispatcher

An emergency dispatch employee or an individual who works the 911 switchboard can be part of the emergency response process, which helps others with the potential of saving lives.

Working at such a meaningful job can bring feelings of self-worth to the individual who is challenged by this disorder by providing a significant service to others.


23. Call Center Worker

Although interaction as an employee at the call center is more involved, the potential of feeling good about yourself is a possibility due to your being customer service oriented.

The other added benefit is that a call center employee is an outsourced position that can be done on a remote basis, and therefore interaction with other employees is extremely minimal.


24. Data Entry Worker

Being a data entry specialist would be a good employment role for an individual suffering from BPD because data entry can be done remotely and therefore interaction with others is extremely negligible.

In addition, the individual with this disorder can feel good about this job because the proper input of the data will help business leaders provide quality service and products to their current customers.


25. Assisted Living

An important service that one can be a part of is being involved with the elderly through assisted living services for the elderly.

This would be a rewarding service provided by you in dealing with your Borderline Personality Disorder by helping others who are vulnerable and need assistance.


Best Jobs for Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder FAQs


Is Borderline Personality Disorder Hereditary?

It is indicated at Very Well Mind, through a study, that 48% of those diagnosed with BPD experience this disorder because of genetics.

It was determined that the remaining 52% diagnosed with BPD were due to other issues, which included their environment.


How Many Individuals in America Are Diagnosed With BPD?

According to Very Well Mind, 1.6% of the population has been diagnosed with this mental disorder.


You Can Do It

As an individual who is challenged with Borderline Personality Disorder, you understand all too well the way that you think and feel about yourself.

The good news is that you have a significant role to play through employment opportunities.

The significance of that role is you completely understand the importance of being involved in a job that makes you feel good about yourself and others.



Borderline Personality Disorder can be a challenge for an individual due to the difficulty in working with others as well as maintaining a positive outlook on life.

The important action to take and remember is that your choice of employment cannot only be beneficial to you to help address and be strengthened by these challenges but also fulfilling a job that can be of service to others and, in turn, make you feel even better about yourself.

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